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What Wealth Is And How You Can Create It…

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Well, you’re about to discover maybe for the first time in your life, that wealth is not money. And money is not wealth, real estate’s not wealth either. Neither is gold or silver, what is wealth? I believe that wealth is one thing, wealth is the valuethat you create. For someone other than you, that’s what wealth is. Wealth is the value that you create for someone other than you.

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And so the more we develop our ability to create value for other people, the more wealthy we are, and and the reason I say money is not well think about, think about it like this, if you were stuck on a desert island, and you had hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, what would it be worth? Nothing, right? If you’re stranded there, and nobody knows you’re there, and nobody can find you all that money doesn’t do you any good. If you’re there with another person, and they have food, and you have water, and they have no water, and you have no food, then your water becomes your wealth, because you can trade them some of your water for some of your food, or your dragon. And so So everything that we desire, everything that we desire we get by giving somebody else something they desire, the more value we create.

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For other people, the more wealth we have, it’s just that simple. Now, money is one of the stores of value, that’s what money is, money is a store of value. And it’s also a way to transfer value. It’s also a way to represent value that you’ve already created. Right? So so if you think about if you think about money as a as like a certification, right, like it’s a certificate that proves that you’ve created value for someone other than yourself, right? And so like, if you go to if you go to ATVs, and you’re a nice person, right? And you say, Well, I would like for you all to Serve me some food, they are going to say, Okay, we’ll serve you some food, but at the end, they expect you to produce proof that you serve somebody other than you. And that proof shows up in the way of money. Right? Because that’s all money does.

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Money shows people that you deserve to have somebody create value for you, because you can prove you created value for someone else, right. And here’s what’s really cool, all of us are good at different things. So we all have different value that we that we can create for other people. And if we keep the value that we create to ourselves, it doesn’t really do us that much good. But if we spread the value, the value that we create for other people, if we spread that around, then it becomes more valuable. And then here’s what’s really interesting, I can’t create value for someone until I know what’s valuable to that someone. So, so wealth creation has, like, a lot to do with discovery, like discovering what other people value. And if I’m going to know what other people value, then I gotta know where like, where do those values come from?

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Like, where do values come from where to like, I there are things you value that I don’t value, there are things I value that you don’t value, right? And there’s things that we both value, but you might value more than me or I might value more than you. Hmm. So where do i Where do our values come from? Okay, I believe the first place that values come from is past perceived. I’m just going to do PRC perceived voids, create present pursued values, or you’ll track past perceived voids, create present pursued values. What does that mean? That means if I feel like something was missing in the past, I will work in the present to fill the void that I had in the past. Right. So so that’s why if if people grow up in a place where they’re, they’re in, like, dire hunger conditions, or feast or famine, they value food, like at a very high level, right?

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That’s why people who love so for me, like, I like cars. I like them. I like cars. I grew up working on cars, right? But I grew up in a family where when I was growing up, my parents never bought a new car ever. They had seven boys. Here’s what boys do. They eat you out of house and home. Right? They just boys can just it’s like they’re a bottomless food pit. Right and I I can remember, like, if I was, if I was in elementary school, if I was going to eat a sandwich, I wouldn’t eat a sandwich at eat two, three or four sandwiches. Right? So so but I liked cars. And so we grew up with buying $50 cars, $100 cars, and then working on them and driving them until they broke down and we go by another $50 Car $100 Car and we had no car payments, right? So so I like cars ICCP with nice cars, and like, why do they have nice cars? We don’t have nice cars, right? So I that’s a past perceived void in my life. Right? So it became a present pursued value.

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Somebody was like, Why do you have all these expensive cars? Well, expensive is a relative term anyway, I don’t even like that’s really relative. Like, it depends on like, what is expensive to you. Right? So but the reason I like have a collection of I say a collection, I’ve got some very nice cars is because I like cars, because that was for me a past perceived void. I work out why do I work out. Because in the past, I’ve been out of shape. And in the past, my body hurt, the more out of shape I was the more My body hurts. So that’s a past perceived the void that created a present pursued value or y’all tracking. And so so a lot of times we don’t even know where these these, like, we don’t even know where these things that we value came from.

