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One Hour Of Myron Motivation Myron Golden

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You’re about to discover how to stop letting yourself off the hook, when the going gets tough. You’re going to learn how to become the tough that gets going. Because I promise you, I know that you can do more than you think you can do, you can last longer than you thought you could last, you can experience more than you thought you could experience and you can win bigger than you ever thought you could win. Because you can develop that level of competence and competence, confidence. It comes from keeping your word to yourself, I have broken with my bare hands, five concrete blocks on fire. I’ve done millions of dollars in sales in under an hour. did not give me the sense of personal power, what I’m about to tell you. And the thing that I’m going to tell you, here’s the cool thing about it. Everyone in here can do it. Who can do it.

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Everybody say I can. Let me just say I can learn say I can. Now here’s the question, will you let me hear you say I will. Pain is not an input from the body. Pain is an output from the brain. I’m like, What do you mean, pain? Pain? Is your brain attempting to protect you from what it perceives to be a dangerous situation. And so your body sends I mean, your brain says pain sends pain to your body to freak you out. When I discovered that, here’s what the guy said. He said, I can prove to you that pain is an output from the brain and not an input from the body. He said, watch this. He said, Have you ever heard of Phantom Pain? Have you ever phantom pain with phantom pain? Phantom Pain is when somebody loses a limb, they their arms, they get their arm severed, or their leg severed. But they still feel pain in the severed limb. It’s not there anymore.

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So why is that important? Because you have to be able to control your mind in order to impact your destiny. Every time you get ready to step into a new situation that is unfamiliar, I promise you, your brain is gonna send you a pain signal. And it may not be a physical pain signal. It may be an emotional pain signal, but it’s gonna be a pain signal. And it’s a warning. It’s like madman. Warning, warning, warning, danger, danger, danger, you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die. And if you listen to that voice, and that pain signal, you’ll opt out of the only thing that can get you the transformation you desire. And here’s what you deserve to understand. Who deserves everybody say I do. You deserve to understand that there have been so many times in your life, you could have gone further than you when but you let yourself off the hook. Because it was hard.

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Nobody gets to have good results by only doing easy things. Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because the only thing that has stopped you from being further than you are right now is your freakout mechanism has talked you out of all your chances. I told you this morning, that if I had a chance to do it all over again, what would I do differently? I would get it done faster. So I could enjoy it longer with the people I love the most. Why didn’t I get it done sooner? Because when I started to do it earlier in my life, I allow my pre workout mechanism to cheat me out of my early opportunities. I’m just not going to do that. If I could, if I could give you a gift. If I could give you a gift, the greatest gift that I would be able to give you is the ability to only give energy to outcomes you desire. That’d be the greatest gift. Like if I could get you if I could take my beliefs about belief and install it in your brain that would be better than any amount of money I could give you.

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Because I know how to act as if the only thing that’s impossible for me is that something will be impossible for me. Do you? Let me ask you a question. How many of you would attempt more than you attempt right now? If you knew you could not fit? Come on out? Be honest with me. Right? So now you just showed yourself the real reason you don’t attempt more is because you actually believe that yeah, I get it. Other people can do this, but not me. I am telling you the difference between you and me is not money. It’s not experience. The difference between you and I is believed. When I’m looking at a mountain that I want to buy, and say oh yeah, I’m gonna buy that mountain. If you say, I’d like to buy that mountain, I’m going to try to buy that mountain. Or you say, Who needs a mountain? When I see a mountain that has everything that one could desire in a mountain because let’s say, I’m gonna buy that mountain. Now I get it, Lord willing, I’m gonna buy that mountain.

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But my whole life is Lord willing. I’m not confused. If there’s one thing, whether many things but if there’s one thing that going to a funeral will remind you. It’s the illusion of control. Did I say that you fan controls and illusion may look like I drove. But here’s what it says. Here’s the Scripture says, riches profit, not in the day of death. Like if I had to choose between, like, being rich, and losing my soul, I choose to lose the money, you can add money. I’m not confused. Some of y’all know you’re waiting to start living to you get to heaven. If God would have wanted you to start living when you got to heaven, you would have been born there. You have an assignment. I have an assignment. Because my life is not my life, I get that I’m not confused. My life belongs to God, everything that I am belongs to God. Anyway, I’m not confused about that. The money is a tool.

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For what? For expansion of the kingdom. Not my kingdom, this king. I’m not confused about that. But I don’t have to make excuses about it either. And see, here’s what’s beautiful about an assignment when you own your assignment. You don’t need to understand you don’t need somebody else to understand your assignment. I don’t need you to release me to my assignment. God gave me a field. God gave me an assignment. You can’t fulfill mine. I can’t fulfill yours. I remember when I was broke, and I heard preachers preaching me into poverty, and they were way richer than I had ever hoped to be. I’m like, What are you talking about? Right? You’re rich, you got a new car.

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My car has three different color doors on it. How can money be that terrible, and you have so much of it. He didn’t have that much of it. But he had way more than I add an NC most people think Rich like to Rich is the person has more than me. I wish I had some help. And the person who’s too rich is the person who has more money. So they need if I had that much money, I’d go feed all these hungry orphans. But the problem is you don’t care enough about those hungry, hungry orphans to go make enough money to feed them.

