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You Don’t Need a Good Idea You Need a God Idea

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Myron Golden 00:00
You’re about to find out, like, where do I get all these ideas from. And what I want to do today is I want to talk to you about, like the framework in the Bible that I got the outline for my TEDx talk from. And when you begin to understand the Bible is not just store stories. It’s not about religion. It’s like it’s a guidebook, when you get that it changes everything. Because then when you read the Bible, you’re looking for frameworks, you’re looking for instructions, you’re looking for patterns, and principles and promises and precepts, you’re looking for, how do I do this thing called life? And it’s all in there. And it’s so interesting, because like, one person would hear me give this presentation for my TEDx talk. And they’d say, Oh, that’s cognitive, behavioral psychology. You might call it that, but it was in the Bible before a cognitive behavioral psychologist ever thought he bumped it up, right? And so so I’m going to share with you all, where I got that from. So it’s interesting in Hebrews chapter 11, it says, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen for by it, that is by faith, the elders obtained a good report.

Myron Golden 01:11
But what does it say next? By faith, we understand I want you to just, I just want you to breathe that information. By faith, we understand it did not say by understanding we have faith. So a lot of people think, well, I will believe I will believe as soon as I understand, well, I got news for you, you don’t get to understand until you believe. Right. That’s why the scripture says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Right. And the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, because it starts with an awareness starts with faith in the One who is faithful anyway, it says, By faith, we understand that the worlds plural, were framed by the word of God. So that things which are seen were not made of things do appear frame, a frame is something that is it’s the it’s it’s not the foundation, but it’s the structural edifice, that you put all the other stuff on.

Myron Golden 01:59
And it says By faith, we understand that the worlds were framed what worlds so things which are seen, that’s one world were not made of things which do appear, that’s the other world. So we got physical, we got the physical world, and we have the invisible world. And it says that the things which are seen, are not made of things with you appear, which means the foundation or the framework of everything is invisible. It’s spiritual, spirituality is reality. physicality is not reality, physicality is the manifestation of reality. So it says By faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God. So that things which are were not made up things which do appear, which means the better we understand the things that which are not seen, the better, we can understand the things we’re seeing, or you’re tracking, so start looking for biblical foundational frameworks to understand life better, and then you will do life better.

Myron Golden 02:51
So for those of you have seen my TEDx talk, and I’m not going to do the whole thing, the way I did it, then, but it basically I’m going to, I’m going to draw the whole picture on the board that I’m going to give you the Bible verse that it came from, and then I’m going to show you how, like how I activate this concept in my life on a daily basis, how you can activate it in your life on a daily basis. So the name of my TEDx talk, is the master key to influence how to overcome procrastination in yourself and others now, so why did I name it that? Why did I name it the master key to influence what is influence? Influence? Influence is your ability to develop in someone the desire to follow you or to trust you or to listen to you? That’s what influence is, you’re developing in somebody, whether that somebody somebody else, or we’re that somebody is yourself, you’re developing and somebody a desire to follow you listen to you trust you.

Myron Golden 03:50
Right? Are you on track and wave at me if you’re tracking, okay, so, so, so when I say when I say the master key to influence now, you know, I’m talking about influencing me, whether I’m influencing me to not procrastinate, or whether I’m influencing you not to procrastinate. See, parents, when they’re dealing with their children, they want their children to do something, they don’t want that children, they don’t want that children, they don’t want that child to procrastinate. When I when I’ve got something that has to get done, I don’t want me to procrastinate. A business person who’s who’s who’s closing the deal, doesn’t want the person on the other side of that deal to procrastinate, so when I talk about the master key to influence that’s why I’m talking about it as the master key to influence and not as cognitive behavioral psychology. I didn’t even know that’s what it was until somebody told me that and that’s why I’m not talking about it as as just a Bible verse to memorize so we can know we know it, but as something we can take action on every day if you’re tracking wanna hear Sam tracking, okay, cool.

