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Homemade Beet And Cabbage SauerKraut – Organic

How to make your very own Beet and Cabbage Homemade Organic Sauerkraut. This is a full-length video and even with the explanation it takes less than 14 minutes to make from start to finish. How cool is that?

If you can boil water, you can do this. Really you can!

The reason why I add beets is twofold. I love the taste of the cabbage and beets together. Interesting to say the least. And because beets have been proven to help your body produce Nitric Oxide which helps with brain and cognitive function, as well as cardiovascular functions. In fact the 1998 Noble Prize was awarded for the linkage between Nitric Oxide and increased cognitive and cardiovascular function. Just Google it. There are lots and lots of benefits. Oh, it can also help increase gut function.

Not only do you get the benefit of having a healthy gut which helps digest your food and uptake your minerals, which helps your immune and brain functions, but you get a brain enhancer too!

Here is what you will need.

Head of Cabbage ( I prefer organic or homegrown if available)
One Fresh Beet
Tablespoon of Sea Salt– DO NOT use table salt as it has chemicals in it that can make this not work. Table salt can have up to 2% Ferrocyanide, talc, and silica aluminate. This is not good for you or for your Kraut. And the good minerals have been stripped from it as well. If you use table salt or even kosher salt, your Kraut will more than likely not ferment. So just used good Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt.

Now I did this video at the end of a very, very, very long day when I was super tired, and probably should not have been using sharp objects, 🙂 so it is even easier than I make it look if you can believe that!

Enjoy and let me know how it turns out for you! If you want more tips on how to get the most leverage out of your life, come visit us at our YouTube Channel!


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