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You just want to spend us want to spend somebody else’s money to be real tough. Yeah, you know how to spend somebody else’s money on giving them the already feed orphans. We already take care of widows I’m not I’m not confused. The point is, Kingdom expansion cost money. See, the first temptation in the history of the world was the temptation to focus on lack. Why? Because the Scripture says The thief cometh not but for to steal, to kill and destroy. When you steal, kill and destroy, there’s less. Satan is the god little g of lack. But here’s what Christ said, but I am come that you might have life. Hiding, hiding, it’s actually the board has actually lives. But you might have life. Because you’re not just your life. See, if you have children, those lives are in you.

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They’re your grandchildren, great grandchildren, those lives and you’re not just a life, your lives, your all the lives that will come through you. How do I know that? Because the Scripture says that Levi, who hasn’t before he’s born, paid tithe to Melchizedek. While yet while he was yet in his father Abraham is one. See what we don’t what we fail to realize is that our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren receive blessings based on our being a blessing and they receive curses placed on our following curses. Satan has a god little g of lack. And Satan knows he cannot block your blessing. So guess what he does? He mental blocks you from the blessing because he can’t block the blessing from you. What I mean the mental blocks you from the blood, you from the blessing. Satan is a master of making people think good is bad and bad is good. Your friends are your enemies, your enemies are your friends. What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. More is less and less is more that Satan’s master deception. Here’s the same toady if you disobey God, you will be more like God.

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If you will focus on the thing that you don’t have that lack the one tree that they couldn’t have. If you will focus on the lack that will make you more like God ignore all of your abundance, ignore all the trees that you can have freely. Focus on the one thing you don’t have. Focus on lack perpetuates lack. I’m not afraid to give money, you know why? Because I know there’s more where that came from. I’m not afraid to invest money, you know what I know, there’s more where that came from. I’m not holding on to it. I’m not holding on to the seed thinking that it’s cereal.

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The farmer who thinks his seed is serial, when it’s time to plant will be very hungry when it’s time to harvest. And there’s far too many of us who have been programmed to believe that the seed that we’re supposed to sow in our own garden is something we’re supposed to consume upon our own loss. See, people think I have competence. Because I’m good at stuff. I’m good at stuff because I have confidence. My confidence comes general have faith in faith. I have faith in the One who is faithful. I know God can’t lie. He said, If you do this, this will happen. So guess what, I make sure I do this. So this can happen. I don’t ever wonder what’s going to happen. I’ve had so many people say to me, Myron, you have more certainty than any human being I’ve ever seen.

Myron Golden 11:32
Do you teach that? I don’t really teach it. But I can tell you where to get it. I said I got this book. No, they said, What where does that come from us? I know what’s gonna happen is we mean, you know what’s gonna happen? I know what’s gonna happen. I don’t have to worry about what’s gonna happen. Like, so many people are worried about is it going to work? If it’s gonna work? Is it gonna work? I don’t know. If it’s gonna work, it’s gonna work. It’s gonna work. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. And so they do is they drive a vehicle of their life? down the highway of their experience? With one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake? Would you like me to give you a formula for success? Everybody say yes. Accelerate into the curves.

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Even when you don’t know what’s around the corner. I was I was born in a segregated hospital called clarify hospital. It was a post Civil War hospital. And the conditions at hospital were so poor, that I contracted polio before I was a year old. And my parents moved from Tampa all the way to Pennsylvania, at a time in the United States of America, where a black person wasn’t even allowed to move from the state of Florida to another state up north, unless they had papers to prove they already had a job. Being the glutton for punishment that I was I decided to go to college. And I got financially withdrawn every semester. Because I never learned how to make money work for me. And a lot of people will act like there’s something wrong with money. But the reality is, if you don’t have any money, it’s hard to make anything work in your life. See, disruption always follows intention.

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There are no exceptions to that. And because disruption always follows intention, a lot of times people get on the path to success. And when disruption shows up, they think that’s a sign that they’re going in the wrong direction. But it’s not a sign that you’re going in the wrong direction. In fact, oftentimes, in fact, I think I can safely say most of the time, it’s a sign that you’re going in the right direction. Coming back from your soundtrack. And so, so, so we have to learn how to press through the disruption that follows our intention. I mean, oh, God, let me just say I got most people take way too long to do the thing. People ask me all the time, man, if you could, if you could go back into your entrepreneurial journey over if you could talk to your 18 year old self, what would you say? I’d say you are going to get rich, you’re going to become successful, you’re going to impact a lot of people.

Myron Golden 13:56
Get it out of the way. Do it faster, so you can enjoy it longer with the people you love the most. See, too many of us go through life acting as if we think we’re gonna live to be 972 years old. I promise you that ain’t gonna happen. So you might as well be about the business now. When? When? Because it’s now clock is now clock. Seldom in life, can we be stretched? What’s the word is used? Everybody was word stretch, seldom in life, can we be stretched to our full potential unless we’re first broken? So we got to go through some stuff to get to our stuff. And most people are unwilling to go through what they’ve got to go through to get to what they desire to get to how y’all tracking, let me see I’m tracking. And so we come to an obstacle. And then what most people do when they come to an obstacle, they turn around and go the other way. And then they find the coach the coach says we’ll just go through the wall when he goes around the wall, a weapon is too far.

