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3 Mistakes That Keep Your Business Stuck Pt .2

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On a recent video, I talked about reasons your business can’t scale. Today, I’m going to show you five more reasons your business can’t scale. When I say scale, I’m not talking about incremental growth, I’m not talking about growing your business, 10% per year, or 5% per year, I’m talking about end over end growth, I’m talking about 100% growth, 200% growth, 300% growth, I’m talking about the kind of growth that when you have it, it changes your life. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this video. So there are five reasons we’re going to cover today, your business can’t scale. Reason number one is not enough leads, you don’t have enough leads. So you got to resolve that problem.

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Now, before I even go into not having enough leads, in case, there’s anybody watching this, who doesn’t have a business, you don’t even know what a lead is, let me describe what a lead is. A lead is somebody who has some level of interest in hearing what you have to say about your offer because of a problem they already know they have. That’s a lead, okay? Now, you don’t have enough leads. For a myriad of reasons. Maybe you don’t have enough leads, because you didn’t even need to know you needed to have leads, right. And so, so one of the things that I learned to do when I first got started as an entrepreneur, I got started in the financial services business, I learned how to prospect and I go out and I talk to strangers and I just knock on doors. Sometimes I talk to friends, I talk to neighbors, I’d walk up to some stranger and just start talking to them.

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One of the things that I’ve discovered as I’ve developed proficiency in sales is that prospecting is largely a waste of time. Instead, you would be better off to generate leads, because then you only spend time talking to people who’ve already raised their hand. Okay, so how do I generate a lead? Well, I generate a lead by getting some get giving somebody something they already desire to have, in exchange for something I desire to have. So most people think that promotion is marketing. Right? So what do they do? They go out, they hand out flyers. The only thing maybe in the world that’s worse than prospecting is handing out flyers. flyers are a ridiculous waste of time, effort, energy and money. If you are a business owner, and you’re handing out flyers, I know you’re broke. So let’s fix that. What do we do first, stop handing out flyers. What do you do next, you start generating leads, instead of handing out a flyer, figure out a problem, you know, your ideal client has or better yet five problems, or better yet, seven problems. If they’re 14, that’s even better.

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And then you solve those problems for that client don’t have so many that it becomes overwhelming. somewhere between five and 15 is a good number. Okay. And so, you want to create what we call a lead magnet. Why do we call it a lead magnet because a magnet attracts something. So you want to create something that attracts someone. So if I were in financial services today, I would create a lead magnet that says something like this, the five biggest mistakes married couples make that cause them to have financial devastation or the five biggest mistakes marriage cut married couples make that lead to bankruptcy, then, and I would use that to generate leads of married couples, then I would do one the five biggest mistakes single parents make that leads to bankruptcy that I would make one that you can you can literally take that one headline the five biggest mistakes doctors make that caused them to end up in bankruptcy.

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The five biggest mistakes plumbers make the five biggest mistakes electricians make and you can decide on you can make the same exact lead magnet for a wide array of different avatars, individuals, particular types of clients. Okay, the five biggest mistakes they make now, why do I say the five biggest mistakes? Before I do that, let me tell you, let me give you a belief that I have belief number one. The biggest mistake most business owners make in lead generation. And I usually only teach this on my make more offers challenge. But I’m gonna teach it right now. Not as in depth, but I’m going to teach it anyway.

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The biggest mistake business owners make when they generate leads when they’re attempting to generate leads is they’re attempting to generate leads towards pleasure. So they’ll say seven steps to seven figures. Okay? The scammer alarm goes off in people’s mind when they read that. When you make somebody a promise who doesn’t know you, they automatically don’t believe you. Like why would you do something good for me? I don’t even know you. So you have to understand human Nature some. And Human Nature says that people who don’t know you don’t trust you. Period. That’s it. If a stranger walked up to you said, Do you mind if I hold your wallet for a minute? What would you say? No? Right? Because you don’t trust them? Right? I don’t know you. I don’t know you. I don’t even know you might call my phone like, why do you? Why are you Why do you have my phone number? I don’t know you. Right? Okay. So I want to wrap your mind around this.

