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Time or Money by Myron Golden

Time or Money? 
0:00 Introduction: The Time Is Money Deception
So we already know that time is not money. But we say time is money. So, Myron, why do you think that’s a damaging lie?Here’s why I say it’s a damaging lie: if I go through life on a conscious level saying “Time is money, time is money,” I’ll act as if time is money. Time is money. And what I’ll do is sell a whole bunch of my time for a little bit of somebody else’s money because I value them both equally.
Or most people actually value money more than they value time in their everyday lives. How they. even though they consciously or subconsciously realize that the time is greater than the money. And so, if I believe that time is money, here’s what’s going to happen: I’m going to waste a whole bunch of time trying to save a little bit of money.
I don’t do that. And the reason I don’t do that is because I only have a limited amount of time for this. It is appointed under demand and wants to die after this judgment. So I already know I’m going to die.That’s going to happen unless Christ returns before I die. I’m going to live my life to the fullest, and I know that I’m probably going to die.
0:56 What If You Consider Time to Be Money?
So if I believe the lie that time is money, what I’m going to do is waste a whole lot of time trying to save a little bit of money. And I don’t believe in wasting time to save money. I don’t want this to sound condescending or snooty, because I’m not snooty.
I’m just a regular dude. For example, our cleaning lady is currently cleaning our home.My wife knows how to clean. My wife likes to clean. My wife didn’t even want a cleaning lady, but that’s okay. I wanted a cleaning lady because I wanted to be able to spend more time with my wife instead of having her clean the house when I’m at home.
That’s why I pay a company to cut my grass. They can cut the grass better and more efficiently, and it doesn’t waste my time. I value my time more than I value money. That’s why, right now, there’s a car wash company that comes to my office every Wednesday.
I value my time. My car will not be washed. I’m not going to mow my lawn. I’m not fixing my toilet. Why? because I would rather pay somebody the money. Now, here’s what I’m gonna say. 
A lot of people say they don’t care that much about money. They will do something themselves in order to avoid paying someone else to do it. I’d rather pay someone else to do it so I don’t have to. So the other problem with the whole “time is money” lie is that if I believe that time is money, not only will I waste a whole bunch of time trying to save a little bit of money, I’ll sell a whole bunch of my time for a little bit of somebody else’s money, right? That’s always a bad idea. So instead of doing that, maybe I should do what the Scripture teaches.
2:28 What the Scripture Says
Does the scripture say anything about time and money, maybe? Oh, I think it does. Ephesians 5:20. I think it says something like, “Redeeming the time because the days are evil.” Go look it up. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what the word “redeem” means: “Redeem” means to buy back. to rescue from loss and improve opportunity.So the scripture tells me clearly to buy back my time, rescue it from loss, and improve my opportunity. The days are dark. That word “evil” is not evil like the devil is evil. Do word studies.
Because if you don’t know what the words mean, you can’t know what the word means. Right? So the word “evil” is difficult in nature. So what the scripture is telling us to do is buy our time back, rescue it from loss, and improve opportunity because life is hard. So if I’m selling my time, not only am I not doing what the Bible says, I’m doing the exact opposite and wondering why I can’t get ahead.
We’ve got to stop believing the lie that time is money. We’ve got to believe the truth that time is more valuable than money.
We’ve got to understand that time is not just greater than money; it is infinitely greater than money, because when you run out of time, you don’t get more. You can get more money, but you don’t get more time.
3:50 Saving money is a bad idea at
Now, I went through all of that as a preface to what I’m going to say next. Here’s another lie we’ve been told: One of the most important things you can do with money is save it.
I submit to you that saving money is always a bad idea. Saving money on things like finding a good deal is like not wasting money; both are bad ideas. I’m talking about saving money in a bank, which is always a bad idea. Why? Because the bank is a financial institution, they understand the rules, and they understand that you don’t understand the rules.
So here’s rule number one: the bank is always going to give you a lower interest rate than the rate of inflation. which means you are saving something that is becoming less valuable over time. You shouldn’t save money; you should invest it. Investing money entails multiplying it. 

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