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The Dangers Of Toxic Money Thoughts

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Have you ever thought about what you think about? I mean, have you ever literally sat down, sat down and take an inventory of the thoughts that you think? And then ask yourself? Where did those thoughts come from? Like, your thoughts about money? Where did they come from? Your thoughts about wealth and poverty, your thoughts about how much money is a lot of money? How much money is a little money? Have you ever sat down and thought about where did those thoughts come from? Like, do you think the money thoughts you think? Because you intended the thinking? Or do you think them just because of maybe where they came from, or maybe the fact that you’ve been thinking them for a long time, but you’ve never really sat down? And said, Hey, why am I thinking like this? Because what you think about money is going to ultimately determine your relationship, money, your relationship with money, and it’s going to ultimately determine money’s relationship with you. And I promise you, if you do not become intentional about it, your finances will be haphazard, for the rest of your life.

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So I’m gonna read a verse. And then I want to talk to you about the dangers of toxic money, thoughts. And I submit to you that most people, everybody, tap yourself on the chest, say that includes me. Most people have at least some toxic money, bots. Here’s what it says Philippians chapter four, verse number eight, Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are good of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things. Now, this is not talking about money. In fact, as you read this passage, it’s really it’s really, it’s in the context is talking about worry. Because if you go up to Philippians, chapter four, verse number four, it says, Rejoice in the Lord always. And again, I say, rejoice. Let your moderation or your self control be known, and all men for the Lord is at hand. And then it says, And be careful for nothing. Don’t worry about anything, but in all things by prayer and supplication. So what it’s really saying is, don’t worry about it, pray about it.

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Why worry when you can pray, where most people who believe in God have the philosophy? Why pray when I can worry? Hmm, I wish I had some have in here. I can’t pray right now. I’m busy worry, leave me alone. Right. And, and, and then it says, it says, Be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God, and the peace of God which passeth all understanding show keep or guard your hearts and minds by Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things he say whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, he’s telling you what to think about. Because worry comes from thinking about a future outcome that is undesirable to you. That’s where that’s all where he is, where he is having a physical reaction in your body, or a mental reaction in your mind to an expected future outcome that you perceive as unfavorable. So he said, Don’t be think don’t don’t waste any energy thinking about that.

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Even Jesus said the same thing. He said, Take no thought for tomorrow when he said, Take no thought. That phrase Take no thought is the exact same Greek word that was used in the New Testament that said, Be careful for nothing. It’s the same exact phrase don’t worry about do you said Take no thought for tomorrow, that that doesn’t mean don’t prepare for tomorrow. And it doesn’t mean don’t think about tomorrow, what it means what it literally means is don’t worry about tomorrow. Why? Here’s what he said, Don’t waste today’s energy worrying about tomorrow’s problem. And it’s really fascinating. Because most of the church going Bible believing Christian people like that. I know most of them. pretend not to care about money at all. And it’s the thing they work for the longest to worry about the most. Am I am I am I am I ringing a bell? Like, it’s mind blowing to me, like it matters? Well, money’s not that important to me. If you’ll lie about that, you’ll lie about other stuff.

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You are literally spending more of your waking hours exchanging those hours for money for dollars than you are doing any other single thing in your waking hours. And then you want to say I don’t care about money, you are lying. Let’s start there. But why do you feel like you have to say I don’t care about money. That’s really the question. Why do you feel like you have to because money wealth abundance has a social stigma. Why? Because the enemy is a liar. Now, money Money is not I know people think money is inherently evil. Libel says money is the love of money is the root of all evil. It doesn’t say that. It says the love of money is the root of all evil. And the emphasis is on all evil. Don’t you think about this, when the Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil, it cannot mean it is not possible for that to mean that the love of money is the root of every single solitary evil in the world.

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That is an impossible conclusion. Where if that was what it was saying, then Adam and Eve would have eaten the forbidden fruit because Satan paid them. So it cannot mean that the love of money is the root of every single solitary evil. So just using your mind, like you don’t even need a Bible Dictionary. You don’t need a Strong’s Concordance to realize that’s not what it means. That was like if it was Lucifer evil when he attempted to ascend above the throne of God, was he was that evil? It was okay. So did he do it for money? No, he did. So the love of money can’t be the root of every single solitary evil, that can’t be what it means. Why is it important to know what it can’t mean? Because if you don’t know what it can’t mean, you’re gonna go through life, probably assuming like most people, that it means something. Not only that, it doesn’t mean but that it cannot mean.

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Or you’re tracking? So then if it doesn’t mean that, then the question is What? What does it mean? What all you have to do? Notice what I did all you have to do the love money is the root of all evil. All you have to do is use a Strong’s concordance and look up every word in the verse. And you will find out that the word all in that verse does not mean every single solitary. Because all has more than one meaning. If I say pool, what does it mean? Well, it could mean a swimming pool. It could mean a carpool. It could mean a pool table. Right? So so I have like, until a word is defined, the sentence can happen until every word in a sentence is defined, regardless of whether it’s in the Bible or somewhere else, until every until I understand the definition of the word as intended by the writer.

