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Million Dollar Answers For Hard Business Questions

Myron Golden, Andrew Anderson

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Have you ever had a question that was just haunting or daunting? I have, I’ve had lots of them. I’ve had questions that I’ve thought about for years before I found the answer. Africa had questions I’ve thought about for months before I found the answer. I have a lot of questions that I’ve thought about my whole life, and I still have no answers on this video. I’ve got some folks here in studio, we’re gonna break my brain, asking me questions. Hopefully, we’ll be able to put it back together. So here we go. Who’s first? George George Valentine talked to me, George.

Hey, Myron, how do I take my $100,000 a year insurance business and turn it into $250 million in five years?

Myron Golden 00:39
Wow, I guess we are gonna break my brain. How do you? How do you turn? So let me ask you a question. Do you? Are you a broker or an agent? You’re a broker. So you can hire agents? What lines? Do you sell?

Life health, Medicare, pretty much anything? Okay. And the health insurance didn’t

Myron Golden 00:56
five years? How do you turn $100,000 a year business into a $250 million business in five years. That’s like, I’d have to know a little more about your commission structure. But I’ll tell you what I would do. I would realize first and foremost, that you are in the business of marketing and acquiring customers. That’s what every business is in the business of whether they know it or not, the stuff you sell is just the stuff you sell, once you acquire a customer after you’ve done some good marketing, and I think the best kind of marketing is educational marketing. And I think you need to create a very, not exhaustive, but a very deep, deep and wide educational program for your customers, to teach them why they need to have all of these kinds of insurance that you know, because you’re in the insurance business, a lot of people think, Well, I just want to have enough money.

Myron Golden 01:51
So I’m self insured. But there’s no such thing as self insured, there’s either you have insurance, or you don’t, if you don’t, you’re exposed, you’re liable. And people don’t realize that, that having insurance is more more than just about being able to pay for this thing. If I destroy it, it’s about having the peace of mind that I have while I use it, you need to create educational content that educates your clients at a high level that creates high conversions. Because you having a business that sells insurance that has high conversions, and you have a methodology for creating high conversions, what that does for you is that gives you the ability to recruit more agents.

Myron Golden 02:27
And when you have the ability to recruit more agents, and you educate them on your educational process for educating clients, now you’ve got a business that can grow at scale. That is the best way that I know that you can take out an insurance business and grow it from 100,000 a year to $250 million a year, whether that be in five years, 10 years, 15 years, or in one year, right, the better you educate your clients, because an educated client is always going to be your best client. The better you educate your client, the more conversions you’ll get, the more conversions you get, the easier it is to recruit people, because they’re going to make more money. That’s what I would do. Hopefully, that helps. All right, who’s gonna go next? That was a really good question. And you almost did break my brain. In fact, I think I gotta like small hairline fracture. I don’t know.

My run. I am I’m about to run my first five days challenge, helping women how to find their dream husband? What would be your best advice for those who are just starting the challenge? And what makes a challenge? A very good challenge,

Myron Golden 03:38
how to find their dream husband, I think the best thing that I make that the most successful is to also have a challenge for men that teach them how to find their dream wife, and then you have a party and put those Wow. That’s really that’s really interesting. So that’s that, that really is a hard question. For me. It’s hard for me because I don’t really understand the perspective of women. At all, I’m, I’m a man. I’ve got six brothers. I know how dudes think. I’m married. I’ve been married for 38 years this month. I’ve got a daughter and a granddaughter and a mother in law and I had a mom and I still don’t understand how women think so so so you’re gonna teach them how to find their dream husband? That’s a really great question.

Myron Golden 04:31
Like, if I were to guess, if I were to guess, my guess my best guess would be to teach women how to give men what they need emotionally, and what they need mentally. So here’s so I believe I believe in the biblical definition of marriage. And so I believe that man was created for a purpose and I believe that woman was created for purpose and a lot People are not gonna like that I say this, but it is what it is, I believe what I believe. And if you disagree, congratulations. We both met a different another person we disagree with. I believe that the primary role of a wife is to be the completion of her husband. Okay? And what does that even mean? Generally speaking, opposites attract, right.

