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6 Figure 1st Year YouTuber Reveals Best Secrets

You’re about to discover what I’ve learned in my first year, on being a YouTube YouTuber. I guess that’s what it’s called a YouTube YouTuber. And I’m going to tell you the lessons I’ve learned, I’m going to show you the money that I’ve earned. And what that looks like for me as a business, because I’ve been on YouTube for 16 years. But I didn’t start doing YouTube as a YouTuber until April of last year. And the lessons I’ve learned have been monumental to the degree where we learned last month, or the $9,000 and change, just the money YouTube paid us to send us clients. So just let that sink in. Because here we go. So what do I learn? First thing I learned was at first, in fact, I’m going to tell you the the genesis of this whole thing. I got signed up on YouTube, march 15 2007. And I got signed up because my nephew, saw a video on YouTube. And he created like a reaction video to that video. And he got like, 50,000 views in three days. I’m like, what is that. And then I started creating some videos. Just putting some stuff out there. It didn’t not my videos, didn’t have titles. They didn’t have thumbnails.

They didn’t have editing, they didn’t have production quality. I was just being a talking head. In fact, I’d have some videos, maybe not from 2007. But I got some videos from before 2010 on YouTube right now I’m pretty sure that you can go and watch and they weren’t very good. But I was doing YouTube now. Started March 15 2007. I went to a a mastermind in October of 2021. And there was a guy there, his name is Derral Eve’s

and his name is spelled d e r r a l and last name is E v. S. And Darrell wrote this book called The YouTube formula. But I didn’t know he wrote a book called The YouTube Fornia. He was just talking about YouTube. And he was he was like the brain trust behind the film series The chosen. And he was telling me about all this. He was telling everybody in the room about all the stuff that happens with that YouTube can do and how this film series was the most successful film series crowdfunded film series in history. And I thought, Hmm, that’s interesting. But the thing that he said that got me was, he said, in the last couple of years, we’ve sold $29 million worth of swag alone hats, T shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies from a YouTube video. Um, I was so confused. I’m like, What are you talking about, bro? And so he got done talking.

And he gave us all these different stats on all these different YouTubers and all this different stuff. And I’m like, That sounds amazing. And so I went to Russell because he was speaking at Russell’s inner circle, I went to Russell Russell, I need to talk to that guy. He was backstage, I need to talk to that guy. I gotta give him some money. So eventually, Russell worked out because they hit him. Russell had a meeting. And then after that, he let me go back talk to him. I said, Do you have a coaching program? He said, Yes. I said, Can I pay you for it? He said it’s $15,000. I said, Can I write you a check right now. And I wrote him a check. Now I will say this, we hired him as our YouTube coach. It changed everything. The dude is a genius. And we’ve taken his YouTube course I mean, coaching program, and we’ve read his book. And everything that he teaches in the course for the most part is in the book. Like if you read his book, and you do what it says, your YouTube channel will be a success.

Like,like, I’m not endorsing him, because he asked me to he doesn’t even know I’m saying this, right? I’m just telling you, if you want to make money from YouTube, get the YouTube formula book, read it, do everything it says, even when you think you should do something different. And you’re gonna get paid. Okay? Now, having said that, he taught us a lot of things about thumbnails and titles, and the YouTube algorithm and how to use YouTube studio and turning on monetization. Like when we first turned on monetization in February of last year. Zack said I’m that person on our team. He said, I’m going to turn on monetization. I said, Okay, he came back next month, he said, Well, we made some random $5 on YouTube. I said, What? We didn’t do anything.

We literally had not even put up a new video since June, June or July of the previous year for what he said, Because you have videos on YouTube. Okay. Like I didn’t understand it. It didn’t make sense. The next month he came to me said, we made $353 on YouTube. Like what do you what are you talking about me $333 Don’t want because we still haven’t put up any new videos. Like we started coaching with Darrow in January. Darrell said turn on monetization because I already had 40 videos out there. They didn’t have very many views. They weren’t very good. They were just there. He turned on monetization. We did our very first month without doing with zero attention or intention. Just push a button, click a button. It’s on. They started sending us money then. That was February, March, April 1 2022. We started creating YouTube videos now.

