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Automatic Affiliates for Big Profits

Automatic Affiliates for Big Profits

On Affiliates
I want to give you a tip on when you’re running your five day challenges. We’re going to talk about this- is to make sure that everybody that signs up for your challenge to become an affiliate. Now, this is an educational program. It’s called Skip Your Next Heart Attack Challenge, given by Dr. Gina Pritchard. She’s one of the premier experts on heart attack and stroke prevention. This is an educational five-day challenge.

How It Works
When people sign up for the challenge, and this is a pretty typical easy to follow landing page for it. So it goes through day one, day two, day three, day four, and then, “Special Offer, Act Quickly.” Frequently asked questions. It’s ADA compliant. It’s super duper fast.

When everybody signs up for it, they automatically become an affiliate. What happens is if they want to refer a friend, they get to do so. This one we haven’t referred any, obviously, but, this one, what is she paying? I think a 50% affiliate fee for the challenge, which is normal, because the thing of it is she wants to get the word out to as many people as possible to help people from dying from heart attacks and strokes and getting dementia and diabetes, right?

Diving Into the Automation
And then in the profile here, what happens is when you automatically do this, so this can be the referral generator, or in this case, because we are first one to sign up, and you should always test your stuff so you can do that. And then the identifier here, if you want to change this, we could change this to your first name. And what happens is this is all done automatically.

On Coupon Codes
If you want to have a coupon code. So let’s say, “Hey, listen, if they’re paying out 50%, I don’t care. I just want my friends to go in there. What if I were to give a 50% coupon code?” I could.”

Now, they don’t have to do this. It just depends on the affiliate manager, but let’s say that if I really care about my friends, which I do, I don’t care about making money off of them. I always care about making money. Don’t let me get it wrong, but it’s more important to do it. So I may give them a 25%, request a 25% coupon. So when they type in Andrew, they get 25% off the normal price. And so I benefit from doing the referral.

Get Them to Pay So They Pay Attention
If you love somebody and you want them to pay attention to you, make sure they pay for it because free advice, no matter how valuable it is, is ignored. And that’s why I suggest don’t do free challenges like this, because people don’t pay. If you don’t pay, they don’t pay attention. And if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense.

So if you really want to help someone, charge them for it. If you really love them, charge them through the nose so that they can’t be distracted with all the other things so they have to pay attention to what’s going on there.

The Majority of Landing Page Software is Outdated
So anyway, this is just some basics and this is part of what we do in the Automate Your Challenge that we have and we’re putting together. Quote-unqote I’m putting this out there because if you do this, and no, this is not ClickFunnels. I don’t work at ClickFunnels if I can avoid it. this is our, iQ My Site system, but you can do this with anything.

And I’m honestly technology agnostic. We will use the best tool possible. We don’t stay with things that are old and broken. And most of the funnel building and landing page software is legacy, and it’s old, and it costs people tens of millions of dollars every month because they haven’t switched over.

And I know it’s hard, but for instance, if your site doesn’t load in less than three seconds, you’re losing 50% to 100% of your traffic. Basically, if you’re getting 100 people when you’re a webinar or a regular five-day challenge, by having a faster system and a landing page, you could double the people in your webinar. How much is that costing you every month or every week or however often you’re doing it?

Andrew Anderson signing off here. When you’re doing your five-day challenge, make your customer an automatic affiliate and then give them a reason to do it. Especially if you’re doing something like this, where you’re actually helping people, get a result.

This one is involved with saving people’s lives and I don’t know how much bigger of an impact you have. And if you’re interested in this, sign up for it I’m not even gonna put my affiliate link in there for you guys. Just sign up for it. It’s at is the website and if you know somebody that has a heart attack or a stroke or they want to avoid it, go check it out. It’s well worth the money. And remember, if they pay, they will pay attention. If it’s free, they don’t.

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