Myron Golden 15:03
When we go over the wall, it can’t be too high. And most people fight tooth and nail to defend their limitations. And I promise you, if you fight for your limitations, you will get to keep them. keep me on track. And so you got to go through some stuff to get to your stuff. But there’s no destiny without difficulty. There’s no strength without struggle. There’s no advancement without adversity. So if you’d like to get to something, but you’re unwilling to go through something, you’re only going to frustrate yourself for the rest of your life. I recommend highly, that you don’t do that. What you do, speak so loudly. People can’t hear what you’re saying. I mean, I’ll track when I got started October of 1985, I did not make my first sale until April of 1987 18 months later, I made my first sale.

Myron Golden 16:23
I became the top salesperson in our office month after month after month after month after month after month. So just because you’re not good at something when you get started. Doesn’t mean you can’t be good at it when you finish. See, here’s what happens when you decide to do something good. Like and you’re not good at it. Most people quit when they’re bad. Well, that’s not a good time to quit. You quit after you get six championship rings. Not before you get one. I used to weigh 40 pounds more than I weigh right now. And I decided I’m start working out every day. You start with just do 30 Push Ups a day. 30 sit ups a day, and I got down to do 30 That’s gonna mess up my time. But I don’t care. I got down to do 30 Push Ups. I can only do four. Next day I came back. Guess what the next day I can only do three. I didn’t get stronger. I got weaker. Within one day in this process. I said I’m gonna go I’m gonna see if I can get up to 10 and 12340. My goodness, I can’t. I can’t. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I don’t I don’t know how to stop.

Myron Golden 17:52
You say Man, what’s the lesson? Here’s the lesson. Here’s the lesson. repetitive use of a limited ability will always produce an increased capacity. Don’t be deceived by your limited ability. Don’t let your limited ability persuade you that just because you can’t do it now, that means you’ll never do it. You keep doing it, why you can’t do it. That’s how you earn the right to deserve to do it. It took me a year and a half to make my first sale. And now I have 1000s of students all around the world who’ve made collectively hundreds of millions of dollars

Myron Golden 18:43
because I did not quit. So now here’s what I want to do. I want to make sure you commit to yourself to everybody say to me that 10 years from now, five years from now 20 years from now 30 years from now, you’re gonna keep going so somebody can thank you, you will be living what you’re believing, even though you’d be like, what does that mean? I know that’s not good grammar. It’s a really good illustration. Because that means anything I tell myself about a future outcome. I made it up who made it up. Nobody wants to buy that for me. I made that up. I mean, everybody’s gonna want to buy that for me. I made enough to track it. If I wrote a book, nobody want to read it. I made that up. If I wrote a book, everybody want to read I made that up.

Myron Golden 19:33
We go through life making up stories about future outcomes, and we buy into them and act like they are cast in stone. Here’s why. Because we don’t believe what we say we believe. We only believe what we do. See, we have deceived ourselves into believing that we believe things because we said we believe it. But I don’t actually believe anything until I do Do something about it. We don’t ever have to tell you by what we believe. People can see what we believe, by watching what we do. See in life and in business, if you are going to win, you have to stop acting like you think you’re gonna live to be 917 years old. And when that opportunity presents itself, you must have a sense of urgency, and you must act now When, when, when you must act now.

Myron Golden 20:25
So next time, you got an opportunity to take your life to the next level, don’t sleep on it, act. And, for me, my breakthrough moment happened in 1999, when I accidentally made $6,200, in one week, the year before that, I made $48,000 for the whole year, right, so I just made one and a half times my monthly income in a week, it blew my mind. And so I realized at that time that it’s easy to make a lot of money in a short period of time. That is to make a little money over a long period of time. And what that what that looks like is 100,000 a month is easier than 100,000 a year. So you might as well just shift the goal. That’s not hyperbole. That is fact. The shorter the time periods get with the same amount of money, the easier it is to make that amount of money. If I could get you to believe that, you know, you would do everybody say what would I do? You stop looking at and stop looking for all the hard ways to make a little bit of money and you would only look for and only look at the easier ways to make a lot, you would ignore all that hard stuff you keep on doing because it makes you feel so much smarter. But there’s going to have to come a time when you stop letting yourself off the hook.

Myron Golden 21:38
And it doesn’t have to be here. And it doesn’t have to be today. It doesn’t have to be this week. But if you’re ready, if you’re going to change your life, ever, there’s going to come a time when you stop letting yourself off the hook. Like, for instance, people want to quit smoking, they said why can’t quit smoking cold turkey? Do you want to stop drinking, I can’t quit and stop drinking cold turkey. If you want to stop using drugs. You can’t stop cold turkey. That’s the only way anybody ever stops. There comes a point when people who smoke say that was my last cigarette. There’s gonna have to come a time where you’re all in for you. You’re all in for your family, how are you picking up what I’m putting down, you are only free when you have nothing to lose, and nothing to gain, and nothing to hide, and nothing to prove. The Scripture says in the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. And we’d be held his glory as the glory the only begotten of the Father. And that’s really interesting. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. This is not the interpretation. This is an application of that verse. When my word becomes my flesh, I can dwell among the people I gave it to. When my word does not become my flesh, I have to hide from those very same people. When God describes himself, he says, I am the Lord thy God, watch this. There is none else.

