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Think Like A Genius, Talk Like A Third Grader Part 1

Myron Golden

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I’m amazed at how many things there are in life and how many people there are in life who do everything in their power to make us feel like we’re not smart, right? And I don’t know if school made you feel smart or school made you feel dumb, but it kind of made me feel both. It made me feel smart. Like I’m one of those people who did well all the way through school all the way through the third grade in school, and it went downhill from there, right? So first, like kindergarten or Headstart, actually, because I went to Headstart when I think I was four or something, or four or five. So Headstart through the third grade, I did really well in school, fourth grade through all the rest. It was like climbing a mountain. It was, it was not fun. It was not, it was not something that gave me encouragement, self esteem, that made me feel like I was a genius in any way, shape, or form.

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And I submit to you that I think we measure intelligence, the wrong way most of the time. And one of the big problems that I see with what I call the MIS educational Miss directional system, aka government indoctrination camps, child prisons, schools, whatever you want to call them, is that somehow we have this idea that the more confusing a teacher is, the smarter they are. Like, how could that be possible? Like, oh, this is the best professor in the whole college, nobody passes his class, I don’t know, we might think he’s the worst. Right? And the reality is, it’s been attributed to Einstein. However, I did a little bit of research and found out that he didn’t actually say, but I still like the quote. So I’m gonna say it anyway. If you can’t explain something to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.

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But I think Einstein did say, if you can’t explain it, simply, you don’t understand it well enough. And so what we need to do is we need to, we need to think more. It’s interesting how in Genesis, chapter one, God established the four levels of value. And whichever level you find yourself on is going to determine how much money you make in life. Because whichever level you find yourself on, that’s going to determine how much value you can give to other people, right, and money, or wealth, or income, or revenue, or whatever you want to call it, is something we receive in direct proportion to the value we deliver to other people. The problem is, we think that the revenue that we receive is in proportion to the amount of value. But the revenue that we receive is not in proportion to the amount of value but in proportion to the level of value on which we deliver that value.

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So I can deliver less value at a higher level and make more money than somebody who delivers more value. And by value in the context of the sentence. I’m saying right now, I mean, output like work output, right? I can I can, I can literally do less work and make more money because I’m working at a higher level of value than somebody who works harder to deliver more, they have more, they have more output from their energy than I do, but they’re delivering value on a lower level. So therefore, that lower level of value doesn’t receive as much renumeration Does that make sense. And so what we have to do is we have to figure out, we have to figure out because there are four levels of value, so the lowest level of values implementation, implementation is, I’m using my muscles over time to do a thing.

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If you understand if you ever get your mind wrapped around this idea that wealth is spiritual. And poverty is always the result of spiritual warfare. If you get your mind wrapped around that, that wealth is a spiritual outcome. If you don’t like the outcome, change the input. Must muscles are a physical resource. If you’re an implementer, you do a thing. Muscles are a physical, their physical resource. Time is a limited resource. you’re attempting to create wealth, wealth is abundant. So you’re attempting to create spirit is limitless. you’re attempting to create an infinite abundant outcome with a physical limited resource. It can’t happen. Like you put yourself in a prison of your own choosing by which level you decided to work on the say, what does this have to do with thinking like a genius talking like a third grader you’re gonna see in a minute.

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And so if you are operating on the lowest level of value, you’re gonna be making somewhere between minimum wage and $80,000 a year. Depending on what you do, do you find what you do with your time and your muscles? The next level of value is unification. The resource we use on the unification level of value is management skills. We are no longer the person who does the thing. We’re the person who manages the people who do the thing. And if I’m man if I If I’m operating on that level, I’m gonna be making somewhere between $40,000 A year and $250,000 a year depending on if I’m managing Taco Bell, or a middle manager at Lockheed Martin. Right? So, but I’m managing. And what I’m still doing though, is I’m managing other people who are selling their time for money. And I’m not really selling my time for money, I’m selling my skill for money.