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Until I understand every word, I cannot understand the meaning of the sentence, the verse, the passage, the paragraph, the book of the Bible, like so. All of that to say this. So what does the word what the key word in that verse, verse is not the word money, and it’s not the word root. And it’s not the word love. The key word in the verse is the word all. And since all can’t mean every single solitary, what does it mean? It literally means the word All means all types, all kinds, all manner of evil. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. It’s the root of all types of evil. It’s the root of all manner of evil. It’s not the root of every single solitary evil. So now, the verse makes absolute perfect, clear sets. People, when they love money, will do all types, all kinds, all manner of evil to get it. That’s one of the reasons I say, don’t love the money and use the people. Love the people and use the money and take it to its ultimate extreme and use the money to love the people. And then you won’t fall into the trap of doing all types, all kinds all manner of evil for money, is what I’m saying. Making sense. Okay.

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So if I think that money is inherently evil, because money is the root of all evil, which is not only not the correct definition, but it’s completely it’s not even the right out of context. It’s out of text. It’s not even what it says it doesn’t say money is the root of all he says love money is the root of all evil. That’s one of the reasons why people think now the Bible gives warnings about wealth. If you want to know what the biblical warnings about wealth are, go to my YouTube channels and watch warnings about wealth. That’s the name of the video, right? And it’ll tell you what the warnings about wealth are. But they aren’t. Don’t make it. So we have a lot of we have a lot of toxic thoughts about money, one of which is money is the root of all evil. When somebody wants to describe something that’s really really, really rich, what’s the adjective they use? Filthy Rich. That’s fascinating. I’ve met a lot of filthy people. None of them were rich. I’ve met a lot of rich people. None of them were filthy.

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Now the Bible does talk about filthy lucre. What is filthy lucre filthy lucre is ill gotten gain, it’s unjust money. It’s money that you got without earning it. That’s filthy lucre. See? Here’s the problem. The problem is that we don’t think about even the things we think we think about. Right? Most people don’t think they just think they think. And so, if you’ve got toxic thoughts about money and you think it’s inherently evil, what you’re going to do is you’re going to, you’re going to make sure that other people understand it’s a priority for you subconsciously, that other people understand that you don’t care about money. Now, imagine being in a relationship with a person. And your words about that person are I don’t care about that person. I don’t care about my wife, I don’t care about my husband. I don’t care about my brother. I don’t care about my kids. I don’t care about my parents. If you were in a relationship with somebody and your your attitude towards that person were I don’t care about that person. How long would they hang around? Here’s not long. It’s interesting. I’m so glad that a long time ago, I started listening to Jim Rohn.

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He was a fascinating, the very dry humor, but very, very clear. He said, he said, I said, I was 26 year old American man and I was broke. And he said, some girl scouts came and knocked on my door. And when they did, I said, Oh, I just bought Girl Scout cookies yesterday. But I didn’t I just didn’t have the $2 to buy the Girl Scout cookies. He said, How low can you get to lie to some girl scouts? Right? He said that’s pretty low. He said, he said, I found a man who was rich and easy to talk to. And that man mentored me his name was Earl Show. And he said, he said, Mr. Show said to me, he said, he said, why do you why do you think you’re in the situation? You’re in financial? He said, well, because at my job, that’s all they paid me. And Mr. Shelf asked me a question. He said is that he didn’t know. He said, That’s all they pay. And Mr. Show said, Is it all they pay, Mr. Sharon? Or is it just all they pay you?

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Surely there are people at your job? They pay more than they pay you? So is that all they pay? Or is that just all they pay? You? Right? As Jim Rohn? Could do, right? And he said, When my philosophy changed, everything changed for me is that I was 26 I was broke by 30. I was a millionaire. Why? Because I changed my philosophy. I changed the way I think about money. And and like, there are people there are people on my YouTube channels. Like some of them are probably watched Part of this video because you know, some people love jumping to conclusions. It’s the only exercise some people get. And, and they’ll watch this video, and they’ll assume that, you know, they’ll say, I don’t care about money. God takes care of me. Well, that’s it takes care of me too. What’s the difference? Right? They’ll say something like, they’ll say something like, I just, I just, I just I don’t really care about money. All I want to do is just work hard and take care of my family. But you don’t understand you.

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You’re having a you’re having cognitive dissonance you’re having like you are having an internal lack of alignment with your own self. You’re being a double minded man. Here’s what the Scripture says about a double minded man, a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. let not that man think he shall receive anything of the Lord. Like I’m not money is not the most important thing in the world. It’s not. But it’s kind of like oxygen. You got to have it every day to live. You’re spending money all day every day. Now, that’s if you live in a society with other people, you’re gonna want to exchange things with them. And if you are a chicken farmer, they don’t want you to bring them eggs in exchange for fixing their air conditioner in Florida in the summertime.