So April 2021, we made 1400 It was 14 Iron 70 something dollars. We’re just gonna call it 14. I’d rather say less than more. Okay. May 20 I said 2021 2022 2022 May 2022. They paid us already for this. And I’m telling you this for a reason, because how many of you would like to get paid from Youtube every month? They give you a direct deposit every month of hundreds or 1000s or 10s of 1000s of dollars. Who would like that? Okay, cool. So, are you okay that I’m talking about this? If yes, yeah. Okay, cool. Okay, so we did, we did one video a week in April, one video a week. That’s what we’re doing. We’re doing one video a week, one vid per week.

In April, we stepped it up a little bit in May because we saw we were the only video we did was our Bible study. We did. We were doing our Bible study. Anyway, we just turned the camera on. So that’s the clue number one. Do something you’re going to do anyway and do it in front of a camera. Now we should have already learned that from Rachael Ray. Right? She like how many of y’all can cook? So why are you not doing is because you forgot to turn the camera on. Right? How many homemakers in here love to bake and love to sew anybody like that? Well, okay, but if you’re watching on YouTube, and you love to bake and you love to sew, why aren’t you a billionaire? See, we already learned that from Martha Stewart. Turn the camera on, we learned Hey, you’re curious and like to ask questions we learned from Oprah Winfrey. What? Turn the camera on? Like this. I mean, we could call this video just turn the camera. Like do the stuff you’re gonna do anyway and turn the camera. Like you work on cars. Great. Turn the camera on your plumber.

Great. Turn the camera on your electrician. Great. Turn the camera on, like whatever you’re doing anyway. Especially if you’re doing something that already makes you money. Turn a camera on. It’ll make you more money. How’s that? That’s pretty cool concept, right? Just turn the camera when you sell insurance. You sell real estate, you sell financial services, you sell cars. Turn the camera on. Okay, I know I’m fussing at y’all a little bit. Because y’all looking at y’all was looking a little hard headed at first. Okay. Okay. Sorry, camera. So month number two month number two. Okay, so this, this is where our intention start this. Like, we weren’t just doing YouTube. Now. We were doing YouTube with intention. Right? YouTube our intention to strike? March. I mean, April of 2020 to May 2022. They didn’t pass $1,400 They paid us 15,000.

And I said I said wait, What? What? And then June 22. They paid us 27,000. Are y’all listening now? Do I have anybody’s undivided attention? Okay, then, is the vetting bad enough? In July 22. They paid us $44,000. I’m ecstatic. But I’m confused. All I’m doing is stuff I was doing anyway. But what I do I turn the camera on. Now. In August, we made a mistake. See, I’m just gonna tell you about the good stuff. What did I do? We started, we started another channel for running ads to retarget people who had already watched our videos. So retarget means you ever want something, you go to a website, you go to a website, and then all of a sudden you start seeing ads for that website. The reason you’re seeing ads is because they retargeted you, right? They’re saying if somebody comments, or somebody watches X amount of time of this video, then retarget them and then show them my ads. We started buying ads on Google and guess what happened? They started turning off organic traffic. So we went from 44,008 2022. And then it went down to 27,000 again.

And then after that it went down again, I think like 18,000. And then I found out that running ads on Google when you have organic growth is a mistake. But so we turned it off, but it was too late because it kept going down. And it got all the way down to where I think it was January of this year. It was 14,000 in January of 2023 14,000. And then February was only 10,000.But then it started going back up again. Like April of this year was 29,000. And then May of this year was 49,000.

The whole thing, the whole all of what I just said, even though I’m living it like right now and on the 22nd of every month YouTube puts money in my account to the tune 1000s and 10s of 1000s of dollars. It doesn’t make sense. This sounds crazy to me. Now. If it sounds normal You, then you’re way different than me because it sounds crazy to me, and I’m living it. Okay, now, I, why did I show you all that?