Myron Golden 05:27
So, hence men are attracted to women, right, and women are attracted to men. But also, like, with me and my wife, for instance, I would rather go to bed early, and get up really early. But I gotta get up early anyway. But my wife would rather stay up late. If you have two people that are married, one is going to talk all the time, and the other one is going to want to talk almost none of the time, right. And then you’re going to have somebody who’s really likes to spend a lot of money, and then somebody who likes to save a lot of money. And so you, you’re going to get these two people together, they’re going to be attracted to each other, because they have the thing that the other person is missing.

Myron Golden 06:08
nd I think the best thing that you can teach women to do is to be okay, with the part of their husband or the man that they would like to be their husband that’s different than they are, and not try to change it, but support it. So that’s like, I’m, I’m gonna be honest with you. Like I said, I’ve got six brothers. I’ve liked girls since the first time I ever saw one. And I can remember being in kindergarten, I’m keeping it real. I was like, what’s that? Oh, that’s a girl. Okay, where did they come from. And there was this girl who sat in front of me and kindergarten, her name was generic game. This isn’t the 60s. And I lived in pretty much an all white town. And I didn’t know anything about segregation, or anything I didn’t know about racism, I didn’t even know it was a thing that existed in the world. I’m, I’m a five year old, this blonde girl with this big thick ponytail that looks like a piece of rope. hanging down her back.

Myron Golden 07:09
I thought she was just the most beautiful human I had ever seen in my life. And I tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around, and I said, I love you. And she started crying. And I have thought to myself, That’s not how it works on TV. Right? And she started crying. And I was like, okay, so girls don’t like guys. Right? And to make it worse, when a girl really likes a guy, I didn’t find this out until way later, like, I’m an adult before I figure this part out. I know you’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I’m gonna I’m a full grown man. Before I figure this part out when girls, like guys, oftentimes, the way they show a guy that they like him is by acting like they don’t like them.

Myron Golden 07:58
Well, nobody taught me the cryptology of the genders. Nobody taught it to me. And so when girls acted like they didn’t like me, I thought it was because they genuinely didn’t like me. So I’m really, I was, I was 19 years old before I had my first girlfriend 19. I was 21 when I had my second girlfriend, and that’s the grind married. She’s the only woman I’ve ever been with in my life, ever. And, like, so the whole idea that girls, I can under, I’m a guy, I can understand why guys want a wife, I get it.

Myron Golden 08:35
I wanted a wife since the first time I ever heard the word wife and that’d be good to happen, right? But the idea that women are looking for an ideal husband, like I have to, I have to intentionally process that mentally. And I know that sounds weird, I get it. I get it sounds weird, but it’s not because of anything other than my own personal life experience. So I know for me, the thing that makes me feel like I can do anything is the fact that my wife believes in me. And when she says it, it makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

Myron Golden 09:10
Especially when she said it when she had no reason to believe it. Right? Guys, or I, maybe I’m talking about myself, so I’m not gonna I’m not gonna project that on other dudes. Right? But guys are very, very strong on the outside. And in some ways, we’re very, very strong on the inside. But in some ways, we are so fragile on the inside that that, like, I don’t I’m strong in that I don’t need anybody else to but I don’t need you all to believe in me. I don’t need you to believe I can do it. I don’t need you. I believe I can win. But if my wife doesn’t believe I can win. Oh my goodness.

Myron Golden 09:56
That’s like a blowout at 80 miles an hour. Right? And so So I think just helping women understand that they can be the man secret weapon, the secret weapon that helps them conquer the world, or the secret weapon that destroys his world. And they have to be intentional to be the first one. And all they have to do to be the second one is neglect. So I don’t know if that’s helpful or not. Very, okay, cool. This is really and I call this the right thing break Marin’s brain, like, hey, so how do I teach women how to find that? Oh, no. Okay, anyway, who’s next? Laban talk to me, brother,

Mara. And I, like a lot of people grew up in poverty, which is very character building. It is, but I grew up it can be, it can be yes, I grew up with a poverty mindset, which I believe resemble that a lot of the damage, right? My question is, how can I start preparing my brain to to be able to receive the millions and billions of dollars that I want to create to serve?

