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Expectation vs Choice Your Super Power Revealed

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In this video, you are going to discover an answer that you’ve been looking for that will fix a lot of stuff in your life. And my daughter, Didi and I were going to be talking about that thing that fixes a lot of things, things in your life, it just it can fix your focus, it can fix your fitness, it can fix your family can fix your finances, fix your future, and it’s one thing and I call it the human beings greatest superpower. She says, I get what you’re saying, but it’s not the human beings greatest superpower. So we’re gonna have this conversation in front of you. And we’re gonna let you vote on YouTube. Let us know who you think is right. And you’re probably going to let us think let us know that you think we’re both right. We’re just right at different times. So here’s what it is. Here it is you ready? I believe that expectation is the human beings greatest superpower, DD believes

that choice is a human beings greatest superpower.

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And so we’re going to have a conversation about is it expectation? Or is it choice? I believe it’s expectations. He believes it’s choice. I believe choice is important. But I don’t believe it’s more important than or more, I believe it’s important, but I don’t believe it’s more powerful than expectation. So you want me to go first? First, I’m gonna go first. The reason I believe that expectation is human beings greatest superpower is because expectation is our ability to see an outcome before it happens. Now when I say it’s your greatest superpower, I don’t mean just a positive expectation is your greatest superpower, whether that expectation be positive, or whether expectation be negative, it is still your greatest superpower. And, and and unfortunately for most people, you’ve been programmed by what I call the culture hypnotic societal mechanism to use your greatest superpower against yourself. So a lot of times I give reference to a show that was on back in the 80s, called The Greatest American Hero, believe it or not, I’m walking on there and never thought I could be so free. And that whole thing, and this dude found these aliens came and they left this superhero suit, and he found it, but he lost the instructions. So he knew how to fly. But he didn’t know how to land.

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So every time he landed, come crashing through a wall. And and every now and then in our lives, what happens is we tap into the superpower of expectation, and we get this really great result. And then we revert back to expecting outcomes we don’t desire and wondering why we can’t like consistently and perpetually live those great outcomes, like the one we just had, like you, if you’re a golfer, you’ll go to a golf course, and you’ll shoot like a 76. And then next time you go, you shoot a 90 And you’re like what happened, right? And so expectation Are you built, you’re building a base, you’ll go out you’ll you’ll make three sales in a row, and then the next 10 prospects tell you no, and you’re like, What am I missing? So let’s dive in. DD says choice. That’s why I believe expectation is your greatest superpower.

So how many of you guys have ever had an experience where you’re like, something happens, and you just know that it’s gonna be bad. Like, it’s like, this is this is bad, and it’s about to get worse, whether it’s like, oh, you’re thinking about going to the gym, and you’re like, Oh, this is going to hurt. You’re just like, expect, you know, it’s gonna hurt, it’s gonna be bad, you’re gonna be out of breath, you’re gonna hear the sound of your own breathing. And it’s like all that you can. All that you’re thinking about is how bad it’s going to be. Have you anybody ever thought that it’s like it was time to go to the gym, you’re like walking in the gym, your knee starts hurting randomly you. Like, this happens to me all the time. Every time I go to the gym, I try to convince my mom, we should be going shopping. Instead, she’s like, You can do whatever you want. I’m going to the gym. Gym too. But that is expectation right? Before, I didn’t realize that that was a choice, the choice to focus on how much pain I’m going to be in the sound of my own breathing on the treadmill. God forbid, I forget my headphones, then I’m not even doing it. Like Forget it. I’m going in the sauna. Like I’m doing anything. I’m not listening to the sound of my heavy breathing. So with that, here’s where choice comes in.