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Right? I value entrepreneurship. Why? Because in the past, I used to have jobs. And they always came with a boss. I don’t know what the word boss means. Like, they’re gonna be bossing me around. That’s what like, they’re gonna tell me, like, can I go? No. And I can’t even finish the question. Right? Can I have no, and I don’t like to have to ask for permission. I don’t like permission. In fact, the best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it. I’m not doing okay. I don’t know. No, you entrepreneurs are that way. Right? So you started business because you love people telling you what to do. Okay. judgment free zone. And, and so and so.

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So I like autonomy. I, my parents, great parents, they weren’t perfect parents by any stretch of imagination, which is why I did not become a perfect parent. Okay, so, but but they were great parents for me and my brothers. Right? And they were very authoritarian like that. Like, it didn’t matter if I was seven or 17. Why the answer was always gonna be the same. Because I said so. Right? So So I liked autonomy. So when I did wasn’t at home, I didn’t have to, I didn’t like I didn’t like teachers telling me what to do at school, why didn’t like my parents telling me what to do at home. And then I got a job at the boss wanted to tell me and everybody wanted to tell me what to do. And I know it’s my own little weirdness going on in my mind palace, but like, you got yours. I got mine. And I don’t like people telling me what to do.

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So I live, I want to live as autonomous. Now, I want God to tell me what to do. But I don’t like humans bossing me around. Okay, because their motive is suspect God’s motive is not suspect. Right? Right. And so, so and that’s why I don’t like I don’t like it when people on my team call me. Oh, this is my boss. I’m not your boss. I don’t even like the word boss. I don’t have an outfit that matches a boss, you don’t have an outfit that matches a boss. So unless we’re talking about business optimization, success secrets for boss moves, then again, that’s a different story. But not bossing people around anyway. So So y’all get it past perceived voids, create present pursued values, but also, the second place values come from the second place values come from is present.

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pursued. I don’t think I spelled that right. pursued. victories. Create present pursued values. So so present pursuit victories, the things I’m working towards winning right now will cause me to value that thing. And so I’ve got about I want to win. So what because I want to win? Okay, for instance, we’ll put my son in law and blast. So my son in law, I mean, we’re really, really close until we get on the golf course. And then we try to beat each other’s brains out. It’s great. Okay, so so he wants to beat me really, really bad. I want to beat him really, really bad. And for a while, I just beat him all the time. And then like, I lost my mojo, and then he’d beat me all the time. And he was sending his mom text messages like there’s a new sheriff in town, and then his mom would call me and I’m like, Is this really happening?

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Okay, cool. So, so I started working on my short game again. And so now it’s like the last three rounds. The last three tournaments we’ve had we play three round tournaments and we have this trophy and every time you win three rounds you get to put your name on the trophy. No, it does not on the news not on ESPN. Nobody knows but us but we relish this victory so much. Right. And so and so what we do, because we both want to win, as we both spend time working on our game, because present pursued victories create present values. So the things that we felt like we’re missing in the past that that creates value for us, the things that we’re working on winning in the present. And then the last one is future pursued, I think I spelled that right.

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I don’t know, pursued visions, create present perceived values. So what does that mean? That means I can see an outcome down the road. That is worth sacrificing right now for so I’ll sacrifice the short term on the altar of the long term. I will sacrifice like, my pleasure right now, because I’ve got this vision down the road, and I’ll, I’ll take some time off of playing golf and I’ll take some time off of practicing my guitar, I’ll take some time off from something I want to do for me, like, Okay, give me give me your for instance, I am a foodie. If I wanted to, I could easily weigh four or five 600 pounds, it would be easy. Like I like food. You say what kind of food almost all kinds. I mean, I don’t like pork and I don’t like shrimp and I don’t like yucky stuff. That’s disgusting. And I but but like, but I like to eat. And the better it is, the more of it I like to eat. I’m just keeping it real. Like, brother man can throw it down. I can fling it down here me when I tell you. Yeah, I mean, where my food is where my food is okay, but because I have this future vision.