Myron Golden 04:48
So, so this is you or this, this is you or me. Right, and this is the facts Okay, now here’s what here’s what’s interesting about facts. Every fact, the fact is that every fact has a positive side and a negative side. That’s fact. So when the facts have a negative side, the positive side, what happens is you or me, we observe the fact. And when we observe the fact, the first thing we do is we put a frame around that fact. Okay? So we put a frame around the fact, when we put a frame around that fact, that frame determines how we feel about it. See, I’m going to tell you something, by the way, if you get this, it’ll change your life for the rest of your life. If you get this one thing I’m about to say, it’ll change your life for the rest of your life. Okay? And that is if your attitude is right, facts don’t matter. Now, you say, Well, come on, man. That can’t be okay. If your attitude is right, the facts don’t matter why? Because the frame that you put around the fact has more to do with how you feel about the fact than the fact itself does.

Myron Golden 06:04
Did y’all hear what I just said, the frame you put around the fact has more to do with how the fact affects you, then, then just how you feel about the fact like your your or it hasn’t, it’ll control how you feel about the fact more than the fact that so the facts is just the fact. Okay, so you’re gonna look at the facts, and you’re either gonna focus on the positive aspect of the fact which is gonna make you happy, or you’re gonna focus on the negative aspect of the facts, and it’s gonna make you sad. Okay, are y’all tracking with me so far? Okay. So if I’m focused on the fact, the focus is not the fact the focus is in my head. So I have a focus in my head, about the fact that focus in my head, it manufacture something that causes my mind to manufacture a belief.

Myron Golden 06:57
Now, belief is a two sided coin, it also has a positive aspect and a negative aspect. If I’m focused on the negative aspect of the fact, it’s going to cause me to have a positive belief that positive belief is commonly known as faith. If I’m focused on the negative aspect of the fact, it’s going to cause me to have a negative belief, and that negative belief is called doubt, here’s the part people don’t get. faith and doubt are both belief. Most people erroneously think that faith is belief and doubt is the absence of belief. But faith is not belief and doubt the absence of belief. Faith is belief. In the outcome I desire, doubt is belief in the outcome, I don’t desire how many I’ll track and worry about me my peeps, so so. So even people who doubt believe something, they believe the unfavorable outcome. And see, here’s what happens.

Myron Golden 07:46
The reason we get negative and down in the dumps and put our makeup on upside down. Right. And looking all SAD and MAD and depressed and downhearted, as my mom and dad would say, broke down busted and disgusted, and Monday and Tuesday can’t be trusted. The reason we look like that, is because we’re focused on the negative aspect of the fact it’s not because the fact is negative. The fact cannot be just negative. It cannot be just negative. Not possible. Not possible for anything to only have one side. Have you ever seen a one sided coin? Have you seen a one sided piece of paper?

Myron Golden 08:24
Have you ever seen one sided piece of bread? Have you ever eaten a one sided pancake? No. Why? Because it cannot exist in order for anything to exist and asked to have two sides. And when I’m focused on one, I’m focused on the positive aspect of the fact it causes me to manufacture a belief called faith and that belief called faith, it empowers me by by traveling down and creating a feeling a feeling in my heart, and this feeling in my heart is going to manifest itself either as if I’m focusing on faith. If I’m focused on the positive aspect of the fact I manufacture belief called faith, that feeling is going to be anticipation. Anticipation is like one of your greatest assets. The ability to anticipate.

Myron Golden 09:18
Okay, so So I think one of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re communicating with people, is they say words and then they define the word. But if I if I can, if I can show you a picture of the word. That’s better. How many I would agree with that. Yes. Okay. So here’s a picture of the word. Do you remember on Christmas Eve, you know, the Christmas when you snuck into your parents room and you knew what you’re getting? Do you remember how excited you were on Christmas Eve? To wake up the next day and open the thing you knew you were going to get? Have you remember that? Right? Okay. So here’s what’s fascinating. This is fascinating. My parents, I don’t know about your parents. Your parents were probably not as sadistic as mine. But my parents would always make us go to bed early on Christmas Eve, like earlier than me or the They’re here and like, but we’re not sleeping go to bed. Well, we went to bed.

