83 Pounds Lost Giving up Sugar and Healthy Grains

83 Pounds Lost Giving up Sugar and Healthy Grains Hi there, Andrew Anderson, and today we have the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Amonn from Zelko Aesthetics. And we’re going to talk about her journey on changing her eating habits and maybe a few other things. And again, this is the 10 minute interview. So, […]

Best of The Most Interesting Man In The World

Best of The Most Interesting Man In The World

In a world where coolness knows no bounds, there exists a man whose mere presence turns ordinary moments extraordinary. From the unique art of opening a pinata with a wink to smoothly speaking in sign language, this individual effortlessly embodies the essence of intrigue and charm. The most interesting man in the world does not simply exist; he thrives, leaving a trail of magnetic allure for all who cross his path. Stay tuned for more tales of adventure and charisma brought to you by Dos Equis.

Reduce The Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Through Oral Health

The discussion highlighted the critical connection between oral health and Alzheimer’s disease risk reduction. Anne Rice shared insights on how oral health strategies can help lower the risk of Alzheimer’s by addressing the bidirectional relationship between oral health and brain health. Furthermore, the conversation emphasized the importance of understanding the role of inflammatory responses, the balance of oral microbiome, and the significance of early detection through salivary diagnostics for effective prevention and treatment strategies.

Totality of Care Symposium Interview with Dr. Avis DDS

Dr. Victor Avis, a general dentist from Staten Island, New York, sheds light on the significance of airway disorders, emphasizing their impact on overall health and well-being. He discusses the diverse symptoms that can indicate an airway disorder, from colic and behavioral issues in children to potential adult health conditions like high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Avis advocates for the urgent need to diagnose and treat airway disorders to prevent misdiagnoses like ADHD, improve quality of life, and potentially save lives. He underscores the importance of medical and dental collaboration, challenging traditional practices to provide better care for patients.

How To Butcher A Whole Prime Rib and Save Money

So this is a Kroger’s beef ribeye roast that’s normally $16.99 a pound. I got it for $5.97. So it’s roughly 18.93 pounds. So let’s say 19 pounds. I saved $190 on this. So I’m getting ribeyes for $5.98 a pound, which is typically less than what you pay for hamburger. It’s kind of crazy.

The 7 Benefits Of My Journey So Far

This post is a wrap-up of the benefits of my Intermittent Fasting journey so far and why it works so well. It is definitely better than any other eating regime I have tried.

2,875 Days of Intermittent Fasting and Keto

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🌟Celebrating 2,875 days of Keto Success! 🥑✨ Join me in my journey of intermittent fasting and keto as I share my personal experience and insights. Discover the science behind keto and the benefits of a carnivore lifestyle. #KetoJourney #Healthyliving