I didn’t realize I had another way to think about it. Instead of thinking about how bad it’s gonna be. I can think about how great I’m gonna feel afterwards. How many of you know you feel great after you get done with a workout? It’s like, you’re sweaty, but you’re just like, wow, I really did that. I’m gonna do this all the time, do you? Maybe maybe not. But realizing that there is a choice that precedes expectation, Myron used to always tell me to do things like, I’d be like, I’m having a bad day. He’s like, you just need to practice the presence. I’m like, I don’t know what that means. I have zero idea what you’re talking about, or how to implement it. And it was the same thing with expectation. Being your greatest superpower. I was like, okay, cool. But like, how? How do I? How do I use the superpower? Is it a superpower if you don’t know how to use it, or don’t have the ability to use it? And so it calls me like, a lot of the things that he says for me when I was younger caused me to have to explore because they were very high level things that he was saying, and I didn’t know how to execute on them. Jim Rohn did this too.

He would say, if you will change, everything will change for you. And I’m like, okay, cool. I’m down to change, change what? And it’s like all of these votes that I don’t know how to implement. I didn’t know how to implement that being your greatest superpower. So what I realized was that there was a choice, that you have the ability to look outside of circumstances, look outside of situations and choose, how am I going to respond to this? How am I going to choose to look at this, but if you don’t have the awareness that you have a choice in it, you’re just going to focus on whatever you’re focusing on. You’re just going to Back, whatever you’re expecting, not realizing you have a choice on what you expect. Even if it doesn’t happen naturally, at first, it can happen naturally in the future. So that is why I say choice is your greatest superpower. But maybe it is that choice gives you the ability to use your

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superpower. I’m gonna go with that second one that you just said, By the way, for those of you who are watching, and you’re thinking, Why is his daughter calling him Meyer because we coach people together. And it just makes sense. When we’re coaching for her to refer to me as Myron and not as my dad. He wasn’t being disrespectful for those of you old schoolers out there who are thinking, if my daughter called me by my first name, I wish I thought it right. So just right. So that’s why she’s not being disrespectful, not that she doesn’t know. No, I’m just kidding.

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So, so I believe a couple of things. First of all, when I say practice the presence, what I meant by that, and I’m think you probably already know what it means now. In the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy. When I say practice the presence, I mean, focus on the fact that the Lord is present with you over the fact that you are in certain such in such circumstance, Shad, Mac, Shad, Mac shad, Makary, Shaq, okay, I don’t know what your name was. Shaquille O’Neal and other it now Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. When they were thrown into the fiery furnace, they were so aware of the presence of the Lord that it caused everybody else to see who he was, they were more aware of the presence of the LORD than they were the heat of the fire. They were more aware of the presence of the LORD than they were of the threat of Nebuchadnezzar, right. So when you look at, like, we’re always paying attention to something right. And so we have to make sure we become intentional about our attention, right, we have to apply intention to our attention, because we don’t, we’re gonna focus on things that are going to move us further and further away from our desired outcome and from God’s desired outcome for us.

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So I believe that awareness precedes act like choice, like you said, awareness precedes choice. And I believe awareness is the human beings greatest untapped resource, right? Because people think they lack access to all of these different things, when they don’t lack access, they just lack awareness of the access, they already have. nother conversation for a different day. However, I believe we do have to learn how to we have to become aware of the fact that we have a choice. And then once we become aware of the fact that we have a choice, then we have to make a decision. Right. So choice precedes decision. And a lot of people think choice and decision are the same thing. But they’re not. Choice means to pick one. To decide means to day over from side cut to cut yourself off from any other possibility. When you make a decision. You make a decision, you’re choosing to make a decision. But a decision and a choice are not the same thing. Because you pick one like there’s this, there’s this truism that isn’t true. Three birds are sitting on a fence and two of them decide to fly away. How many are left? One? No, they just decided to fly away. They didn’t really fly away. Okay, well, no, if they decided to fly away, they flew away. Not they chose to fly away, maybe not. Okay. Anyway, I digress. I know, I went down the rabbit hole. You watch me do it. But I was processing, as I was thinking verbally, as opposed to thinking

in my head, but when you go down the rabbit hole does it sometimes.