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And so, if you if all of your thoughts about money are negative, then all of your interactions with money will be negative, and you won’t have much money. It’s I don’t love money, but I do love people. I like making lots of money and like having money so I don’t have to wonder if I can do something when something needs to be done. Like I like having a lot of money. I like being wealthy, way better. Like, like, like eleventy million times more than I liked being broke. I was happy when I was broke. I just wasn’t happy that I was broke. I’m happy when I’m wealthy, guess what, I’m not even happy that I’m wealthy. I’m grateful. I’m thankful. But I’m not happy that I’m rich. I’m just happy that I’m me. I’m happy that God has given me insight into the things he’s given me insight into so far, and the things that he will give me insight into in the future.

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The money, like the wealth is a bonus. The money is a bonus, the ability to have options is a bonus. It’s not the objective. I, this is gonna sound weird. And I don’t need anybody thinks anything about me and money. I’m like, I’m not I don’t really care about money, how much money you want to make mine, I want to make as much as I possibly can. Living in alignment with my purpose. That’s how much money I want to make. If that’s if that’s $100 a year, I’m good with it. And if it’s $100 million a year, I’m good with that. And it’s $300 billion a year, I’m okay with that. I want to make as much money as I can and align it with my purpose, I want to I want to be as healthy as I can and aligned with my purpose. I want to learn as much as I can be as learned as I can in alignment with my purpose. And until you break free of your need for other people to think things about you. You will never be financially free because you’re not even socially emotionally free.

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You are so as long as you are attached to the need for people to have a particular opinion of you, you will never be free. Maybe that’s why the Scripture says, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. What does it say after that, who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal. If God sounds to me, like he knew who he was. But watch what it says next, but made himself of no reputation and took about in the form of service. He knew who he was so much. He didn’t need you to know who he was. He didn’t need you to acknowledge the fact that he is God in order for him to acknowledge the fact that he is God. And see, you need for people to acknowledge that your motives are good in order for you to sleep at night. While you’re going to be up. The only person that you need to be true to is yourself and God. I mean, obviously to be true. Like you give somebody your words, you need to be true to that. Right. But I’m saying the only if you if I didn’t tell you something that I need you to think something about me, then why do I even care? Because the reality is I don’t?

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And if I did, I wouldn’t do what I do. If I cared what other people think about me, I would do something very different. I would do something in the booth of the back of the corner in the dark where nobody could see me. And if they did, if they didn’t approve, they wouldn’t even know who did it. But because I know who I am based on who’s I am. Your opinions of my motives are of zero concern to me. Because as long as you need people to think something about you, like you need them to believe something about you financially, you need people to think you’re rich, you need people to think you’re broke. You need people to think that you don’t care about money, you need people to think that you do whatever the thing that you need them to think is you have no control over their thoughts. You barely have control over your own. Let it go. Let it go.

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Stop allowing yourself to think these toxic thoughts about money. Hey there, my friend, I just want to share with you one of the best business books you’ll ever have the opportunity to read. It’s called boss moves. Boss does not mean you bossing me around and me bossing you around. It’s an acronym that stands for business optimization, success secrets. And this is business optimization success seekers from a million dollar round table. I have one client who read this book and in two months made $800,000 From what he learned, I want to give you the opportunity to get this book by clicking the link below or just go to boss moves and get your copy today. And now back to the video you’re watching. So if we’re going to stop thinking toxic money, thoughts, what kinds of thoughts should we think we should learn to think? Truth, money, thoughts? And when we think truth, money, thoughts, and notice I didn’t say true money, thoughts. I said truth money, thoughts.

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When we think truth, money, thoughts, those truth, money, thoughts? When we replace our toxic money, thoughts with those? Now the whole world opens up for us financial financially. Jesus said, If you continue on my words than I do my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. In and you’ve heard me say this before, you’ll hear me say it again. Any area in your life in which you are not free isn’t an area in which you are either unfamiliar with the truth or you’re not practicing the truth. Because truth always brings freedom. And so we need to understand the truth about money. And I promise you most people have no idea like when I say no idea I mean they don’t have a clue in the world. they will, they will be better off trying to find the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic, they will come closer to finding that than they would knowing the truth about money.

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Because most of what people believed about believe about money has been built up on ideas that I believe have come from the culture hypnotic societal mechanism, which is greatly influenced by Satan. So that’s my rant on that. So when I talk about the truth about money, where are we going to find the truth about money? Well, where do we find the truth about anything? We find the truth about anything from God, the One who created it is the one who determines whether or not it’s truth. Right? And it’s so interesting. People talk about, well, that’s your truth. And this is my truth and his truth and her truth and their truth and them truth. There’s no such thing as history with her truth, their truth, my truth, them truth, the truth, there’s only the truth. And anything that’s not the truth is a lie. I hope I didn’t say that too fair. And I said it bad. So how do we find out the truth about money? We have to go to the Word. And and if we want to know, like, where’s the first time? What book in the Bible? Do they first use money.

Myron Golden 21:11
But what book in the Bible Genesis, so I want to know the truth about money, because God doesn’t change. One of the things I can do to find out the truth about money is to find out God’s original design for money. I want to know the truth about wealth, I need to find out God’s original design for wealth. What is the physical substance that has represented wealth? That is actually real money? Like dollars? are not real money dollars are supposed to? Are there Treasury reserve notes? What does that mean? Absolutely nothing. Okay. So that’s what that’s what it means. Okay? It used to mean that you could change exchange this certificate for this amount of gold, or this certificate for this amount of silver, it doesn’t mean that anymore. So what does it mean? Nothing. Okay, it means it means so be it. That’s what fiat money means. So be it. So. So be it, it’s like we said, it’s worth something.