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But the problem is, there’s a ceiling, there’s a cap on my income, because the company that hired me to manage these people, they’re only willing to pay me what the job is worth. And they’re never going to be willing to pay me what I’m worth. Are y’all tracking. And so the next level of values where wealth begins to be created, that’s in communication, the communication level of value is where wealth begins to be created. And on the low end, you can make 100 grand on the high end, you can make hundreds of millions of dollars. Work, you make 100 grand talking, if you’re a salesperson, you sell cars, you make $100,000 a year selling cars, you make $100,000, you’re selling insurance, you make $100,000 a year selling security systems.

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And what are you doing, you’re having a conversation that creates cash flow, you’ve created a message that moves the masses to pay you some money in exchange for the value you’ve revealed in the words that you’ve spoken, or y’all tracking. But see, here’s what’s really interesting, most people learned how to develop how to develop their muscles for doing a task, but they never learned how to develop their mouth for communicating a message that creates cash flow. Think about it, but on the high end, and then you might be a salesperson, but then you might go a little bit higher level in the communication level than that you might become an author and write a book, you might sell a million copies. If you sell a million copies of a book, and it’s self published, and you sell it for $20. That’s $20 million that you made from communication.

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Pretty cool when you think about it, and then maybe you’re in a list or B list Act, a list actor and a list singer, or maybe you’re Dolly Parton and you’ve written almost everybody songs who ever sang a song, right, and you’re a communicator. So you write, maybe you write movies, maybe act in a movie, you’re you’re communicating, for the purpose of creating revenue for yourself, and the highest level of value is imagination. And that is we use our mind and our money to make money on the imagination level. And what we do is we come up with ideas, then we were good at it, here’s what’s really interesting about the imagination level, you have to get good at the communication level.

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On it’s like, an order for the imagination level to pay off. Because the ideas that you have in your head, they have to come out of your mouth. So that people want to buy it and you have to be able to attract to yourself managers who can manage the people who do the thing. So the highest level of value is imagination. And it’s so interesting to me that all of this is in Genesis chapter one. Well, not all, not all of what I’m saying. But the four levels are in Genesis chapter one says fascinate. Now, here’s what’s really interesting, you can speak without thinking. But you can’t think without words. So words communication is essential to imagination. And imagination is essential to communication. And so that’s why it’s important to learn to think like a genius.

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Talk Like a third grader, it will be your best chance at improving your life financially. Learning to drive a forklift better, can only give you incremental increases in your revenue. Learning how to hammer a nail faster can only give you incremental increases in your income. Learning how to drive better can only and it doesn’t matter, learning how to clean better learning how to do an activity with your muscles over time, it doesn’t even matter if you learn how to do the thing with your muscles over time exponentially better. The payoff for that is never going to be exponential. But if you become incrementally better in your communication, and incrementally better in your imagination, you can it can have an exponential effect and impact on your income. What just happened? This is why it’s critical to think like a genius and talk like a third grader. Because if you think like a genius and you talk, you talk like a college graduate, you’re going to be very impressive, but not very impactful.

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And one of the purpose purposes of communication is impact. It’s infinitely more important that your communication is impactful than it is that it’s impressive. And the reason people want to be impressive is because they feel the need for other people to think something about them. So when you become okay and your identity and you accept that you are who God made you to be and you Let this mind be in you which was also an Christ Jesus, who what being in the form of God, he knew who he was, thought it not robbery to be equal with God. But what happened next made himself of no reputation. He knew who he was, but he didn’t need you to know who he was in order for him to know who he was. And see when you can when you own your identity that you got from God.

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To the degree that whether or not someone else recognizes that you can still operate in it, then and only then will you have the impact you were put here to have. Because otherwise you’re always going to be capitulating to what you think other people need you to do. So that was the preface of the whole thing. Now I’m going to share with y’all, I had to lay a foundation so you can see where I’m coming from. Okay, so that wasn’t it. So what you have to do if you’re going to think and I took a lot of notes, cuz I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out.

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So if you’re going to think that we’re going to start out by thinking like a genius, how do you think like a genius by the way, it’s not about memorizing what somebody else told you are right ideas, memorizing information does not is not thinking like a genius. In fact, I submit to you that memorizing information is only a part of thinking it’s not thinking anyway, it’s just a it’s a component of memorization is a component of thinking, but memorization. memorizing information is no more thinking than our tire is a car. Okay, so how do you think like a genius first, you have to expose yourself to a lot of concepts. You have to expose yourself to a lot of concepts.