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Okay, cool. So that’s what I think I agree with you that choice is important. Well, I mean, access, you hit

on the other thing that’s important, which is awareness. And I think that if there’s something that everybody can take away, it’s to practice being aware, and practice being aware of what you’re thinking, and be aware of what you’re aware of, yeah, be aware of what you’re aware of be aware of what’s going on outside of you, within you, a lot of times, what we’re thinking about is just like something in the future, and probably if you haven’t been practicing using your superpower of expectation, you’re practicing thinking or you’re not even practicing, you’re just thinking about negative things that are going to happen in the future. And you’re worrying about things that are going to happen in the future. And you’re doing that all the time. So becoming aware of what you’re thinking is something that you can practice. Like that’s not something requires a degree, it’s just like, right now, today, you can start thinking about what you’re thinking about.

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I don’t know what you say it about, but I’m gonna quote you. I don’t just don’t remember quoting what you were talking about when you said it. You have to you have to do that purposefully until you can do it passively.

Right, right. A lot of people want to get to be like Myron, which is understandable. He’s a great guy. Love him. You know what I mean? But they don’t. They’re like how, you know, it’s just like, Oh, he’s so and I know that you don’t. We don’t need to go down the rabbit hole in this. Everybody says, I’m not saying that. This is what how you see it, but everybody’s like, Oh, he’s such a positive guy. How do I get to be that positive? And he will say, I’m not positive. I’m just aware. I know. Okay, he’s not positive. He’s just aware. But how do you get like that? It’s like, it takes practice. It takes intention and it takes intention. It takes practice and then realizing, or not realizing unconsciously knowing there’s a choice and then deciding, I’m going to focus on this. I’m going to practice the presence as he says, I’m going to become more aware of God in this situation and then the problem in this city Question. And you do that on purpose. And if you do anything on purpose over time, it’ll start to happen more naturally. And that is how because I’m naturally a pretty anxious person, I worry a lot. I’m a perfectionist. So I see the problems with everything. And it took track, of course, concerning,

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But it took practice, it takes practice, I think, for normal people. Normal people, we don’t just walk around, expecting all of the great things, but you can and if you do it on purpose, if you take the time to practice, and here’s how you can know, I used to, you know, it’s not just knowing positive quotes and saying positive quotes and, and affirmations and I heard this, and I heard somebody say that it is becoming aware, this is a trick I learned, because I was like, I’m saying all the positive things. I’m quoting all of the things I’m saying, I’m saying I’m saying I’m saying, but I wasn’t aware in the moment. So if you say a positive quote, like I am capable of amazing things, notice how that makes you feel? Are you do you feel like that’s true? Or are you just saying it? And, and then you feel bad? Because like in your head after you say I’m capable of amazing things? Or I’m like, No, you’re not. If you’re capable of amazing things, you’d be doing amazing things. Welcome to my brain. So like, it’s becoming aware of how you’re feeling and then addressing those things, too. And it takes practice and practice and practice, which takes being aware. It’s aware of, Oh, I feel bad. What am I thinking about? Oh, I’m not gonna think about that anymore. I’m going to choose to think something different. I’m gonna choose to expect something different.

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Everything you just said that whole thing, that whole part. She just said that. Right? And so when I think about when I think about, like Dede and I, we work together, right? And we work on a lot of projects, together some projects, I initiate some projects, see, she initiates, if I initiate a project, I usually get this really big idea, right? Just keepin it real, I get this really big idea and say, Hey, let’s do XY and Z. And then she says, okay, and then she will go, and she will start building a framework and a process to get to this thing, that in my brain, the framework and processes already there. But I forget, sometimes unaware, since we’re talking about awareness, that that process that’s in my head is not in everybody else’s head. And so I’ll say something, that will be an oversimplification to the people hearing me, but it’s just an observation to me. And she’ll recognize immediately, well, you can’t just say that because you also have to do this, this, this and this before you can do that thing you just said, it’s really interesting.

