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Stop Defending Your Depression

Stop Defending Your Depression

0:00 Feeling Depressed is Real

One of my most famous things people attack me for is their little quote is they say, “You said depression isn’t real. What about the men who kill themselves? You don’t care about men’s mental health.” I didn’t say depression isn’t real. I said feeling depressed is real. But the idea that depression is gonna strike you in your mind and there’s nothing you can do about it, I think that is promoting helplessness amongst depressed people. I don’t think that making people helpless in an unfortunate situation is a great thing to do.

0:22 The Power of Belief

You have to give people hope. When you believe in something, you give it power. When I felt at my lowest and I achieved the most I’ve ever achieved in my life, the reason I was capable of doing that is because I didn’t believe in the paradigm of being a depressed person. I just believe that this is how I currently feel and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get my life to be better. If you take two people, one believes in ghosts and one doesn’t, you put them both in haunted houses, and in the middle of the night, there’s a bang.

The person who believes in ghosts is now terrified. There’s a ghost. They’re calling an exorcist or panicking in the room. They’re hiding. The person who doesn’t believe in goes, goes “wind,” and goes back to sleep. It’s the same noise, it’s the same scenario, but it’s the belief that’s powerful. It’s the belief in their mind that turns against them.

1:01 If It Makes You Weak, Don’t Believe in It

You can give every scientific proof in the world, depression, whatever. I refuse to believe in things that take my power away. I’m only gonna construct a mental model that allows me to be as powerful as possible. If believing in the idea of depression is gonna take my own power away, then I won’t believe in it. I don’t wanna believe in things that make me weak. I believe in things that make me strong and someone goes, “Well, you’re wrong.”

Let’s assume you’re correct and that makes me wrong. Let’s say that you are right and you are depressed. Why would I want to adopt the thinking of a man who is sad? Why would I wanna think like you? Wouldn’t it better to be wrong and be happy and have a sports car. Look at your life. I don’t talk about right and wrong. Let’s talk about success and results. I don’t believe in things that take power from me. I never have.

1:42 Why Defend Depression?

People email me and they start saying, “I’m depressed. I’m depressed. I’m depressed.” and what’s funny is this: I talk to them and they desperately defend the idea of depression. I’m like, “My friend, you just told me you’re too depressed to be successful and depression has destroyed your life and you lost your girl. I’m telling you that enemy, the enemy in your life isn’t real. And you are now sending me 10 emails a week trying to convince me that your enemy is a real thing. Why are you sticking up for your- whatever it is, this idea destroying you and you’re putting your energy into defending it. Y

ou should be on my team. Whose team are you on here? You wanna sit here and convince me? I’m never gonna believe you. I’m never gonna adopt your thinking because your life is not successful enough for me to emulate. So why don’t you try and adopt my way of thinking? Stop defending this. Stop defending anything that’s ruined your life and get to work. And every time anyone has ever listened to me in history, ever, every single one of them has transformed their lives and messaged me positive messages afterwards.

Stop Defending Your Depression

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