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The more I understand things in life, the better opportunity I’m giving myself to understand life. I have to expose myself to concepts. Now, exposing myself to concepts is a beginning. It’s really interesting. It’s like we talked about, like, wisdom has prerequisites. Right? So wisdom. So there are things you have to have before you can have wisdom. Well, what’s the first thing you gotta have ignorance. Ignorance is the absence of truth. You have to go from ignorance to knowledge, what’s knowledge, knowledge is the accumulation of truth. And we have to go from knowledge to understanding what’s understanding the assimilation of truth, what’s wisdom, wisdom is the application of truth. And, and so, if, if we’re seeking to have wisdom, because I’d rather have wisdom than just intelligence, I’d rather have wisdom than just IQ. Why? Because wisdom is knowledge applied to a particular situation. And so I’ve got to expose myself to enough concepts.

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This is why when we when we, when we start learning, we have to learn like, we have to learn what stuff is right. Like I’m born, I don’t know my name. You know, I don’t know my head from my foot. Right? I don’t know that from down hot from cold wet from dry. I don’t know anything, right? And so I don’t know, food from dirt. I know nothing, right. And so it’s amazing. It’s amazing how many things we learn how much knowledge we accumulate, how much truth we accumulate in a life. It’s, it’s amazing to me my four year old granddaughter, it’s amazing to me how much she knows. It’s like, it blows my mind. She yesterday she was in the kitchen. And, and she said, Look at my muscles, my pop. Oh, my goodness. Where’d you get that muscle? Have you been working out with your dad? Yeah. And then she goes, Nene, Nene, look at my muscles. That’s what she calls my wife leaning look at my mouse. And my wife said, Wow, that’s a big muscle, she said, and she struck a pose. And I started laughing. She walked away and she turned around, she looked at me she’s

Myron Golden 13:47
like, What are you doing? You’re for you’re giving me this? Right? And,

Myron Golden 13:56
and so it’s amazing how much information like you have, you have learned? You have forgotten more things than you remember, you’ve learned. And that’s why it blows my mind when a human being looks at something and assigns a level of difficulty to it at the onset. Oh, that’s too hard. I couldn’t learn how to play an instrument. That’s too hard. I couldn’t learn a new language that’s too hard. I could learn how to What are you talking? I can’t learn how to use a computer. Okay, learn how cryptocurrency learn stock market, you can’t learn real estate. What are you talking about? What does that even mean?

Myron Golden 14:38
All you have to do

Myron Golden 14:40
is look at all the stuff you’ve already learned in your life. That alone should let you know. There’s nothing you can’t learn. Don’t Don’t Don’t keep allowing your first second or third grade teacher to beat you up because they told you you weren’t smart. Huh And I wish I had some help with you all my teachers you know my the best teachers I’ve ever had you know what they did they believed in my ability to learn the worst teachers I ever had didn’t believe in my ability to learn and it’s really fascinating to me the Miss educational system Miss directional system, the government doctrine, ation camps, whatever you want to call them child prisons. That’s my favorite one because that’s what it felt like to me when I was in him. Like, I needed to get paroled. I mean, graduate.

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So anyway, so. So I remember, it’s, I remember, it’s thinking to myself, that it’s fascinating to me that the government indoctrination system says, when students can’t learn the way the system teaches, we blame it on the child and say the child has a learning disability, we ought to blame it on the system and say the system has a teaching disability. Oh, this person has a DD Attention Deficit Disorder. Do you know how ridiculous that is? You think because I am paying attention to you I am paying attention. I’m paying attention. I’m just paying attention to something more interesting to you. Have you will be more interesting than the thing I’m paying attention to that will cure all of my AD D my ADHD my ABCDEFG what most people call ADHD I call ECA. What’s ECA extra creative ability.

Myron Golden 16:29
And like you’re bored with minutia and monotony. And so you start creating stuff in your mind to think about because this is clearly a waste of time. And I can remember in the third grade sitting there doing addition, again, in the third grade, and I’m like, I already know how to do this, why am I doing this? Again? This is dumb, like, already got this? Why am I still doing this? Why are they I can remember, in the third grade, I’m a third grader thinking, why are they wasting my time? Tell me, I can relate to what I’m talking about. So we have to expose ourselves to concepts. And we have to intentionally expose ourselves to concepts that make us stretch. It’s important for you to learn a new language, it’s important for you to learn how to play an instrument, it’s important for you to learn how to use a computer, or learn how to edit video or learn cryptocurrency you need to find something that you’re interested in, that’s challenging to you.