Because before I start telling you what I’ve learned, you have to care, you have to care enough to pay attention to it. And so I am telling you, and by the way, I did not start out. So I did not start out with a goal of I’m gonna make 10,000 20,000 40,000 a month on YouTube, I that was not a goal. I didn’t have a goal. I had no, I had zero, my monetary goal was not I didn’t have one, I had an activity goal, I had an action goal, I did not have an I did not have I did not have an outcome goal, I had an objective goal. So what was my objective? My objective was to consistently do at least when I started YouTube, this is my objective to consistently record and post one video a week one really, really good video a week for 10 years, no less than 10 years, I don’t care if I make any money or not for 10 years, I don’t care if I get any subscribers or not for 10 years, I don’t care if we get any following or not for 10 years, I don’t care. Because I know that if I do it for 10 years consistently, if I’m not good, eventually I will be good at all tracking.

And I also know that it’s probably not going to take me 10 years to get good. Some of the skills that are necessary. I already had, it didn’t have all of them. But I have some of them. And I decided I said this is what I’m going to do, I am going to make sure that I don’t overestimate what I can do in a year and underestimate what I can do in 10 years, because there’s there’s nothing that I’ve done in my life, more than likely cost me more money than overestimating what I can do in a year. And under estimating what I could do in 10 years. And so you do it for a year, and it doesn’t pay you what you thought you’d make. And then you stop doing it and you don’t make out you don’t like stay in it for 10 years long enough to get good. And so, like, I’m not telling you on YouTube, right now, I’m not telling you do a video a week, if all you can do as far as a good video is concerned, do one video a month, but it’s good, do one video a month, release it on the same day at the same time, every month. Consistency, YouTube will reward you for consistency. So that’s first thing I learned, I learned I’m going to be consistent. So here’s what I’m gonna tell all of you.

This is almost so foolproof. Like, I can’t imagine it not working for anybody, I can’t imagine what I’m about to tell you not working for anybody make a decision that you’re going to be consistently uploading a video to YouTube at least once a month, better, like once a week, but at least once a month, a really good video, that you’re going to do that for 10 years regardless of outcome. And if you will stick to your guns in 10 years, you’ll probably have at least a million subscribers. But here’s the here’s the good part. The 10 years is gonna go by whether you do it or not. So you might as well do it. Have you all track and wave at me if you track way back. Okay, so So here’s what we want to do. Because we want to do, we want to decide that we’re going to do a YouTube video.

Here’s what you have to have. So here’s what I’m going to tell you. If you give YouTube what would they want, they will give you what you want. What is YouTube one, YouTube wants two things. They want people to click on videos, and they want people to watch those videos for a long time. So they can serve ads on those videos in charge the people who pay for ads. So if I help them do that, they’re gonna help me get everything I want. So you’re tracking so. So YouTube wants two things. They want clicks.

And they want watches. Not like Rolex watches, they want people watching. So clicks and watches. That’s what you do once

you get them to click based on the thumbnail. If you want to know how to make good thumbnails, go get the book by Derral Eve’s the YouTube formula. I’m going to tell you some stuff I’ve learned about thumbnails that that aren’t in the book, but stuff that I figured out. Because communication, teaching selling marketing, all of that stuff is my jam. Okay, so, so, so watch is you have to actually be good. What does that mean? You have to say something people want to hear, not just something you want to say.

And one of the reasons a lot of people don’t do well on YouTube is because they’re talking about what they want to talk about instead of talking about what people on YouTube want to hear about. And they want to see about best success advice I can give anybody on any subject in any arena, become obsessed with other people’s success. And whatever that looks like to them, become obsessed with their results become obsessed with their payoff. You want to get up you want to go get a good job for a good company, tell them what you’re going to do for them. Don’t ask them what they’re going to do for you. You want to get a bunch of clients, tell them how you’re going to fix all of their problems. Don’t be looking at them as a fix for your problems. It’ll change the game for you.

So clicks and watches now, here’s what here’s, I’m gonna give you some of the things that I have

figured out about thumbnails, we’re gonna talk about thumbnails first. So a thumbnail, a thumbnail, is it’s, it’s what you see when you go to YouTube. So I’m gonna go to YouTube. And I click on I click on somebody’s channel, I’m gonna click on my channel, youtube channel.