Myron Golden 23:06
Now, here’s what’s really cool. God made all of us in His image. Which means when he made it means he made you to be you and there is none else. So when I’m talking about holiness in the entrepreneurial realm, here’s what I’m talking about. I’m talking about stop trying to be somebody else, because you ain’t them. Be yourself. Stop trying to be somebody, I want to be the best. I want to I want to be the next Joel Osteen. There’s already one of those. I want to be the next TD Jakes. There’s already one of those. We don’t need to, we don’t need to Tony Robbins, we don’t need to Myron Golden’s, we don’t need to be you, boo. Okay, you got. So what I want to do for you is I want to break down a myth. There’s a phrase that I have, and it’s called this don’t buy the lie. It cost too much to you. Most people who are broke, are broke, because they bought the lie. Well, a whole bunch of times, that sounds really great. Only problem is elapsed. So if you go through life, believing that time is money, what you’ll do is you’ll sell a whole bunch of your time for a little bit of somebody else’s money.

Myron Golden 24:20
Or you’ll waste a lot of time trying to save a little bit of money. Or you might have bought into the lie of the economic pie. Here’s what I mean by that. I’m gonna ask you a question. How long do you want to live? As long as I can? How smart Do you want your children to be? as smart as they can? How healthy would you like to be? Okay, how much money you make want to make not that much just enough to be comfortable. But people think that they’re saying something noble. When they say I don’t want to make that much money. I just want to make enough to be comfortable. Why in the world would you not want to make max out every area of your life.

Myron Golden 25:03
Money being no different, no different. It’s really fascinating to me. People think that by them playing small, that makes room for other people to play big. I got news for you, people go and play big and make their own room. Right. So, in a in a bakery consumption or by say consumption creates reduction or by say reduction. See God does not live, he does not operate in a shrinking environment. God created an ever expanding universe. There’s no such thing as running out of resources. There’s only a thing as running out of people who are willing to be resourceful to God put man in a garden why? Because in the garden, you plant a seed, and the tree eventually grows. And then on the tree, it produces some fruit, producing what? Talking about or by producing what? produce some fruit.

Myron Golden 26:03
Now the interesting thing about fruit is a fruit is a living organism whose seed everybody say see who seed is in itself. What is the first thing God ever said to man? Be fruitful and multiply? Why did he say be fruitful? Because God deposited planted, everybody say planted the seed of an aspect of his creativity inside of each of us. He gave some of y’all musical seed. He gave some of your carpentry See, he gave some of your plumbing see, some of y’all mechanical see some of your writing. See some of y’all talking See, he put a different aspect, a seed of a different aspect of his creativity inside of each of us. He did not put all of those aspects of his creativity inside of any of us. Why? Because He created man to be interdependent. In a bakery consumption creates reduction. But in a garden consumption creates production.

Myron Golden 27:08
He said Don’t you want to be like he said he shouldn’t be like a tree planted. Now here’s the interesting thing about a tree. trees don’t grow in one direction. They grow in two directions, directions. Talk to me two directions. They grow down and they grow up. They have to grow down before they can grow up. The part of the tree that grows down is the root system. The what? Talking to everybody what the part of the tree that grows up is the fruit system. It’s the way it’s the frame system. Here’s what I found out about entrepreneurs, we all want to grow photographically. Nobody sees the growth of the trees that’s below the surface. The growth of the tree that produces the fruit that makes the fruit possible is done in silence in the dark, in a lonely place in a dark place in a damp place in a difficult place. Nobody’s clapping for you, when you’re in the dirt. Nobody’s singing your praises when you’re in the dirt. Nobody knows your name when you’re in the dirt. Nobody’s read your book, when you were in the dirt. You don’t get any likes on your posts in the dirt.

Myron Golden 28:36
But if you don’t go in the dirt where none of that stuff is happening. You will never grow towards the light where all that stuff can happen. Abraham Lincoln said, I will prepare myself and perhaps my time will come. Myron golden says Your time is gonna come whether you prepare yourself or not. If you are prepared, when your time comes, it will reveal you. If you are not prepared when your time comes, it will expose you the difference between professionals and amateurs. Amateurs spin about four to 10 times the amount of time performing as they do prepare, professional spend four to 10 times as much time preparing as they do performing.

Myron Golden 29:24
You say man what does that mean? Well, this is what that means. This means amateurs practice until they get it right. Once professionals practice to they can’t get it wrong. Anybody who’s better at you than anything. Don’t copy what you see them do. Copy the stuff you can’t see them do. He should be like a tree planted. You got to plant yourself in an in a business in an arena on a platform in a niche and stay there until your roots grow deep enough to produce good fruit You want to be famous. But you don’t realize that if you get famous right now, you’re gonna be famous for being terrible. I ain’t mad at you, I love you, I want you to win. But you got to go down. You got to go deep before you can go home. And most people are unwilling to go deep.