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So you can learn it, why it will make you a better person. So you expose yourself to, to concepts, the most important concepts to expose yourself true to are the truths of the Word of God, because you have to have, you have to have a baseline. Now I get it, some of your own will believe the Bible’s Word of God, good for you, then let your life work out like it works out. Congratulations, you played yourself. And I’m okay with that. And maybe you think I played myself? Cool. I’m okay with that too. Right? Because I am extremely pleased with the fact that I have been exposing myself to the concepts in the Bible since I was 16 years old. And I can promise you, every good thing in my life is a direct result of that. When I do things my way, sometimes they work sometimes not so much.

Myron Golden 18:10
But when I do things God’s way, they always work. Why? My Word shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper in the thing we’re into. I sent it to expose yourself to the Word of God, how do you do that? By reading it? Reading it, by the way really is better than not reading it. But it’s not enough. Read it? memorize scripture, and too old to memorize. Mary had a little whose fleece was white as everywhere that Mary, the lamb was short you was the last time you said that. Don’t tell me you got a bad memory. You don’t have a bad memory.

Myron Golden 18:50
You’re just not intentionally using it. Nobody has a bad memory. Now you may have a bad system of recall. But you don’t have a bad memory. Yeah, because I’m terrible with names. The only reason you’re terrible at names. Can you tell yourself you’re terrible names? Nobody’s terrible at names. That doesn’t make any sense. I’m terrible at names. What does that mean? I can remember what the sky is. And I can remember grasses but your name it’s so hard. Tom. I can’t remember that. It’s three whole letters, right? No.

Myron Golden 19:21
I can’t believe I’m going over this. This is not okay. But I am. Here’s my point. The reason you don’t remember people, the number one reason people don’t remember other people’s names is because when they tell your name, you’re not listening to reason. And if you are listening, you don’t have like, if you I promise you if every time you meet somebody and say What’s your name? Oh, my name is Tom. Tom. That’s interesting. Well, I wouldn’t do that with Tom. Let me because I was gonna say How do you spell that? But that’s clear. Okay, I’ll do Stephanie. Okay. Hello, my name is Myron and your name is? Stephanie. Steph. Stephanie. How do you spell your name? Okay, Stephanie just like it sounds okay.

Myron Golden 20:01
Are you named after someone? No, you’re not named after someone? What does your name mean? Princess Crown. So Stephanie, the princess with the crown, with a traditional spelling of her name, who’s not named after anyone. Okay, got it. Now, when I have that conversation with Stephanie, not only do I remember her name, I can’t forget her name. Why? Because I turned her name into an event, a conversation and created a story around it by asking her questions about her name, if you like, it’s so simple. Like who could do that. But if you’re going to do that, here’s what you have to do, you have to care. About more than the thing you want to say after you ask them your name, what you didn’t care about.

Myron Golden 20:40
So you could get to the thing that you wanted to talk to them about. I keep it real. Okay. So you expose yourself to concept. You can learn anything, that’s my point. And I’m, I’m feeling like there’s gonna be a part two. Okay. So, expose yourself to new concepts. How do you do that? First of all, by discerning things, how do you discern? reading, listening and observing, reading what? Well, you read the Bible, but you read books, like there are. We live in a society, we live in a society of children and adults bodies. The next generation is going to live in a world of out of control maniacs. I’m not exaggerating, by the way, I intentionally use that word out of control maniacs who are offended by anything that they that disagrees with who they are or how they are.

Myron Golden 21:42
And want to make everything everybody’s fault but their own irresponsible cells. Why? Because they expose themselves to nothing that people only expose. If you only expose yourself to things that you agree with, you are living in the danger zone. The bridges, I don’t like it when people say those words. punch to your doom my friend. I want you think about it. It’s like, you have to read stuff. Like I don’t only read the stuff that I agree with. I don’t only read books by people that I agree with. I read books by people I disagree with. Why? Because I might be wrong. Yes, I might be wrong.

