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Andrew Tate 41 Tenets For Men 10 to18

In this list-based video, self-help guru and fitness expert Andrew Tate shares nine of his 41 Tenets for Men. This offers a vision of purpose for any man’s mission to achieve goals and dreams for success and happiness through the power of self-respect and self-accountability.

Coming from a poor background, he grew up to box his way into becoming a 4-time World Kickboxing Champion and a multi-millionaire along the way. Andrew Tate has views like no one you have seen before. His Hustlers’ University has well over 100,000 members now, where people pay $49 a month to learn various skills, including making money.

Whether you’re a man looking for inspiration or just trying to live a better life, these tips from Andrew Tate are a great place to start. 41 Tenets for Men is a great way to improve your life and career by taking simple steps and following Andrew Tate’s advice! Andrew Tate’s 41 Tenets For Men To Live By.

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10) I support good and honest governments and will obey their laws.

11) I prefer to only conduct business dealings with trusted and vetted brothers.

12) I believe that a man has the sacred duty to hold true to his word and do exactly what he says he will do.

13) I believe that a man’s life is difficult and he has the sacred duty to become strong to handle such difficulty.

14) I believe men are personally responsible for their actions and for the results they achieve in their lives.

15) I believe in emotional control and the vital need to become disciplined and professional in all things.

16) I believe that men have the sacred duty to approach everything in life from a position of strength.

17) I believe that all men have the sacred duty to become men of upright and virtuous character and live above all possible reproach.

18) I believe it is incumbent upon me to ruthlessly identify my own weaknesses and limitations, and I eagerly work to overcome them and become more capable in all realms.

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