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You Can’t Lose With The Stuff I Use

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Have you ever found yourself in an impossible situation or a seemingly impossible situation where it felt like the only option was to lose or lose, to be defeated or be defeated? Like to quit? Or to give up? Have you ever found yourself in a situation like that? I have. And unfortunately, I have to admit, I didn’t always make the right decision. You know, when it comes to fight or flight, sometimes flight makes sense. Sometimes you just gotta get out of there sometimes got to stand your ground, you got to fight.

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And in this video, I want to talk to you about this subject, either fight like a champ, or fold like a chump. Which one are you going to do when it’s your time to shine? I want to read a story from First Samuel, chapter 17. About David and Goliath. I know you’re familiar with the story. But are you familiar with these parts of the story? Here’s what it says. It says in verse 22, and David left his carriage in the hands of the keeper of this carriage, and he ran into the army, and he came and saluted his brother.

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And as he talked with them, behold, there came up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name, and out of the armies out of the armies of the Philistines, and spake according to the same words, and David heard them now, you got to understand the story towels. If you go back to the beginning of the story, it tells us that Goliath the champion of death, told us how tall he was. So he was cute. Three, three cubits in a span, how much is that? About 10 feet tall. It’s kind of mind blowing. When you think about this dude’s 10 feet tall. The Bible says he had six fingers on each hand, because his hand was just too big for only five fingers, I guess, and six toes on each foot. The Scripture tells us that his spear head weighed 16 pounds. I don’t know.

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That’s, that’s the weight of a bowling ball. How strong is a person have to be to throw a spear where the head of the spear is 16 pounds. So he had a coat of mail, which weighed approximately between 140 150 pounds. This is a big old Joker. He was so big, he’d have to call Shaquille O’Neal little fella pat him on top of it was that little fella. And this is the guy who came out as the champion of gap. Now, you got to understand what a champion was. In those days, a champion was one soldier that would fight one soldier from an opposing army. And whoever won that was the decider of the battle. What were they fighting for? They were fighting for the freedom of their families. Goliath said, Send me a man that I may fight against him. If he wins, we will be your slaves. And if you win, I mean, if he wins, we will be your slaves.

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But if I win, y’all will be our slaves. So they’re fighting for the freedom of their entire country. They’re fighting for the freedom of their family, their fathers, their mothers, their brothers, their sisters, and they’re fighting for this freedom. And everybody sees Goliath, they hear his voice that sounds like thunder, and they’re afraid. And he comes out and he challenges them in the valley of Isla, not for a day, not for a week, but for 40 days in a row. David’s David wasn’t in the army. They were was the little brother of some soldiers. And he goes down to take some food to his brothers and to find out how they’re doing in the battle. And while he’s there, this happens in verse 22, or that which we just read. And then it says in verse 23, and as he talked, behold, there came up with the champion the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name out of the armies of the Philistines to speak according to the same words, and David heard them. So this is day number 40 are day number 41.

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But this is the first time David’s heard it. And here’s what it says in verse 24. And all the men of Israel when they saw the man fled from him, and were so afraid, what did they do? They folded. When the time of their battle, the confrontation with the giant showed up, they folded. Let me ask you a question. When your shining giant shows up, are you going to fold or you’re gonna fight? I remember, I remember a very, very, very vivid situation like this for me. When I was in sixth grade, it’s the only time in my life I got beat up by a girl. And I mean, she beat me up too, literally. And, and so my family moved around a lot. I went to nine different schools, growing up nine different schools. My family moved around a lot. I went to two different elementary schools, like three different junior high schools, maybe four, and then a couple of different high schools. I mean, it was just like we moved around a bunch. And so we grew up in Pennsylvania and this little coal mining, like coal mine country Lewistown, Pennsylvania, where people talk, what you would consider pretty funny to mark they didn’t call me Myron, they call me Mark.