Myron Golden 11:13
That’s a really great question. So I think the first thing all of us have to do on our reprogramming journey, right? Because reprogramming is it’s not like an 8088 computer back in the 80s, right, where you take where you take all night and uninstall the old operating system, and then you take all day and reinstall the new operating system. It’s not like that, like our, our reprogramming journey is something that happens all day, every day, we’re constantly reprogramming ourselves. And so we have to first I think the first thing we have to do is we have to recognize that, that we have poverty program, if you don’t recognize it, right?

Myron Golden 11:50
Like you got to identify that you have a poverty programming. And it’s really interesting, because if I’m having a conversation with somebody, I can tell by the words that come out of their mouth, whether they have a property programming, poverty programming, predominantly or not, even if we don’t talk about money, it’s easily identifiable for somebody who doesn’t have it. Because when somebody says something, it’s almost like they scratch the record, do you know I’m saying, and so, so you have to acknowledge that you, you got to recognize that property programming exists, and you have to recognize where you have it.

Myron Golden 12:22
And one of the best ways to recognize that you have it is to put your allow yourself to enter into an environment of people who don’t have it. So that you can become exposed to a totally different way of feeling thinking and being and talking, right. And so when you enter into that environment, then you have to allow that environment to affect you more than you attempt to affect it. Because we believe we all believe we’re right. We believe we’re right. How can I say this? We believe we’re right. Because we believe we’re right. Like and it because it’s my belief, so therefore it must be right. If it was wrong, then I’d have a totally different belief.

Myron Golden 13:04
But the reality is, none of us were born believing the things we believe. So we got them from somewhere. And a lot of people are afraid to ask ourselves, a lot of us are afraid to ask ourselves where the person that I got this, from, where did they get it from the person they got it from where they get it from the person they got it from where they get it from? And the person who installed that belief in the first one who started this chain reaction? Did they have that person’s best interest in mind? That’s a really good question. Right? And so, so I think the, the first thing we got to do is we got to start exposing ourselves to other ways of thinking, feeling and being without dismissing them as quote, oh, that’s just hype. That’s just pie in the sky.

Myron Golden 13:56
That’s Pollyanna. See, there’s language we even have. When we have poverty program, poverty programming, there’s language that we have, that we use to describe the prosperity ideologies that we believe Oh, that’s a prosperity gospel like people call me a prosperity gospel preacher all the time makes me laugh. Because, like, Are you a prosperity gospel preacher? I don’t know. Tell me what you mean by that. If you define it, and then I’ll tell you if I’m mad or not. Right? And what a lot of times they mean is because they hear me talking about money, and they don’t hear their broke pastor talking about money. And I said that intentionally.

Myron Golden 14:33
Right. And they don’t hear their book pastor talking about money unless they’re taking up an offering, or raising money or, or talking about how much money they don’t have or praying for finances, right? They assume that because I’m teaching people how to make money that I’m some prosperity gospel preacher, which I think what they mean by that is, you’re one of those people who say, Well, if you sow a seed into my life, God’s gonna bless you. Well, I’m here to tell you right now, if you sow a seed in my life, God might bless you and then again, maybe not. I don’t know.

Myron Golden 15:00
Like, that’s, that’s not my department, right? Now, here’s what I will tell you. If you don’t sow a seed into your own field, you’re gonna be broke as a joke and ready to choke. The thing that God gave the children of Israel when he brought them into the Promised Land, he gave them a plot of land. And he here’s what he said. He said, the land shall not be sold forever. The land is mine, saith the Lord? Why is he saying that, because the land is not just like, ground, it’s not just a bunch of dirt. But the land was the family business. And it was gonna be passed down from generation to generation.