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On the video, the way she came to observe this, I think everybody here who’s ever had a parent, get it? Everybody here who’s ever had a parent could see the stuff their parents did, they didn’t want to do. Right, is that does that make sense? Why? Because one of the places we get value from our values from is from past perceived voids, right past perceived voids, is one of the places we get our present pursued values from right another place we get present pursued values from is present perceived virtue, like things that I think are good right now. Right? Those are things that I pursue right now. And then future pursued visions, my values, my values are based on my vision of the future voids of the past, and virtues in the present. That’s where my, that’s where my value system comes. That’s where your value system come from. Hey, thanks for watching this video. I hope you’re enjoying it. But I want to take some time to invite you to join us at the make more offers challenge, the make more offers challenge.

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We do it once a month where I invite a bunch of entrepreneurs or would be entrepreneurs to come and have me teach them in detail the core moves that can scale any business, I want to invite you to join us on the make more offers challenge, click the link in the description below. You will be glad you did join us a VIP and can make the rest of your life the best of your life. And now back to the video you’re watching. So so because I am, I was an adult when Diddy was a baby, right. And then when she was 10 and 11 and 12 and 15 and 70. Like I was thinking about different things about her life and she was thinking about because she was living her life. I was living her parents life. So me, in my mind, my primary objective for her was to protect and to provide for her. Her primary objective is to experience life at the fullest level, right? Those are not exactly the identical Objectives can I get? I got a witness on that. I can tell with a smile. But watch this.

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My daughter became an entrepreneur at a very early age. She worked in my business but she also had her own side business where she was making $25 an hour when she was 11. Right. My son was making $117 an hour when he was 16 or 17 years old. Right? Because I gave them I gave them work to do for my clients. I charged the price because I know how to charge premium prices. I would charge the price. They would do the work and all she had to do is basically load up some CDs, push a button and then label them and boom she’s making CDs for somebody we charge them $1 CD and we could do 25 CDs in our in our duplicators Do you see what I’m saying? So that was her job, he would pay her. And then she made $25 an hour. So fast forward. Now, she has all of these business ideas, not to mention the fact that we were in Russell Brunson inner circle together. But then after that she went on to get certified in nlp hypnosis, like process like psychological stuff to understand how the mind works, right? And so she knows stuff about why I do what I do that I don’t even know why I do it. I just do it. Right.

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Do you mind if I tell him about how frustrated you were with me when we created Pitch Perfect? Okay, so and she was frustrated with me for good reason. Right? But I didn’t, my brain doesn’t work like yours. Would you agree with that completely? Some, in some ways were some were similar. But in some ways were very opposite. Okay, so So we created this, this event called Pitch Perfect, which the first time we sold it, we sold it for $20,000. The next time we sold it, we sold it for $25,000. First time we sold it, we sold, I think 12 or 12 people, I think at 25 20,000. So we we did $240,000 in sales. That’s pretty cool. Well, when we’re leading up to it in my brain, where you want to teach people how to pre pitch, how to pitch and how to read pitch. Okay, cool. My brain. That’s the event. Like, I’m not exaggerating. That’s the whole event. I got it. Okay, I know what I’m going to teach right? In her mind, we have to break down what is the definition of each one of those things? What are the components of each one of those things? How do we how do we explain those components? How do we describe those components? So and then what are the activities we can give people to do while they’re still at the event. So when they leave, they can do they can actually go out and execute?

I think more than that being the way that I think it in my brain is that is the way that it needs to be done in order for what’s in your mind, to get into their mind not to just be a feeling for it to be like a talent thinks about it. So they have more ability to do the same thing.