So, so the picture the picture with the words, right the picture with the words on it in the face, that’s a thumbnail. So you want so when you make the thumbnail, a couple of things you want to do. Number one, you want to pick some, whatever, whatever yours is, you want to have some kind of brand color so that all of your thumbnails look similar enough, though, so that without having to read it, the people who love to hear you know what, you that makes sense. Everybody got it. Let me hear say I got it. Okay, so the next thing you want to do is you want to have a thumbnail on the thumbnail you want to have

I mean, for the most part, no more than like the top of your like, your shoulders up to the top of your head, you want enough of your face, right? Like you’re looking at my face right now, like you want to see some eyeballs. Right? Right, because eyeballs are attracted to eyeballs. Now

here’s what you want to be looking at. You either want to be looking at the camera. Or if the words over here, you want to be looking at the words because eyes go where eyes go. You go downtown, you’re standing on a street corner, you start looking at other people gonna start looking at just because you’re looking at, because eyes go where eyes go, it doesn’t. Even if you’re not looking at anything, they’re gonna be looking for what you’re looking at, even though you’re not looking at anything, so they’re not going to find it, but they’re gonna look anyway. Okay, so a couple things about thumbnails now.

So I was a, I was a senior pastor for a year, I was an assistant pastor, probably for a couple of decades. I was a traveling evangelist for a couple of years for probably seven or eight years. So I’ve spoken around the world in churches for a long time. And here’s that man, here’s what that means. Like I had to come up with sermons, and sermon titles every week. So I am very good at coming up with titles that are engaging. So this is what I’m about to share with you is not something that I learned from the YouTube formula. This is just something I’ve learned from decades of experience communicating with people, okay, so, so when it comes to the titles

Okay, and then we’re going to do thumbnail titles. So this is thumbnail, the thumbnail title, I guess thumbnails, one word. So thumbnail title.

Now, people think I’m talking about Tennessee, the thumbnail title. Okay. A couple things. It needs to have some components. Okay. Component number one. Okay, so let’s think about who this is for let me ask you a question. Are there are more people on who watch YouTube who know who you are? Or more people who don’t know who you are? Don’t know who you are? That’s right. So since there are more people who don’t know who you are, you want to make your titles for the people who don’t know who you are not for the people who do know who you are. So I’m not even though I’m creating videos that my subscribers would like, when I create the thumbnail, my objective is not to attract a subscriber, because they’ve hit the notification bell, they’re going to get notified anyway. So I’m creating the thumbnail to attract a scroller. Does that make sense? Okay, so it needs to have some curiosity.

Now, there are different ways to create curiosity, you could ask a question you could, you could, you could do some suggest ology, like

begin the, say every word, the beginning of sentence, leave the last word off and let them fill in the blank. Okay, that suggests algae could do that.

Or what I like to do one of my favorite ways to do this is by using a question word, use a question.

Word. Two to make a statement use a question where to make a statement. What does that mean? So it means why you wake up with a headache every Friday. But I’m not. I’m not asking you a question when I use the word why I’m making a statement that causes you to ask yourself a question. My our top performing video is called Why evil people are rich. It has 2.7 million views. And it’s been up for a year, it was a year making, right? 2.7 million views. If every video you put out that 2.7 million views you’d be in YouTube, hog heaven. Right. So So, so use a question where to make a statement is a good idea. By the way, you don’t have to use all of the things I’m about to show you. But if you combine a couple of them, your YouTube, you’re gonna get more clicks than if you don’t Okay, so you want Curiosity number two, you want to have some contrast, some some contrast?

What is contrast? It’s you’re showing polar opposites of something. Why? Evil? Evil? Okay, what’s the opposite of evil? Good. So I’m making you think about good versus evil with and I’m only using one of the words, right? Why evil people are rich? What’s the opposite of rich? Poor? So I’m making you think about rich and poor without using having to use both words. You say, Well, man, that’s a lot. It’s kind of a lot. But it’s way easier than digging ditches and hammer and nails and driving people stuff around. Right. So like this. The only thing more amazing to me than what people will do for money is what people won’t do for money. Right? Like people will ride bulls. I went to a rodeo, they got on a wild bull, they got on the bull, and thought because they had a helmet on that was gonna do something. That’s a bull.