Myron Golden 30:18
You know why? Because it’s hard. It’s hard. You gotta go down in the dirt, you gotta, like, you gotta start pushing stuff through stuff that’s hard, and you got to start squeezing, pushing roots. And then you gotta start going the other way, start pushing. This is hard. But the easy hard principle says hard on the front end producer on the backend, but easier on the front end, produce hard on the back end. And see what most people want the easy stuff on the front end, like don’t work that way. Because the some of y’all trying to skip cycles, trying to produce ripe fruit was shallow roots, shallow roots don’t produce ripe fruit. It’s hard, it’s difficult. It’s not just difficult, though. Not just difficult. That’d be terrible enough, it was different if it’s only difficult, but it’s difficult and it’s dark. And here’s what darkness represents. Because you know, when you put something in the ground, there’s no light down there.

Myron Golden 31:10
I mean, darkness is a picture of anxiety, fear, and confusion. That’s the darkness of the picture. And see, we got to do enough iterations in the dark, where we make mistakes in the dark, where we bust our knuckles in the dark, where you bump our head in the dark, or we stub our toe in the dark, so that we come to light, we don’t have to do those steps anymore. You’re not just the gardener. You are the garden. And God planted a seed of his creativity and aspect of his creativity inside of each and every one of us. And it’s our job as the gardener and the garden to cultivate that seed. What do we need to do? We need to put some Isaiah 55 on.

Myron Golden 31:58
People can people can smell Viet when they’re being faked out, right? You can’t fake real love. You can’t fake real concern. You can’t fake real caring. People can smell it from a mile away. I know I can. Like people don’t need more people with more tactics. They need more. The world needs more people who actually care. It’s really interesting. Somebody asked me one time I was at a conference that was probably about the size. And I was one of the coaches there and I was on stage and somebody said, Myron, what do you think, is the best solution? There’s so much social unrest? There’s so many. There’s so many social ills in our society right now. Like what what do you think is the solution for that? Awesome, that’s easy.

Myron Golden 32:44
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. Now his kingdom is not a kingdom of subjects. His kingdom is not a kingdom of citizens. His kingdom is a kingdom of Kings and Queens. And if you are a man who has been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, God wants to make you the king of your thing. If you are a woman, and you are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, he wants to make you the queen of your seen. God is a king, who who is a king of kings. I’m a king who is seeking to serve people. And me serving them doesn’t make me less. But me being a king doesn’t make them less. And here’s what God said. If you will seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things, what things what you’re going to eat, what you’re going to drink, what you’re gonna wear, what you’re going to what you’re going to put on, all of the things that are necessary for your physical life will be added on to you.

Myron Golden 33:45
It’s a bonus for the good. If you have something good you have a moral obligation or a moral obligation. Did you know that an airplane which goes up in the sky, the wings are angled which way down? Why? Because in nature down precedes up. What comes first up or down? Some of y’all sound like y’all don’t know what comes first up or down. What comes first up or down, down. I talked to draw the other day the grabbing traffic nature of a tree is that it grows away from light and towards gravity. That’s the part of the tree that makes the phototropic nature of a tree work. There is no phototropic without grabbing traffic. Or y’all track it there is no up without down. And this tree has to go down before it can go up and your life has to go down before it can go up. Maybe that’s why disruption always follows intention. You cannot find one single solitary, great human being in the annals of history whose life wasn’t hard before it got easy.

Myron Golden 34:51
Whose life wasn’t bad before it got good. Because life wasn’t raggedy before they had it all together. Not one Do you realize in, in the very first book in the Bible, in the very first chapter in the very first book, God set an intention to create everything. In the beginning God created heaven and earth. What happened next, and the earth was that word was not used to be it’s the Word became, without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, even for God. Disruption always follows intention. And you want it to be easy for you? Why do you think you should get a pass? What happened after disruption? Follow intention, here’s what it says. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. That shows us a couple things.

Myron Golden 35:46
What does it show us? It shows us when disruption follows our intention, we need to find a source of inspiration. How many of y’all have found a greater source of inspiration this week at this conference you’ve ever found before you’re like, Let me guess a lie. But it’s also a sign to remind us to breathe. You can’t speak things into existence. But what you can do is you can speak to yourself and install some faith in a space where doubt used to exist. And then you can take an action in faith that you could not take in doubt. And then you can produce a result that when now that you have the faith that you could not produce when you have the doubt.

Myron Golden 36:29
That’s how it actually works. You can speak to yourself, the Bible says that David encouraged himself in the Lord, you can talk to yourself, What do I say when I talk to myself say the same thing to you that God said to you? Why? Because faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Oh, that’s there it is. Only God can create faith. After the disruption of policy or intention when you have to do next, you have to get some education. You have to learn something, what happens when we learn something, we can see things we couldn’t see before we learned it. Education is light. Like I’m not talking about the MIS education or misdirection or system, the government indoctrination camps, the child prisons, I’m talking about real education, the kind that begins with the fear of the Lord. By the way, wisdom doesn’t begin with the love of the Lord, it begins with the fear of the Lord.

Myron Golden 37:20
God doesn’t just have principles, he has order for those principles. To many of us spend too much time trying to get out of the difficulty that’s gonna make us strong enough to stay there. When we get there. Instead of getting from the difficulty, the strength that will give us the ability to stay there, when we get there, stop trying to get out of and just get something from it. So you have to be willing to stomp on everything that tries to stop. You. See, the reason some of you are stuck is because you haven’t learned how to stop your obstacles. You’ve been capitulating to your obstacles, you thought they were obstacles, you didn’t realize that on the other side of the obstacle was an opportunity to elevate. So what happens? He said, Be fruitful, do multiply, do subdue, then and only then can you have some people would have us to believe. And it’s just false. Here’s what they would have us to believe. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try harder. Well, that sounds to me to be about as dumb as a box of rocks.