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100%. And because I’ve been doing it for so long, the things I do intentionally. I mean, the things I do intuitively, you have to do intentionally, until they become intuitive. Does that make sense? And so if you’re going to do the things, I do have to do them and do it intentionally. But in order for you to do them intentionally, you have to know what the steps are. While she wanted to get with me to like she wanted to schedule time to get together to talk about the event or to plan for the event. And when when I hear the word plan, like

an allergic reaction.

Myron Golden 17:34

He has no other word plan.

Myron Golden 17:43
Reaction stuff starts itching. I started sneezing, right? Okay. And she became frustrated with me, because in my, from my perspective, timing, when she would ask me, I would be doing something. But I didn’t realize that to her, it felt like I wasn’t having time to do this thing, we got this thing coming up. And in her mind, this window is closing, and she’s got all this work to do. And in my mind,

we use time differently. I like I want to get things done in advance. So I can stop thinking about it and know that it’s ready. It’s like the box has been checked. And he wants to check the box way closer to the time that the thing is going to happen. I like to check

Myron Golden 18:17
that I want to do that. It’s just how I do it. And like I would love to be able to do it like I’m not. I’m not evil. So I gotta change that. I would love to do it like that. So maybe

you wanted to you would do it. Yeah. So I think that that means you don’t want to because you don’t do it. And it’s fine. Everybody’s different. Yes, it works for you. Yes.

Myron Golden 18:37
She told me, okay. So but this is this is always like this is our it’s not always dynamic. But when we’re having a conversation about something we disagree with, like, and not even disagree, but what about, we’re working on something in an area in which we’re different. This is our dynamic, right? And so, but it’s good. See, I think one of the problems people have and you can you can, one of them. We think that people have to agree with us about everything and be on the same page with us about everything in order for us to work together. One of the most important skill sets you will ever learn in your life is to learn how to get along with and work, not just comfortable with you, but joyfully with people who are not like you. They’re not like you for a reason.

Because God made them that way. And I think that when this whole the whole thing about everybody being enlightened, we all have to think the same things the same way at the same time. Not only is it boring, it’s not real. And God made us all different.

Myron Golden 19:32
So you can support me and I can tell you and it gives you we can like be strong, we are weak. All of these

people who think differently, you think differently. I think differently. I see things differently. Even if the same, the outcome is the same and the objective is the same. The fact that we see it differently allows two totally different paths to get there, right. It just adds it’s only it’s growth it’s more it’s better. It’s doesn’t detract from I think that the fact that we see things differently just gives us a more well rounded circle of the things that we say

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100%. And so, so back to expectation being your greatest superpower choice being your greatest superpower awareness, like awareness of your awareness, all of that stuff is important. But if you will discipline yourself so and by the way, why do I say expectation is your greatest superpower? A couple reasons. One, Jesus said if you can believe all things are possible to him that believes he also said, Be not afraid. Only believe I got a whole video that I don’t be not afraid only believe it’s and to my shock and awe. It’s one of the most popular videos that I have on YouTube, like, you’re not afraid only believe really, that’s that’s the one thing people keep clicking on. Right. So but I

mean, I think that that is something it’s a big question. It’s one of those things again, it’s like, okay, only believe, but how

Myron Golden 20:47
do you only believe like, how do you only believe, how do you not have Lord I believe, help my unbelief kind of belief, right? I don’t want that kind of believe, Lord, I believe it helped me, I don’t want that. Like now that I see it. I believe it like Thomas, I don’t want that kind of belief. I want the kind of belief that David had when he said I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord and Landa living. So here’s what here’s So here’s what’s really cool, and a lot of people and so I’m gonna give you a like a little biblical. Or I’m gonna give you a practical and you can tell me if this is practical, or if it’s just practical to me, okay. See, that’s, that’s what she helps me. She helped me refine things way better than I refined them on my own. Because to me, I just said it. It was done. And she’s like, well, it’s kind of on the way to be.