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So therefore, it is, okay. Which means nothing. Because, you know, there are two things about the government, we can always be sure of, number one, their lips are moving, they’re lying. And number two, the way they really take advantage of people is by saying, I’m with the government, and I’m here to help you. Okay, so we got, we, we got that we got all that taken care of. Okay, so, so So, so, when is gold first mentioned in the Bible, it’s first mentioned, so let’s talk about let’s talk about this first, even before we talk about when gold was mentioned, the Bible, let’s talk about this, I believe I’m gonna make I’m gonna make a bold statement, the first statement about that I’m going to make about money or about wealth, is that wealth and money are not inherently evil. Okay. And so some would say, you’re right, it’s not inherently evil, it’s neutral. It just makes you more of what you already are. While it does amplify what you are, it is not inherently evil, it is also not inherently neutral.

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Money is inherently good. Wealth is inherently good. Now, I’m not talking about the money system that’s been created by the culture. But I’m talking about wealth, I’m talking about wealth, I’m talking about money I’m talking about abundance is inherently good. And I know like when I say that, for people who’ve been going to church their whole life. That’s there’s some internal resists how many y’all feel? So a little bit of internal resistance when I say that, right? Because Because it’s like, well, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’d go that far. Well, but I know I’m going that far, because God went that far. Because the very first time, gold is mentioned. So in fact, if I wanted to understand the truth about wealth and money, I need to look at God’s original design for that thing. And if I’m going to find God’s original design, I’m going to find out what he said about it when he first talked about it. And I’m going to know that that is the truth about it. Are y’all tracking is what I’m saying? Making sense? And so and so when we look in Scripture, we see that the word gold is mentioned in the book of Genesis.

Myron Golden 24:17
And by the way, the first time I ever had this slide, thought it’s got to be in there. I thought, I wonder how many times gold is in Genesis got to be in there 500 times, not another 500 times. You ask people how many times you make it dinner people say one will say 50? No, it’s gold is mentioned the book of Genesis exactly eight times 888 times in the book of Genesis, Genesis first book in the Bible. It’s like, oh, like I think I believe that traces of all biblical doctrines can be found in the book of Genesis. Okay, so because God doesn’t change. So here’s the gold has mentioned eight times in the book of Genesis. So the first thing that the first time it’s mentioned, it’s mentioned in Genesis chapter two, verse 11, and 12. And it says, Talking about the Garden of Eden.

Myron Golden 25:02
There’s gold in that land, and the gold of that land is good. Now, there’s a whole lot of reasons. That could be confusing. Do you remember how many people were in the Garden of Eden? Don’t you? How many people to talk to me? How many? Two? There are two people? Right? I mean, who are they? Adam and Eve? What was their relationship with each other husband and wife? How many stores? Were there? Zero. What was for sale? Nothing. What were they going to use gold for? They didn’t have anything to use it for. So why is it there? Is that a good question? Like there’s gold in the garden of God, not God tells us he didn’t just put gold in the Garden of Eden. He made sure he told us he put it there.

Myron Golden 25:52
Is anybody tracking? And then he went further and said, It’s good. How do I know it’s good? Because God said, so the first description God ever gave, for gold, which represents abundance always has always will, is good. Now. I used to wonder when I was a kid, you probably never wanted this. But I did. Like brass is golden color. And it’s metal. Copper is golden color. And it’s metal. And gold is golden color, and it’s metal. So why is gold worth more than copper? And why is gold worth more than brass? Did anybody else ever wonder that it was just me. Okay. So here’s why God said so.

Myron Golden 26:38
Now, why did God say so because gold is a picture. So the number eight, the number eight is the number of abundance, it’s also the number of infinity to the number of eternity. It’s if you take an eight and turn it on its side, it’s the symbol for infinity. So one is the number for unity two is the number for separation or holiness. Three is the number of God four is the number of the earth five is the number of grace six is the number of falsehood. Also the number of man seven is the number of completion. Eight is the number of abundance, infinity, eternity and watch this now, the new beginning. That new beginning, why? Because after this after the millennial reign of Christ, which is Daniel seven, Daniel’s 70th week after the millennial reign of Christ, then we go into eternity which lasts forever, it will be the new beginning.

Myron Golden 27:28
Are you on track? Okay. Well, the interesting thing is that God used this talked about wealth, gold, eight times in the book of Genesis. So he’s mentioning the substance of abundance, the number according to the number of abundance. Now that’s cool. Here, what else is cool? God described everything that he made in Genesis chapter one with an adjective Does anybody remember the adjective was, it was good? And God said, and it was so and God saw that it was good. How many times did God say something was good in Genesis chapter 177 times, the eighth time God used the adjective good, was in Genesis chapter two, verse 11, and 12, when he said, there’s gold in that land of the gold of that land is good. Why? Oh, he gets no better. So let’s go back to the question. Why is it important for us to know that there’s gold in the Garden of Eden, if there are no stores, there’s nothing for sale, there’s nothing to buy. There are only two people they’re married to each other. Food is free.