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Right? Like, I’ve got this future vision. I’ve got a granddaughter, she’s three. One of the highlights of my life. My entire existence on this planet as a human was when I got to dance with my daughter at her wedding. That was a highlight for me. Okay, so, one of my future visions that I have is to dance with my three year old three with my granddaughter at her wedding. My three year old granddaughter, she’s not gonna get married at three. That’s not what I mean. Like my granddaughter who is three when she becomes an adult. One of my objective is to one of my objectives is to dance with her at her wedding. Well, let’s say she gets married when she’s 21. Like my daughter did. Okay, that gives Okay, shall we for in July, so that gives me 17 more years. 117 years. I’ll be Oh, snap. I’ll be 79 Right. You know, that tells me that tells me as much as I love food. And I do love it. I don’t like it. Y’all hear me when I tell you if I’m gonna eat some I wanted to taste. I don’t even want to waste any time eating food that don’t taste good. Okay, y’all tracking? Like, I’m the guy who when I make spaghetti, I season the water. I boiled my noodles. I’m that dude. Okay, how many are tracking? Okay, now y’all know who you’re dealing with. Okay, so, so just keeping it real. Okay, so, but because I want to dance with my granddaughter at her wedding. When she gets married. I don’t eat food until one o’clock in the afternoon. And I drink water in the morning. And I have a window to eat between 1pm and 9pm. It opens at one with a protein shake.

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Then I’ll eat some snacks in between like carrot chips or some celery or something good with some different whatever dip I decided I mix some honey mustard and some rant and I know that’s not healthy. I don’t really care. This is my this is my vision y’all. You do do you. I’m gonna do me. Okay, I know that’s not the healthiest thing in the world. But it’s what I do right now. So if y’all want me to do better pray for me. Okay, so and, and then I’ll eat dinner. So that’s, that’s, but I’m gonna make sure my protein shake is really, really good. And I’m gonna make sure my snacks are really, really good. And I will make sure when I eat dinner, oh, looking and looking at is really, really good. Okay, so what am I telling you? I’m telling you what I am willing, my value comes from something that I desire that’s weigh in the future that’s willing that I’m willing to sacrifice right now on, right. It’s too many people. They don’t understand that today is yesterday’s tomorrow. And they act as if the things that the actions they take today have no consequences in the future. Right. And so the definition of sacrifice is to let go of something of a lower nature so you can take a hold of something of a higher nature. And the best way for us to live our lives. It’s like it’s been proven. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in finances, whether it’s in health, whether it’s in relationships, it doesn’t matter what arena we’re talking about, sacrificing the short term on the altar of the long term. always ends better than sacrificing long term on the altar of short term always does.

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It’s just like a principle of life. Okay, so So now I know when I’m looking at my particular marketplace in whatever particular niche I’m looking at, then I know what I have to do if I want to create wealth, as I have to figure out how to help somebody fill their past perceived voids, or how to when they’re present pursued victories, or how to fulfill their future pursued visions, how many, I’ll check it out, check it tracking, okay, so So now when I’m looking at somebody, I know what kind of value how to discover what you value, because you’re gonna value one of those three things, whatever you’re working on in your life is probably going to fit into one of those three categories. Now, wealth is the result of value creation, the better your ability to create value for someone other than yourself, the wealthier you are. And sometimes that’ll show up as money. Sometimes it’ll show up as real estate, sometimes it’ll show up as like hard assets, like gold and silver, but, or it’ll show up as digital assets like Bitcoin and Aetherium. But at the end of the day, whatever you pay for you pay for with money that you earn by creating value for someone other than yourself. So the very act of entrepreneurship by its very nature has to be self sacrificing, if you’re gonna win as an entrepreneur, I mean, y’all gotta wait, wait, let me see. I got it way back. Okay, good. Cool. So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to look at what God said up in Genesis chapter one. And I call it the four levels of value. So because here’s what you’re like, here’s one of the things I think we don’t understand. Sometimes, all value is not created equally, right? What does that mean? All value is not created equally. So well, but I created this value. Yeah, but the problem is, either you valued it, or maybe one other person valued it, you wonder why, like, if you’re not doing well, financially, I’m going to tell you why.

