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Time Is Money Is A Very Expensive Lie

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Myron Golden 00:00
Hey there, you’re about to discover one of the most expensive lies you’ve ever heard in your life. And it’s a lie that we’ve all heard, and one that we’ve probably all told. But we didn’t know that it was a lie. And that lies this. Time is money. We’ve all said it, we’ve all heard it. Time is money. Time is money, you gotta hurry up time is money. Time is money, time is money, I submit to you that time is not money. Time is infinitely more valuable than money. If you believe that time is money, it’s going to cause you to make a bunch of mistakes. First mistake, believing time as money is going to cost you is going to cause you to waste a whole lot of time trying to save a little bit of money. And so we’ve all seen the people who drive, you know, 15 miles out of the way to save three cents on a gallon of gas, right? Or, or we will, we’ll spend, and I’m not saying I’m not saying this is wrong, I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying it’s just not true. Right. So what people will do is they’ll spend three hours cutting out coupons, to save some money on whatever they’re saving money on it, and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

Myron Golden 01:12
But if they had used that same three hours, they they very likely to do something to create some value for somebody, they very likely could have made 34567 or eight or nine or 10 times more than the amount of money they saved on coupons. So what happens is, when we believe that time is money, then we begin to value we begin to value money more than we value time. How can we tell if we value money more than we value time? Well, if you are like the average person in the US have a you probably sell a whole bunch of your time for a little bit of somebody else’s money. And that is the greatest expense of the time is money live. Here’s what the scripture says I’m going to in fact, I’m going to read it to you to the Ephesians chapter five, verse number 15. See that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil now says Wherefore si walkie walkie circumspectly? Now, that’s circumspectly is not a word that I use in my everyday language, right? And so what happens is, when we’re reading the Bible, we come across a word and we don’t really know what it means. I think the best thing for us to do, instead of being in a hurry to get through that passage, we should stop and look up the word. And so that word circumspectly. It just means wisely.

Myron Golden 02:29
So it’s saying work. See that you walk circumspectly, not as why so walk wisely as a wise person and not as a fool. How, how do I walk wisely as somebody who’s wise and not a fool? I do that by redeeming the time. Now, this is the fun part. What does the word redeem mean? The word redeem in this passage, if you go look it up in the Greek here’s what it means. It means to buy back or to buy up. So I’m supposed to buy back my time or buy up my time. That’s the first definition. You know, dictionaries give you multiple definitions, right? So the next definition is to rescue it from loss. So I’m supposed to buy back my time, buy up my time, rescue, buy time from loss. And then third definition is improve opportunity. Hmm, that’s interesting. And like, I’ve been going to church my whole life. I never heard anybody teach you on by back your time, rescue from loss and improve your opportunity. But that’s exactly what that verse means. When it says Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. It says don’t be don’t be a fool.

Myron Golden 03:33
Be a wise person, and then walk, carry yourself as a wise person by buying back your time rescuing it from loss and improving your opportunity. Why? Because the days are evil, that is not talking about, like evil, like we’re in the last days, and they’re evil. But even though we’re in the last days, and they’re evil, it’s not talking about evil, like the Devil is evil. It’s not talking about evil, like wickedness and sin and unrighteousness is evil. It’s talking about evil, the word evil in that verse, go look it up for yourself. You don’t have to take my word for it. It means difficult in nature. So in other words, it’s hard life is hard. So the Scripture is telling me to buy by walk like a wise person, not like a fool. Buying back my time, rescuing it from loss, and improving my opportunity. That sounds very different than how most people live their lives. See, because we learn the lie that time is money. Here’s what we do. We value money more than we value time, we put too high of a value on money. And so what we do, and we don’t put a high enough value on time, because we don’t understand the relationship between time and money.

Myron Golden 04:40
And we think time is money. So if time is money, then they’re equal. Right? But they’re not equal. Because I submit to you that if somebody said to you, I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you $400 million today. How many y’all want that deal? Right? I’ll take that deal. Except for There’s one caveat. You have to end your life Now who wants that deal, nobody wants it. So you already know that your life is worth more than $400 million. But you don’t treat it like it’s worth more than $400 million. Because you waste a lot of time trying to save a little bit of money, when you shouldn’t be using that time to buy back that top that when you should be using your money to buy back your time. Instead, you’re using time to buy back money. We’re doing the exact opposite of what the scripture says and wondering why our life isn’t working. So like I, I know, for me, I understand the value of time, at least to some degree, because time is the stuff that life is made up. And when it’s over, it’s a wrap. This is not like we are not in a Mario Brothers console, we don’t get another life. So we have to act like we’re expiring, we have to act like we’re evaporating, we have to act like we’re eventually going to go away.

