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The Four Levels Of Value

Myron Golden explains the Four Levels of Value

In this video, we’ll discuss The Four Levels of Value from the unique yet highly effective perspective of Myron Golden. Whether your company or business is in sales, marketing, product development, customer service, or any products and services for all markets, we will explore how to find and extract the most value from your resources in any situation. Stand out from the competition in the marketplace for both customers and employees.

It can be tough to determine what’s really important in life. But with a little understanding of the four levels of value, you can learn to filter the important stuff from the unimportant stuff. This will help you stay on track and make the best decisions for your life to level up your income and money flow.

In this discussion, Myron gives you “The 4 Levels of Value” that are crucial to creating generational wealth. The best part is that you can start doing this TODAY!

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Myron Golden

I’m going to show you what the four levels of value are. Then I’ll show you where I got that from in Scripture. So there are four levels of value.

It’s interesting to me, and it may or may not be interesting to you, but it’s interesting to me that every number has significance. One is the number of unity—the unity of God. Two is the number of separation or holiness. Three is the number of God. Four is the number of the earth. Five is the number of grace. Six is the number of falsehoods. Seven is the number of completion, et cetera, et cetera. Four is the number of the earth. We have four directions on the earth: north, south, east, and west. We have four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Oftentimes, when we find principles on earth that work in the earth realm, they’ll show up in fours. So there are four levels of value. The lowest level of value is implementation. And implementation is when you do something.

Interestingly enough, if you look at wealth or if you look at business as a value exchange, and you look at wealth as the thing that people who start businesses would like to receive in that exchange,

So you don’t have to understand, but I think it would benefit you well to understand that wealth is a spiritual result, in fact. So wealth is a spiritual result. There are so many reasons why wealth is a spiritual result. Wealth is abundance. A good spirit is abundant. What is wealth? The substance that represents wealth is gold, and there was gold all throughout the book of Genesis; I don’t even have time to go into all that. Go back and watch the video in God’s Original Design for Wealth, but wealth is a spiritual result.

Implementation is one of the ways that we receive value by doing something. Maybe I’m a janitor and I clean a school, or I clean an office building. Well, if I’m a janitor and I clean, that implementation is how I get my money, right?

So the resource that I use on the implementation level is this: I use my muscles over time, right? So I gradually use my muscles.And the reason it’s hard to create wealth if you are an implementer is because muscles are a physical resource. Time is a limited resource. So you’re multiplying a physical resource by a limited resource to produce an unlimited spiritual result.

That’s why it’s hard to create wealth by working harder. Working harder makes you a better person than being lazy because it strengthens you.But working harder is not the formula for success.

If a person has a job or a business, well, I’m going to talk about a job right now. If a person has a job as an implementer, they’re going to make somewhere between minimum wage and $80,000 a year. And, for that minimum wage, maybe you’re making tacos at Taco Bell or burgers at McDonald’s. $80,000 maybe if you’re working on high-end luxury cars, but you are going to be somewhere between minimum wage and $80,000 a year if you are an implementer.

So if you’d like to make more money, you don’t need to work harder at your current level of value. You need to level up to a higher level and work at a higher level of value. Okay? So most people try to deliver more value at their current level, and then they become frustrated when their income doesn’t go up.

So the second level is unification. And unification is the resource we use. Here is where we use our management skills. And management abilities, because we are no longer the ones who do the work.We’re the ones in charge of the people who do the thing.

Now we make more money because of unification; managing people is a higher spiritual activity than doing the thing yourself because now you have to communicate with people. You have to understand and work with other people’s different personalities. You have to have the ability to get along with people. You have to have the ability to be stern, but you also have to have the ability to be caring.

So, if you’re going to be a good manager on a unification level, you might make around $40,000 per year.On the high end, you might make 25,000 a year. Well, all of that’s better. This is better than that down there, but there’s still a limitation. We don’t start to create wealth until we get above this line.

And the second-highest level of value is communication. Wealth begins to be created on the communication level, and the resource you use on this level is your mouth. And there’s a caveat. I always like to tell people this part; there is a caveat. You have to have a mouth, and you have to learn how to use it. Right?

So if you’re like, “I have a mouth,” people will say. Okay, phase one is now complete. But now you need to learn how to use your mouth to have conversations that create cash flow and develop messages that move the masses. So communication is the second-highest level of value on the low end.

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