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The 7 Benefits Of My Journey So Far

This post is a wrap-up of the benefits of my Intermittent Fasting journey so far and why it works so well. It is definitely better than any other eating regime I have tried.

It is the easiest one to stick with by a long shot, and from everything I have researched, it seems to have the most long-term and short-term benefits as well.  Not by just a little bit, but by an overwhelming amount. This is also evidenced by my own results as well with this experiment. It is still early on yet, although at this time, behaviorally, it is the greatest single impactful change I have ever made in my life. The enormity of this is still sinking in because it impacts every area of my life. I am going to list them from the start of my day.

1. I wake up without morning fog, and my brain is fully engaged. Usually, I wake up in the middle of a thought process. Which is totally new for me. I will be aware of my surroundings, be in the middle of thinking about something, and be able to recall the rest of the previous chain of thoughts from when I was still sleeping. Now this is separate from dreams, which I can recall more vividly as well. I have never heard of this before nor experienced it, and it is now a regular thing.

2. I wake up in a good mood, full of energy.

3. I do not wake up thinking about breakfast or food.

4. I am able to get into 6th gear right away and tackle high level problem solving right out of the gate.

5. Physically, I feel and look so much better. Just the overall sense of well-being is at least 50% higher pre-iF. My skin looks better, I am a lot leaner, and my stamina has increased.

6. Emotional stability. I would say my baseline level of sense of well-being is much higher than pre-IF. I just don’t get bummed out about things anymore.  This is in part due to the higher levels of good hormones brought about by iF.

7. My income has gone up, and my sense of enjoyment from my work is way, way, way up. I am having a blast doing my work. Not that I did not before, but I wake up excited and can’t wait to work on my projects and help my customers.

The only downside is that because I have become the energizer bunny, I have a tendency to push it past optimal times of work because I am so excited, but I am curbing that and making sure I get enough sleep because I know I am that much better at serving my clients with more sleep. So all in all, Intermittent Fasting really has been a life changer, and that pretty much covers it.

Go 6th Gear! 😉
Cheers,  Andrew


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