Myron Golden 15:38
So that generational wealth is not just generational, it’s a regeneration, it regenerates at, like, if you build your wealth the right way, your wealth is regenerating. Like you have a wealth generator that could generate generational wealth, okay, so the family business will be passed down, which means that it started with Abraham, or Abraham. Isaac didn’t have to start from scratch. Isaac got to build on the foundation that his father laid, Jacob got to build on Isaac’s Foundation, Simeon and Levi and Judah, they got to build on Jacobs Foundation.

Myron Golden 16:21
We should have been if had we been doing it God’s way. Or we would have been all of us would have inherited a family business that we would have built on and made that family business better. Right. Okay. So I kind of got sidetracked a little bit, but not too much. So when we understand that generational wealth, it starts it has to start somewhere because poverty programming, like poverty, gospel has been preached poverty programming has been interjected. And now it’s it’s woven into the fabric of our schools, our churches, our government, our media, the songs, the movies.

Myron Golden 16:58
It’s so interesting how, how many criminals Hollywood has turned entrepreneurs into, by the time the average Americans 18 years of age, they’ve seen 10,000 people murdered on television by entrepreneurs, corporations and businesses. They see more people killed by businesses than they have by career criminals on television. Now, that’s all of that’s the poverty programming that’s hurting us is not the part that’s in our conscious mind. It’s the part that’s in our subconscious mind. It’s those automatic decisions that we make on what to invest in what not to invest in, what to spend our money on what not to spend our money on that.

Myron Golden 17:38
Okay, should I give this person should I give this server, a 10% tip or a 20% tip, and you opt for the 10% tip, which makes you feel like a cheapskate for the rest of the day. Right? When, like when, when when I have a choice. And I like when I have a choice to give somebody a tip. And there’s like there’s like multiple options, I always pick the highest option. Why? Because I want to be that person, I want to tell myself, I’m that person. Does that make sense? I don’t ever use. Should I say I don’t ever I don’t think I and I do everything in my power to never use words that proclaim that I have a lack. Does that make sense? So I don’t that cost too much. That cost what it cost.

Myron Golden 18:25
Now, if I’m willing to pay that much, that’s one thing. And if I’m not, that’s another thing, but it doesn’t cost too much. See, when I say it cost too much, I’m unwilling to say either, I can’t afford it. Or that cost more than I want to pay. Now that cost more than I want to pay. That might be true. But it’s not. It’s not that it cost too much. It’s not even that I can’t afford it. I would never say like I stopped saying we so we changed the environment. But I’m gonna give you the steps First, change the environment. So we change the thoughts, we think we change the thoughts, we think it changes the feelings that we have. So I don’t look at things and think they cost too much.

Myron Golden 19:03
I don’t look at things and think they’re too expensive. I don’t look at things and think well, I can’t do that. Right? Instead of saying I can’t I’m thinking I can’t afford it, I think how can I afford it? Right? If it’s something I desire to have. Okay, so that’s why I changed the environments that I’m in. I change the thoughts that I think and I changed the words that come out of my mouth. And one of the most valuable things that I did to reprogram me in the early days, is I retrained my brain to think about what most people think of as a lot of money as not that much money.

Myron Golden 19:39
Does that make sense? So here’s how I did it. Whenever I talked about what back in those days, what I thought about was a lot of money before I was making 20,000 a month, right? For instance, I should say yeah. Yeah, we’re eventually we’re going to be at only 20,000 a month, only 20,000 a month. So I’ll take the mouth That, to me was big. And I would put only in front of it. And then I did the same thing with only 100,000 a month. Right now, like I could say, like we only generate, like, on average $2 million a month, only $2 million a month. Now, the personal poverty programming, if they hear me say that they’re gonna think I’m bragging.