Okay. Like, I just kept like, I had to turn away, they both started going crazy. I’m like, the only question why would you do this? Why would you?

Why would anybody do this? Why would anybody do this? But clearly they would. And I paid to watch him. And then didn’t look like was my problem. Right? Okay, so you, you want to have some contract. So why evil people are rich, why evil people are rich. When I say why evil people are rich. It causes you to ask yourself the question, Why are evil people rich? And then I’m contrasting evil people with good people. And by the way, so here’s some of the conversations you might have when you read that thumbnail. Who are these evil people? are evil people, rich, evil people aren’t rich, rich people aren’t evil. Why is he saying rich people are evil. I’m not saying that. But I’m telling you, these words cause people to start doing mental gymnastics so they can. And guess what, because the thumbnail creates the environment, the thumbnail title creates the environment on which they’re going to ask answer the question, but it doesn’t ask the question.

So since it creates the environment that causes them to ask themselves the question, I didn’t ask them the question, they asked themselves the question, so now they cannot go away without clicking the thumbnail, they have to click. So I gave YouTube the first thing they wanted. Now I gotta say something, it’s gonna cause them to want to stay engaged. So by the way, this next thing I’m about to tell you is something I just discovered with a last video we did. And that is, and Miranda told me about this. I don’t know where she bent over there. But Mariah told me about this. She showed it to me, she sat me down and showed it to me. She said, look, look at this. She does do that. Okay, got it. She didn’t say it like that. She didn’t say it like that. She said, look at the students. Right, okay.

But I’m like, Okay, what am I looking at? And she told me, and I said, Okay, I get it. And so I remember that. I also saw that Evan Carmichael had a video that he said, do the same thing. But I didn’t. I didn’t really, you know, people give you all this stuff. And then you get some of and some of it you miss. Well, this was part of what I missed. And here’s, here’s what he said, these videos are doing the best. This is the thing they have in common. Now, let me ask you a question. Notice what I just did. I didn’t tell you what the thing was. I just told you what the thing did. So now you want to know what the thing is. So now, you have to keep watching. Right? So I’m not just creating curiosity in the thumbnail, but I’m creating curiosity as I’m teaching the content. Okay, so here’s the thing. She said these videos are our best performing videos. Here’s what they have in common.

75% of people are still watching after 30 seconds. That right there Game Changer. If you can get 75% of the people to be still watching 75% or more of the people now are average on our videos. One of the reasons our channel is doing so good. So just so y’all know in full disclosure, one of the reason our channel does so well is because 70% of our viewers at the 32nd mark are still watching 70 is good. 75 is the algorithms hungry and I think I found a good lunch for it. So what I did after she showed me this, this, she showed this to me this week, so after she showed it to me, I literally went home. And I worked for an hour and a half to two hours for the first 30 seconds on the first 30 seconds of the Bible study that we did on Wednesday. And then because I got it figured out and finished it that morning, right before I got started. I almost had it memorized, and I fumbled through it a messed up the formula in the beginning the first couple of times, but it didn’t matter. It still worked. Like I didn’t even do it all the way right and it still worked and the video we just did has is the highest performing video in a short period of time that we’ve created since we’ve been on YouTube. Is that crazy amazing to anybody besides me. Okay, cool. So, so contrast.

Now I also have conflict and the conflict is us against them. You well against good. So it’s not just a contrast of the evil and the good. It’s the conflict between the evil and the good. It’s not just the contrast between the rich and the poor. It’s the conflict between the rich rich and the poor. And then the last one thing that I want to make sure my, all of the all of my thumbnails aren’t gonna have any at all, like, all of my thumbnails are not going to have all of these, all of them are going to have some of these are your tracking. Okay, the last one is controversy.