Myron Golden 10:05
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, we are our house was not at the bottom of democracy. We didn’t get votes. There were two votes in my house, my mom’s and my dad’s. And that’s it. You can get votes. We just did what they told us. I figure I think about kids today who say to their parents, the parent tells them to do something. They say, What’s the magic word? The magic word from my parents was go do what I told you. My dad was I don’t have no magic word, but I got a magic bill. Right. Anyway. Anyway, magic word. I wish I would be some kind of out my mind. But I asked my dad to tell me a magic word. I wish he thought it. Okay. Anyway, I digress. Okay, so we went to bed early, but the only thing we couldn’t do when we went to bed was go to sleep. Why? Because our anticipation of the outcome of the next day’s events energized us. So here’s what here’s like, like, take this home with you. anticipation of a favorable outcome produces energy to complete any task.

Myron Golden 11:16
You track him or her say I’ve got writer’s block, you don’t have writer’s block, you’re just not expecting the book to sell. You knew you were gonna sell a million copies next week, you’d get the book done today. Coming on track, and it’s it’s a lack of anticipation that contributes to procrastination. Okay, so. But if I’m focusing on the negative aspect of the fact, I’m going to manufacture a belief called doubt, and the belief of doubt is going to cause me to have a totally different feeling in my heart. That feeling is called anxiety. And by the way, I know some of you have seen my TEDx talk, you think I’m doing the same thing right now, I’m not. I’m showing you where this came from. But I’m also showing you how to apply the lessons that I taught in my TED Talk. Because in my TED Talk, TEDx talk, I only had 18 minutes. So I had 18 minutes. And right before I went onstage, somebody took my my flip chart, and then put it in a different room. And I was late, and I had to catch a plane.

Myron Golden 12:09
And I forgot to look at my watch when I got started. Because there was all this disruption that followed my intention. So in 14 minutes, I attempted to explain this whole thing in the TEDx talk. Well, now when you go watch the TEDx talk, it’ll make more sense, because you’ll have this to refer back to now you’ll know how to use the stuff I taught in my TEDx talk. Does that make sense? So yes, okay, cool. So anxiety is the thief of your dreams. Anxiety is something we are commanded by Christ never to have. Jesus said, Take no thought for tomorrow when he said, Take no thought for tomorrow. That word Take no thought literally means don’t worry about tomorrow. He said, Take no thought for the morrow for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.

Myron Golden 12:49
Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. What does that mean? That means don’t waste today’s energy worrying about tomorrow’s problems. Because now you wasted today, and you made yourself behind tomorrow. You’re tracking and, and Philippians chapter four. It says like this, it says, And be careful for nothing. That word be careful is the word don’t have anxiety. Don’t worry. It’s the exact same Greek word that was used in Matthew, where Jesus said, Take no thought, we’re in Matthew chapter six, would you say Take no thought for the exact same word as the word be careful for nothing. So we see Jesus said that the Apostle Paul said it again. Be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known under God and the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Okay, cool.

Myron Golden 13:39
So don’t worry about anything. Anxiety is the thief of your dreams. Now, here’s the thing about anxiety, hangs anxiety, really deceives people because anxiety looks like fear. Sounds like fear. Smells like fear causes the same physical reactions in your body as fear. So you think you have a fear when you actually have an anxiety? Coming on track and wave at me my peeps? And I’m telling you, like people say, I’m just afraid I’ve got fear of success. No, you don’t. I’ve got fear of failure. No, you don’t. You can’t it’s not possible to have fear of failure. It’s not like that’s not a thing. I mean, it’s a thing because people call it that, but it’s not a real thing. There’s no such thing as fear, failure.

Myron Golden 14:17
Those those things, I’m afraid. I’m afraid this might not work. I’m afraid beings. No, you’re not afraid of getting ready, go on, get ready, go on stage. I’m afraid you’re not afraid you have anxiety. There’s a difference. Here’s the difference. Fear is caution over a real and present danger. Which means if there is no real and present danger, there can be no fear. See, most people think they have a fear of something. When actually what they have is an anxiety or something. What’s anxiety, anxiety is caution over a future imagined danger. So you’re imagining the future danger in such vivid detail that is causing you to have a physical reaction in your body in the present. That’s what anxiety is. I’m literally, and I’m expecting an outcome that is not favorable to me. I’m seeing that clearly in my mind. And it’s causing me to have a physical reaction in my body today. And here’s what it is. It’s waste. All worry is waste, the greater the worry, the greater the waste.