Myron Golden 20:18
They don’t realize I’m reprogramming my subconscious mind to think of $2 million a month as an only. How many? Does that make sense? Does that make sense? And so So I changed the words that come out of my mouth. I don’t speak I don’t allow myself to speak words of lack. I’m not I can’t afford that. Oh, no, that cost too much. Oh, no. Oh, why would you spend, why would you spend that much money on that? I don’t allow myself to do I don’t allow myself to read a menu from right to left. I only allow myself to read menus from left to right, I look for what I desire to have. And however much it cost it cost. In fact, when I read menus, I just read the left I don’t even read the right it doesn’t matter. It’s it’s nebulous. So all of those things am

Myron Golden 20:58
excuse me interest me in the cast man. I gave a there’s a there’s something that you can do with your money that will really help you reprogram your, like your mind for prosperity and abundance. And that is I can’t if my can say I can. And so you have a Can I can type can. So if you put your time and your I can time can and then you have your I can. I can say for what I want can so 10% goes up I can type can 10% goes in my I can say for what I want can 10% goes in my I can finish free can 10% goes in my I can educate myself can 10% goes in my I can have fun can and then 50% goes in my pay the bills can. Okay, now that I can’t have fun that Ken has a very particular rule. You have to spend all of the money in that can having fun.

Myron Golden 22:01
You can’t give it to charity. You got to go blow it on something that makes you feel good. And what it does, like for me when I first started that for me it was golf. Okay, I got all this money in my I can have fun can then for me it was golf. Well, we start having so much in that way. Now, back then I used to like when I lived in Pennsylvania, I would literally buy a plane ticket in the middle of December, fly to Florida just to play golf with my I can’t have fun game, right? And so what it does is when you start managing your money that way, what it does is it frees you up so that you know that there’s always more than enough for you to do all the things you desire to do. So that those are some of the things that you can do.

Myron Golden 22:42
Hopefully that’s helpful. Yep. My pleasure. All right, who’s next Milton? Talk to me, brother. Dr. Milton Howard. Is that right? Dr. Milton? Howard? My apologies, sir. Dr. Howard. That now you can Dr. Milton Howard talking to me brother had just found it more important when the speakers came on. There you go there you go into a nearby phone booth. Okay, here’s the question. I have a little little waited. So your primary business is growing businesses and scaling businesses teaching people how to do that. Sure. You do it in two formats, making offers or offer a premium offer. And then you have your book funnels. Okay. So that’s your primary business on the other side. You do the spiritual teaching, or biblical teaching? Or what I would consider personal development.

Myron Golden 23:34
Okay. Do you build both businesses the same way? Or would you approach it the same way? So that’s a really good question. So I don’t I don’t I don’t really look at the Biblical stuff that I teach as a business as much as it is, this is just who I am. So this is how I build my business. So for instance, I teach business owners how to scale we’ve got clients that were like making $10,000 a month, who within months of our coaching, have are having a million dollar day in less than a year. Okay. So so I don’t, I don’t I don’t see myself as really having a biblical personal development business. I just know that if you don’t grow as a person, your business England grow, because you are the bottleneck.

Myron Golden 24:18
If you are the chief cook and bottle washer, you are the chief cook and bottle neck, right? And so your business, your family, anything that you are involved with your ministry, nothing can grow bigger value if you are the head, right? And so so for me, the Bible is the methodology by which I teach people how to do lead generation core product offers premium value offers and continuity offers because that’s where I got the idea from. So it’s not that it’s not that the Bible is my business. The Bible is the way I conduct my business. The Bible is the way I conduct my business. As a business owner. The Bible is the way the foundation it’s the foundational principles on which I’ve conduct my business as a father as a husband, as a brother as a friend, as a, as a member of society, the Bible is how I do. It’s where I get my instructions from for doing what I do the way I do it. Does that make sense? Last question on the same line.

Myron Golden 25:18
Okay. So you have your book funnels? Yeah. And then on the other side, you have the continuity offers the Hemi offers core offers, which model works best for you. But so, so they’re all the same thing. So like, I only I only have, I only have one funnel, and we I guess, if I were gonna call the funnel, I’d call it the Miran funnel, right? Okay, or the skill you near funnel or the Myron golden enterprises funnel or the Bible success from I don’t know, whatever, whatever you want to call it, the King Solomon’s funnel, whatever, we’ll call it the, we’ll call it the offers funnel. Okay. So see, here’s, here’s, here’s a problem. I think people have so many people make the mistake of thinking that in order for them to do what they were put here to do, they have to become a different person. And so they try to be like somebody they’re not.