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Because the pool of people that you’ve decided to create value for is very small, or the thing that you the value that you’ve created for them, they value it at a very low level. Like it’s not like a big deal, right? I’m gonna pay more for a car than I am for a pair of shoes, why that’s a bigger value, why it did take me farther, take me farther, faster than a pair of shoes. Right? So to me, so watch this. So like, even if I go to eat at Ocean prime, or I go to any movies, and it cost $500 For dinner for like seven people, or whatever, I value that more than I value the money number one, but I also value it because it gives me the time that I want to spend or invest into the people that I care about the most. And I don’t have to like, I don’t have to make the food my wife didn’t have to make the food, my daughter didn’t bring the food, my son, my son in law, we could just sit down, we’d go to dinner and pay somebody, they make all the stuff. Like we don’t have to go in the kitchen doing we didn’t have to open the refrigerator. They just keep bringing it to you. And then you don’t have to clean off the table. I mean, if you don’t want to you don’t even have to put your own pepper on your food, they’ll put the prep room for you.

Myron Golden 18:28
This is amazing. And then when you get done, you don’t have to clean table you don’t have to wash the dishes you just leave what’s sign me up right now. I mean all dragon like so so so we have to get to the place in our lives where we realize that all value is not created equally. Right. So while I’m giving you things that are not created equally, let me give you some is created equally because all value is not created equally. All noes are created equally. But All yeses are not. What do I mean all noes are created equally? If you do a presentation to a potential client who does not have the wherewithal to buy your offer? And they say no, it feels the exact same as if you do a presentation to somebody who does have the wherewithal to buy your offer and they say no, a no is a no is a no is a no is a nose a nose a nose a no. Does that make sense? Okay. But if you talk to somebody who does not have the ability to take advantage of your offer and you make an offer to that person and they say yes that’s very different than when you talk to a person who want has the desire to take advantage of your offer and they say yes they have the a bit one has the ability one doesn’t have those are two very different yeses.

Myron Golden 19:57
All noes are created equally all Yes. or not? Why would you invest time talking to people who have neither the desire nor the willingness to buy your offer, that’s why I don’t do high pressure sales. I’m just not interested. I don’t, I don’t, I’m not, I don’t need your money, I don’t want your money. And if I gotta drag you in, I’m gonna have to drag you around, like, I’m like, we would all do better if we would just realize there are already 1000s, potentially 10s of 1000s, potentially hundreds of 1000s of people, maybe even millions of people in the world who would love them to buy to purchase the value that we create, if they only knew we existed. And if that were really the case, then I would be better off to spend my time to make myself findable than I am trying to find somebody to sell something to is what I’m saying. Making sense. Okay, so all values not created equally. In Genesis chapter one and two, God gave us the four levels of value, the lowest level of values implementation, implementation, oh, by the way, let me say this wealth. Wealth is, it’s like, the value we create for other people. But here’s what you have to understand about wealth, wealth is a spiritual result.

Myron Golden 21:14
What do I mean wealth is a spiritual result? Well, let me ask you a question. Is it more spiritual for you to think about you or for you to think about someone else? Which one, someone else? It’s more spiritual, for you to think about solving the problems with someone other than you. Okay? So wealth is a spiritual result, by the way, while there’s also a spiritual result, because creativity is spiritual, right? And so if you’re gonna create value for somebody that’s also spiritual, so watch this. So the lowest level of value is implementation, what I mean, this is like, if you’re on this level of if you’re on this level of value, if you’re creating value for other people at the implementation level, you have limited, who is limited by time yourself and just say I have, you’ve limited your ability to earn. Why? Because you’re only going to make somewhere between minimum wage and about 80,000 a year. Well, that sounds kind of painful. Why? Because you’re using muscles, which are a physical resource over time, which is a limited resource. So you’re, you’re literally using a physical resource over a limited resource to produce an unlimited spiritual result.

