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The Power of Your Words To Create

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0:00 “Speak Into Existence”

Most people don’t realize how powerful words are, but your words literally create your wealth or the lack thereof. How? “Myron, are you talking about speaking things into existence?” No, I’m not talking about that because in the scripture, the only one who speaks anything into existence is God.

Bereshit Bara. The word bara means to create out of nothing. To speak into existence. The only one in the entire Bible who “bara”s anything is God. Bereshit bara elohim. Bereshit bara elohim. Elohim is who? God. God speaks things into existence. You don’t speak things- I know. I know.

There are new age people who disagree with me. I know there are Christian people, pastors, religious people who disagree with me. That’s fine. But the reality is you already know. If you could speak something into existence, you would’ve already spoken something different into existence than what you got in existence right now.

0:55 Speak and Create Faith

Now, here’s what you can do. You can speak a word that causes faith to be created in your heart, in a space where doubt previously existed. And that faith gives you the ability to take an action in faith that you could not take in doubt. So when I tell myself, “This is gonna be awesome,” this has a better chance of being awesome than it does, if I tell myself, “This is gonna be awful.”

Why? Because I want to use my words to create faith, and I’m not “creating” faith. Because faith already existed before I got here. What I’m really doing is I’m installing faith. I’m installing faith into my mind. I’m installing faith into my heart. I’m installing faith into my focus so my focus can create a feeling in my heart that produces a function in my hand that I could not do when I doubt it.

1:55 The True Importance of Our Words

Are y’all tracking? The words we say are very important. We need to be hyperintentional about every word that comes out of our mouths. Every word. We need to take inventory of our communication ability so that the words that come out of our mouth are building words, not destroying words.

All of us can remember. A time in our lives when somebody that we looked up to or somebody whose opinion we cared about, said something to us that was painful. How can a word be painful? Where does it hurt? Does it hurt in your hand, foot, eyeball, your earlobe? Where does it hurt?

It hurts in your soul.

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