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Now. wrap your mind around this. I’m going to ask your question. Oh, can you give me an answer? Are there more people in the world who know you or don’t know? You? Don’t know you? Good answer. So since there are more people in the world who don’t know who you are, doesn’t it stand to reason that your lead magnet should appeal more to strangers than people who don’t? Then people who do know who you are? Okay, well, here’s what’s really cool about a stranger. A stranger will not trust you to lead them to pleasure. But they will trust you to lead them away from pain. What do I mean by that? If I was at first watch, I asked the lady to bring me a cup of hot water. She was new. She was new sir. She brought me a cup of hot water. I found that’s interesting.

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They never brought it in a Styrofoam cup before. Right? Because I put my silverware in the hot water to get all the restaurant off of it. Okay, so, so, so I put my silverware in there. And it tipped over the the cup and the hot water spilled all over me. This guy jumps up from two tables. Oh, sir. Are you okay? Are you okay? Thank you. Thank you. And I love this guy helped me because I didn’t know him from the man on the moon. But I was in pain. And he was helping me by giving me stuff to get this hot water off of my lap. Right? Okay, so we will trust a stranger to lead us away from pain, we will not let trust a stranger to lead us towards pleasure. That’s why when you generate when you create a lead magnet, it needs to be seven biggest mistakes. Seven biggest pitfalls seven most grave dangers seven moat the five, the five biggest potholes on the road to financial independence. Right? You want to paint a word picture that causes people to realize, wait a minute, that’s my problem. Right? If you’re a marriage counselor, the seven things you should never say to your spouse or you will end up in divorce court. Right.

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And so you create lead magnets that lead people away from pain. You now you can lead people away from pain with a powerful promise. Like the seven things you have to do to avoid bankruptcy in the coming financial collapse. See, you’re you’re you’re kind of playing both sides. But you’re still taught your warning them about danger. It’s easier from Do you understand it’s easier for people to believe bad news than it is for them to believe good news? Well, if that’s true, since I’m selling to humans, doesn’t it stand to reason that I should work with human nature, if I work with human nature, human nature works for me if I work against human nature, human nature works against me.

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And by the way, here’s what happens. Like I’m saying this to you right now. And you’re kind of hearing me, but you’re on YouTube, you’re kind of hearing but what you’re gonna do, and I’m gonna give you I’m just gonna tell you right now, this what you’re going to do, you’re gonna translate what I’m saying in the language that makes you feel comfortable. And then you’re going to change it. And you’re gonna think you did what I said. I know this is true, because I was just doing a coaching call. Two days ago, at Lisa Meyer, and I’ve been in your coaching program for four months, I did everything you said, but I’m still not generating leads. Okay, let me hear your headline. And all of them are towards pleasure.

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Like you didn’t do what I said you did your version of it’s not the same thing. I am telling you put these words on a headline, five biggest mistakes, blah, blah, blah, makes that make causes them to have this problem you’ll generate so do you understand if you generate 3.3 leads a day that’s 100 leads a month, that’s 1200 leads a year. If you’re if you’re if you’re, by the way, that’s not a lot of leads, it sounds it’s a lot of lead, it’s a lot of leads if you’re generating none. Right? You got 100 new people that you can show your stuff to that you have for sale. That’s good. 100 new people a month. If you close 10% of those that’s 10 sales. If your offers $1,000, that’s $10,000 a month. That’s really basic math. Say, man, I’m not that good at sales. Okay, so let’s close 3% That’s $3,000 a month. I mean, yeah, it’s $3,000 a month, that’s still changes your life that can like buy you a new house or change or get you a new car. We’re talking about three leads a day. Okay? So, so the first reason they don’t generate enough leads, so that’s number one. What’s the second reason? The second reason is

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Maybe you’re this person maybe you play a lead, you’re not good at sales

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if you’re not good at sales don’t know how many leads you generate P Wang Bifur. Why are people not good at sales? The number one reason people who are bad at sales are bad at sales is because they are thinking about themselves. And I say that to fair. They are thinking about themselves. Oh, I hope this person says yes. Because if they say no, what will I do, I’ll be crushed. I really need to make a sale so I can make a commission. You’re thinking about yourself. The best thing you can do to get better at sales as you become obsessed with the problems of the people you sell to. Sleep I used to play all these psychological games on myself. Back in the days when I used to do prospecting my objective when I was prospecting was to get 10 nose in a row. So prospect one person they say no, another person they say no, no, the person they say no, no, the person they say no, no.