And I may not have even spelled that controversy. So what does that mean controversy? You I want to I want to make sure that I’m, I’m making a controversial statement. Now here’s, here’s what’s challenging. We live in an era where people are so offended, right? You hurt my feelings grow up. You have to be willing to stand on what you believe to be true. Because anything that is for everybody is also for nobody. Your titles need to repel your audience. That’s not ideal. As much as that attracts. I’m not saying intentionally offend people, it’s not what I’m talking about. But I’m talking about intentionally not being wishy washy, so you don’t offend people is always a mistake. You’re tracking

like, stand your ground be be you be 100% unapologetically you okay? Now, so controversy is, well, well, Meyer, who makes you the judge of good people and evil people, right? Oh, you think you’re all that because you’re rich, like people are going to have those kinds of attitudes. I don’t care what kind of attitude they have just have an attitude enough to watch the video even if you want to argue with me.

Please, a negative comment Oh, please leave a negative comment and increase my engagement your haters or your elevators.

Now, if somebody wants to come onto one of my YouTube videos, I will tell you right now if you come on my YouTube videos and you leave a comment below pedia you say what’s the comment low pedia. It’s one of those really long comments where they want to teach their philosophy to your audience because they don’t have one. And you know, they don’t have one because every time somebody leaves a comment, le pedia what I do as I go look at their channel 12 years for subscribers. Hide user from channel

so that way they can keep commenting and I still get the benefit and nobody else sees it. But then, okay, so I’m not gonna respond the haters I don’t like

I got this from Dr. Darius Daniels, one of my faves. One of the best communicators. I know. Here’s what he said. He said one of his mentors told him a long time ago, when you got haters do not respond to them. He said, But don’t you don’t know what you’re saying. I know what they’re saying. They don’t matter. Here’s he said. He said, When a dog barks at the moon, nobody looks.

But when the moon starts barking at the dog, everybody looks be the moon Don’t be the dog. Ain’t that good.

And so you won’t have concert you won’t have curiosity want to have some controversy now. So your, your thumbnail needs to be it needs to be solving a problem for somebody somewhere in the world. It needs to it needs to imply that you’re going to somehow solve this problem that they have. Okay, so now we’ve we talked about thumbnail titles. Now let’s talk about the actual video title.

Because the video title is going to be different from the YouTube title. So this is to answer Deborah’s question. You don’t want the YouTube title and the thumbnail title and the video title to say the same thing. If you do, you’re wasting real estate. Right? What you want to do is you want the the YouTube title, the video title to clarify the thumbnail title and intensify the curiosity, the contrast the conflict and the controversy. That’s what the title is, for instance, on our video, why evil people are rich, the subtitle is why God’s people are broke. Wake up people. So what did I do? I clarified the thumbnail title and I intensified the curiosity, the conflict and the contrast. So the video from yesterday that’s performing okay, this video went up. I said yesterday, okay, so the video from two days ago, by the way, so I’m gonna say this. There’s an advantage and a disadvantage. Every advantage has disadvantages. Every disadvantage has advantages. So this video has 40,000 views. What’s this? 38,000 Maybe it’s 38. Okay, so one of the things that happens when YouTube counts the views that you have on a video, so Okay, so it’s got 36,000 This video has 30s It’s different on YouTube. It has 38,000 views in the thumbnail title is destroyed by distractions. If you haven’t seen it, you want to go watch it. It’s really that good. Okay, and then the video title is don’t let your distractions destroy your destiny. See how it intensified and clarified the thumbnail title. Okay, so, like the thumbnail title is gonna give them a quick like Synopsis The cliffnotes version of the title and then the title magnified

So, here’s what’s here’s what else is interesting about that same video, that video. The first day it was up so Wednesday, it only shows me the first day because that your money is two days behind. Right? So the, like YouTube shows the money two days after the video shows. Okay, so the video from Wednesday is only showing how much money it made Wednesday. So the Bible study that I did Wednesday, has already generated 55 I’m $554.51. So when you think of it like that, video now becomes an asset. It’s like, what is a video on YouTube anyway, it’s an attention. I just made this up just now like literally while I stand in front of you, it’s an attention asset. Now here’s what’s interesting about an attention asset, they work just like like actual assets. So if a person is investing over time with compound interest, right, compound interest is a two way street. Like if you put money with compound interest, it’s where you earn interest on the interest and the principal, not just on the principal, right? So the rule of 72 tells us that if you take a rate of return, and you divide it by 72, whatever the answer is, that’s how long it takes for your money to double.