Myron Golden 26:09
And so in the words of my friend, Kenny, Grant, nobody’s there, the person you’re trying to be is not there, and you’re not there. So nobody’s there. And so. Kenny’s funny. So So, but the reality is this. If you try to be somebody else, now you can’t do your assignment. So most people, they go into a space, and they try to be whoever the quote, top person is in that space. Just Be your Self. Okay, so So here’s what I’m so here’s what I mean. So that’s the funnel, right? And oftentimes, what happened, what happens is people will come into your funnel. Like they’ll come in, they’ll come into your free stuff, right? So let’s just say this is free. So this is YouTube. People can watch YouTube for free.

Myron Golden 27:09
Guess what happens? We, we don’t like what we eat, we we don’t eat what we like, we like what we eat. What do I mean? Like, if you start eating something everyday, something that you don’t even like, you will develop an appetite for it. It’s just how it works. So when people watch your content on YouTube, if it’s good, and they like it, guess what they want, they want more. So watch another video and another video, another video, and then they might follow you on Instagram. And then they might link to you on LinkedIn. And then they might follow you on Twitter.

Myron Golden 27:43
Right? Okay, so all of that’s free. But it’s the same. It’s the, it’s me. It’s all me, but it’s free. It’s it’s me for free. Okay, so I did there. Okay. Then also, we got our lead generation funnel, so we generate leads. So people can go to Myron, let’s say put their name and email address, and phone number in the funnel and the pop up. And then their name goes on our list. And now we can email them. All that stuff is free, we give them something for free. In exchange for that, then they buy some books. They might buy trash man to cash man. They might buy boss moves. They might buy click and order. They buy books, or they might want buy one of my ebooks on Amazon.

Myron Golden 28:35
Okay, so they buy these books if they buy this one. So how much are they going to pay? They’re gonna pay $20 for this plus shipping, they’re gonna pay $30 for this plus shipping, you’re gonna pay $25 for this plus shipping, right? So all all the same funnel, then what are they going to do? Well, a lot of them are going to upgrade to the make more offers challenge. Mm. Oh, see. So now they do the challenge. They do the challenge either as a general admission? Nope, that’s not correct. It’s not $100 $97. Okay. Mmusi. So they do the challenge. If they do general mission, it’s 97. If they do VIP, the VIP experience, it’s 297. And then if they upgrade to platinum, it’s an additional $500 On top of that. Okay, cool. So, so the person who’s platinum has paid 800 or less.

Myron Golden 29:20
So let’s say they came in, they watch, they watch 10 videos and follow me on IG and then they saw me do an IG live and they bought boss moves, and they bought paid $30 And then they came into the challenge. And they did this and then we sent out the email and they upgraded to that. Okay, they’re just consuming more and more and more of our content. So what happens next? So then at the end of that, they’re gonna buy one of our coaching programs, let’s just say they join King Solomon’s court for 55,000. Oops, too many zeros, but maybe I should change it to 550,000 Okay, so kings Queens court from 85,000 and then they’re a part of King Solomon’s court.

Myron Golden 29:59
We’re just gonna say that They bought that, okay, some of those people are gonna buy that. Well, the reason the funnel gets smaller is because the more you have a whole bunch of people come in for free. And the people that buy the book are less than that. And the people that buy the challenge are less than the people who buy that it’s even smaller. Then after that, they might, somebody might want to do some one on one coaching. Okay, that’s 40,000 in an hour, right? So that’s 40,000.