Myron Golden 15:25
Stop wasting your life worrying about anything. It’s a waste. Like people say, Oh, don’t worry, man. It’s been so long since I worried I forgot how to do it. Why? Because this is not something for me to know. This is something for me to do. This is a way for me to live my life every single solitary day. weary. Know already no worries ways Jesus said his ways. So I’m either going to ignore him and pay attention to the thing I’m worried about. Or I’m going to pay attention to him. And like, ignore the thing I’m worried about. Are y’all tracking this? This is how we this is how we actually practice. This is how we actually live this out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, not just shout about it on Sunday and go home and start worrying again. I wish I had some help in hand. Okay, I’m gonna calm down, I’m gonna calm down a little bit. Okay, so, so understand, understand that, that, that when my attitude is right, my focus, the facts don’t matter.

Myron Golden 16:30
My attitude is I’m going to focus on the positive aspect of the fact. So I can manufacture a belief called faith. And I can like shut down the manufacturing plant in my mind that manufactures doubt, shut it down. Stop practicing it. See one of the problems you have is you have way more practice visualizing unfavorable outcomes, then you do favorable outcomes. Like you are better, you are better you Who am I to yourself? And yes, they make you are better at expecting unfavorable outcomes than you aren’t favorable outcomes. Would you like me to tell you why? Everybody? Everybody say yes. Everybody says, Okay, here’s why. Because you know what the unfavorable outcomes look like, you know what they feel like? You’ve experienced them before some of the favorable outcomes that you desire you’ve never experienced, so you don’t know how to visualize them. But here’s you got to understand.

Myron Golden 17:24
Okay, I’m gonna ask you a question. It’s not a trick question. It’s really simple. Okay, okay. Ask your question. It’s not a trick question. Here it is. Who knows more you are God. So whose word should you take in a particular situation? Yours or his? Okay. See? God’s already been in the future. How long have you been there since forever? Ever since God has already been in every day and your future since before you got here? And he ain’t worried about it. So quit trippin. Does that help anybody besides me? Like I don’t have anything to worry about. But but my hair what? The economy? The economy? The the that’s it that’s that’s the thing. You worried about the economy. Okay.

Myron Golden 18:12
God owns everything. He owns the cattle on 1000 hills. He owns 1000 Hills under those cattle. Here’s what God said. The silver is mine. And the gold mine. Oh, you thought it was yours? Is his and he’s all right. And guess what? He is my heavenly abi. So he’s got plenty. I’ve got plenty to worry about the economy. Okay. How about this? I’m in Christ. So we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. Can you imagine somebody going to the Olympics? So did you play? I did I came in first place. What do you get? I got a better than gold medal. I got a better than gold medal. Yes. Can you imagine a boxer I Am. I Am. I Am. I Am beyond the world champion. Nobody talks like that. Except who God. We are more than conquerors. We’re not conquerors. we’re more than conquerors through him that loved us. The like I don’t, I’m not. I’m not going to win. I’m not going to win in this game called life. I have already won.

Myron Golden 19:17
People say well, but But man, you could die then I really win. Because I have eternal life. I don’t I’m not gonna get eternal life when I die. Here’s what she said. She said when when Martha said to Jesus, Lord, maybe it was Mary. I don’t remember which one it was but one of the sisters, one of the Lazarus sisters. If you had been here, my brother would not have died. She said I am the resurrection in the life. He didn’t believe in me though. We were dead. Yes, he’ll live yet shall he live and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. And then he asked a very important question what he said right after that believers now this. The problem is my ability to perform the problem is your ability to believe and the reason you don’t have the ability believes because belief requires discipline and intention. Especially believing in something you’ve never seen before.