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Admire and we’re humans going in once a while. Right. And that’s how we talk we moved and so we moved from there to pencil to Florida to Tampa, Florida. So all my cousins in Pennsylvania, they call me Mom, Mom, what are you doing then wants to while you guys want to come over to the house, then? That’s how we talked, grown up. And then my cousins in Florida like my room, what do you do? Right? So and so I moved to Florida, and the kids on the bus. They did not like us because we talked for me. Like kids don’t need a reason. If you’re different than them. They’re not going to like you. And so I remember, they picked on us every day and they called us names. They threatened to kill us. They threatened to beat us up me and my five little brothers, my older brother went to another school and you and they just pick on us. And I remember going home and thinking, I hate this school. I hate this town. I hate living here. And I remember one day we had to go to school and I was like, Dad, do we have to go to school these kids are always picking on. He said, I’m a tape boy, I’m gonna tell you what you do. He said, You take the first one. And you grab them by the collar and you beat him about the head and shoulders. They’ll never mess with you another day. And I’m thinking to myself, he’s crazy. They’re crazy. I’m surrounded by crazy people. My dad’s from this place. I’m sure this makes sense to him.

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I was born here, but I’m just getting here. And this does not make sense to me. I said, but that would have been a girl. He said, I’m in sixth grade. Nice. I’m like, Okay, I was way more scared of him than I was with them. And I remember that day, we’re in the car. And with my brothers and I we are just so tormented by these other kids. And I remember this girl came up to me, and she had a stick in her hand. She said, I’m gonna hurt you. And you’re here. We’re just I grabbed her by the collar on like predator, the predator, the predator, the predator predator. And I’m, I’m hitting her in the head, and then she’s trying to hit me this ticket, I’m wrestling hits this patrol, the girl Mary. Mary was about the size of Goliath in the sixth grade. I’m sure she had flunked at least 17 times. She was taller than I am now. And she had a voice that is deeper than mine will ever be. And she said, Well, you hit me in my ear with that she did. What was her? She literally I’m not exactly I know. Sounds like exaggeration is not. She picked me up overhead threw me on the ground. They’re beaten me. They’re beaten the living daylights out of me. The bus comes, they all take off running. And I got up and I didn’t feel anything. But I had this big old knot on my left arm. We went to the principal’s office. But do you know what happened? After that day? Those kids never said another crossword to us ever. I was like, I thought my dad was a nut. He’s actually a prophet.

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Okay, so anyway, so I stood and fought that day. I wish I could say that every day in my life. I stood and fought after that. I’m going to tell you another story later on, about something that happened to me in my life, where now in hindsight, I know that me and my family would have been better off had I stood and fought my stood my ground and fought but I didn’t. I capitulated to life. And I allow the challenge the champion that was challenging me, I allowed him to intimidate me to the point where I just gave up. And it almost like it literally almost took me completely out of the game of entrepreneurship. Well, here’s what it says in verse number 25. And all the men of Israel said, have you seen the man? Have you seen this man that has come up surely to defy Israel is he come up? And it shall be that the man that killed him, the king will enrich him with great riches? And he will give him his daughter and make his father’s house free in Israel? What does that mean? That means the person that kills the champion, the king said, I’m gonna give you a whole bunch of money. And he said, and you get to marry the king’s daughter, and no more taxes. I don’t want the king’s daughter, I don’t want the money. Just give me to no more taxes. Can I get a witness? What am I? Right? I’m like ready for that one, right.

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So now not only fighting for the physical freedom of his family, but he’s fighting for the financial freedom as a family as well. The men it says in verse 26, and David spake to the men that stood by him saying, What shall we do? How do I know you did that? Because that’s what you say when they say they’re gonna give you a whole bunch of money and you’re gonna have to pay taxes no more, and you get to marry the king’s daughter. You say, Well St Tammany say why? So David said, David said, speaking to the man, verse 26, stood by him saying, What shall be done to the man that killed his Philistine and taken away the reproach from Israel? For who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the Army as a living God, I want you to notice the language. He said. He said, this uncircumcised Philistine and when you read this as a Westerner, that question doesn’t make any sense. But when you read this, as a Hebrew, it makes perfect sense. Because what was the circumcision? The circumcision was the reciprocation of the covenant with God. It’s what most what, that’s what Moses, that’s when Abraham reciprocated the covenant that God made with him in Genesis chapter 12, and Genesis chapter 15. And now Moses did the circumcision in Genesis chapter 17, I think it was, and he said, he said, Okay, I’m in covenant with you. And a covenant was a promise that you made on your life. And so God promised his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Abraham, that if anybody curses you, I’ll curse them. And I’ll bless those that bless you. And when David heard the liath, cursing the armies of Israel, he knew Goliath couldn’t win.