Myron Golden 30:23
Okay, then somebody else might want to do a VIP day, right? VIP day, plus, okay, so that’s 350,000. And then somebody who might say, I want to be part of King Solomon’s royal family. Okay, that’s $1 million. And then, let’s say that my other offers, let’s say somebody in all of these funnels helps me get my government contracts, which is going to be somewhere close my government contracts, teaching vets how to be entrepreneurs, and that’s gonna be somewhere between 100 million

Myron Golden 31:04
100,000,200. Oops, did that wrong? And it fell on the floor, but I can study race with this high sun there. Okay, so. So somewhere between there and $250 million. But it’s all the same thing. Does that make sense? So, so the funnel that I have is the funnel of me the funnel that you want to have as the funnel of you, I sell different things to different people who are at different stages in their life and in their business. But at the end of the day, it’s just one funnel. Does that make sense? Absolutely. So the offers fall in the funnel that matches who you are. Exactly. That’s exactly correct.

Myron Golden 31:45
And so now, now, because the offers fall in the funnel that match who I am, I have no competition, like zero, like who else is gonna go be Myron golden? Nobody. There are other people who teach the Bible in their other people’s Bible for business. But there aren’t a lot of other there aren’t a lot of other people who teach it the way I teach it. And then who sell the same things that I sell, and then charge what I charge, so I have no competition. So I have literally, like people would be afraid to compete with me at the level that I play the game. Why? Because they wouldn’t know how to like purse their lips to say, well, it’s 40,000 an hour. Or it’s, oh, this program is 55.

Myron Golden 32:27
The other VIP day, you wanna spend the day with me, it’s 350,000. Like, so just by knowing how to create enough value, by the way, there’s nothing in that funnel. There’s nothing in that funnel, where if someone somebody buys it, they couldn’t at least 10x Their results or a 10x Their outlay, within a year, nothing. So so I can have confidence knowing. And not everybody’s gonna 10x By the way, because I don’t know you. Like, I don’t like I’m not gonna pretend that I know you and I know what you’re gonna do. And I know me and I know what I’m going to do. And I know that the law of gravity works.

Myron Golden 33:07
And I know that the financial principles that exist in the world they work if you if, for instance, you want me to tell you how to make more sales, only sell stuff to people that they already want to buy, you’ll make more sales, stop trying to get them to buy stuff you want them to buy. It’s it’s my mind, that’s an oversimplification, is it? Is it an oversimplification? Or is figuring out what people want to buy more work than you want to do? How many I’ll track it. Okay, cool. So that was a good question. Who’s next?

Andrew Anderson 33:44
I Myron everything here. Thank you for doing this. Every question would cost us about four or five grand. That’s why I appreciate Arjun My question is, in the past couple years, I just want to put a preface on it. Following my gut more and more, and I found that it’s like almost uncannily correct, either in the positive or negative. And I don’t want to try and prove the negatives anymore. I’ve seen the results of that. One, do you agree with it, that you’re you can develop your gut or intuition on what you should be doing? And then if so, how do you make it better?

Myron Golden 34:26
So that’s really, really that’s a really good question. So I’ll tell you how I do it. And I don’t, I don’t I don’t. So I don’t I think that we have intuition. I think a lot of times we know intuitively, whether something long term is gonna be good or bad. And sometimes we ignore it because we desire so much this this thing to happen, whatever the thing is, that we that we allow ourselves to just push through that anyway. So my best To answer which is going to sound a little confusing until it makes sense, is the best way to keep that from happening is to walk in the Spirit.

Myron Golden 35:06
Now I’m going to tell you what I mean when I say walk in the Spirit because I don’t want to just say something like that, because that sounds all airy fairy and then okay, well, how do you do that? Right? So, so when I say walk in the Spirit, I mean, listening. So, okay, first of all, let me say this. I believe that God’s Spirit speaks to us through God’s word. Because the Scripture says that the Word of God is the sword of the spirit. It’s not my iron sword. The Word of God is not my sword. The Word of God is the spirit sword.