Myron Golden 22:29
And if I am I want to know why. Because being wronged does not serve Me and does not give me the ability to serve anybody else. But the other reason I want to read books by people I disagree with because when I’m right, if I’m right, I want to know why I’m right. And so I don’t have to be afraid because the truth never has to hide from a lie. The truth doesn’t need to silence a lie. Kancil culture is stupid. It’s not only stupid, though. It’s also dangerous. I went to see the movie. Sound of freedom. And I’ve been supporting Oh, you are operation Underground Railroad for years. Right? So but I want to see the movie sound of freedom. Like why would anybody not want? Why would anybody not want people to see this movie so they can better protect their children?

Like who like why would

Myron Golden 23:23
because their agenda is evil because they’re on the side of the perps. That’s why because they’d rather help the purpose of helping innocent children. That’s why is that too real? And when I I have to I’ll cover that in a different video because because I don’t have time right now. It’s just not enough time. So don’t be afraid of opposing arguments. In fact, I would recommend that you argue with your own points, you need to discern what does that mean? means you need to read, listen and observe.

Myron Golden 24:08
Then you need to decipher what does that mean? You need to contemplate and then Question and Answer What does contemplate mean. You need to evaluate. contemplate the things that you read the things that you learn, you need to weigh them against truth. Notice I didn’t I didn’t say weigh them against your truth. You don’t have any truth. There’s no There’s no your truth. My Truth is truth. Her truth, their truth, the truth. No, there’s just the truth. And anything that’s not the truth is a lie. Right now, understand, there’s a difference between what’s truth and what’s true.

Myron Golden 24:47
What’s true is

Myron Golden 24:48
dynamic and can change which truth is static and cannot change. Truth can’t it’s not the truth doesn’t change. It’s that truth can’t change. Why? Because Truth is, in Hebrew, it’s a met God’s mighty covenant. If something that is truth, change, I don’t have time to go into the detail to prove it to you right now. I’m sure it’s on one of my videos somewhere, go watch all

Myron Golden 25:17
right. But

Myron Golden 25:21
if truth ever changed, God would have to die. And if God dies, everything ceases to exist.

Myron Golden 25:32
Wow. So,

Myron Golden 25:34
like, weigh everything against the truth. So once you once you start reading and watching and observing, then you evaluate, and you contemplate, and you weigh everything against the truth. And when you do that, you decipher. So you discern, then you decipher by asking questions. One of my favorite quotes of all times, I got it from a friend of mine, Joe portfolio. Here’s what he said. I would much rather have questions I can’t answer than answers. I can’t question.

Myron Golden 26:10
Ain’t that good? Like, like, like, if if I really believe something,

Myron Golden 26:14
I don’t have to be afraid of somebody who disagrees with me. I don’t have to be offended by it.

Myron Golden 26:21
I don’t have to be worried about oh, what did they just agree?

Myron Golden 26:24
Oh, there’ll be okay. Okay, so then we have to do, what does that mean? We have to act experiment and then measure feedback. So, so I just, what I do is I discern, I’m just learning things I’m taking in information. Here’s what here’s what I found out. I’m a, I’m a really geeky person. Y’all probably haven’t figured that out already. But I geek out on like, it’s easy for me to geek out on almost anything. Like I don’t really need doesn’t have to be some, it could just be something. Right? And so, like when I first learned, I watched this video on YouTube by Rabbi Mordecai craft called Hebrew language to the DNA of creation. Like, what does that mean? Right? I can remember I almost I almost had an attitude about it, right? I’m like, what does that mean? And watch that video. I’m like,

Myron Golden 27:17
I know nothing.

Myron Golden 27:19
I know nothing. And I’m like, I thought I was a student of the Bible. All these years. I have no idea. I have no idea. I felt like I felt like I was in kindergarten of the Bible. When I got done. Watch that video. I felt like I knew nothing. So I said, I gotta learn Hebrew. So I enrolled in Hebrew University in Israel. And I was learning Biblical Hebrew and modern Hebrew simultaneously. In my 50s, why? Because I couldn’t go through another year of my life and not know, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God at that level, I had to find out. Right? So and I’m telling you this for a reason. So that’s something I geek out on. But I used to be I used to be really afraid of flying. But I wouldn’t say that. I say I’m not afraid to fly. I just don’t like it doesn’t make sense.