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They say yes. Now I got to start over 10 nose in a row every day, you’ll be the most one of the most successful people. Like if you want to do prospecting, you can be successful at prospecting, you go get 10 nose in a row every day. You will find out you thought getting yeses was hard. 10 nose in a row is almost impossible, even if you’re terrible. Why? Because there’s just some people out there looking for what you sell. Love, that’s it. That should be exciting. So for me, so for me? I don’t I don’t worry about people saying no, I don’t really care. I am so disconnected from needing somebody to need my thing. If they say no, they say no. If they say yes, they say yeah, I don’t care if tell me yes or tell me no, but tell me now I gotta go. Like I am not interested in convincing you. People who think sales is convincing. Don’t understand sales. Sales is not convincing people to buy sales is persuading people to buy.

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The difference between convincing and persuasion is this convincing is when I want you to do something I want you to do for my reasons. Persuasion is when I help you make a decision you already desire to make for your own reasons. But in order for me to help you make a desire to make a decision you decide to make for your own reasons, I have to know what your reasons are. And in order for me to do that, I got to care more about you than I do about me. Then I get good at sales. Now, another reason people are really, really bad at selling and I don’t usually share this with people, unless they pay me a lot of money. But I don’t know I’m feeling generous today. So the YouTubes are gonna be blessed. The The reason I’m bad at sales, is because they think that being good at doing presentations is the same as being good at sales. When I’ve started in sales, my regional vice president told me what because you had to do I, when I got started selling insurance, I had to do a presentation in front of my regional vice president. In order to get the approval for me to talk to a client, I wasn’t even allowed to talk to a client unless he gave me a Go ahead, I had to get a green light from the RVP.

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I practice my presentation to I bought to flip charts. I tore one of them apart, took all the pages off. And I wrote down what I was going to say you want you don’t you’ve never seen anybody more obsessive about like I’m going to make this work, I would write down what I’m going to say at the end of this page to lead into the next page. So I’m not just stumbling around saying and then turn the page. Right. So I created transitional phrases between each page on my flip chart, because we didn’t have PowerPoints. We didn’t have iPads. We didn’t have a computer when I started. So there’s no such thing as a personal computer. A PowerPoint was that when you pointed somebody in Flex at the same time, like we didn’t have it, right. And so so I had to create some transitional phrases.

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And so I memorize this presentation, memorize this presentation, worked on it worked on worked on it for hours and hours, I sat down with my Regional Vice President Bill Travis. He stopped me in the middle of my presentation called his wife to come to the data. You gotta come in here and hear this. This is the best presentation I’ve ever heard. This guy was making $10,000 a month back in 1985 when $10,000 a month was a lot of money. And he said I had the best presentation you’d ever heard. I knew I was supposed to get rich. This guy’s making 10,000 a month I got the best president he’s ever heard. I’m about to get rich with the best presentation he’s ever heard. It took me 18 months to make my first sale. Why? Because Being good at presenting is not the same as being good at selling. So what do I have to do to go from just being good at presenting to also being good at selling? I have to understand that there’s something in selling, that’s more important than the presentation

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what is the thing and selling that’s more important than the presentation? The positioning of the offer? The positioning of the offer is more important than the presentation of the offer. In fact, I would rather have great positioning with an average presentation than a great presentation with average positioning. Now, what does positioning mean? The human mind can only learn by contrast, I can’t understand less of left if I don’t understand right? can’t know up if there is no down can’t perceive hot if there is no cold contrast is essential to comprehension. Are y’all tracking? Everybody say yes. Okay. So, so when I present something to somebody, if I don’t position it next to something, if I don’t give them something, like to compare it to, they’re gonna position it next to something, usually, that is worth less? Or is worth less and cost more? I’m gonna position it besides something. I’m sorry, that’s worth less and costs less than my offer? Oh, yeah. Well, I could I could buy your I could buy your coaching program, or I could go buy me a new car.

