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Are Wealth And Abundance Spiritual

Are Wealth and Abundance Spiritual?

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One of the biggest problems we have in the world today, too many humans have encouraging words that they give to another person that cost them nothing but the intention and care to do it. And they withhold. I mean, you don’t have to go take any money out your checking account. You don’t have to put anything on your credit card. Walk past a human being and rather look at the ground than to acknowledge the God likeness in another human being.

“See Myron, I thought you were talking about words creating your wealth.” I am. Cuz guess what? All of the money that you want that you don’t have right now is in somebody else’s pocket. And if you’re mean and rude and disillusioned and negative, nobody wants to give it to you. That’s fact. It’s fact.

0:42 The Four Levels of Value

When God created everything in Genesis chapter one, one of the things he created in Genesis chapter one is this concept that I call the Four Levels of Value. In fact, I’m gonna do it on the board. I know some of you have seen it before, some of you haven’t. So I’m gonna do it for those who haven’t, for those of you have, and bear with me.

So the Four Levels of Value. This is in Genesis chapter one, by the way. And in Genesis chapter one, there are so many success principles. It’s almost like God gave us a wink and said ” in case you don’t get to chapter two, I want you to be alright.” There are four levels of value. And what’s interesting about the Four Levels of Value is you can pretty much determine how much money somebody makes based on which level they are. And the lowest level of value is implementation. What does that mean? Okay.

1:26 God is a God of Abundance

Remember I said “language is spiritual?” Remember I said “language is spiritual?” Guess what else is spiritual? Wealth and abundance. Wealth and abundance are spiritual. This is gonna make sense to you in a minute. Wealth and abundance are spiritual because God is infinite. So wealth is a symbol of Godness. Abundance.

Like Jesus said, “The thief come and might prefer to steal, to kill, and to destroy, but I come that you might have life, that you might have more abundantly.” God is a God of abundance. The scripture says he owns a cattle on a thousand hills. He owns everything. The earth is the Lord’s in the fullness thereof. Abundance is godlike. It’s a characteristic of God.

2:03 Why I Talk About Money

And I know, “well, all you do is talk about money.” No, I talk about a whole lot more than money.

The reason I talk about money and wealth as much as I do is because, one, I don’t know what happens in churches you go to, but the ones I’ve gone to every time they have a prayer meeting, two things they pray for the most: “Pray for my finances, pray for my health. Pay for my health, pay for my finances.” Finances are not something that you should necessarily need to pray for. You’re a follower of Christ. You have the blessing of Abraham by faith in Christ Jesus. You got the blessing of Abraham. Part of that blessing as well.

God does not want his people to be broke as a joke and ready to choke. Running around with your hand stuck out all the time. We have the answers. And if we have the answers to the life’s questions in this book called the Bible, why in the world are we walking around acting like we don’t know? And I’m not just about money, but yes about money also. “Why you talking about money?” The Bible talks about money. How am I gonna teach the Bible not talking about money?

Are Wealth and Abundance Spiritual?

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