Myron Golden 28:42
What are they going for? God wanted us to know that opulence and abundance are natural in the environment for the children of the king. That hit you didn’t might take. It’s not unnatural. For the children of the king of abundance to have abundance. It’s normal. Now, I’m gonna make another assertion about gold in the book of Genesis, you can go stay for yourself. It’s only in there at times, I think gonna be a very long study. Every time gold is mentioned in the book of Genesis, it is always mentioned in conjunction with God’s people. What does that tell me? If I want to know the truth about wealth, here’s the truth. Money is not inherently evil. Wealth is not inherently what’s inherently it’s not inherently neutral is inherently good. But here’s the other truth. It’s also the purpose the reason God put wealth on the earth is for his people. Period.

Myron Golden 29:46
This whole idea that God’s people we’re supposed to be broke until we get to heaven. Is it’s it’s a it’s a farce. It’s a lie. It’s a very, very cleverly disguised ly It was started in mythology made it way down through Catholicism and then made its way down from Catholicism down into Protestantism. But it’s not biblical. Every time it’s mentioned mentioned in conjunction with God’s people, the first time we see it mentioned, it’s mentioned in Genesis chapter three, verse 11, or 12. The second time it’s mentioned, it’s mentioned in Genesis chapter 13, verse number two, here’s what it says. And Abram was very rich in cattle and silver and gold. Now was Abram rich. No, he was not rich, he wasn’t very rich. Now, this is interesting. Let me ask you a question was Abraham, the friend of God or the enemy of God? He was a friend of God, oh, he was a friend of God. Abraham is the father of Hebrews.

Myron Golden 30:52
He’s the father of the faith. God called Abram in Genesis chapter 12, to leave the land of the familiar to go to the land of faith. What land of faith, a land that I will show you. So you didn’t know what it looked like? How do I know where I’m going? I’ll show you that you are there when you get there. That’s the journey. We’re all on whether we know it or not. Right. And so that’s Genesis, chapter 13. God said, if you will leave your father’s house, if you will leave your country, your family and your familiar surroundings and go to the police. I’m going to show you, I’m going to bless you in ways you can’t bless yourself. I’m going to give you something you can’t get yourself. I’m going to make you something you can’t make yourself. I’m going to take the source of your shame and make it the source of your fame. I’m going to bless those that bless you, I’m going to curse those that curse you and then you all the families of the earth will be blessed. That’s a seven fold blessing. Alma if anybody is with me or not, I may have taken off without everybody getting to own the plane. Well, it gives mo betta. How like this. We see that first time gold is mentioned in the book of Genesis. It’s mentioned as Providence for God’s people.

Myron Golden 32:17
What does Providence mean? Providence means to provide an advance he put it there before they would need it. The second time it’s mentioned it’s mentioned as a possession by God’s people. And Abram was very rich in cattle and silver and gold and I love the fact that it says neighbor was very rich and cattle and silver and gold because when he was because the scripture says a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. Hey, how are y’all knows hard enough to leave an inheritance for your chair. Right but your children’s children Hey, you better start stacking and packing. But the Bible says laying out for yourselves treasures upon the earth right keyword yourself. The wealth that I’m laying up on the earth is not for myself. It’s for my son, my daughter, my granddaughter any other future grandchildren I might have. I’m not laying it up for myself that’s why I don’t spend it all that’s why don’t blow it all on mansions and cars and planes and trains and automobiles. I mean, you know, I live a nice life. But I don’t blow my money. I don’t just I’m not some flashy rich dude who just like I don’t need I don’t need to put my wealth on display. It’s not my anyway, it’s God’s I’m managing what am I managing for future generations. So they will have a soul they’ll have a war chest, a financial war chest to fight the spiritual warfare that gets more intense every decade every generation

Myron Golden 33:50
you say how do you know how do you know that wealth is part of a fear spiritual warfare war chest? Well, because Abram when his nephew went down to Sodom and Gomorrah and five nations, rose up against Sodom and Gomorrah, and conquered them and took all the people captive and took lots nephew. I mean, not lost nephew, Abrams nephew law with him. Amundsen I mean, taking my nephew that’s my brother’s son. He’s all I got left right now. I’m going to get it. It says that Abram arm the servants that were born in his house. Which means if he armed them, that means he had the arms. And if he armed them that knew that that meant they already knew how to use the arms. And so they went out. And they waged war. This is a businessman. He went out and waged war against five nations in one. That’s what we call a war chest. How much money do you have? He had enough money to arm the servers that were born in his house go out and fight against five nations and when I say, I don’t even know if I even have like because we Hold on. Okay, keep talking about a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. Here’s what people say. But that’s not talking about money. It’s not talking about material things. It’s talking about a godly heritage. That sounds good. Except that’s not what the Bible says.