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Right? True. But the Korean gonna make you know, money. Right. So, so I’m gonna position it besides something that cost more, and is worth less than my offer. Price. If I said to you, hey, what I’ll do. I’ll give you my Mercedes $170,000 car, I’ll give it to you. For $50,000 That’s a deal. Who wants that deal? Everybody wants that deal, right. But the car’s not gonna make you any money, and you can’t sell it, you have to drive it, you can’t sell it. Not gonna make any money. Once will be more valuable to you a car that you pay $50,000 for and all you can do is drive it or learning a new skill, they can buy you as many of those cars as you’d like. Right? How many of you have a college degree? Where my college folks college degree? Okay, how much do college degrees costs? Everybody knows a lot.

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Right? We have way too much. Okay, they cost a lot, let’s say right now a college degree when you include tuition and room and board and, and books and all that, let’s say it’s gonna be $120,000 on the low end, on the low end, right? And if you got kids in college, you know, it costs that much and more. Okay, cool. So let’s just call 120,000 off. When you graduate from college with a degree that costs $120,000? What’s the likelihood of you getting a job that makes you 120,000? A year? Almost none? What are the chances you’re gonna make $100,000 a month? There are no chances. What are the possibilities? You’re gonna have $100,000 day? Not even remotely possible? What about a million dollar day, right? But see, I’ve got coaching clients already, who have $100,000 days and million dollar days. And my coaching program costs less than a college degree.

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So what did I do, I positioned it next to something that they’ve already paid more for, that they’ve gotten less out of. So now, if you get what I paid for that, and it didn’t give me this, so then makes me or you’re tracking. This is why positioning is more important than presenting. The most important thing in selling is for you as the person selling to understand the desires of the person you’re selling to the pains and the pleasures of the person you’re selling to. Because then you can wrap your offer in words that show them how to avoid that pain and gain that pleasure. That’s why questions when you’re selling questions are the answer. Okay, so now, let’s say you’ve gotten better at generating leads. Let’s say you’ve gotten better at selling what’s otherwise your business can’t scale. Because you don’t deliver on your promises. You’re not good. At the thing, you said you were good at when you were selling. You don’t, you don’t deliver. don’t deliver.

Myron Golden 20:08
And there are so many people out there in the world that don’t sell stuff, and then they just don’t do it, you’re, you’re not good at. So don’t go out there in the marketplace telling people you’re good at something that you’re terrible at, they’re gonna find out. And when they do, negative word of mouth spreads faster than positive word of mouth. And so what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna go tell everybody how terrible you are. Like, you can’t keep the fact that the stuff that you sell is garbage, you can’t keep that a secret forever. So here’s what you have to do. You have to get to the place in your life and in your business where you’re so good, they can’t ignore you, where you’re so good. And you’re so honorable that you would rather die keeping your word than live and not keep it.

Myron Golden 21:05
Most people don’t have that kind of honor. Most people don’t have the level of honor that I’m going to do what I said I’m going to do, even if it costs me time, effort, energy, money, pain, whatever, I’m going to do what I said I’m going to do, because my word is my bond. Most people don’t have that. I’m not saying nobody has it. I’m just saying most people don’t have it. You know why? Because it’s hard. It’s hard to have character. It’s hard to be honest. It’s hard to be on time, it’s hard to tell the truth. It’s hard to do what you said you’re gonna do, even when it cost you more than you thought it was gonna cost. But you got to do it. Because if you don’t, they’re gonna find out. And you can’t have good enough promises, good enough present presentations, good enough positioning to overcome a bad reputation. Having old track and we’ve heard me talk to me on the hoops. Okay, so you’re not good. So so let’s say you’re good at generating leads, you’re good at making sales and you deliver on your promises. How comes your business a scaling? Well, because you don’t have not you don’t have enough profit, not enough profit in the things you sell.