Myron Golden 05:56
And we have to like live life with a sense of urgency. And so. So when we understand that this is not the truth, time is money. That’s not the truth. And this is this is more, I’m going to do it in different color, just because it’ll make it easier to separate. This is more true. Time is greater than money. When you like if you if you like start to buy into this belief that time is greater than money, here’s what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna start doing things, to redeem your time. What’s redeeming again, buy back, rescue from loss and prove your opportunity. So, see, we think we’re being frugal, and we are with money. But we’re being wasteful with time. Like, we’re, we’re being frugal with money. And then we’re being practical with time being frugal with money. And then we’re just throwing our time away, it doesn’t make any sense. So So you buy back your time, by leveraging your money. What does that mean? It means pick something in your life that takes a lot of time.

Myron Golden 07:12
Maybe it’s cutting your grass, maybe it’s fixing your car, maybe it’s washing your car, maybe it’s cleaning your house, maybe it’s preparing your food, pick one thing in your life, that takes you a lot of time. And then pay somebody else to do that thing. pay somebody to cut your grass, or to clean your pool, or to cut or to clean your house or to cook your food, pay somebody else to do that. And then take the time that you used to do you used to do that, and use it to learn a new skill. That’s how you buy back your time. Like there are so many things that I didn’t know, like when I was broke, I didn’t realize it was my lack of skills. Those costs have been fortunate. So I remember when I was poor, I thought me being poor, had something to do with me being a victim of circumstance had nothing to do with it. I was poor, because I didn’t have the skills to create wealth. I mean, I’ll track it.

Myron Golden 08:11
And by the way, just like you and don’t think Oh, but that’s so hard. It’s not harder to learn how to walk. You got that one down, not harder to learn how to ride a bicycle, you got that? Not harder to learn how to use a computer or phone or drive a car, you got that down. And so what happens is, we, we buy into all these truisms that aren’t true. They’re basically sophisticated lies. And we wonder why our life isn’t working in that area. Time is not money. Start placing more value. I mean, you start valuing time start valuing time more than you value money. And what you’ll do, you’ll spin eventually, you’ll get to the place where you’ll spend as much money as necessary to buy back the rest of your life.

Myron Golden 09:00
See, here’s the real equation. Time is infinitely greater than money. That’s the real equation. Time is infinitely greater than money. And when we begin to value time, infinitely more than we value money, we will start having more money and more time. But if you keep valuing money more than you value time, what’s going to happen is you’re going to keep having less time and less money. Have you all tracking and so don’t buy the lie. It cost too much. I know I get it. You’re good at fixing your car. I’m good at fixing cars too. But I’m not going to do it. I get it. You. You think cutting the grass is therapeutic. I get that. You know why? You know it’s really therapeutic especially here in Florida. sitting in your house drinking a tall glass of iced water watching somebody else cut your grass now that’s really therapeutic. See, when you begin to value your time, your time becomes more valuable.

Myron Golden 10:11
You see, here’s the problem. We want other people to value our time and we don’t even value it. Can I get a witness, right? And so what we have to do is we have to start looking at this equation the right way. Understand that because, because my life is expiring, I’ve got to act and live with a sense of urgency. It’s, it’s interesting to me, while I’m driving here in Florida, especially more than any other place, I think maybe I’ve ever driven how people drive, like they think they’re going to live to be 900. And they do it across all lanes, because they think you’re also going to live to be 900. And it’s just it’s maddening. People just don’t about through life, like, it doesn’t matter that they’re gonna die.

Myron Golden 11:04
So many people quantify the quality of their life, by how many years of experience they have doing a thing. I’ve got 40 years of experience driving this forklift, I got bad news for you, but you don’t have 40 years of experience driving a forklift, because it don’t take that long to learn how to drive one, you got about two weeks of experience repeated over a 40 year time period. That’s not the same thing. And I submit to you that the quality of your life should not be measured by the number of years of experience, you have doing a thing, but the quality of your life is truly measured by the number of experiences you put in those years. And especially putting more experiences in those years with the people that you love the most and for the causes that you care about the most.

Myron Golden 11:51
But most of us can’t, because we are a slave to money, because we value money more than we value time. There are a lot of business owners, there a lot of business owners who whose businesses can thrive because they want to take advantage of the people who work for them. Because they value the money more than they value the time. And so they want good people, but they’re unwilling to pay what good people are willing to work for. And then, like I personally, like I really believe fast pay makes fast friends like I hated it when I worked for people when I felt like after working all week, like a three legged mule and a hailstorm that I had to go big for my check. I hated that. So let’s start doing this. Let’s start realizing that our lives is going to our lives are going to count for far more when we live like this. Instead of like this. It’ll change your life. For the rest of your life. Time is not money. Time is infinitely more value than money valuable than money and we start treating it like that. You’ll end up with more time and more money. I hope this helps you. Thank you for watching. Thank you for liking. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for commenting, and all that other YouTube stuff y’all know how to do. Alright, peace out Cub Scouts.

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