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Hey there, buddy Andrew Anderson here. And we make the short sweet like a longer version in the private group. So this is the new big. And if you’ve been paying attention to this channel, or Facebook or whatever social media that you happen to see me on, you know, I’ve been big on Bing for quite a while privately for about eight or 910 months, publicly about probably four or five, I mean, definitely print it up. So this is one of the reasons why. So we got involved with open AI, I think it’s almost going on two years ago, we had early early access to the stuff, including chat DPD three, chat, GP four, and five is going to blow your mind and for people still don’t have a handle on what’s going on with it. And we’re also involved in another project that I cannot talk about, but it is mind blowingly. Cool.

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And it’s going to change the game on so many different levels. So what’s gonna happen here is I’m gonna be perfectly frank, if you’re a business, and you do not get in front of this, I will say, and I’m gonna say this publicly, within three years, 40% of all the businesses will be out of business. Within three years, 50% of all the agencies will be out of business, within three years, 50 to 60, to 70% of all the SEO companies will be out of business. And I’m going to show you what’s going on here. Now, here’s the thing. So we all grew up, we did not use a computer. And so we didn’t understand it. But we learned right. And the AIs are going on right now, it’s same thing, you cannot stick your head in the sand. However, some people play it lip service, but I would say like 98 99% of the businesses really have no clue. And that includes the A C’s and everybody else. So I’m not throwing them under the bus by themselves. But we felt that as an agency, you’re not just SEO, we have to do SEO and some of the things that it was, we had a moral obligation to keep front of this stuff for our clients. And I mean, we focus on this, we have 1000s of man hours so that we can become a master of it as much as you can as fastest as growing. And the thing that is, the more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know, which is kind of cool.

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And a good way to I mean, I’ve had this much fun and yours. So anyway, I’m going to show you something that’s going on Bing. This is why Google is quaking in their boots. And this is why we’ve been so heavily pushing them a lot through our clients, we got everybody pretty much set up the way they shouldn’t be take advantage of this. So this is why Google is having issues. And they’re probably two or three years behind, just with what open AI is going on. And then what Musk is going on. Because if you notice, not Elon Musk was one of the founders of open AI, he got this vault to concert at Tesla. That didn’t mean he didn’t do his own thing. And he’s got his own quote unquote, AI that I think is going to blow anything that’s going to chat GPP, four or five away, but we’ll have to wait and see on that. And hopefully, if we get super lucky and everything goes right, we might get access to that early to which will be fantastic. So back to current state of affairs here. So instead of doing this, let’s say give me a good keto diet. All right. So we’ve got that there in Quito. What are some key How do I track my carbs? All right, so this is what came back, right? You don’t see any search results here.

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There’s some down here. But this is the first one that came back. What are some keto snacks. So this is where comes in. I’m gonna put this here we go. And then welcome new being yada yada, yada based on meals for keto beginners, what are some keto snacks? And then here’s where it starts generating answers for you. So hard boiled eggs, cheese, olives, fatty cuts, slices, bacon nuts, very low carbs, beef jerky, dark chocolate. Okay. And then learn more from these. These are suggested this is where we are crushing it. But let’s go back on to. Yeah, I’m kind of curious about this on yourself. There aren’t really any keto friendly crew, and it’s going out right now. And it’s fine enough. So avocado, I guess, tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, kiwi fruit, these routes celebrity low carb. And then so we can do this. And fruits and berries on keto. It’s taken me to the suggested area. Let me see here. We’ve this other way, hold on a second, down a little bit. And it opens up a new tab which is great. So um, let’s see here. And then super fat summer 2019. So what’s happening is the suggested searchers called Search Box optimization is going to trump all the SEO, okay.