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Something he heard, gave him faith that gave him the ability to overcome to overcome the giant which he saw. What do we learn from that we learned that doubt is created in the eyes. But faith is created in the ears. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. When I rehearsed in my ears, the words of God that he has already spoken. It gives me the ability to overcome any obstacle that I see in front of my face. Watch what happens next, Joe? It says, And David spake, verse one, verse 27, and the people answered him again after this man are saying, so shall it be done to the man that killed him. So I want you to understand what happened there. David had had literally had a contract to kill Goliath. He didn’t Kill Goliath because Goliath was threatening God are threatening God’s people. He just killed Goliath because Goliath was threatening his brothers. He killed Goliath because he was gonna get paid to kill Goliath. David negotiated this contract for the mentorian was gonna happen. He said, Say what’s gonna happen? They told him again. Then they rehearsed it again three times. Why three times because in the Hebrew, according to Hebrew law, at the mouth of two or three witnesses, let everything be established. So now, this is a legal and binding contract. People told him, this is what’s going to happen to the man that kills Goliath. David said, so I ain’t just gonna remove the reproach from Israel, I’m gonna get great riches, I’m gonna get the king’s daughter to marry and no more taxes for my family. Let’s go. Let me add it. Well, they went and told the king, what David said, was 28. Well, first his brothers, his brothers were irritated with him. And Elliot, the eldest brother heard when David spoken to the men, and then let lamc anger was kindled against David and said, Ye comments down down hither, with humans that have left those those few sheep in the wilderness.

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I know that pride in the nuttiness of dinehart for bow has come down, but that might have see the battle. If David was a smart aleck little brother like my little brothers could be. And like I was with my older brother, okay, keeping it real. I would have said, come down and see the bat, I don’t see about a Yo, hi, and you’re in fight. That’s what I just said. Right? David’s brother was jealous, because earlier in chapter 13, Samuel came down, and was looking for the son of David that he was going to anoint to be the next king of Israel. And David didn’t even get invited to his own coronation service. Just because God put greatness inside of you don’t expect the people who are the closest to you to see it. Sometimes the people who are the closest to you, that’s hardest for them to see. David didn’t even get invited to his own coronation. And Samuel had to look at one brother after another note, the Lord has not chosen this note, the Lord has not chosen this. Nope, the Lord does not show that. He said, Surely you have another son. His father said, Yeah, but that’s just David. Calling it here’s what Sammy said, The Lord’s anointed as before you do you understand that? That it’s not uncommon for common people to not see the uncommon greatness that is in you. That’s not uncommon. That’s natural. That’s normal. You understand? Joseph’s brothers couldn’t see Joseph streams. They couldn’t understand Joseph’s words, David’s brothers couldn’t understand His anointing that was for his appointing. So they thought, Oh, I know your pride. You just think you’re something because Samuel anointed us that us. And David said, What am I now done? Is there not a cause?

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This cause is bigger than your little petty beef against me, the cause of our family’s freedom is bigger than the fact that you think I’m being prideful. The cause of our family freedom is bigger than Goliath. You clearly can’t see that, or you wouldn’t have been running from him. Don’t be mad at me, because I ran towards what you ran from, see the people in our family, they want to keep us safe. They want to make sure we’re gonna be okay. So they want us to be afraid of what they’re afraid of. But we don’t know how to be afraid of those things. I’m an entrepreneur, I don’t know how to be afraid of entrepreneurship. I don’t know how to be afraid of the what you call a lack of security, you know, I’m afraid of, I’m afraid of the mediocrity, it comes with security. I’m afraid of the average SNESs that comes with going along to get along and blending in and signing the banana to be one of the bunch. I’m more afraid of that than I am attempting something that doesn’t work. I’m more afraid of folding than I am fighting and losing. I would rather fight and take a chance of dying than not to fight at all and just go and be the slaves of these Philistines. That’s what David was fighting. Is there not a cause? is the cause bigger than Isn’t it worth fighting for? Hey, let me ask you a question. You’re watching this right now on YouTube.

