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4 Moves To Scale Your Business Fast

Learn the four moves that when applied can move any business forward. And hear from some of Myron’s students that have exploded their business using this concept.

Four Moves To Scale Any Business

0:00 Introduction

So these four moves can scale a business from $10,000 a month to over $128,000 a month in four moves. How long those four moves take are gonna be determined by how fast you implement them. They’re the very same four simple moves that I talk about in my BOSS MOVES book.

In fact, I’ve got one of my clients in my inner circle right now who bought the book. He attended my Make More Offers Challenge and made an extra $80,000 in three months from what he learned from the book and from the challenge. So I’m gonna show that to you. Not to say that you’re gonna necessarily make $80,000 in 90 days, but what you are gonna do, you’re gonna learn what it takes to scale a business from $10,000 a month to $128,000 a month in four moves or how to 12.8X your business in four moves.

Before we get started, we have to set some groundwork. If your business is doing $10,000 a month, it has to be coming from somewhere. It’s gonna start with how many leads a month are you generating? Let’s say you’re generating 100 leads per month. And then let’s say your conversion rate is 10%. That’s your conversion rate. And on that conversion rate, let’s say your sale price is $1,000, right? That’s your sale price.

Let’s say you do a webinar once a week. You have a product that sells for a thousand dollars. You make 10 sales at a thousand dollars. Cause that’s 10%. So if you take this 100 leads per month times 10%, that’s 10 times a thousand dollars. You’re making $10,000 per month. So that’s the baseline.

How do we take that from $10,000 per month to $128,000 per month in four moves? What I’m teaching you is not theory. It’s also not a guarantee. It’s also not a warranty. It’s also not a promise, It’s just an example of what works. So if you’re generating a hundred leads per month, the first thing you want to do is you want to take the number of leads you’re generating per month and multiply at times two.

01:47 Double Your Lead Generation

If you double the lead generation, instead of generating a hundred leads per month, now you’re generating 200 leads per month. If everything else in your business stays the same, your business has to double. Why? Because if you’re converting at 10%, now you’re converting 10% of 200 leads, which is 20 sales. 20 sales times a thousand dollars. Now instead of doing $10,000 a month, you’re not doing $10,000 a month anymore. Now, your business is generating $20,000 a month, and you only did one move.

You doubled your lead generation. How do you double your lead generation? One of the things I teach people when they take the challenge is you double your lead generation by getting better at creating opt-in pages.

And one of the best things you can do, which I’m not gonna go into detail about now, but I will tell you, is you start moving cold traffic away from pain instead of moving them towards pleasure, that should double your opt-in rate by itself, that one thing alone. So that’s a pretty cool business. 20,000 a month is twice as good as 10,000 a month, but the business has a couple of things missing.

It doesn’t have a PVO, and there’s no FCO. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add those two components. We’ve already fixed one component, and that is we doubled your lead generation.

02:51 Double Your Conversions

The next thing we’re gonna do, before you even add this PVO, before you add the FCO, we’re gonna double the conversions. What happens when we double the conversions, and instead of generating 10% conversion, we start getting 20%? We get 20% conversions by stop trying to get people to buy what you’re selling and instead create an environment that makes them feel like buying.

One of the things most people who are in sales don’t understand. People don’t buy things because you tried to get them to buy them. They don’t buy things for your reasons. They buy things for their reasons. And they have one reason. That one reason is they feel like it. People do what they do ‘cause they feel like doing it. So if you can figure out how to create an environment that makes people feel like buying, you can double your conversion rate.

Now, when you double your conversion rate, you’re generating 200 leads per month. You’re converting those leads at 20%. 20% conversions times 200 leads per month. That equals, you’re making 40 sales. You take those 40 sales, you multiply those times your thousand dollars offer. Now you’re making $40,000 a month. You quadrupled your business and you’ve only made two moves.

We do this math because most people think if I only do four moves, I can 4X my business, but I can’t 12X my business with four moves. No, that’s not how it works. When you do these four moves, they do not add growth to your business. They add a geometric progression. They add leverage and optimization to your business.

You fixed two things. You started generating twice as many leads. You started converting twice as many of those leads into sales.

4:17 Add A Premium Value Offer

The next thing you’re gonna do, you’re gonna add a premium value offer, and let’s say your premium value offer is $10,000. A lot of people call the premium value offer a high ticket offer. I like to call it a premium value offer because high ticket is what I get. Premium value is what the client gets, right?

Does anybody know who makes the car Maybach? Who makes that car? Mercedes makes it. Why did Mercedes start making a $400,000, $500,000 car? Because they got tired of sending all of their best customers to Rolls Royce and Bentley because they didn’t have anything to sell them. So if a company like Mercedes that already sells a hundred thousand dollars cars and $200,000 cars and $250,000 cars, if it makes sense for them to come up with a half a million dollar car as a premium value offer for their best clients, does make sense for you with your thousand dollar offer to have a premium value offer for those people who would buy it if you had it?

People say, “Yeah, but I don’t want to charge people that much. I don’t want them paying that much.” If you don’t have a premium value offer, you are not stopping them from spending $10,000. You’re only stopping them from spending it with you. So what you gotta do is you gotta stop sending your best customers to everybody else, or you can keep sending them me if you want to. Stop sending them to everybody else because you don’t have anything to offer.

Add a premium value offer. What if you add a premium value offer? You’re already making 40 sales a month. You offer your premium value offer to the same 40 clients that you’re generating a month now. Let’s say you convert that premium value offer at 10%. That’s four sales. Four sales times your $10,000 offer. That’s another $40,000 a month. Now you’re generating 40,000 a month here. $40,000 a month there. That’s $80,000 a month. Congratulations. You’re making almost a million dollars a year, and you’ve only done three of the moves.

06:08 Add Forced Continuity Offer

We still got one move left. This next move, it’s gonna be check mate. It’s gonna be game over. It’s gonna be see you later, alligator. At the wild crocodile. Let’s go.

What’s that last move? We’re gonna add an FCO. What’s an FCO? FCO stands for forced continuity offer. Let’s say, in addition to all this other cool stuff you’re doing, let’s say you add a forced continuity offer to these 40 sales you’re making every month.

Let’s say it’s a software that sells for a a hundred dollars a month, and now you’re getting 40 people a month to pay for this a hundred dollars. Hundred dollars offer, except it’s forced continuity ’cause you’re giving to them for the first month or the first two months or the first three months for free. After that, they start paying for it. So you got 40 new people coming into your hundred dollar offer product per month.

Watch what happens. You’re already making $80,000 a month from your core product offer at the regular price, plus your premium value offer at $10,000 a month. Now, you’ve got 40 sales a month. 40 sales times $100 which equals $4,000. That’s pretty cool. Times 12 months. That’s $48,000 a month. You add the $48,000 a month to the $80,000 a month. Four moves, $128,000. Congratulations. You’re a millionaire. Those are the four moves. When you make those moves and make them masterfully, you’ll double your lead generation from a hundred leads a month to 200 leads a month.

07:50 Summary

You double your conversions from 10% to 20% and then you add a premium value offer and you start converting 10% of your core product buyers to your premium value offer. And then you add force continuity. So, all 40 sales a month you’re making are also take saying yes to your forced continuity offer. You do those four moves. At the end of a year, you’re doing $128,000 per month in revenue.

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