Myron Golden 35:18
The Bible says, A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, the same Bible that says that says, house, and riches are the inheritance of fathers, and a prudent wife is from the Lord. So according to the scripture, if I want to stand before God and present myself, as a man who’s good, not good for the purpose of getting into heaven, Jesus did that part. But somebody who was faithful to do the things he put me on this earth to do, one of the things I’ve got to do is provide house and riches for my children and my children’s children. Like, he’ll just say, like, give him a give him 20,000 To get started, no, no house enriches. You know what that means? This whole idea, you’re 18, get out of my house and go figure it out. That’s a Western American idea. It’s not a biblical idea. Isaac lived with his father until he was 40. And he got married.

Myron Golden 36:11
Here’s what Scripture says, Then shall a man leave his father and his mother and cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. God’s ideal time for children to leave the home is when they get married. I couldn’t afford them when they were teenagers, I show can’t afford them when they grow. Right? Right. But you could, if you started a family business and had them working with you in your family business from the time they would knee high to a grasshopper because they’re helping you build the wealth for their children’s children. We just need to understand the truth around wealth. So the second time was mentioned, as mentioned, as I positioned by God’s people, here’s what’s really interesting. The Bible does not say that if a man does not read the Bible, he’s denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. We’re supposed to read the Bible. The Bible doesn’t say if a man doesn’t meditate on the Bible, he’s denied the face of faith and is worse than infidel.

Myron Golden 37:02
We’re supposed to meditate on that. The Bible doesn’t say if a person doesn’t pray. They’ve denied the faith, and they’re worse than an infidel, doesn’t say if they don’t attend church, they’ve denied the faith in their worship infidel. Here’s what it says. If any man provide not for his own, especially for those of his own house, is denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. Denial of the faith shows up and not providing for your own. Why? Because the man, the Father, I bought I left bait. Aleph is the letter that represents God, bait is the letter that represents the house, the father is God in the house, not do what I said, I’m going to strike you with lightning. Now not that God in the house, but the progenitor of the house, the provider of the house, the protector of the house, the promoter of the house, bats the father’s job. And if you don’t provide for your own, you’ve denied the faith and you’re worse than an infidel, because you’re misrepresenting God to your own family

Myron Golden 38:14
I wish I had some help in here. See, for you learn as you weren’t responsible for it. But after today, you’re without excuse. Come here and observe in the first instance. Observe in the first instance, okay, all right. Okay. Okay. Hey, I understand that those just the first two times it’s mentioned the third time it’s mentioned, it’s mentioned as proof of God’s blessing on God’s people. Why what? When it when was that? And I’m not going to cover all of them because I don’t have time. I don’t have time go study it. I’m gonna inspire you to go study gold in the book of Genesis. Okay, good. If you go study it, and I’ve done my I’ve done my work. This is when Abram sent le Azar to find a wife for each sock for Isaac. He’d been traveling out in the desert, he’s got his camels. He’s got like, some money with him. So you know case something comes up case one of them camels gets a flat tire. Okay. I just want to make sure you’re paying attention. Okay. So, so, so he, he’s got some wealth with him. He comes to a well and he’s thirsty. And camels are thirsty.

Myron Golden 39:53
And he prays, Lord when you send a woman by to get some water because women And that was one of the responsibilities go to the well get the water. And the wells were deep and it wasn’t like a crank. Well, like they have in the cowboy movies. No, they had to lower the cistern, which was probably made out of some kind of stone, or maybe some kind of wood down in a well with a rope. Pull it up with the water. He prayed, Lord, when this when a woman comes by, and I say, could you give me some water to drink? If she says, Let me get some water for you and for your beast. Let that be the one that Yeah, well, he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t. It wouldn’t do one of general prayer. Bless me today law. No, this wasn’t that. This was, this was this was this was some specificity. So he prayed. So here goes, Rebecca. He says, Ma’am, can I just trouble you for some water? She said, I’ll get some water for you. And I’ll get some water for your bees for your cat animals. God has blessed me today.

Myron Golden 41:03
He gets she gets the water out, pours it on. I mean, it gives it to LASR gives the animals water. She says he says whose daughter? I’m leaving his daughter, Maya hidden. And Laban was one of the relatives of Abram and he wanted to get like from his kinsmen, right? He wanted to get his wife from his kinsmen. I don’t have time to go into all of that right now. Because there’s not enough time. Okay, so he finds Rebecca. Rebecca takes Ellie he LASR tells Rebecca about the prayer that he prayed. tells her about the mission he’s on. He says, Look, here’s the deal. I know this is gonna sound crazy sister. But I just prayed to God rightful you got here and I said, Lord, if you just let the woman that I asked for some water, say, let me get some water for your animals as well. Let that be the one that I find for my master son. Because my master is getting old. He wants to leave his money to somebody and he wants his son to have a family and a virginity. So So So I prayed that prayer, you came along, I asked you for some water. You said let me give some water to the beasts see how see how see how it always pays off to have good character and to seek to serve people. And so so my, my master, the my the guy I work for, I put it in modern day vernacular, my boss sent me to find a wife for his son. My boss is rich. When he dies, his son gets everything. I’m looking for a wife for that son. I prayed. You showed up and did exactly everything I prayed for. I think you’re the one.