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Isn’t your family’s financial freedom worth fighting for? Like isn’t setting your family up for generations worth fighting for isn’t being able to take care of your aging parents worth fighting for? I don’t know if it is for you but for me Oh, it’s everything isn’t leaving an inheritance to your children’s children worth fighting for? For me it is I get it there’s a risk but even not to risk is the risk is a risk. Everything’s a risk to walk as far as falling down to drink water is to risk drowning. But some risk are just worth taking. Anyway, got a little worked up there. I’m gonna I’m gonna pump the brakes eventually. And then it says any turn from him toward another and speak after the same manner. And the people answered him again after format David is getting his contract locked in. And when the words were heard, which David spake, they rehearse them before Saul and he sent for him. And David said to Saul, I love this. I love this. Let no man’s heart fail because of him by servant will go and fight this Philistine. Do you understand what’s necessary right now? Do you understand? We are at a crossroads in the United States of America. We’re at a crossroads in the world where the people who are willing to stand up and say enough was enough already?

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Where are the parents who are not going to capitulate to the politically correct elitist, who want boys to go in our little girls bathrooms, where the people are going to stand up and fight for the fight for women’s rights, instead of special rights for people with weird agendas? You say, Man, I can’t believe you said that. Well, you might as well believe it. Because I said, Yeah, I mean, you have, you have to be drinking a particular brand of Kool Aid to act like you don’t get it. Said, like time somebody stood up and fought for the rights of our children and our children’s children. And somebody’s like, oh, I don’t want to offend anybody. Okay, so we’re going to let them we’re going to let them take control of our children, like Joe Biden said, recently, he said, these are our children. There’s no such thing as our child. Now, me and my wife we have, we have our children after that we and when they’re, you know, our children, your children and my children. And your children, and my children, my children and your children, and the government don’t have any children, but they’re trying to take control over our children and act like they’re the ones that are responsible for them. And there are some states in the United States of America, where the government can come and take your children because he they disagree with what you believe.

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Okay? Where other people were willing to stand up and fight for the freedoms, the freedom to think the freedoms of speech, the freedom to be an individual, and not go along to get along. Hey, you know what, even people I just even people that I disagree with, I’ll stand and fight for their right to be, I’ll stand for it and fight for their right to believe what they want to believe, even when I disagree with them. Racism is dumb as a box of rocks, but a person at least has a right to be a racist. Yeah, I said it. I believe that homosexuality is wrong, but a person has a right in the United States of America to be one. But here’s what you don’t have a right. You don’t have the right to teach my children that it’s okay and take my right for me to teach them that it’s not okay. I ain’t cool with it. And I’m ready to fool with it. David seven of the saw, I servant kept No, no, no, I got a little excited to get ahead of myself. And when the words in verse 2032. And David said to Saul, let no man’s heart fail because of him by certain will go and fight this Philistine. And Saul said to David, Thou are not able to go against him against this Philistine to fight with him for thou art but to you and he a man of war from as you do you understand people who live their lives capitulating to fear, they want to project their fear on you don’t take it. Don’t take their fear.

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He said, You can’t fight this. So here’s what Saul saying. I’m the tallest dude in Israel. I can’t fight him. You listen to me, you can’t fight him. Hey, don’t try to super impose your beliefs on me. Because just because that’s what you believe. Your belief is not my reality. And it’s not going to be my experience in reality. I sat him on fighting. I don’t care how long he been fighting. He never fought. Nobody liked me before. It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight and the dog. And this dog got some fighting. Y’all hear me you? Somebody heard before I drove up. And then it says, David said unto solvers, 34 they serve it kept his father sheet, and there came a lion and a bear and took a lamb out in a flop. And I went out after him. David showed up on a totally different level to me, because I’m gonna say, Mr. Bear, Yogi, you enjoy that you want me to go to some grave for this? Lambchop like I am frightened, no bear for the lamb, but not David. David said, This is my responsibility, and I’m taking it seriously. He said, I went after a bear. I went after a lion. And he said to lamb and a flock, verse 35. And I went out after him and smote him and delivered it out of his mouth. And when he arose against me, like, how dare you take my lamb chop, I caught him by his beard and smote him and slew him. And I serve at SLU both the lion and the bear. And this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them seeing heavy, have defied the arms limit God,