Thing about you saying and I’m being done is I think a lot of times people feel like it’s done,

Myron Golden 21:32
right. And then they go and attempt to execute on what they think I think I said, and then they become frustrated. After they were fascinated, then they become frustrated. And then next thing you know, you know, who knows what. So here’s, here’s this really interesting, Hebrew, you know, when the Bible was written, it was not broken into chapters. Right? So the book of Hebrews is really just the book of Hebrews. But we know Hebrews chapter 11. Right? Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen for by it, the elders obtained a good report. And then it says, says, By faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are were not made of things which do appear on and on and on it goes right, then it starts naming by faith, Abraham did this and this person did this, Barrick and all these people did all these amazing things by faith. Well, then you get over Hebrews chapter 11, verse one, I mean, chapter 12, verse one, it says, Wherefore seeing we are confused about what’s so great a cloud of witnesses, when we read wherefore, in Scripture, we know wherefore, therefore are always referring to what came before, right?

Myron Golden 22:30
And so he’s referring to wherefore, because of all these people I just named who demonstrated what it’s like to have faith by the way, if you’re reading it, rabbit, hole, rabbit hole, or rabbit hole or okay. It when you’re reading it know that when the Bible was naming people that had faith, it’s naming people that had faith who were delivered, and people who died in faith, not yet having received the promise. It’s naming both. I don’t have faith because I know Faith is going to, like it’s going to give me what I desire. I have faith because that’s what I’m supposed to have. Because I know God is faithful, and God is faithful, whether I’m John the Baptist having my being decapitated, or whether I’m Shadrach, Meshach. and Abednego being delivered from the fire. God is still faithful, his plan, He’s faithful to His plan. Okay, so So here’s what it says. We’re forcing we’re coming to battle so great, a cloud of witnesses. I’ve heard a lot appreciate. Well, they’re up in heaven cheering us on. I don’t know what you’re gonna be doing. When you get to heaven. I show you gonna be watching fog on Earth. Can you imagine people tuning in?

Myron Golden 23:27
Well, you know, let’s go home and watch the folks on our face turn on a heavily TV and watch him. Nobody wanted nobody Okay, interested in this. Right? So when it says so great. A cloud of witnesses is not talking about the people who are witnessing us. It’s talking about the people whose lives their testimonies of having faith or witnessing to us. Wherefore seeing we are convinced about what so great a cloud of witnesses who all the people he named in Hebrews chapter 11, let us lay aside every weight, that word weight means burden, let’s put down every burden and the sin that does so easily be set or stop us what is the sin that so easily stops us what the whole chapter is about faith. Sin easily stops us is doubt. Right? And then it says, let us run with patience, the race that is set before us. Here’s what’s interesting. Didi is my daughter, but her race is not my race. Her daughter’s my granddaughter. Her race is not her daughter’s race. My race is not her daughter’s race. The race is set before us. We’re supposed to run the patient’s race a little set before us. Right? Then it says this amazing thing that like, like, I don’t think people get this what it actually means. Here’s what says next, looking under geez, this is Hebrews chapter 12 Verse two, Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. So he started our faith, he finished our faith. So we’re not looking on the Jews. I’m going outside, I’m looking up and the angels are going, Oh, they probably would do it on key.

Myron Golden 24:44
Okay, so So that’s not me looking under Jesus. Looking unto Jesus means looking into Jesus, author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him. We’re looking at his example of what how He endured the difficulty of his assignment. That’s When I said, looking at Jesus, we’re looking at how He endured the difficulties of his assignment. How did he endure the difficulties of his assignment like this, Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set were before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame and set down on the right hand in front of God. So what I’m supposed to do when I’m going through the difficulties that are associated with my assignment, I am supposed to replace the anxious apprehension of the outcome I don’t desire while I’m in this situation, replace the anxious the anxiety that stops me. While I’m in this situation, with the joyful anticipation of the outcome, I do desire. That’s what it says, Looking under Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame and a set down on the right hand of Throne of God.

