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Have Conversations That Create Cash Flow

Have Conversations That Create Cash Flow

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0:00 Communication Creates Wealth
Wealth starts to be created on the next level of value. This is the second highest level of value and where wealth begins to be created. It’s called communication. The resource that you use on this level is called a mouth. Now, there is a caveat. You have to have a mouth and you have to learn how to use it to produce wealth. Because just cuz you have a mouth, that’s not a guarantee. That’s only half the equation.

You need to learn how to have conversations that create cash flow. You need to know how to develop or deliver a message that moves the masses. And when you can do that, you can create and I’m talking about on the low end, you might make a hundred thousand dollars a year selling cars or selling life insurance. On the high end, you might make a hundred million as an A-list actor or a-list singer. If you’re an entrepreneur who sells whatever you might make somewhere in the middle.


0:50 The Reality Is…

I’m fairly theatrical and not terribly bad looking, right? However, nobody in Hollywood is banging on my door saying, “Hey, can you come star in our next blockbuster movie?” Now, if I wanted to star in a blockbuster movie, I would write the script, I would hire the crew, and I would make the movie, and then I’d make it a blockbuster movie. But that’s not my desire. I don’t desire to do that. I could figure it out, but nobody’s banging my door down.

I sing for my own personal enjoyment and for other people’s personal endurement You’ll get that one on the way home, and probably not gonna make a fortune singing. Now I can make a fortune writing songs. I’ve written some really good songs and we produced a couple of albums and we sold thousands and thousands. And we’re gonna re-release our album. As soon as our YouTube channel gets to a million subscribers, we’re gonna re-release our album. Okay.

But in the meantime, in between times, it’s probably not gonna happen for me singing.

So guess what? I need to be an author and write a book that a bunch of people wanna read. Oh, check. Done that. I wrote a book last year that makes us, on average between 25 and $30,000 a month. One book. I wrote it one time and it pays me every single solitary day. Oh, snap. Oh snap. I wrote a book back in 2006. That book makes us about $12,000 a month. Oh, by the way, is that on the implementation level? Nope. Yeah. I implemented by writing the book, but guess what? Boom, I got it printed. Now all we have to do is have a funnel out there and then people come buy it.

Communication level.

2:16 You Need to Get Good at Talking

Hey, let me ask you a question: you’re a business owner. You’re doing a half a million dollars a year in revenue. I say, “Tell you what, you pay me $350,000. I’m gonna show you how to get to 3 million.” Who wants that deal? Everybody wants that deal. If they believe that I can help them get there, everybody wants that deal.

In order for them to believe that I can get them there, I have to use this thing called “words.” And I have to be able to use those words skillfully enough to install some faith in their focus so they feel like I can help them. And they perform the function of taking some money out of their account and putting it in mine. And I did it with words.

I remember when I was a little boy, I was terribly introverted. I know that’s hard for you to believe. I remember I was in the sixth grade. I was hanging out with my dad here in Tampa. I didn’t like talking to people I didn’t know, and I hated my name. I’ve got six brothers. In my mind, they all have what I call “normal names.” I used to say to my mom I know I said it to her every week while I was growing up: “Seriously, the only thing you could think of when you came to me was Myron, Myron?” Cause that’s how I heard it, right? “Myron.”

So my dad sees his friend Mary. He says to me, “Son, this is my friend Mary. We grew up together. Tell Mary your name.”
I was horrified. I was horrified. I’m in the sixth grade. I’m 12 years old. This was a very traumatic experience for me.
I can remember thinking to myself, “You just told me her name. Why couldn’t you tell her my name? You want me to talk to this person I don’t know.” And I’m an introvert. I didn’t know I was an introvert. “But you want me to talk to this person I don’t know. I don’t wanna talk to her. And you want me to talk to her about my least favorite subject in the world?! Hi, my name’s Myron.”
And so I did what any self-respecting introverted boy who hates his name would do. I cried
My dad, he went into dad mode. “Why? What is the matter with you?”
Hated my name. I was an introvert. Didn’t like to talk.

Until one day. I woke up and I realized: if I’m gonna do better in life, I gotta get good at this talking thing. And I can’t just talk to me on the inside. I gotta talk to some other folks on the outside.

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