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he said, Hey, if you can’t lose the stuff I use, I’m gonna show you the stuff David use, it’s gonna blow your mind. It’s gonna blow your mind. Why is David why is this boy not afraid to fight a lion? Why is he not afraid to fight a bear for a lamp? Like this giant, I’ve already got experience with that there’s gonna be easy. Then it says. David said, moreover, the Lord that deliver me out of the poverty line out of Paul the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine and Saul said unto David, go, and the Lord be with women, the people who are afraid when they find somebody who’s not afraid. First, they’ll try to discourage you, but when they realize it’s impossible to discourage you, they’ll try to encourage Alright, you go with me to lobby with you. I’m gonna pray for you. And saw arm David with his armor, and put in helmet a brass upon his head and the armor with a coat of male and David girded upon them girded his sword upon the armor and assayed to go where he or he had not proved it, and David said under some Oh, I cannot go with these four I have not proved them. And David put them off him. See people who are afraid they will want you to use their methodologies that won’t work for them. And they somehow want you to believe that they’ll work for you. I am buying Davidson, I can’t go with these.

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I have not proved them. I ain’t gonna do some that don’t work. Like I was talking to some folks this morning here in my studio. Like when I do events, like when I do live events for adult people. I don’t serve alcohol. Why I can’t go with these. I’ve not proved them. I’ve already seen the damage that alcohol can do. And I’m not saying that alcohol is necessarily wrong. If a person wants to consume it, I ain’t gonna consume and I quit drinking when I was 11. I’m done. I’m food. It’s a wrap. And I ain’t gonna serve anybody else. Why? Because I can’t go with it. I haven’t proved it. Right? I’m not going to do something just because everybody else is doing it. I don’t have shiny objects. And sometimes people do stuff that works and I still ain’t gonna do it. Why? I can’t go with this. I haven’t proved it. If you’ve got something that works if you got a methodology that works. Do you boo, stop trying to do somebody else not trying to do somebody else’s thing. Hey, guess what, it was a great day in my life. When I realized I have no competition. Like zero, you might be able to make a funnel better than me. You might be able to do a presentation better me you might be a better speaker than me. You might be a better coach than me. But guess what? You can’t you ain’t better at me to be in me. And I am better human being you. And so while you’re being you, I can celebrate you you go get them do you go get them girl. And when I’m being me, you can either celebrate me or tolerate me. But one thing you can’t do is you can’t eliminate me because I’m fixing to do me.

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And then it says verse number 37 Oh no verse number 38, and saw verse number 39. And David girded his sword upon his armor and say, verse number 40. And he took his staff in his hand and shows him five smooths stones out of the brook. And he put them in the shepherd’s bag, which he had even even a script and slang was in his hand, and he drew near to the Philistine. And David came in June near I’m sorry, in the Philistine came and drew niranda David, and the man, the bear his shield went before his shield was so heavy and somebody else carried it. That’s how big Elias shield was. He he’s gonna wish he had it in a minute. And the Philistine came and drew near on the David, and the man bears shield went before him. And when the Philistine looked out, looked about and saw David, he disdained him for he was but a youth and ready and about fair countenance. The Philistines said unto David and my dog, that thou comes to me with staves, and the Philistine curse David by his gods. And the Philistines said, David, come to me, and I will give thy flesh to 1000 the air and abuse the field. And David said to the Philistine, you come down comes to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, who now has defied and this day, the Lord will deliver thee into my hand, and I will smite thee, and take thy head from thee, and I will give thy carcass to the host, the carcass of the host of the Philistines, this day, to the 1000 the air to the wild beasts of the earth, and the earth that the earth may know that there’s a God in Israel, and all the assemble shot all the assembly shall know that the Lord, same if not with sword atmosphere, but the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give you into our hands and David and it came to pass when the Philistine rose and came and drew nigh on to David, David hasted, and ran toward the army to meet the Philistines.