Myron Golden 42:30
She said, I think you might be right. I might be. What would you say? So he goes back, he meets her family. He tells them the story. They’re like, This is amazing. This has to be from God. And then they get ready to leave the next day. And they re leaving. And Rebecca’s Mama says No, baby, don’t you just want to hang around for another week? You know, um, are you gonna be gone from now on? Don’t you just want to spend some more time with your family? She said, Mama, did you hear what this man said? His boss is a very rich man. He’s got one son. He’s looking for one wife for that one son. He thinks it’s me. And you want me to wait a week so he can find somebody else. I gotta go Mom, I gotta go. So she left. But before she left, he told his or her family, how much wealth God had blessed his master with and he gave them gifts, gold bracelets, and gold chains and gold necklaces. What it’s mentioned as proof of God’s blessing on God’s people, one of the last times as mentioned not the last time but one of the last times it’s mentioned, it’s mentioned as a provision for God’s people.

Myron Golden 43:52
This is the only time we find gold mentioned in the book of Genesis in conjunction with somebody who’s not one of God’s people. Here’s what says I think it’s Genesis 4142 It says that Pharaoh took the chain off his neck and put it on Joseph SNEC and took the gold ring off his finger and put it on Joseph finger that shows that gold is mentioned as a provision for God’s people. So I can see clearly in the book of Genesis that it says that it shows us that wealth is something that was put on the earth for God’s people. And so if you have if you if you replace your toxic money, thoughts with your truth, money, thoughts, do you understand if you have toxic money, thoughts, and you think money is inherently evil, and it’s gonna make you a worse person, and you can’t get to heaven if you have some, by the way, for those of you who want to like the Bible says Egypt for a rich man energy, I mean a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man energetic cable guy. I know. Already did a Bible study on that. So go watch why rich man can enter heaven and I will teach you exactly what that passage means. Okay, congratulations for being in the right place at the right time because I I did an entire I did a word study and a context study on that passage. And that story is not the story of the rich young ruler. It’s the story of the children and the rich young ruler.

Myron Golden 45:08
And if you take the children out of the story, then you’re going to come to an erroneous conclusion because it’s contrasting the children, childlike faith with the self sufficiency of the rich, young ruler, go study, go watch the video and then go study for self see if I’m lying, because I promise you a line, okay? Now. So, so it’s, it shows up as provision for God’s people. Now there’s a verse, there’s a verse, and I’m going to end one this one because I can keep going on and on. But I think I’m gonna I’m gonna show you two more things. I’m going to show you two more things. One, King Solomon was the wisest, wealthiest man who ever lived. King Solomon at the beginning of his life was totally yielded to God in the middle of his life, who is as backslidden as you can be. At the end of his life, he came back to God after he realized his folly. At the beginning of his life, he broke the book of Proverbs. Towards the end of his life, he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. I like what Augmon Dino said. He said, There are three types of people in the world. Those who learn from their own experience, these are wise.

Myron Golden 46:19
I’m sorry. Those who aren’t, you know, those who will learn from experience of others, these are happy. Those who learn from the experience of others, these are wise, those who are needed from their own experiences, nor the experience of others. These are fools. Les Don’t be a fool. Right. But Solomon was a wise man. He was wise and happy when he was young. He was wise and not quite as happy when he was old. In fact, he became so disillusioned with the physical experience and existence of life that he realized. This is the theme of the book of Ecclesiastes. If you live your life, or life under the sun, under heaven, you wasted your life and tortured yourself. That’s what it means when it keeps saying in the book of Ecclesiastes, all is vanity, that’s waste. vexation of spirit.

Myron Golden 47:13
That’s torture. So here’s what he said. If you live your life for life for just the physical for the carnal life, you’ve wasted your life and tortured yourself. Wow, all you live for is like fun Times at Ridgemont High right? I don’t even know where it’s mount highs I think that was the name of the movie had her salt but I think those of all you just live your life for fun times. And getting drunk and getting high and having sex and and partying and living it up and showing off. Flexing if that’s what you live your life for it you’ve wasted your life and tortured yourself that fascinating. But here’s what else it says in the book of Ecclesiastes, Ecclesiastes chapter two. Verse number 26. Here’s what it says. It says, For God, give it to the man that is good in his sight which man good in his sight for God give it to the man that’s good in the sight. Both wisdom and knowledge and joy.