So the bigger your money gets, the bigger it gets over that amount gets the I mean, the bigger your amount of money is, the more money that makes over time. So compound interest is like a snowball rolling down a hill. Well, videos on YouTube are compound interest, but not interest, like money, interest interest, like attention interest, like they’re interested in your videos. But the interest of your audience compounds over time are y’all tracking, which means every video is an asset. So I’m going to show you what I mean, I’m going to give you another example. Because we have a video that went up 21 days ago, and you got to understand that the money is not up to date, it’s two days behind how much money this video is making is two days behind Are you is what I’m saying track are y’all tracking, okay. And I know this is not this is not all excited and blah, blah, blah. But it’s, it’s good. So we had to we have two videos in a year. So this is why I’m telling you give it 10 years, like I’m fairly decent at communicating.

And I’m fairly decent at teaching and I’m fairly decent at coming up with titles. And in a first our first year we have two videos that have gone viral. By viral I mean, like a whole crazy bunch of views and a very, we have three videos that went viral. One of them was our TEDx talk that was on Ted’s channel. But they took it down because the TEDx host that we did had some problems with TEDx though, he took all of his videos down and one of mine happened to be one of mine happen to be one of them. So we put mine back up on our channel, it’s doing really well. But it’s not doing as well as it did when it was up on Ted’s channel because it got like, over a million views in five months. So we’re not going to count that. But we’ve had two videos the why evil people are rich video, that video went viral and had over a million views, but had over 2.7 million views in the first year. So that’s a lot. Okay, we have a video that’s even doing on track to do better than that one.

This video has been up for three weeks. Okay, it went up may 12. So today is June 2. Okay, so 21 days ago, and here’s how much money that video has made. Are you already? I’m not ready. Okay, so So that video has 835,000 views in 21 days. That’s what I mean. One video can monetize you 835,700 views in 21 days. It has 77,800 Watch time hours. It’s gained us 31,000 subscribers from that one video. Now you now you understand why say one video can get you monetized if it’s good, okay. Okay, so here’s the rest of here’s the rest of the story. That one video has made us $12,053.14 in 21 days, and barring a catastrophe or me getting canceled on YouTube, that video will make me money every day for the rest of my life. It’s an asset that you create once and it keeps on paying you. Why wouldn’t you do that people talk about people talking about passive income. That’s passive. I created that video one time. I don’t even remember what I said. I do not remember what I said.

But guess what I don’t have to because YouTube remembers to pay me for saying it. So. So I’m going to create a title. And when I create a title, the title is going to create an ad clarification. And it’s going to intensify the title. And I mean, the the thumbnail title, if you will read the YouTube formula. And you will apply what I just taught you to the thing that you’re already doing anyway, but you’re going to do what? Turn the camera on, right? Like, but I it’s gonna take all this time for me to create this YouTube channel. Like turn the camera on, you got to drive to work. Maybe you don’t want to do it while you’re driving. Take an Uber to work, turn the camera. You’re gonna read a book, like literally you’re gonna read a book. Like I know the sounds read it. I’m gonna read a book. So I’m going to create a video and I’m going to read a book called I’m going to read from Boston this book. I’m reading Myron gold’s boss move books. I’m just sitting down to read it right now. I’m just telling you I’m sitting down to read it right now. I’m going to take notes on the things I learned and the thoughts I think while I read