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The Philistines thought was expected David to run away like everybody else did. I bet he was so shocked as a little dude running. He’s running for a little dude. And lo didn’t run into him. Like, wait a minute, why is David running towards the Glen David is running towards Goliath to get more momentum for the stone. He’s about to say, hey, here’s what I’m gonna tell you stop running from your enemy and start running towards your enemy, knowing that the victory is already yours. Here’s what it says. And verse 49, and David put his hand in the bag and took them a stone and sling it and smoke the Philistine in his forehead and the stone sunk into his forehead, and he fell upon his face to the earth and David revealed prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone and smoke the Philistine and sue him. Watch this now, but there was no sword in the hand of David. See, when you David said I’m gonna do this the way I do stuff. I don’t have a sword. I don’t have a shield. I got a sling. I got a stone I got a stick. And what’s a you know, that’s, you know, that phrase we used to say when we look at sticks and stones can break your bones, but Nathan, Eric Davis, I got some sticks and some stones I’m about to break some bones up in hand.

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You might call me a name, but I’m about I’m about to I’m about to break some bones and said there was no hand there. I’m sorry. There was no sword in the hand of David. And then it says in verse number 51. Therefore David ran and stood upon the Philistine and took his sword and drew it out of the sheath thereof and slew him and cut off his head there with and the Phyllis even saw their champions did they fled? Now here’s here’s what the story is about. The story isn’t about an apparent champion, his name is Goliath. And this champion was such a champion. He was so big and so intimidating. That just his presence made everybody fold. Like a chump. He was the champ that made everybody in Israel fold like a champ. But David, David was the he was the champion of Israel that believed more in the words of God that he heard in his ears than he did the, the, the, the size and might of Goliath that he saw with his eyes, and David was the champion that caused the Goliath to fold and to fall like a chump. Do you understand that every time an obstacle faces you do you understand every time you’re faced with something that seems impossible. That obstacle that seems so big is your very opportunity to show that you are a champion. Because if you’re unwilling to show that you’re a champion, and fight like a champion, if you’re unwilling to fight like a champion, you will fold like a champ. David’s brothers didn’t go down in history to fight Goliath.

Myron Golden 26:13
Even though they had 40 days to fight Goliath before David ever got there. Saul did not go down in history as the person who killed Goliath. Even though he had 40 days to fight Goliath before Goliath ever got there. The enemies that have that have caused other people who you know to fold. Don’t let those enemies cause you to fold. I remember back in 2010, when I got audited by the IRS, and I hired a tax litigation consulting said, Man, you got two choices. I was broke as a joke and ready to choke you, you won’t even hear me out broke. They said you need to pay us $1,065,000 I didn’t have a million dollars. I didn’t have 65,000. Now, you know, I live too close to the edge. I made a lot of money, and I spent a lot of money now make a lot of money and spend almost none by comparison. Why? Because I ain’t trying to fall off that cliff again. And guess what they sent us $1,065,000. My my tax litigation consultant, consultant Dan, he said, here’s what you could do, you got two choices, go make 4 million, pay the tax on the 4 million and then pay the other million 65 on with the money that’s leftover, or you can go broke and make a deal. And at the time, it seemed like going broke and making a deal was my best option.

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It seemed like the closest option seemed like the easiest option seemed like the fastest option. But guess what? I did that one. And I lived on borrowed money for two years. And I got a like I was able to negotiate a deal because I was broke. I was able to negotiate a deal where I paid the IRS $10,820 for that million $65,000 that I owed. You know what? When you are broke for two years, and you used to be especially when you’re broken, you used to be rich, it weighs on you. I was like, and the fact that oh, they’re coming after me for all this money and all the fact that being entrepreneurs already hard, and I capitulated to the giant in my life. almost didn’t make it back. I remember sitting on my back porch, and Land O Lakes Florida, rang on my wife shoulder after I’d already moved halfway across the country on borrowed money, and then lived on borrowed money for tears crying on my shoulder. Nothing was working out. I was gonna be alright, we’re gonna make it. And she encouraged me when I was discouraged. Like you can’t even begin to imagine. You know what? Got back on that entrepreneurial horse. And this time, and by the way, they said if you’re ever late, paying your taxes again, you’re gonna have to pay that million $65,000. Well, I wasn’t making enough money not to really. And I didn’t know enough about accounting not to be late. So I was late again. And so ended up and ended up even though I did the offering compromise even ended up having to pay the 10 the million $65,000 after the fact.

