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How Steve Jobs Changed The World In 10 Words

How Steve Jobs Changed The World In 10 Words
0:00 Introduction

See, people think Steve Jobs was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all times- when I say great, most successful entrepreneurs of all times- because he was an innovator. Steve Jobs was one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time, because he was a great imaginator and he was a great communicator.

See, Myron “imaginator” ain’t a word. You knew what I meant, didn’t you? Uhhuh. That’s what I thought. Here’s the interesting thing about the two highest levels of value. Words are necessary on both levels, huh? You can use words without thinking. You ever said something and said, “Oh man, I wish I’d have thought about what I was gonna say before I said that.” You can use words without thinking.

Watch this now, but you can’t think without using words.

0:58 The Jim Rohn Experiment

Wait a minute. Whoa. What just happened? You can use words without thinking, but you cannot think without using words.

In fact, I was listening to a Jim Rohn audio cassette tape many moons ago. For those of you who are younger than 20 years old, Google “audio cassette tape.” You’ll know what I’m talking about. Listen to a Jim Rohn audio cassette tape. He said they did a study with a bunch of inmates in prison. And they were just randomly doing a study. They found something they weren’t looking for. Here’s what they found: that most of the inmates in prison have a very small vocabulary.

Huh. Then he said, “Because words are not just a communication tool. Words are the window through which you see the world.” Wow. Do you understand? The more words you have in your vocabulary, the more clearly you can think? Words create wealth.

2:01 Steve Jobs’ 10 Words

Do you know why the iPhone was so successful? Because Steve Jobs put together a sentence that was so powerful back in 2007 that sold millions and millions of iPhones as a brand new invention. Here’s what he said. He said, and he kept repeating it over and over: “It’s a phone, it’s a browser, it’s a music player. It’s a phone, it’s a browser, it’s a music player. It’s a phone, it’s a browser, it’s a music player.”

That is not a complicated sentence, but you know what he did? He told everybody what the payoff of the iPhone was in, “It’s a phone. It’s a browser. It’s a music player.”

10 words change the world forever. If he would’ve said, “It’s got the iOS operating system that operates with certain- it has a seven megapixel camera and it has all these megabits of information that do the megabytes with to the megabits.” Wouldn’t have meant anything. He didn’t use a lot of inside lingo.

He knew how to insert beliefs in the people’s minds with words.

How Steve Jobs Changed the World with 10 Words.

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