Myron Golden 38:22
What you’re doing isn’t working. So I should work harder at what’s not working. God put inside of all of us a desire to have more, your desire to have more money, your desire to have a nice house, your desire to have nice relationships, your desire to take great vacations that educate your children greatly, that desire is a desire that God put inside of you why? So that you would finally yield and do the right thing. So you earn the right to have the thing you desire. And so the problem with that, and the yes, there is a problem. Every human being who’s that included, I say that includes me, every human being is already doing 100% of everything they can do, who they are right now. And so what happens when we attempt to do more, so we can have more, we bump our head on our inability, and we stub our toe on our insufficiency coming up picking up what I’m putting down.

Myron Golden 39:13
Why? Because God does not have a desire for us to go to a higher level where when we fall, we kill ourselves. So he’s ordained that in order for you to be able to do more, you have to become more. So I’m gonna give you the scientific formula for success. When you’re ready, say I’m ready. Here it is. If you don’t like the output, change the input. By the way, there’s no there’s nothing in the world that that will work for. If you don’t like the output, change the input, you know, most people do, I don’t like the output. So you know what they do? They do more of the input that’s not working. So being is the input for doing the output.

Myron Golden 39:55
Doing is the input for having having the output and when you understand who you are You will be able to do everything you can do. And then you’ll have everything you’re supposed to have. Boom this word identity is so powerful I don’t even know if you understand how powerful this word is. There’s a thing that you’ve been walking around with called your life identity. What’s it called your identity? What’s the identity? It’s all the things all the people in your life told you you are not that’s your identity. And you believed all the things they told you you’re not smart enough you’re not pretty enough you’re not tall enough you’re not athletic enough you’re not smart enough you’re not good enough you’re not dark enough light enough this enough bad enough right?

Myron Golden 40:36
You bought that and you said they said I’m not so you know you do you go through life trying to prove that you’re something else you’re not to overcome the thing they told you you’re not but you try to prove your something else that you’re not instead of just going ahead and letting who you are be enough and so you replace your identity with your identity and once an identity is the identity you got from you am I talking to you? But see, God knows in the realm of time in the realm of what time in the realm of time there’s no such thing as the present people say Be present you can’t be present like there’s no time like the present Well the reality is there is no present in the realm of time there is no present as soon as I say now it becomes then now then now then try to catch them now then. The mouth as I said as soon as it comes out of my mouth that becomes their time is every evaporating the sands falling through the hourglass in the realm of time there is only the past and the future there is no now try to capture now in a net you can’t Why?

Myron Golden 41:52
Because in the realm of time now can’t stay here in the realm of eternity there’s no such thing as the past or the future. There’s only the now in fact eternity is the for ever now. And that’s why God is the I Am that I Am Not the I was that I was or the I will be that I will be you are the the screenplay writer who wrote who wrote the script. I did everything I did. Okay. You are the director who’s the record by saying I am. Okay. You are the producer who’s the producer by say I am. Okay. So you you wrote the movie, you produced it, you directed it and you started so you go to the premiere. And so everybody is on the edge of their seat the whole time thinking you’re about to die and you sit over there all call. But you why? Because you wrote it. You produced it. You directed it. You edited it. By the time they see it for you. It’s already been done. What is a moving picture to us? Is a snapshot to God. become hyper intentional become what I said hyper intentional what? become hyper intentional about every thing you say that follows the words I am. Don’t you dare say I am stupid. Don’t you dare say I am broke? Don’t you dare say Oh, I’m such an idiot.

Myron Golden 43:21
Why? Because every word every time you say whatever words you say after you say I am you’re infusing those words with the power of eternity. Don’t you dare to associate God to that your your real problem is you don’t understand that you are already bigger than everything you will ever face. In fact, the reason you are facing it is so it can show you how big you are. And the very thing that God has ordained to show you how big you are, the enemy tries to twist it to make you think that you’re a small as everybody told you, you are. Oh no. You need to own the identity of a champion of a Giant Slayer of a wall knocker downer of a fire Walker of a water Walker, you need to own the identity of somebody with a slingshot in one hand, a sword. In the other hand, if you knew who you were, you’d be doing way more than you doing. And you’d be doing it with way less effort. You don’t you don’t understand who you are. You don’t have enough of the I am in you to know who you am.

Myron Golden 44:33
Oh yeah, that’s what I said. So how do we fill our identity gap? The only way to fill our identity gap is with intention, intentionality. What does that mean my every single solitary human being I’ve ever met who is hyper successful in any arena in any arena. They are hyper successful because they are hyper intentional. And they they focus on intention and ignore distraction Since and if I’m going to be hyper successful, I’m going to ignore distraction and focus on intention. You say my Are you saying it’s wrong to watch a football game of baseball game of basketball game of golf tournament, or this or that or the other thing, or having favorite TV show, it’s not wrong. It is wrong. It’s just dumb. If you broke up reading a book, learn how not to be bro. That approach doesn’t work, I find a new approach. If that approach doesn’t work, I find a new approach and that approach doesn’t work and find a new approach what watch what happens, we fill the gap in our in our property with intensity.