Myron Golden 28:13
You don’t see any city buses up there. Do you planes way more than city buses, right? Like, that was my logic. This doesn’t make sense. This is dumb. I know you’re in your car, you’re looking at me, like who thinks like me, this plane weighs 1000 times more than my car, and it’s five miles in the sky going 600 miles an hour. Everything about this is wrong. And we’re acting like it’s I’m looking around at people. Like it’s normal reading books. Y’all know, we have this big piece of hunk of metal up here in the sky flute. This is dark. Right? So what did I do? I took flying lessons. Why? So I can understand how it worked. And once I understood how it worked not and get on the plane before it takes off, fall asleep, not wake up until it lands. Why? Because I understand how it works. It makes sense.

Myron Golden 28:58
And so and, and the reason I’m telling you all this is not because I want you all to geek out on everything like I do. But you should you should be like your whole life. If you live to be 972 You should geek out on it. You should always be geeking out on something you should be learning something to compare the stuff you already know the stuff you haven’t learned yet so you can better understand how life works. So you can navigate life better so you can help those people that you came to serve navigate life better. All of that stuff put together like be learning something. So I got my first guitar when I was in elementary school. I learned how to play some licks, but I didn’t really know how to play the guitar. I didn’t learn how to play the guitars, what 1996 and guitar lessons learn how to play some songs and I really, I know it’s gonna sound weird, but I liked country music I like I’m I’m a very eclectic music guy. I like country. I like jazz. I like classical. I like r&b I like so I just I like pop I just like I like I like music as a discipline. And so I started learning about you know, music, and then but I got to a level and then If I hadn’t touched my guitar in probably, I don’t know, five, six. I mean, I touch it, but not maybe pick it up for five minutes every year. I mean, like, just not why because I can play the stuff I can play and I can’t play anything else. So it’s like, Hey, why bother? Right? And so I’m going through YouTube. And I see this video as I’m going through YouTube in the sky is has an ad and he’s talking about fretboard fluency.

Myron Golden 30:26
That was the that was the exact phrase he needed to put it in. In order for you to know this is the person I want to learn guitar from fretboard fluency, like you become fluent in a language I can become fluent on the fretboard. I can understand the fretboard of my guitar, like make my guitar talk. Oh, Come to papa. I’m like okay, so I said I texted it to myself because I didn’t want to lose it. I went back and watched his intro video says everything he says makes sense. He says we have a system where if you’re an intermediate guitar player in three to six months, we can teach you you can play anything you hear. Brah do not threaten me with a good time. You got me confused somebody else. Right. And now at this point, one of the ones that watch the sales video. Now I’m at the point, I don’t care how much it cost. I already know I’m buying it right. So. So they want me to schedule a call with one of our consultants, which means get on the phone with somebody who’s gonna sell you their course.

Myron Golden 31:23
But that person don’t know how easy they bout to have it because I already know I want it. If I want it, you can’t talk me out of it. If I don’t want to You can’t talk me into it. Okay, like okay, well make sure and then they’re like, make sure you your guitar is in tune and make sure you know how to you’re ready to play some stuff for us to show us where you are. I’m like You had me at hello, bro. Like I got my little guitar tuning app made sure was guitar was tuned. I’m I’m like, okay, my call is coming up. I’m ready to buy this thing. I don’t know if it’s gonna be 20,000 60,000 I don’t know what it’s gonna be. I don’t but I don’t care. Like you don’t understand at the level which I don’t care why? Because this is something I want to add. The better you understand music The better you understand life, the better you understand science, the better you understand life, the better you understand language, the better you understand life, the better you understand, like aerodynamics, the better you understand life, the better you understand golf, the better you understand life.

Myron Golden 32:11
I couldn’t leave that one out. Okay, so. So, so. So I get on the call. And they show me the thing. And I’m like, Okay, I’m in like a man. They said, Well, it’s, it’s $8,800 if you do the payment plan, or it’s $7,800 if you do a one time payment, I’ll do a one time payment, you take them out Express, Yep, here, take it. Right. So I’m like, Okay, I’m ready, a dive in. And it’s a video explaining the course and another video explaining the course another video explaining the course. And I’m like, I’m like, I’m gonna watch all of the foundational videos. And I promise you, I’m not exaggerating. There are at least 12 videos before I touched my guitar explaining the concepts of want to touch my guitar, I would want to get started, right? And then I got started.