Myron Golden 20:10
You say, I believe it when I see it. Well, that’s one way to do it. That one way, cannot cannot tell you a more better way. Believe it so you can see it. David said, I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord and line of living. He didn’t have faith. I had faith unless I had seen to believe Seeing is believing. Yep, that’s the formula for failure. Seeing is believing because you can’t get any momentum. But if you start with believing, believing will cause you to see and then seeing will cause you to believe more. Now you’ve got some momentum. Okay, so anxiety. So the focus in my head creates a feeling in my heart, and the feeling of my heart produces a function in my hands. If I’m focused on the negative aspect, positive aspect of the fact manufacturers faith, which causes me to produce a feeling called anxiety in my I mean, anticipation in my heart, what’s caused me to have a function in my hands, the function of my hands is called power. I now have the power to act.

Myron Golden 21:17
See, some of y’all can’t get off go. Because you’re expecting not to work. And you’re asking yourself questions that literally rob you of your power, like I’m talking about, like a bank robber robs a bank at gunpoint. The questions you ask, are robbing you of your ability to take action, like question like, What? What if it doesn’t work? That that’s a that’s an Okay, question to ask in preparation? Not an okay question to ask in decision time. You’re tracking? Because in decision times, like the question is not what if it doesn’t work? The question is, how awesome is this going to be when it works? When you ask yourself better questions, what will happen is you will get better answers. And those better answers will cause you to take better actions.

Myron Golden 22:01
And those better actions will produce better outcomes, by the way. While you you’re creating your own, you’re creating your own, what they call it creating your own reality that thank you, thank you for that. You’re creating your own reality. No, you’re not stopping. You’re not creating your own reality, and you’re not speaking anything into existence. Hmm, did he really say that? I did. Because speaking something into existence is Barack Barack, the only person to scripture you Barraza is God. You’re tracking. So I can’t speak something into existence. I can’t create my own reality. Here’s what I create. I create my own experience in reality. And the words that I say affect the experience that I have, while I’m experiencing reality. So I have to learn how to talk better, so I can learn how to walk better. Are you on track? Let me hear you.

Myron Golden 22:53
Let me hear somebody say I’m tracking. Okay, so so so when the when the focus of my head, manufacturers face, the feeling of my heart is anticipation function in my hand is power. But when the focus in my head, I’m focusing on the negative aspect of the facts can cause me to manufacture the belief of doubt. And doubt is causing me to have anxiety. And anxiety produces the function in my hand of powerlessness. I become power less, which means I have less power. And I’m telling you this that this word most people live, like this is the you want to win in life. This is it. This is it.

Myron Golden 23:28
You have to learn how to act as if the only thing that’s impossible for you is that something will be impossible for you. I’m not giving you a motivational speech, I am giving you biblical doctrine. And I’m showing you a step by step process, how to activate it, not to shout about Well, that’s good. Shout about something you’re gonna do something about. Don’t just talk about it, walk about it. So where did all that come from? Romans chapter 17. I mean, Romans chapter six, Romans chapter six, chapter six, verse 17. says, like, and I don’t remember the first part of the verse on my iPad, I don’t have my pen. It says something like you were in sin, but you have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you. That’s where I got this whole thing from. you’ve obeyed from the heart, you’ve obeyed from the heart with that, that’s the power your hand obeyed.

Myron Golden 24:23
That’s a function from the heart. Right? That’s the feeling of anticipation that was delivered you that’s the focus, the form of doctrine, the doctrine is the focus in your head. See, I believe if people knew better, they could do better. Can I get a witness? Like if people knew better he could do better? And one of the problems is like, like, we have we have we have we moved away from the practical application of scripture in our lives, to feeling good about the fact that we know something good is going to happen in the future when something good could be happening based on this word write down right now. But I got to do something. See the Bible and we got to be coders in here. We got to encoders and decoders. Okay, well, one of the things when I was growing, I wanted to be a computer programmer, right? Okay, we got a coder, okay? So you know, what if then go to savings, right? Right, if then go to right. If this like, what you do is you you do one function, and then when that function happened, it causes a chain reaction. Do you understand the Bible is filled with conditional promises that are like if then go to statements. And most people never do the if then so they never get to go to.

Myron Golden 25:41
Set because called an if then go to statement, which means if you don’t, then you don’t get to go to that here’s what’s really amazing about this to me. Like when I when I get ready to do something like my I was talking to my brother last night, he said, my sister in law said, like, where do you get all that energy from Z do nothing but create videos, like, we just have a system, we have a system in place, right? And I fully expect what I’m working on to work. Like I fully expect, I fully expect to reach the multitudes around the world with the kingdom message. What is the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of God has got me yielding my life to God as the Sovereign King of my life. And then when I yield my life to Him, He gives me sovereign authority over my assignment, and I’m going to rule over that assignment sovereign authority.