Myron Golden 22:26
No wonder you’re stuck. This is why I tell people now if you like, if you just love, like mowing grass, you wanna start a lawn care company, that’s fine. You just love pressure washing one started pressure washing business, that’s fine. You can make money and create a level of wealth, a level of wealth, but a limited level of wealth with a pressure washing business you can, or a landscape business or a janitorial service. But here’s the problem. You’re anchoring your income generation to time and physical labor. Bat is always going to pay you at the lowest possible level. Why? Because muscles are a physical resource. Time is a limited resource. Wealth is an unspent unlimited spiritual result. Okay, what’s the next level? The next level is unification. Unification on this level, you’re gonna make somewhere between 40,000 a year. And maybe if you’re like at a fortune 500, fortune 100 company, you might make? Oops, you might make $250,000 a year. Well, that how many 40,200 50,000 is better than minimum wage to 80,000? Right? That’s a better that’s a better window.

Myron Golden 23:45
But I mean, do you really? And maybe you do. But do you really want a whole year to go by and you only make $250,000? I mean, that’s a question we have to answer for ourselves. And for some people, the answer is like, Man, if I had a year went by me too, and that’s more than 20,000 on sign me up right now. Okay, great. sign you up right now, but probably not sign you up forever. Right. Can I get a witness? Right? Like, it’s not it’s not a bad place to start, but it’s not where we want to land. Okay, what is this, this unification on this level? The resource we use on this level is our management skills. Managing people is a higher spiritual activity than doing the thing yourself. Or your tracking.

Myron Golden 24:26
That’s why when people get into management, they make more this person over here, they’re making tacos at Taco Bell. They’re making minimum wage. This person might be a mechanic working at a Rolls Royce dealership, or maybe maybe probably, maybe a Mercedes dealership or BMW dealership. This person right here is managing Taco Bell. This person right here is a middle manager at Lockheed Martin. But the reality is, if some company is paying you $250,000 a year, they want you to know they know they own you. Am I telling the truth? They want you to know they don’t just want you to know they own you. They want you to know data. Right. And so, so like, if that’s what you desire, that’s fine, but maybe maybe there’s a way to have a level of freedom beyond that, and I believe that wealth begins to be created. above this line, wealth begins on the level of communication. Communication communicate ation.

Myron Golden 25:28
Communication on the level of communication. Now, somebody said, the level, the quality of your life will be equal to the quality of your communication. Okay, so communication, the the resource you use on this level is your mouth. Now, there’s a caveat, you have to have a mouth. You have to be willing to learn to use it. To do what, create messages that move the masses. It’s amazing. It’s amazing that this all of this is harder than this. But to become a person who’s skilled at this is harder than just doing this. What do I mean? Some people will maintain a state of physical diligence, so they don’t have to develop a level of verbal diligence, and verbal intelligence and verbal acuity. Right, they, I just, I don’t want to have to learn how to talk. So I’m just gonna go ahead and keep on working my fingers to the bone. Well,that’s one way to do it. Right?

Myron Golden 26:34
Okay. Well, so communication on this level, low, low end, you should make at least $100,000 a year if you can sell cars you can make 100,000 a year

Myron Golden 26:45
selling cars, selling insurance, right? selling advertising

Myron Golden 26:53
100,000 a year but on the high end you might make 100 million why? Because you’re using your mouth to deliver value. Well man, what do you mean 100,001? Like you know who these people are? These people are salespeople. Right? They’re also authors. They write books. Like we got like we have our books probably make us $400,000 A year just books I wrote them once get paid for him every day what does a message communicate it’s like these words that came to my mind and they actually came out of my mouth. Like I communicated a message that makes me hundreds of I communicated messages one of one of the books I wrote in 2006 this 2023 That 17 year old been making me money for same thing we sold over 150 560,000 copies of just one book. Now who could write a book anybody could who will write a book almost no one Okay, so or you might or these people are these people are coaches and teachers and actors and songwriters and and playwrights, right? We Oh, please don’t let me forget this one. And YouTubers.