Myron Golden 28:49
So glad I did. That time. I didn’t capitulate. I fought the giant. And I want. Yeah, we still paid hundreds of 1000s of dollars a month in taxes for the time being till we get some more real estate assets in place where we can offset some of that income. But guess what? I won’t. I won’t allow a giant to cause me to capitulate. Again, I want to challenge you. Here are some of the things that David did. You bite like a champion instead of holding like a champ? First thing he did was he remembered his anointing. What does that mean? He remembered I believe the reason David went out and fought against the job and fought against the lion and fought against the bear is because I don’t know that that happened between the time he got anointed and the time he got appointed, but I believe it did. David was anointed to be the king of Israel. And he was a shepherd. And anointing is always for an appointing. David was anointed, but he was not yet appointed. So here’s what happens when you understand your purpose. And you know, it’s not fulfilled yet. It gives you a level it gives you the feeling of being invincible. And I believe David knew that because of the promise of God that the prophet had told him. You are going to be the king of Israel. He wasn’t the king yet. He knew the lion couldn’t beat him and he knew the bear couldn’t beat him.

Myron Golden 29:57
And he knew Goliath couldn’t beat him. Why? Because I’ve not yet stepped into the appointing for my anointing. And when you know what the anointing is on your life, and when you’ve discovered that intersection where passion meets proficiency, and you’re working in the area of your life that you know you are created for, you know, you are invincible until your assignment is done. That’s what I mean when I say you can’t lose with the stuff I use when you step into your assignment. When you’re like Esther, like what Mordecai said to Esther, when she was like, I can’t go before the king. If I go before the king, he might have my head. And Mordecai said, it could be that you were born for such a time as this. She said, Okay, everybody fast. At the end of the fast, I’m gonna go talk to the king. And it worked in grand fashion. See, you can’t lose when you step into your purpose. You can’t lose all the stuff I use. David stepped into his anointing. But I’m gonna tell you something else he did. David not only stepped into his anointing, but David was willing to take on a battle to accumulate more assets. What does that mean? David said, I’m not gonna get paid how much? Sometimes we got to count the cost of getting paid. And sometimes the amount that we’re gonna get paid, the big payoff at the end of the risk is worth the risk.

Myron Golden 31:16
David countered the cost. He said, Okay, I’m going to increase my assets. If I go fight this giant, the king is going to enrich me with a great trip, like, Hey, I’m gonna tell you something. Now. I don’t do business because I don’t do business for fun. I do business to get paid. You can do business plan if you want. And I know he’s one of those prosperity gospel preachers, whatever road you do you I didn’t think about you. When I get engaged in business and marketplace. I expect to get paid I expect to get paid well, and I do get paid well, why? Because that’s what I negotiate my contracts well, and I get paid what I get paid. And when people try to negotiate with me on negotiate, if it makes sense, when it’s time to get paid, it’s hard to get paid. Watch this. Not only that, David walked in his autonomy. What does that mean? Saul tried to get David to fight with Saul’s armor. David said, I can’t fight with your armor. I gotta fight with my armor. I don’t know how to use this code of mail. I don’t know how to use this helmet of brass. I don’t know how to use this. This. I don’t know how to use the sword. I know how to use a stone. I’m gonna use a stone. I know how to use a stick. I mean, he’s a stick. I know how to use a sling. I’m gonna use a sling. I’m gonna use what I know how to use. I’m not going to use what you tell me is better than the stuff I use. Because it doesn’t even work good enough for you to go fight the giant. So you know I’m gonna do I’m gonna walk in my autonomy. I’m not going to try to be somebody else. I ain’t gonna try to be Tony Robbins. I ain’t gonna try to be Russell Brunson. I ain’t gonna try to be Gary Vee. I ain’t gonna try to be Alex or Mozi I ain’t gonna try be Jordan Peterson. I’m gonna be Marin Reddy gold. My recommendation for you is don’t try to be me. Walk in the strength of your autonomy. There’s a reason God gave you the experiences you’ve had. There’s a reason that God gave you the life that you’ve had, so that you can go out and be the person in the marketplace that no one else can be. If you will do this when it comes time for you to fight like a champion or fold like a chump. Like a Champion, and then you will discover that you can’t lose with the stuff I use. Stay blessed by the best. And I look forward to seeing you in the next video in the meantime, in between time, peace out Cub Scouts.

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