Myron Golden 26:31
And then I’m going to use that assignment that I rule over to serve every human being I come in contact with, that is why I’m here on the earth, God put me here by myself, but he did not put me here for myself. And that message is something everybody would desire to know if they only knew it existed. And God didn’t just give me that to know it. So I can live like this. He gave me a big mouth. So I’d tell a whole bunch of people. And I am telling you, like, if you will stop driving the vehicle of your life, down the highway of experience with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes, and learn how to accelerate into the curves, your life would be so magnificent, you’d make such a difference in the world. Just own it, you were created for a purpose that no one else in the history of the world could possibly fulfill. I’m a little jacked up my mind about this this morning. I’m amped.

Myron Golden 27:29
Why? Because because I like, um, this is like, what I’m saying, It ain’t a secret. It’s just the work that most people are unwilling to do. Sleep. Frames create focus. So what you got to do is you got to put a frame within the frame, a frame within the frame of every fact, it’ll change the actions that you take, it’ll change how you feel about the situation, which will change how you function around that situation, and will change the game. I watched people sell. I do sales training. Say why or why do sales training, because most people are terrible at sales. Most people in sales are terrible, like, the only reason you can even make sales because they already wanted to buy it dude. Like, I hear people in sales, and they’re talking, and they’re talking about their product. They’re talking about their pieces, they’re talking about their process. It’s all about all their stuff. And nobody cares.

Myron Golden 28:33
They don’t like you that much. They don’t like me that much either. So you know I do when I’m selling. I don’t talk about me. I only talk to you about you. I get you to focus on the stuff you want. And I show you how your best chance to get the things you already want is what the stuff that I got over here is gonna help you get that stuff you already want. It’s automatic. Yes. Si. P want to know scripts, you don’t need to use. Scripts are fine scripts are fine for starting and you got to start somewhere. They’re fine. But here’s what you really want. If you knew to want it, you’d want this bill you’d want you’d want a framework framework that you can always go to always works and I’m telling you, here’s the framework that always works. Get the people you’re selling to focused on the outcome they already desire and then show them how the thing you have helps them get that done.

Myron Golden 29:23
Period. It’s a wrap. The only thing left to do is buy but make sure make sure the thing you’re selling can get them the result. I am not one of these people who’s for selling stuff to people that won’t do them any good. That’s why I don’t do high pressure sales. Don’t do high pressure sales because I feel like the people I’m selling to are smart enough or should be smart enough to know whether it’s in their own best interest or not. So I’m not gonna talk you into it. Right? Like I want to do such a good job at selling but I can’t even talk you out of it and he will talk you into it. I don’t do any convincing when I’m selling my my sales my I’m gonna get to the end to show me what I have it looks like something like that bad I don’t buy that makes sense to you buy it if it don’t make sense no, man. Right? Well, that’s kind of easy. I don’t feel any pressure. Why? Because I’m not trying to get him to buy it. I’m just letting them know what exist in case you’re wondering the people who’s supposed to hear my voice, and then follow me. Right? I ain’t trying to get you to buy this.

Myron Golden 30:25
Well, man, I’m looking at your programming somebody else’s. How do I know which one to buy? It’s easy by there’s. You don’t say every single solitary time by theirs? If you’re that confused by there’s Alright. You ready? Ready for me? Is that too real? You ain’t ready for me? You want you one minute. Oh, just saying that baby. Okay, so so we got to learn how to do is we got to learn how to put frames around facts

Myron Golden 30:57
That cause people to focus on the positive aspects of the fact oh, by the way, this is also in I think, John 1317. Here’s what it says. Here’s what Jesus said, If you know these things, focus in your head, happier you feeling in your heart if you do them function in the hands. So you have to pattern. And when you learn how to use this pattern, like every situation that you look at, like you’re looking at a situation, let’s say you need to write a book, or you need to create a funnel or you need to create a sales page or, or you need to have a conversation or you’re working on getting a government contract or whatever the thing is that you’re working on, you need to show a house or you need to list some houses, or whatever the th