Myron Golden 25:48
So what was the joy that was set before Him, the joy that was set before him was being receded on the right hand of God with us in Him in heavenly places. That was because he was so focused on that outcome, that what he had to go through when he was on the cross when he was being crucified when he was being when he was being scourge with the cat of nine tails, when the nails were being driven through his hands and his feet when he was when he was convulsing when the spirits was was thrust into his side. While he was going through that he wasn’t thinking he wasn’t focused on that he was focused on the joy that was set before Him. And one of the things that we have to do is learn to do like practice doing like, do you keep talking about practice? Right? I’m talking to you about practice. Okay. Okay. So one of the things we have to practice in real time is we have to practice replacing the anxious apprehension of the outcome we don’t desire with the joyful anticipation of the outcome, we do desire in real time. That’s the work. How did I do

cool that, you know, from the joy that was set before him, and that is like the summary, right? That that is the summary of everything, if you want to, if you want to watch the movie, or see the scenes play out, you can see Jesus doing this, like, if you’ve read John, and you read, you know, if you read the gospels, when you see, you know, Jesus before He does his first miracle, and his mom asked him to do something, he says, My time has not yet come. He’s always aware. And all of these instances, if you read through, you will see him being aware of some of his assignment throughout everything he’s doing. It’s not like, you know, at the end, we’re like, oh, wow, he that’s why he was able to do that one thing that is, how and why and how he approached everything that he did. So it is, it is not just in the big moments in difficulty that oh, he was suddenly able to do this thing. He did this thing, because this is just how he lived his life. And so in the big moment, when it’s the hardest time, if you’ve had practice, practice, then that’s how you’re going to show up if it’s what came out when he was squeezed as his. Because that’s what was in him. And so that’s like,

Myron Golden 27:47
what came out when he was squeezed. I’m done. Like, like, stick a fork in me right now. That’s it right there.

So you chose, I was just thinking like, it is just, it’s all there and you get to read it and you get to see Jesus is great guy. Like, you just read it. It’s just like, wow, this is good. This is the example. This is the blueprint. Anyway,

Myron Golden 28:09
I digress for that part. So what did we conclude?

I think that this is what we concluded.

Myron Golden 28:16
That was a great preface. This is my thing. I think this is what we just wanted to make sure we everybody saw what happened there. Okay, do tell us what did we conclude?

It starts with awareness. And then there’s a choice. And then there’s a decision. And then there’s and then there’s what are you choosing? Are you choosing to empower your expectation? Like a positive expectation? Are you choosing to believe that this will work together for your good? Are you choosing that side of things, or not? And underlying that is like the aspect of emotion and feeling and you you can feel which one you’re choosing? In any given moment, there’s that underlying, you know, emotion, energy in motion, there is there as quality. So is it good? Is it bad? And then there’s quantity? Is there a lot of it? Or is there not a lot of it, but there’s different dynamics, but that is the thing that’s underscoring this, like

Myron Golden 29:06
qualities like inventory quantities like intensity? Yes.

Yeah. Yeah. And yeah, I used to always think I didn’t have like, you know, I say high energy flows to no high energy result compared to a low energy. So like, I am not high energy, but it is a high quality, high quality of energy. My intensity level is, you know,

Myron Golden 29:28
sometimes suspect I think all of us is though,

I mean, I guess it just depends on what we’re talking about with something. Yeah, so Exactly. But yeah, there’s

Myron Golden 29:35
a plan. Your your high energy is way higher than mine. When

it comes time to clarify.

Myron Golden 29:40
I’m gonna let you keep believing that for now.

Well, I think we’re both Yeah, I mean, different

Myron Golden 29:44
different kinds of clarification. Yeah, like that thing you just said. I’ll clarify that later when everybody’s not watching so that was good. That was a good conversation. D Let’s go. Let’s go. All right. My peeps, thank you for watching. If You want to watch another video like after this one a good one to watch would be only believe peace out Cub Scout right

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