Myron Golden 22:25
There are two primary reasons there’s not enough profit Well, three, three primary reasons nonprofit and things you sell. Number one, you sell a service. And because you sell a service, the service requires time to fulfill. Now, it’s not so you can’t scale service oriented business, you can you can SQL Server Service worried about his business, when you have a lot of automation and a lot of delegation. Right. In other words, you need to have people that you pay to do some of that work, and you need to have technology that does as much of that work as possible, then you can scale. You can scale service oriented business. I like selling products better than I like selling services, I sell both. I sell products, I sell services. I sell products, I sell books, I sell courses, I sell services, I sell coaching, most of the coaching I sell is group coaching. So I sell the coaching a bunch of times, but I deliver it all at the same time.

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When I do one on one coaching, which I almost never do, almost never 1020 times a year. Okay? It’s either $40,000 an hour, or they just buy a whole day of VIP day for $350,000. Either one of those, I’m okay. I don’t really like it. But I’m okay with it. At that price, I’m not okay with it at any other price. Now, you say What do you mean you’re not okay with it any overpriced. So, one person who recently bought a VIP day from me, he asked me when he was buying it. He said, can I just can I instead of paying you 350,000 Can I just pay you 200,000 And just get part of the VIP day. One of the things they get as they get interviewed on my YouTube channel, guys just get part of the VIP day and that you know, why did I say no? Now to under the kind of give you $200,000 And get part of the VIP day.

Myron Golden 24:26
Now? Why did I say no? Well, a couple reasons. I said no. First of all, I don’t want to have a business for somebody else determines the price of my stuff. One number two, if I’m telling people the VIP days 350,000 But I’m making a concession because I want to get 200,000 Now I’m no longer a person of my word. That’s still a hard no to track him. And so I said no. And I was perfectly fine with him just not buying it. I’m okay if you don’t mind. Like I’m not trying to get you to buy it. See? Fortunately for me, I’m good enough at sales and good enough at delivering on my promises. I don’t need you to say yes. Because enough people already do. Right, so, so. So I like selling products more than I like selling services. But when I sell services, I sell them for a premium. And then I either deliver them in a group, or if I deliver them one on one, it’s really a premium premium. Okay? So you don’t have enough profit built into yours. Number one, because you sell a service, or because you sell a commodity.

Myron Golden 25:35
What is a commodity, a commodity is something that only has utilitarian use. It’s something that that that just does the thing it does, it has intrinsic value, it has no perceived value. The only the only value that has is intrinsic, for instance, a box of nails is just a box of nails, a box of $5 nails is not better than a box box of $4.95 cent nails, they’re just nails. So when you have a commodity, actually, what happens when you sell commodities is your competition sets the price, because the person who sells the commodities for the lowest price, that’s the person who makes most sales, or tracking. What we want to do is we don’t want to sell commodities. The other thing I don’t like about selling commodities is if I’m selling a commodity, no conversation happens between me and the customer until they’re ready to buy. They say how much is this? I say that’s $5, they give me $5. And they go on their way. I like selling stuff that the bulk of the conversation happens long before the transaction

Myron Golden 26:47
Are y’all tracking? So so you’re, you can’t build a lot of profit into a commodity sale, because it’s just a commodity sale. The other reason there’s not a lot of profit in your offers is because you copied your offer and your offer price from the person you copied it from and there wasn’t a lot of profit in there’s see, when you understand the value that you bring to the table is not in the widget. It’s not the product, not the pieces of the product, you get so many of these, and so many of those and so many of these and three and blue and foreign green, it’s not in your person, you get so many hours of my time. But the value of your product isn’t the payoff, the the only thing that people are paying for when they buy from you is the transformation. The bigger the transformation they desire, the higher the price can be. Can we all track it? Does that make sense? So here’s what’s cool.

Myron Golden 27:50
Anybody can do this, like so you can build more profit into the things you sell. I remember when I did my first premium value offer. I made the price so high. I thought nobody’s gonna buy this. I literally raised made the price so high. I knew nobody was gonna buy it. I made the price that high, because I wanted to test because other people were selling stuff for this price, but not nobody’s gonna buy it for me. Like I already knew. And it wasn’t even a big audience might have been a crowd besides. So I made my offer this big, ginormous humongous price. I’m going to teach you a skill, a sales skill. It’s gonna be epic. It’s gonna be a two day training. And it’s gonna be $3,000.02 people bought it. Y’all heard me say three downs, right? Yes. Okay, they bought it. Sooner I did next time I sold it. I raised the price, nobody’s gonna buy it this time. raised to $4,000.07 people bought it.