Myron Golden 28:40
It’s crazy town, YouTube, YouTube.

Myron Golden 28:44
Don’t even get me started on YouTube, y’all. I might not be able to get off of it. Like YouTube. Like, I had no idea. I’ve been on YouTube since 2007 2007. I didn’t even know there was a thing called Turning on monetization until 2022.

Myron Golden 29:05
How many years is that? 15 think it’s 15 and Deputy 15 years I was on YouTube for 15 years. I didn’t know all I had to do a click a button they start paying. Click a button. Like just how long it takes because one click

Myron Golden 29:18
get paid. I mean, I wasn’t creating new videos. I had like 40 videos on. We turn on monetization, did no new videos the first month, didn’t do any new videos, hadn’t done any new videos in like eight months, turned on monetization. And we got paid $305 and Zach’s like weed me through and find out. And I said for what? Because somewhere along the line I communicated a message somebody wanted to see and Google or YouTube was able to sell an add on that. We’re talking about 200 This is amazing.

Myron Golden 29:56
Last week, we looked at it I looked at yesterday. I didn’t know this was gonna have happen. So I didn’t do it for this reason, or you’re trying what I’m about to tell you, I did not do for the reason I’m about to tell you what happened. Okay, so we started doing YouTube videos intentionally April 1 last year. I looked at it yesterday, in the last 12 365 days. As of yesterday, we made $289,000 that YouTube paid us. I didn’t know they were gonna do that. No, no, no, you aren’t saying I have no idea. They were gonna do that. Like that. That wasn’t why I did it. I mean, it was a nice side benefit. Right? I’ve never had a job where I made $280,000 In my life, most ever made it a job. It’s 30,000 Ever, ever as a full grown man with a family and YouTube pay me $29,000 For turn on a camera running my mouth, where the camera turn up turn on the camera, I got something to say

Myron Golden 30:58
the highest level of values imagination. It still blows my mind. This, the resource you use this level is your mind and your money to make money to create value for other people.

Myron Golden 31:13
And what happens is at this level on the low end, low end,

Myron Golden 31:16
you’re gonna make a million dollars. On the high end, it could be billions. And I know that sounds crazy. There’s one YouTuber, this dude has 150 million subscribers. He gets over 100 million views a month 100 million views. If he only makes $2 of you.

Myron Golden 31:42
That’s 200 million a month.

Myron Golden 31:47
You’re tracking. It’s just the whole the whole world that we live in his kind of insanity. That’s kind of the combination of insane and maniacal put together. This so we can we can fight to stay down here. And people will do it too. Because this everything you do down here is hard. But I don’t know if anything’s harder than than this than thinking thinking is the hardest work most people never do. In fact, I believe that most people will maintain a state of physical diligence so they can maintain a state of mental laziness. They will work hard at what’s not working. So they don’t have to think about what would work. They will most people. Most people will work hard at what’s not working. So they won’t have to think about what would work they will they will be maintain a state of physical diligence, like working their fingers to the bone sweat, blood tears. So they don’t have to think about what would work. So they can maintain a state of mental laziness. Most people are so mentally Lazy, Lazy, it’s pathetic. Now, I know some of you are thinking, Man, I don’t know about what you’ve been reading. I did not see that. Chapter one.

Myron Golden 33:07
Okay, I’m gonna read it to you. It’s kind of mind blowing. So a couple things. Couple things. One, is that Genesis chapter one, I believe, if all God wanted us to know from Genesis chapter one that was that He created everything. Genesis chapter one could have been Genesis chapter one, verse one. In the beginning, God created the heaven, the earth, things started going in all this detail. And the earth was without form and void and darkness around the face of the deep and Spirit of God who would have been facing the waters. And God said, Let there be light and there was light. And God saw the light that it was good. Like, what is all that about? Well, the first thing God tells us about God is not that He is love, even though he’s love. It’s not that he’s holy, even though he’s holy.