Myron Golden 45:31
You know what’s amazing to me being lackadaisical and broke, you think I’m intense. Now, you should have seen me when I was broke. I was showing up in tents do. I was I was on I was on gear, I was in gear eleventy 1000 Most of the time, why I hate poverty more than any human being on Earth, hated, low that it’s an abomination to my very existence. And I was not going to watch other people live their dreams on the electronic income reducer. While I’m living in nightmare, and gonna do it, when I was broke, God is my witness. We don’t have a television. But don’t you want to see them, I don’t want to see them, I want to be them. When somebody was paying to watch me live my life, what you think about money is going to ultimately determine your relationship with money. And it’s going to ultimately determine money’s relationship with you. And I promise you, if you do not become intentional about it, your finances will be haphazard, for the rest of your life.

Myron Golden 46:38
And it’s really fascinating. Because most of the church going Bible believing Christian people like that I know most of them, pretend not to care about money at all. And it’s the thing they work for the longest to worry about the most like, it’s mind blowing to me like that as well. Money’s not that important to me. If you’ll lie about that, you’ll lie about other stuff, you are literally spending more of your waking hours exchanging those hours for money for dollars than you are doing any other single thing in your waking hours. And then you want to say I don’t care about money, you are lying. Why do you feel like you have to because money, wealth, abundance has a social stigma. Because the enemy is a liar. The money is a bonus, the ability to have options as a bonus, it’s not the objective, how much money you want to make mine, I want to make make as much as I possibly can. Living in alignment with my purpose. That’s how much money on me. If that’s if that’s $100 a year, I’m

Myron Golden 47:43
good with it. And if it’s $100 million a year, I’m good with that. If it’s $300 billion a year, I’m okay with that. I want to make as much money as I can and aligned with my purpose. I want to I want to be as healthy as I can and aligned with my purpose. I want to learn as much as I can be as learned as I can in alignment with my purpose. And until you break free of your need for other people to think things about you. You will never be financially free because you’re not even socially emotionally free. As long as you are attached to the need for people to have a particular opinion of you, you will never be free. Maybe that’s why the Scripture says, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. What does it say after that, who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal.

Myron Golden 48:34
If God sounds to me, like he knew who he was, to watch what he says next, but made himself of no reputation and took upon in the form of service. He knew who he was so much. He didn’t need you to know who he was. He didn’t need you to acknowledge the fact that he is God in order for him to acknowledge the fact he is God. And see, you need for people to acknowledge that your motives are good. In order for you to sleep at night. The only person that you need to be true to is yourself and God. If you if I need to tell you something that I need you to think something about me then why do I even care? Because the reality is I don’t and if I did, I wouldn’t do what I do. If I cared what other people think about me, I would do something very different. I would do something in the booth of the back in the corner in the dark where nobody could see me and if they did, if they didn’t approve, they wouldn’t even know who did it.

Myron Golden 49:27
Because as long as you need people to think something about like you need them to believe something about you financially. You need people to think you’re rich you need people think you’re broke. You need people to think that you don’t care about money you need people to think that you do care whatever the thing that you need them to think is you have no control over their thoughts you barely have control over your own. Let go stop allowing yourself to think these toxic thoughts about money. If we’re going to become hyper intentional about our thoughts, we automatically have to be hyper intentional of out are words, because the reality is you can speak without thinking. But you can’t think without using words. Most people take their past experiences, they projected on the screen of their future. They recreate the past and think they’re living in the present. But what they’re really doing is living Groundhog Day. Most people are living there yesterday today.

Myron Golden 50:23
They’re living there last week, this week. They’re living there last month, this month, they were living there last year, this year, they’re living their last decade this decade, and their life isn’t getting better, which goes against the very first thing that God ever said to a human being when he spoke to man. He said, Be fruitful, and multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it, and have dominion, when he said be fruitful. The fruit is a living organism who seed is in itself, that the ability of a fruit to reproduce is inside the fruit. So when God said the man be fruitful, he wasn’t just talking about having children he was talking about, I put an aspect of my creativity inside of you. Now what’s really interesting is he put a different aspect of his creativity inside of all of us, every aspect of his creativity inside of anybody, but he put an aspect of his creativity inside of everybody. And so that creativity, that aspect of his creativity he put inside of us, it is our job to produce on the outside based on what God put on the inside. But he said be fruitful.

Myron Golden 51:28
Now the other interesting thing about a fruit is this, because it has a seed in it. When you sow the seed, you don’t reap a piece of fruit, you reap a tree. And the tree might produce 100 200 300 apples a year oranges, whatever your kind of seed you plant might want it to mature it might produce 100 to 300 pieces of fruit per year. And I love what Warren we’re, as we said, he said, Any fool can count the number of seeds in an apple but only God can count the number of apples in a seed. And so we have to do is we have to make sure that we cultivate the seed of creativity that God put inside of us so we can be fruitful. And we can be fruitful and multiply because you reap what you sow. But you don’t reap when you sow, you reap later than you sow, you reap what you sow.