Myron Golden 35:35
And the Spirit is the one who uses it to divide asunder between the soul and spirit, thoughts and intents of the heart, right? And the joints of Marin thoughts and intents at heart, the spirits, the one who uses the sword because it’s his sword, not mine. Are you attacking? Okay? And so, so the more of God’s word I have in me, the more the spirit can lead me, because he has something that we are connected through. So so now I need to listen. Here’s what I believe walking in the Spirit is, and I know people will disagree with me. That’s okay. I’m okay with you disagree with me.

Myron Golden 36:12
Here it is. listening for the spirit. That’s number one. And then listening to the Spirit. That’s number two. And even if listening for the spirit means, Okay, Lord, should I do this? And someone says, Well, no, you shouldn’t do this. What you should do instead, is check and see if this person that you’re thinking about doing this deal with is the kind of person you want your name associated with. Boom, okay, if that’s the first book thought comes in your mind, and you ignore it, now you’ve messed up. I believe that God is not only willing to guide us when we seek Him. According to the Scripture.

Myron Golden 36:55
He is seeking seekers to seek Him. Jesus said to the woman at the wealth, he said, she said to him, she said, Use say this with the one with the well said, you, you say, we say that you should we Samaritan say that we should worship on this mountain? You Jews say that you should worship in Jerusalem. What do you say? It here’s what Jesus said. There’s coming a day when the worshipers of God will neither worship in Jerusalem or in this mountain, for God is a Spirit. And they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Myron Golden 37:38
And here’s the here’s what he said next, he said, this, the Father seeketh, such to worship Him. God is looking for people who are looking for him. So I don’t know if that helps answer your question or not. But I, I believe so. I believe first and foremost, God gave us a conscience, like everybody has a conscience, our conscience will let us know when we are breaking the law. Like when we’re doing something wrong, it’s written in our hearts, our conscious, our conscious, is, it’s just built into us to know that wrong is wrong.

Myron Golden 38:11
When we ignore it, we pay the consequences. That right is right. When we ignore it, we miss the consequences, right? But good is good. We ignore it, we miss the consequences. But if you have another layer on top of that, and you are redeemed, your what the Bible calls saved your what the Bible calls a saint, you’ve trusted the death, burial resurrection of Christ as the your as the restore of your relationship with God. Not your good works, not your baptism, not your church attendance, not your good deeds, not you’re helping old ladies across the street, or old men, for that matter. No, none of that. You’re trusting in that and that alone.

Myron Golden 38:46
When that’s the case, now you have an added guidance from the Spirit of God who is in you. Because the Scripture says, If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is not here. So I like a lot of people believe that you get saved here and then you receive the Holy Spirit over here. I believe that when you receive Christ, you receive the Holy Spirit, I believe. I believe that it was different in the book of Acts, because x was a transition book.

Myron Golden 39:10
And that’s a whole different conversation for a different day. But the scripture says clearly, if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he has none of His. So when I receive Christ, I received the Spirit of Christ, that Spirit will guide me if I will yield to it. And it will guide me more clearly the more of God’s word I have hidden in my heart. I don’t know if that helps or not.

Andrew Anderson 39:34
Yeah, it helps a lot. And also the connection point with the yielding. Yeah, once I did that, it’s like,

Myron Golden 39:41
oh, 100 Yeah. 100%. Yeah. So many people are attempting to do with force what they could do with flow, just yield. Stop trying to make stuff happen and just let it happen. What’s supposed to happen by you, being who you’re supposed to be doing what you’re supposed to do, and then letting the chips fall where they may. Like I used to try really, really hard when I was struggling, but I was trying not to struggle. Here’s what I found out. People were succeeding or not trying to succeed any more than people who fail or trying to fail. In both cases, it’s automatic. So, good stuff. Good stuff.

Myron Golden 40:15
Hope this was helpful. And if you really want more, I think since a lot of these questions were around the idea of poverty programming, a really good video for you to go watch that are two good videos would be really good for you to go watch. One is the poverty programming trap, how they programmed you for poverty. That video is about two and a half three months old, and it has over 1.6 million views for a reason. Go watch that video, and then go watch how to escape the poverty programming trap. I think those two videos will be absolutely remarkable for you. Thanks for watching.

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