Myron Golden 33:51
The first thing that God tells us about God is not that he’s omniscient or omnipresent and omnipotent. Even though he has all those things. The first thing God tells us about God is that he’s creative. In the beginning, God created the heaven, the earth. What’s the first thing God tells us about us? The first thing he tells us about us is that He created us in His image, which means he created us to create stuff and he made us to make stuff. What does that mean? What that means is when God created everything, after he created everything, just chapter one, verse one, in the beginning, God created heaven, earth after he, like he did it. Then he went back and documented the process. So when we got ready to create value for someone else, we’d have a pattern. In the beginning, God created heaven, earth, that was his intention. And the earth was without form, that word was not used to be it’s became without form and void. So disruption always follows intention. Right? And darkness on the face of the deep. So when disruption comes, it comes in the form of the voidness, deformity and darkness. Like things get broken.

Myron Golden 34:49
There’s confusion, darkness is a picture of confusion, and, and, and, and, and fear and anxiety. And then the Spirit of God moved upon the face as well. Water. So you have this intention. And then this drops, disruption follows your intention. So now you got to find the source of inspiration. The Spirit of God moved upon the face of waters, God said, Let there be light. That’s illumination, you got to learn something you didn’t know. So you can see something you couldn’t see. Do you see what happens when we unpolite? When we see God’s not just, he’s not just Well, I just happened to do this. I had no, no, he’s showing us what to do. And then he took time to see what he had created. And then he recognized that it was good. See, some of us like, we’ll go do all this really great stuff. And then we won’t even take time to enjoy it and create it. You’re not even being like God.

Myron Golden 35:40
Okay, you’re tracking, so it gets more better. So here it is. Genesis chapter one. I’m going to show y’all where I got this from Genesis Chapter numero uno. Here we go. Here’s what it says. When God created man, I’m going to just go down to that part. Here’s what it says, verse 26, and God said, Let us make man in our image after our likeness, and let them have dominion over the efficiency or the Valliere and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that moveth upon the earth. So God created man in His own image and image God created him, male and female created he them, so God bless them and said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the efficiency or the family air and over every moving over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Okay, so here’s the first thing we see. And God said, it’s really interesting. So if you go back and read Genesis, chapter one, you’ll see, as you’ll see, it says, And God said, like, Genesis one, I think it’s verse three. And God said, Let there be light, made us verse four. And God said, Let there be light, right?

Myron Golden 36:38
Okay. When God created creation, He said, Let there be, let there be light. Let there be a firmament that separates the waters from the waters. So when God created creation, there’s three categories, there’s creation, there’s creatures, and there’s creators. When God created creation, He said, Let there be when God created creatures, he said, Let the earth bring forth and Let the waters bring forth, Let the earth bring forth the cattle and the creeping things, let the water bring forth. The fish and the foul. What is God doing? He’s delegating some of the work that he did to something that he’s already created. So we could call that delegation, we could call that automation, right? Are y’all tracking so that you’re not doing everything? Okay, so you’re tracking, okay, now. But when He created man, He didn’t say, Let there be man that shows the man is not a higher form of animal. He didn’t say, Let the earth bring forth man. He didn’t say Let the waters bring forth man. So we know that man is very, very different than creation. And he’s very, very different than creatures. How do we know that? Because what God said, when He created them was different. When he created creation. He said, Let there be when he created creatures, he said, Let the waters bring forth Let the earth bring forth when He created man, here’s what he said, let us let us make man in our image.

Oh, I’m about once he said, I’m about to do something different job than everything I’ve already done. I saved the best fallax is bound to be own y’all.

Myron Golden 38:14
Okay, now, God said, Let us make man in our image. You know what that means? Before God could say let us make man in our image. The image had to exist first. That’s why imagination is the highest level because it represents God. It’s the route God Realm. God said, Oh, there’s the communication. By the way, Could God have made man his image without saying it? Yes, he could have. But he said it. Why? Because that’s part of our creative power is to create messages that move us and messages that move others. Here’s the Scripture says, A man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof, thou shalt also declare thing and it shall be established were unto thee. I’m not talking about speaking things into existence. You can’t do that. I can’t do that. Only God could do that. That’s a Barack, the only person in Scripture who browses God.