Myron Golden 32:57
And then it was just okay, we’re going to do some right hand techniques. I’m practicing my right hand technique. That’s all I did. It’s simple stuff that I didn’t know how to do. But it wasn’t. I wasn’t I was no longer fluent, because I didn’t touch my guitar in years. So now I’m just doing doon doon doon doon doon Dunoon, it just walking the strings walking up and down the strings. Okay, cool. Did that for a couple days. Next day, they showed me six string, I’d never even heard of this before the six string of form, front facing. I’m like, I don’t have any idea what that means. But I’m going to do it. So they showed me how the scale works with the six string form the the major scale sixth string fourth, I said, Okay, I’m going to do this, I practice that thing for hours today, my pinky is so sore.

Myron Golden 33:44
Guess what I’m gonna do today, I’m gonna practice for more hours a day, I’m gonna practice it until I can do it up and down the neck until I’m gonna, I’m gonna, like, I don’t care about playing a song, I’m just gonna be able to burn it and be like a machine and these fingers are gonna be right. My point is, the reason I did that, is because I want to expose myself to more concepts. Because one of these days, I’m going to be looking at a business problem. And I’m going to see a solution in the major scale. Because everything’s connected to everything else. And so So, every time I do something you want to, you want to decipher, I mean, you want to discern, you want to expose yourself to things, then you want to decipher the things you’ve exposed yourself to, to see what you want to keep what you want to throw away. And then you want to go do something with it to see what happens when you act on it. I love what I love King Solomon said and Proverbs chapter one. He said one of the reasons he wrote the book of Proverbs is so those who read it could receive instruction of wisdom. receive instruction of wisdom. What does that mean? That means so we could learn the lessons you can only learn while you’re doing the thing. cannot teach a kid To ride a bike at a seminar, you can read all the books on swimming you want to. And if you jump in the pool, without any practice, you are going to drown.

Myron Golden 35:07
Why? Because you have to iterate, you have to do something. And here’s the problem. Here’s the problem. Most people will expose themselves to the business arena, right? They’ll go out and just learn, oh, business seems like a better way to make money than just having a job. I’ll try that. And then what they do is they decipher all the stuff they learn in business, like, this is a lot of stuff, I’m overwhelmed. But the reason you’re overwhelmed is because you didn’t master one component at a time, and then master the next component and then master the next component, then master the next component, and then stack one mastery on top of another master on top of another mastery, what you did was you learned about something and thought you learned it. And so you got this blurry idea of what it might be. And then you learn about something else. And you thought you had learned it. And then you stack that lack of clarity on top of the first lack of clarity, then you learned another new thing about another new thing and thought you learned it.

Myron Golden 35:58
And then you stack that lack of clarity on top of the former to lack of clarity, and you learned another lack of clarity. And now you’re using all of this mental and physical and psychological bandwidth to try to hold this mumble jumbled mess together. And you’re exhausted mentally every time you think about business because you haven’t mastered one concept yet. And what you what would work better for you is if you master one concept, let me give you the definition of mastery. Mastery is the ability to execute effortlessly without the use of conscious resources. When I can do something effortlessly without thinking about it, I’ve mastered it until I can do it effortlessly without thinking about it. I’m not. So when I learn a business concept and master it, I can execute it effortlessly without the use of conscious resources. Here’s the problem.

Myron Golden 36:43
People will stack a lack of clarity and have a lack of clarity on top of lack of clarity and have a lack of clarity type of lack of clarity. And here’s what they do. They go out and try to iterate. And it doesn’t work doesn’t work. And they think they failed. So I’m gonna end with this. Don’t mistake feedback for failure. Far too many people think they failed, when actually all they did was quit before they figured it out. I hope this blesses you. And I’ll see you on the next part part two of Think like a genius talk like a third grader and maybe we’ll get to talk like a third grader part. Stay blessed by the best PEACE OUT Cub Scouts

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