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And we’ve been doing it for awhile, and we’re one of the few agencies that can do this so we can get you our clients into the search box when someone types in a search. You get to be one of these people And it trumps all the other stuff that the SEO companies are doing. So if you want to take advantage of that, and your brick and mortar business or your consultant, let us know we can help you out. And here’s the kicker is once these get filled up, and you get to be number one or number two, and a lot of times, you’re the only one, you’re in there like Flynn, unless you mess this thing up. It does take maintenance, but this Trumps out all of the other organic quote unquote, rankings. And this is just part of what Bing is doing. And with open AI, it’s absolutely crazy. So they’ve got sync, and they’ve got a ton of other features. And I’m not saying they’re new services. But that’s between you and me. But tons and tons more people are going over to Microsoft Edge. And I used to hate it used to be a laughable thing. But they’ve leapfrog Chrome and Safari, believe it or not, and they’re picking up users really quickly because it’s super easy to use. And people find this out in it’s fast, that doesn’t mess up very well. Plus, with the new search system, let’s see here. Let’s go to this is being related searches. Hi there greeting. Go, what does this mean? And how should you use it? It’s just let me see if I can get back in here and get it to keep talking. Learn more. So there’s 215. And let’s see here asked me anything. So

Andrew Anderson 06:36

Andrew Anderson 06:37
I can type up to 2000 words in here, right?

Andrew Anderson 06:47
Hopefully you can see this. There we go. And so it’s going out to the eye right now. And it’s gonna give me a response. It should give me something like that. Here we go. And this is it. So that was the AI telling me what’s going on get site index tag category site, use SEO keywords, proper context, connect social workers avoid Blackhat techniques, duh, right? Even if you don’t advertise some big, you’ll show up with search results. So local search with Bing Ads. Yeah, it’s it’s why we’re doing it. So write a report.

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Shouldn’t do this report on how to lose business by not using AI? Oh, see, it’s not 100% Perfect debt. And they don’t have the full on version or bandages. It takes you to ever seen this before, of using save a response here. And so this is a brand new version account. So it hasn’t learned a lot for me yet. There you go. So it eliminates human error 24/7 availability, unbiased decision making this isn’t true, but we’re not going there. repetitive jobs cost reduction, data acquisition and analysis, AI can also come streamline the process and ways of coming trends forecast through, I hope this helps let me know if you have any questions. Um, so anyway, I could keep going. So that’s it. This is teeny tiny tip of the iceberg. Hope this helps as long as you’re not a to z. And if you want to get into our insiders and the longer crowbar, we’d love to see you in there. I will not be posting as much stuff to Facebook anymore. For obvious reasons, I have a moral obligation to our clients not to share this stuff too widely. But I am looking for 50 to 100 founders in various different businesses. So when you come in here, brick and mortars, I’d love brick and mortars, we’d love to show you how to take advantage of this stuff, consultants or coaches to would be a great fit for this. And we’re gonna start sharing more of what we’ve got. With this. I’m gonna have another group for my agency friends, the few of them that I have.

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But we won’t be showing this very widely, because it would be stupid to give away the competitive advantage, right? And you’re not stupid, and neither are we. So we’re going to keep this kind of close to the vest. We asked you not to share the information that we share inside there with you, even though it is very valuable or because it is so anyway, Andrea, signing off today. Hope you’re having a blast. This is going to change everything. The other projects that they have that they don’t talk about that we’re involved with. This stuff is mind blowing, but it’s absolutely amazing what’s going on. I can’t explain it big enough how fast things are gonna change. Three years, you’ve got to get your act together probably the next six months. The people that do this can be like a racecar between a Porsche nine loving or filling your supercar and a guy on a bicycle. It’s not even going to be a contest. I mean, you’re gonna be able to go 100 miles and the guy it’s gonna be getting off the starting line.

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Well, I actually only think that’s a good analogy, I think would be a bicycle. and a private jet. That’s the differences gonna be. So you have to bicycle all the way across America and the jet has to fly across America. That’s helping people advantage having AI and automate your processes are going to be people have no idea it’s 10x Faster 10x more change in a shorter period of time than ever before in the history of man. That’s kind of crazy. So anyway, hope you have a great day. This is fun stuff, you are smart enough to get ahead of this and take advantage of it. Because I want to see you thrive, it would be fun. It’s a great feeling to help other people out. And there’s a lot of money between you and me, like you could double, triple, quadruple whatever you’re making. Now if you get ahead of this, because the computations not going to be there anymore. You can scoop it up and you can help the customers better. So anyone that’s entering sign up to launch Excel, go to the lock or YouTube channel, the longer crowbar or go to IQ Either one word see you

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