Myron Golden 48:16
Sounds pretty good to me. Because wisdom and knowledge enjoy they have sidekicks they don’t travel alone I don’t have time to go into that either. Right because the Bible talks about wisdom brings leadership wisdom brings influence wisdom brings authority wisdom brings wealth wisdom brings long life wisdom that brings a house full of treasure go study proverbs eight 910 1112 2223 Go study you’ll see wasn’t done never traveled by itself. Okay. So here’s what it says says we’re gonna give it to the man has good insight, both wisdom and knowledge and joy. And then it says, but it didn’t say and and would be more of the same, but it’s something completely different. Right? But to the center. Oh, he got some for the Senate to the No, please don’t let this harvest pass. Okay, anyway, but to the sinner. Give it travail. What’s that hard labor? To the sinner. He giveth travail to gather and the HIPAA gives to the man that’s good insight, wisdom and knowledge and joy but to the center he gives travail hustle and grind. For what to gather and keep up for what bet he may give to him that is good before got the great wealth transfer. The reason God gave sinners the ability to create wealth so they can pack it, stack it and hand it over. The Bible I’d like I didn’t put that in there. The Bible says God has made all things for himself, even the wicked for the day of wrath. And it says, it says that though I don’t remember the whole verse I wish was coming to me right now.

Myron Golden 50:19
But it says that the wealth of the sinner is laid up. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just like, I don’t have to try to go get anybody’s money. You know why? Because the blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich. All I have to do is honor God, you’ll my life to God. Do you understand Matthew 636 Matthew 633 says says, Don’t worry about what you’re going to eat, what you’re going to drink what you’re going to wear. It says it says Solomon, all of his glory was not arrayed like the lilies of the field. God clothed them, how much more shall he clothe you? Here’s what he said. He said, But seek ye first the kingdom of God, what is the kingdom of God, I yield my life to God, the Sovereign King of my life. When I do that, he makes me the king of my assignment, the king of my thing. He makes you ladies the queen of your scene. And then when I use that assignment to serve every human being I come in contact with that’s the kingdom of God coming into my life. I’m living my life to please God and serve people. The kingdom of God has come into my life. But it starts with like yielding to God starts with receiving Christ receiving his payment for your sin and not trying to make your own payment that’s where it starts. Because when you try to make your own payment you’re rejecting his payment and when you reject his payment, no payment will do.

Myron Golden 51:34
Okay, you’re tracking so but to the sentry giveth travail to gather heap up that he may give to him, there’s gonna be forgot the last thing. We talked, we started out talking, talk about Abram the second time, the second time, the word gold is used the book of Genesis, Genesis 13, two and Abram was very rich in cattle and silver and gold. The first time the word Rich is used in the Bible was not talking about Nimrod. It wasn’t talking about Pharaoh. It wasn’t talking about some it wasn’t talking about Ahab or Jezebel, it was talking about Abram, the friend of God, the first time the word riches used. I don’t care about being rich, I don’t really, I can’t say I don’t care about being rich. I really rather enjoy it. Right? But I don’t need to be rich. I was like I said this before. I was happy when I was broke, wasn’t happy that I was broke. I’m happy now that I’m rich. I’m just, I’m happy. While I’m rich. I’m just not happy that I’m rich. You know, I’m happy about I’m happy about the fact that I am a child of the King. I’m happy about the fact that I have the truth from the King. I’m happy about the fact that when I yield my life to God, He blesses it in ways that I couldn’t bless it myself. That’s what I’m happy about. The money.

Myron Golden 52:51
That’s just a bonus. That’s that’s like, that’s like the gravy on the mashed potatoes. But it ain’t the mashed potatoes. Nobody just, I just I just have gravy for dinner. No, it’s just gravy. I’ll have some icing for dessert. No, just just the icing. Okay, here’s what it says. It says in Galatians chapter two. It says, We are the seed of Abraham by faith in Christ Jesus. Now, let me say this. The church doesn’t replace Israel, and Christians don’t replace the Jews. When we receive Christ, we are grafted into their tree. We’re not a new tree, a dragon. But here’s what says, We are the seed of Abraham, by faith in Christ Jesus. Don’t miss this part now.

Myron Golden 53:46
And heirs with Him. Have the same promise. But promises that you’ll leave the land of the familiar. You’ll leave the world, the flesh and the devil. You’ll leave the land of the familiar and go on a journey of faith. I will bless you in ways you can’t bless yourself. I will make you something you can’t make yourself. I’ll give you something you can’t get yourself. I’ll take the source of your shame. Make it the source of your fame. I will bless those that bless you curse those that curse you and in you all the families of the earth. So let’s stop having toxic thoughts about money and start having truth. Thoughts about money. Figure out what the Word of God says about it. So, that being said, I will say this, for those of you who are still like got a little check in your spirit.

Myron Golden 54:42
Yes, the Bible does give some warnings about wealth. I did an entire video called warnings about wealth from the Bible. Go watch it. But none of those warnings are Don’t be wealthy because if you do, you become wealthy, it’s game over. That’s none of them. Those are the warnings about wealth. So I hope that blesses you. And you know people say like, you should ask people to subscribe and ask them to like it and ask them to ring the notification bell. I really feel very uncomfortable doing that y’all can probably tell every time I did it, I looked kind of like I felt uncomfortable. Like I ring the notification bell. Right? So so you know if you like this, if you want to hear more of this, you already know and if you don’t, please don’t, don’t subscribe and don’t ring the notification bell and watch our videos. It’s all good. If it makes sense to you do it if it doesn’t, you’re smart. I trust you. Do what makes sense to you. Have a great rest of your day. Peace out

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