Myron Golden 28:59
Same thing, I didn’t change anything and offer change the price for that. raise the price again. 7000. More people bought 7500 More people bought. I was looking some kind of crazy. Now I don’t even sell that product by itself anymore. But when I stopped selling that product by itself, I was selling it for $30,000. We had more people by 30,000 than we ever had by three. We had more people by 30 than we had by the 12. One of the reasons your business can’t scale is because you don’t understand the value of your offer. And so what you do is you look around at what other people are doing that, in your mind is similar to what you’re doing and you make your price something similar. In my space, nobody offers stuff at the price I offer it. Nobody I don’t know anybody. Maybe somebody does. If they do they’re copying off of me.

Myron Golden 30:00
But I don’t know anybody who does it. I’m not patting myself on the back. I’m just telling I don’t know anybody who doesn’t why? Because I didn’t base my offer on their offer, I base my offer on the transformation I knew I could bring me I’ll track it. Okay, that’s the third fourth reason, your business can’t scale. The last business your reason, the RET last business, your reason can’t scale. I used to talk now just read about it. The last reason your business can’t scale is because people don’t buy often enough.

Myron Golden 30:35
Like, you don’t have people buying from you often enough. The reason you don’t have people buying from you often enough, is number one, because you don’t have sales events often enough. blows my mind. I teach people one of the things I teach people how to do as I teach you how to do challenges, right how to do a sales challenge, or like an offer challenge. And so they create this offer and they do a challenge. And they make $400,000 and say I’m going to do that again in six months.

Myron Golden 31:09
Why wouldn’t you wait six months, put that thing on rinse and repeat baby? Right. And so they don’t, they don’t have sales events often enough. That’s number one reason they don’t have clients buying often enough. The other reason they don’t have clients buying often enough is because they have no continuity program. Continuity means you sell it once, but they pay for it from now, like your cell phone, like your electricity and your water and your gas. Those are all continuity programs, your Netflix, your Apple Music, those are all continuity programs. So when you wrap your mind around this idea that if I do these five things, if I generate more leads, do you realize right now, if you’re generating no leads, and you start generating 100 leads a month, and you started converting 10 of those leads on $1,000 offer, that’s $10,000 a month, that’s an easy path to $10,000 a month.

Myron Golden 32:06
And then you do what you said you’re going to do. So when people talk about you, they talk good about you, they don’t talk bad about you. And then a percentage of the people who buy your $1,000 product, they want more access, or they want to achieve something that’s bigger, right? Or they want, they just they have bigger aspirations. If you create a $10,000 offer and offer it to some of those people, a percentage of the people who take your $1,000 offer are gonna buy your $10,000 offer. Why cognitive dissidence? Maybe? I mean, cognitive bias, like cognitive dissonance, cognitive bias, what’s cognitive bias, some people will buy the $10,000 thing to prove to themselves and others that they didn’t make a mistake when they bought the $1,000 thing. It’s just human nature. It’s human nature.

Myron Golden 32:56
If I work with human nature, human nature works for me by working against human nature, human nature works against me, does that make sense? Or you’re tracking? So so what we want to do is we want to make sure that we are not making these mistakes. If we don’t make these mistakes. Our business has to scale. It’s not that it can scale. I’m gonna I’m gonna say it in Texas, and in case any Texans are listening, it can’t not scale. It has to. So generate more leads. Get good at sales, deliver on your promises, create some high profit offers, and then get some continuity. Do you? It’s so it’s so fascinating to me. Because like what, like if you if you remember back to a time in your life where you weren’t doing as well, as you’re doing right now all of us can remember that right? Can I get a witness? Okay.