Get the book, I’ll report back to you in a few minutes, boom, that’s the first cut. You read the book, you take your notes, okay? These are the lessons I learned, I read 10 pages, this is what these are the lessons I learned, I hope this helps not teaching the book, teaching what the book made you think I’m not saying that’s what your video needs to be about, you’re doing the thing anyway, turn on the camera. Now, I’m gonna say this. Go, I’m gonna give you a list of videos of mine to go watch. So you can model them. First and foremost is the video that we did that I just told you about that we did a couple of weeks ago. And it’s called the video that went viral. It’s from 21 days ago. It’s called the poverty programming trap. That’s the title of the video. The thumbnail title is how they programmed you to be poor. Notice, notice I use a question word how but I didn’t ask you a question. So if I say how they programmed you to be poor, now you got to ask yourself a couple questions. How did they programmed me to be poor? Who are they? That programmed me to be poor? Why did they program me to be poor? See, I’m I’m making you have a conversation with yourself. So with my thumbnail title, anybody? Anybody can do this. By the way, do you understand that if I wanted to, like, by the way, let me tell you, I’m gonna tell you to right now. So y’all know, Oh, y’all, but why don’t you do right now, you know, I’m telling you, because I told them they already know. Like, I am going to create a course on how to create like, insanely valuable YouTube content, I’m going to sell it for $150,000. And people will buy it. And then I’m going to coach them for a year. And I’m going to take the people that I coach for a year, and I’m gonna take them with me on trips on private jets and on private yachts.

And I’m going to teach them why we’re on private jets and why we’re on private yachts, we’re gonna break down their YouTube channel, say, Well, what are you trying to say? Like I am, what I’m doing is I’m handing you the keys to the castle. Now if you don’t want to go in, and that’s on you, but I ain’t gonna come open the door for you. So I’m gonna give you a couple of videos that you really probably would do well to go watch, I’m gonna give you I’m gonna give you five lives and five videos that you need to watch. Okay, so most viewed, Okay, number one most viewed video, like recorded video, this is the five I’m gonna give you the our top five recorded videos that we’ve done.

I’m gonna give you the top seven. Because all of these videos have at least 200,000 views and and only one of them has been at for more than a year. So thumbnail number one, how they programmed you to be poor, the poverty programming trap, watch that video, take notes on that video, take notes. Don’t just take notes on what I’m saying. Take notes on what I’m doing. Okay, number two, how rich people think about money. So I’m going to name I’m going to do the thumbnail titles because they’re shorter. So how they programmed you to be poor. That’s thumbnail title. Number one thumbnail title number two is rich people do this with money. That’s a 12 minute video as 542,000 views, it went up a year ago how to get rich 555,000 views. It went up 10 months ago. No Limits. It has 378,000 views. And when one month ago was secret to selling without selling to 12 minute video, it’s got 293,000 views went up a year ago. It’s easy to for you to get rich thumbnail number six that went up.

I’m so embarrassed now. And I don’t even get embarrassed. But I got embarrassed over that because I just noticed it. This went up 11 months ago, it’s got 264,000 views. And then the no thumbnail video. It has no thumbnail. That’s why I said I’m embarrassed. I didn’t realize that it has no thumbnail. But the title of the video is selling made simple how and how to sell anything to anyone. And when I’m eight years ago, it’s got 206,000 views. So that’s the top seven recorded videos. Okay, on our channel, here are the top seven live videos sort by most viewed.

Okay, wow, top top seven most watched live videos, why evil people are rich 2.6 million views why people are poor 325,000 views from one year ago, both of those are from one year ago growth to 12 million from broke to 12 million. That’s the one I did with the interview with Kenan 261,000 views. That’s from 11 months ago. Big Bank small houses. That’s what I did with Marvin Mitchell 11 months ago 236,000 Why rich man can’t enter heaven. That’s the one on the cam on the eye of the needle. What is really teaching like and there are a lot of people were confused by that. But this is what it really means. I did the word studies on it. So when he was at the Miami says ed for rich camera to go through the avenue Yeah, but the difference between me and you is I know what it means because I looked it up. Okay, why rich man can’t enter heaven. 186,000 views that’s from a year ago by the law of attraction really works, what the Bible says how the law of attraction really works. That’s video number six, that’s 187,000 views from 10 months ago, and then God doesn’t care about success. That’s 177,000 views. It’s 11 months ago. And just so y’all know when I when it says God doesn’t care about success. All I’m doing is saying what somebody said I’m not saying God doesn’t care about

Success. So I started to get other people say God doesn’t care about success. Well, doesn’t he? And here’s why. And then I go out to prove why he does. Right. So it’s not clickbait because people say that it’s not my fault they assumed. Anyway, you get it. Hopefully this helps you with your YouTube channel. And I’m gonna say it one more time. Turn the camera on. All right, be blessed. I’ll see you on the next video.

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