Myron Golden 52:20
But you don’t reap the amount you sow, you reap more than you said. And so while you reap what you sow, you don’t reap when you sow and you don’t reap what you sow, you reap more than you sowed later than you saw. I hope you’re picking up what I’m putting down. And so God said be fruitful and multiply. Why? Because multiplication is the natural output of the input of fruitfulness. So when God said be fruitful and multiply, multiplication is the natural output of the input of fruitfulness. Like a fruit. A seed that you planted in the ground does not have the ability to only produce one fruit. Nothing in nature grows by addition. In nature, everything grows by multiplication, which means when God said be fruitful, multiply, the word multiply means to increase.

Myron Golden 53:15
But it’s not just an incremental increase. It’s an exponential increase. It’s a geometric increase. See, there are people in the world who want to act like human beings are destroying the planet. But human beings aren’t here for the planet. The planets here for the human beings. God said clearly pollute not the land in which each well, but the environment isn’t God. The Earth is not my mother. It is here to serve Me. I am not here to serve it. When he said be fruitful, multiply replenish the earth, the word replenish means to fill up. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that when a beaver uses its limited creativity to build a dam in a creek in the forest, that that’s organic. When an ant uses its living, limited creativity to build an anthill and the ground that’s organic. When an eagle uses its limited creativity to build a nest in a tree that’s organic. But when a human being uses unlimited creativity to build a city that somehow inorganic, a city is as organic as an anthill, a beaver dam or an eagle’s nest.

Myron Golden 54:23
So when God said be fruitful and multiply what he’s telling us to do, he’s telling us to increase and fill up the air replenish means to fill up the Earth with the multiplication of the things that we create. That’s our job. So when God said be fruitful and multiply replenish the earth, and they said subdue it What does subdue mean trampled down? Stomp it what does that mean? That means trampled down anything tries to stop you. Which enemies telling me to trample it? That means whatever opposes me is both beneath me and smaller than me. So if he told me to trample it, that means I have the ability to trample it. It’s already under my feet.

Myron Golden 54:58
Now all I have to do is take the action had to step on all of the stoppers. Today should be better than yesterday, this week should be better than last week, this month should be better than last month, this year should be better than last year. And I’m not just talking about better financially, but I’m including better financially. This whole idea that as you get older, you have to get sicker and weaker and broker is hideous. But if you believe that, then that’s exactly how you’re going to set up your life. I know people my age who talk like there are 100 Guess what they also walk like they’re 100 they move like they’re 100 Got to when things are going well, you have to be preparing for when things aren’t going to go well.

Myron Golden 55:38
When things when you have seven years of plenty, you have to be prepared for seven years of famine. Here’s here’s what God told Joseph to tell Pharaoh to do. When things are going good. Put back that 1/5 part What is that 1/5 part 20% when things are going great. Stash 20% Hold on to 20%. Because when the whole bottom falls out for the entire world, while everybody else is getting broker, you’re gonna be getting richer, while everybody else is starving, you’re gonna have food. So stop thinking from the past, the past is nothing more than your launch pad for your future. Treat it like that. The biggest financial breakthrough of my life I learned last June I remember it like it was yesterday. And here’s what I discovered that poor people. And middle class people feel like everything is expensive.

Myron Golden 56:37
Because they pay for things with money they’ve exchanged their time for. So they feel like they’re paying for everything with their life, because they are wealthy people pay for things according to their creativity. Now notice, I didn’t say that wealthy people pay for things out of their creativity. I didn’t say wealthy people pay for things with their creativity. I said wealthy people pay for things according to their creativity. Why did I say that? Because I paid for it out of my creativity, I’d have less creativity after I paid for it than I had before I paid for it. I said I paid for with my creativity, I’d have less creativity after I paid for it than before I paid for it. But if I pay for it according to my creativity, then I have no less creativity after I paid for it than I had before I paid for it. That’s why it says My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus. Why? Because when he supplies your need, according to his riches and glory, he has no less riches and no less glory, you’re attracted to like when you learn how to pay for things according to your creativity, everything cost the same amount to start paying for

Myron Golden 57:35
stuff with offers. If I desire, if I desire to go buy a brand new house, I’ll just create an offer. And it’ll pay for the house. When I want to buy an apartment building, I just created an offer. And that offer will pay for the apartment building. I created an offer that pays for all my private jet travel or your tracking. So to me, my Rolls Royce cost me no more than this box of tick tick tax. Because you know what? I paid for both them with the same thing and offer. Oh, he did. He didn’t see it. Guess what, here’s the cool thing. After you create an offer, because you want to buy something after you create an offer, because you desire to buy something. After you buy the thing, you still have all the creativity you had before you created the thing. You already for it to get better.

Myron Golden 58:27
Plus, you still have the offer. And so while other people were paying to fly the friendly skies, or the unfriendly skies, I was getting paid to fly private. And I’ve flown internationally private and our pro flown domestically private. And guess what it all costs same now, oh my goodness, how much does that cost? It costs you an offer. So from now on, every time you look at a price tag, I don’t want you to see a number. I want you to see the word. Create an offer. Create an offer, create an offer, create an offer. If you will be willing to make offers when you’re bad at it and keep doing it anyway, you will eventually become good at it. And eventually you’ll get so good at it you’ll have it mastered and then you will be able to make offers without the use of any conscious resources. Congratulations, financially, you’re done. You don’t have to worry about thinking about getting all excited about money or prices of anything ever again. Because when you master offer making everything will cost the same amount.

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