Myron Golden 39:16
What I can do is I can talk to myself like David did when he did what encouraged himself in the Lord. How do you encourage yourself and Lord say the same thing to yourself that God said to you about you? When I speak God’s word to me, guess what I’m doing? I am installing faith into a space where doubt used to exist, so I can take an action and faith that I could not take in doubt. How many I’ll track it. Why? How do I know that because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by what? The Word of God so the best thing I can do for me is to say the same thing about me that God says about me, because when I see myself like he sees me now I can do what he says I can do and not what other people say I can’t do it. Are y’all tracking? And so so so M gods. So this is where I got the four levels of value, right? So when working with those highest level work in that imagination realm, then we start communicating, we’re working that communication realm. But God didn’t say, let me make man in my image, what’d he say?

Myron Golden 40:16
Let us make man in our image. That’s the unification part. Two are better than one, a three fold cord is not quickly broken. Or you’re like, this is like this is so powerful for like you want use the money is nothing more than proof that you’ve created the value. The wealth is the value that you create for someone other than yourself. And if you create enough value for enough other people, there’s nothing in this world that you desire that you can’t have now, and maybe that’s not even what you want. Like I like there’s nothing in this world that I desired that I don’t already have. So I’m paying somebody comment on one of my videos. Just I just read yesterday somebody comment on my one of my videos, they said, but you can’t take it with you. And I can’t take the lot I got with me you can’t take the loonie, you got what you when you take it none of it with us. Let’s first but I said I have needed the desire. I’ve needed the desire nor the inclination to take any of it with me. I’m not working to take it with me. I’m working so that I can keep contributing to the to the charities in the ministries that I contribute to. And so that I can leave the rest to my children, my children’s children have no intention of taking with me. I can send some ahead and I can leave the rest here. I have no desire to take any with me. Man, how much money do you want to make as much as I can? How much wealth you want to create as much as I can. But wealth is not the money. Wealth is the value that I create for someone other than me.

Myron Golden 41:58
Okay, I gotta I gotta finish the last thing it says Genesis chapter two, because it’s I didn’t realize Larry didn’t tell me that I was getting ready go over time, but that’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Now I know who I’m dealing with. Okay. Larry’s my dude. Okay, so here’s what says Genesis chapter two verse seven, And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life in the man became a living soul. I’m gonna finish with this. God formed. What is that? That’s the implementation, the last thing God did was made the physical part of man. Then what do you do? He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, the man that he made in his imagination with his communication pattern after his unification, He breathed that man into the body that he formed. And the man became a living soul. That’s why I call these the four levels of value.

Myron Golden 42:51
Now y’all know where I got it from in Genesis chapter one, by the way, it’s confirmed to Genesis chapter 11. The people in Babel were trying to build a tower whose top could reach heaven. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds on a day where they don’t have hydraulic they don’t have helicopters, they don’t have cranes. But here’s what says the Lord God came down to see the tower, the sun, the city and the tower which sons of men build it. He said, This people is one that’s unification. They all have one language, that’s communication, and one speech. Now this they begin to do that’s implementation. Now nothing will be restrained from them, which they’ve imagined to do. There are the four levels about if you apply these four levels, even working on something that’s not good, it will still work. That’s how powerful it is. Because it’s a principle and principles are God’s automation. So let’s make sure we apply the four levels of value to something good and not to something evil. I hope that blesses you.

Myron Golden 43:40
Thank you for subscribing by the way, next Friday, which is the ninth I think of June, I’m going to be doing a giveaway for subscribers. So you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you haven’t already. You want to subscribe to the channel because we’re going to be picking some subscribers. You want to subscribe publicly so people know so we can pick from the people who subscribe and we’re going to pick somebody and we’re going to be doing a giveaway. I’m not gonna tell you what the giveaway is right now. But I’ll tell you on the Bible study here that’s coming up in a few minutes. All right, bye for now.

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