Myron Golden 33:51
Back then the thought that you could be doing as well as you’re doing now never crossed your mind. Right? Well, just like as good, like, you might be doing twice as good. Now, as you were doing back then you might be doing five times better now. 10 times 20 times 100 times? Well, just like you couldn’t conceive, doing better this good then how good you’re gonna be doing in 10 years. You can’t perceive that now. Like you can’t even wrap your mind around. If somebody would have told me that I’d have a business that does what my business does today. Somebody would have told me that well, I moved here. 10 years ago, I moved to Tampa 10 years ago I was broke as a joke and ready to choke. I’d already made millions and already lost millions. Like sold my house on a short sale for $400,000 less than I bought it for my new Mercedes that I bought. They didn’t repo it I repurposed it.

Myron Golden 34:45
Say you me put it with a native repose when they come get it. Miko is when you take it back to me hold my car, right. I had to borrow money from people who knew me as the richest person they knew. So I moved to Tampa on borrowed money 10 years ago. And then after I moved here, I kept one of my Mercedes because it was almost paid off. Oh, no, it was paid off. And so I kept my 2006 Mercedes. And then every it seemed like it. I don’t know how many times I probably did it three times, I’m telling you this. So you can know I’m no different than you. I made you. I’m just 10 years ahead. I’m not more than 10 years ahead of anybody in this room. Because 10 years ago, I was broke. 10 years ago, I was sitting on my patio crying on my wife’s shoulder, because I couldn’t figure out how to make entrepreneurship work again. So I’m not like you’re better off now than I was 10 years ago. How cool is that? So I remember at this other Mercedes is this 2006 cls 500.

Myron Golden 35:46
And I’d go down to this payday loan this loan shark place on on on del Mabry and waters Avenue, with a green sign. They’d loaned me $5,000 On my title. And I’d go borrow $5,000, I’d use it to go make some money. And then I come back and pay it off. And then a couple months later, I go borrow $5,000, in my title yet. This is 10 years ago, it might have been eight years ago that I did that. Why am I telling you this, I’m telling you, this, you’re not I’m not different than you. I’ve just been doing what I’m doing longer than you. I’ve been doing this stuff the right way longer than you. When you start doing this stuff, generating more leads, getting good at sales, delivering on your promises, having some high profit products, and having some continuity, you’ll get to the place maybe where you’re making $10,000 a month just in continuity, or 50,000 a month, just in continuity, or 100,000 or 200,000 a month, just in continuity. It’s hard to wrap your mind around it when you’re not doing it yet. But I’m telling you 10 years ago, it felt so hard to me. i

Myron Golden 36:52
This was not clear in my mind. You know, it’s clear in my mind, I used to be rich, now I’m broke. I feel like an idiot. That was clear in my mind. That was very clear. I used to be rich. I used to have more money than I had time to spend. And I am broke and raking in scraping and borrowing money on the title of my car. Like, this is not what I this was not a part of my entrepreneurial vision. But guess what? These things right here created the rise of the Phoenix. It’s a whole different story. Now. I remember I was talking to Jerry, one of my mentors back in probably 2013 or 14 Now 2015 Probably when Ty Lopez was really like killing social media. Like Jerry once you think time makes, I don’t know, man, probably about 800,000 a month and Jerry was guesstimating because he but he knew Ty and he was it’s not like they had a conversation. So I’m not disclosing Ty’s income. Right? He said probably 800,000 I thought to myself $800,000 somebody making $800,000 a month? What do you do with $800,000 a month my brain couldn’t wrap around it. Like he turned my brain into mashed potatoes that day, eating $100,000 a month

Myron Golden 38:29
if we don’t do at least $800,000 a month, more than that we’re having a bad month. I was broke 10 years ago. I’m not I’m not I’m not. I’m not telling you this to impress you about me. I’m telling you this to impress you about you. Are you aren’t picking up what I’m putting down. In June we did. We did seven or $8 million in June in one month. And I’m not saying that to brag I’m just telling you if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you this all I do is this stuff. All I do is the stuff that boss moves, but that’s it. I don’t do anything else. I don’t I ain’t fixing none of that. I ain’t getting bored, but I’m just getting paid with it. So if you will do these things, your business will scale not might scale not I hope it’ll scale. I think it might scale. Your business will scale if you do this period. Thank you for watching.

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