Myron Golden 31:34
They start to hyperventilate over I was talking to my brother yesterday. He’s like, he said, Man, I go to the golf course with him. And but I don’t like I don’t like, like alligators, man. I’m like reptiles. Like, okay, but here’s what I’m gonna tell you. You have more problems with the alligators in your mind than you do to alligators on the golf course. I said, he said, How many Alligators have you seen? Over the years playing golf? I said hundreds. I said, I’ve seen hundreds of alligators. I saw some of them after they saw me. Whoa, I didn’t know you were sitting right now. I wouldn’t have came over here messing with you. Right? Right. You know, golfers, golfers can be like in the zone, man. You don’t see nothing but the line that you want to roll that ball on, right? Okay. Anyway, so, I said but I’ve seen hundreds of alligators. I’ve never had one even look remotely interested in doing anything to me. But it’s the pictures that we see in our mind that causes the most problems. It’s like you don’t understand how powerful this computer is in your mind. We went to my brother Jeff and I we went to dinner last night. And he ordered a salad with no onions. He was very specific about that. She brought the girl brought the salad to him with onions. She said when you take the onions off for you. I said Ma’am, you don’t understand. When he said no onions. You don’t want onions nowhere near there. Now I told my brother I said the same way you are about onions. I’m not worried about ketchup. Like I don’t want to see catch up with me, I want to think about it, I don’t want to smell it. Like, not a ketchup fan, right. And it has nothing to do with the ketchup is all in here

Myron Golden 31:34
ing is, you need to start your YouTube channel or you need to start your YouTube channel or you need to start your YouTube channel or you need to start your YouTube channel or you need to start your YouTube channel. It’s a call to hints. Okay, let’s call it a hint. Okay. Like, the reason you’re putting it off, is because you’re focused on some negative aspect of that thing. Okay, so what you have to do is you have to focus on a positive aspect of that thing. And then it will empower you to do it. Like this, like this is why I call this the master key to influence what is influence it’s something that causes people to lean a particular direction, influencing it, you’re changing it, you’re moving it, you’re nudging it, the mastery This is the mat This is the master key to influence whether you want to influence yourself or whether you want to influence somebody there’s a master key to influence how to overcome procrastination in yourself and others overcome procrastination in yourself why you get more done. overcome procrastination others why? Well, if you’re an entrepreneur, you sell more if you’re a parent, your children behave better.

Myron Golden 32:41
Like whatever. Whatever it is, like it’s just makes your life better. It’s like when I’m selling it’s like tell me yes or tell me no, but tell me now I gotta go. I don’t want I don’t I don’t want I don’t want your Yes, I just want your decision. But you got to give it to me now. Are y’all tracking? And so when you learn to apply this master key to influence here’s what’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen, you will get more done in a day than you used to get done in a week. Because most people spend all the time the so like hours and hours, like, visualizing scenarios that well what if it doesn’t work? And oh my goodness, and then what if they do this? And what if they hang up on me and what are they gonna do with my face? And then they get all worked up in this imaginary situation.

Myron Golden 35:11
are your tracking. And so most of the stuff 99% of the things that have been stopping you are in here, they eat out here. They in here, how to track and wave up me my peeps. So here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re going to start focusing on the positive aspect of the fact. So if you manufacture a belief called faith, so that faith can manufacture a feeling in our heart called anticipation, it’s going to produce a function, our hands called power, and we’re gonna get stuff done. And our lives are gonna get better because now I know how to work on me. And by the way, this works if you want to get in shape works if you want to get rich works. If you want to have weight loss, of course, you want to have good relationships. It works. It works everywhere. This is how it’s done. So, hope this blesses you. By the way, go watch the TEDx talk, and you’ll see what I mean. I didn’t have as much time to go into all these details in the TEDx talk. But I have the TEDx talk on my YouTube channel. So go check it out. Hope you stay blessed. Bye bye the best. Watch the videos, share comment, like all that other YouTube stuff, y’all do it in the meantime in between time. Peace out Cub Scout

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