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Not Under The Law But Under Grace

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Myron Golden

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So on our last video, we talked about how to win against sin. But on this video, I’m going to show you how to be like really free, like how to be free and what freedom means because it doesn’t mean what people think it means. In fact, have you ever thought about this freedom can only exist inside of boundaries. And anytime we are free from one thing, we are bound by its opposite. And anytime we are bound by one thing, we’re free by its free from its opposite. That’s what we’re going to talk to talk about today.

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So last week, not last week, but on the video, the last video. The fact that it said in Romans 614, for essential not have dominion over you for you’re not under the law, but under grace. And most people mistakingly think that means that God doesn’t care about the law. But that’s not what it means. Like, what it means is grace is what if you think about what grace is, we know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, or 60 became poor, that ether is poverty might be rich. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift that’s grace, that word gift means that word grace means gift. The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. So when we come to Christ, and we receive Him as our Savior, it doesn’t just change our destination. It doesn’t just change our eternal destination. It changes our nature changes our nature and nature changes.

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Because before I came to Christ, I was bound by sin. But when I received the grace, the gift of salvation, I am no longer bound by sin. I’m no longer under the law, but I’m under grace. And I showed you last week that grace is up here. The law is here, and I was down here under the bondage of sin. And so when I was under the bondage of sin, the sin said you are you’re a sinner acid, I know. You’re gonna You better get right, I can’t get right. If you don’t get right, you’re gonna have to pay I know, I’m gonna have to pay but I can’t do it, right. And so So sin condemned US, it showed me that. I mean, the law showed me that I was sinful. And it showed me that I was sold under sin, it showed me that I was in the bondage of sin, but it couldn’t free me from sin. Because the only thing that the law had to work with was my flesh, right? And my flesh like sin.

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And don’t look at me like that, because so does yours. Right? That’s the nature of flesh like sin. And so it’s something that’s self destructive by nature. And so when, but the law is higher than I mean, the grace is higher than the law. And when I when I say it’s higher, I mean, it elevates us not to look grace, you’re not under law, but under grace. So it doesn’t matter how you talk. And it doesn’t matter how you treat people, because you’re not under the law, but under grace. So it doesn’t matter if you sin. That’s not what that means. When it says you and I are a law, but under grace, Jesus said, You have heard that have been said by them of all time, this is the law, Thou shalt not commit adultery. Right? That’s the law. But I say unto you, i Who is the gift, the one that was given for us, under your child is born under your son is given the one who is the grace, the one who is the gift, here’s what it said, and we have His glory as the glory, the only begotten of the Father full of what grace and truth, right? So here’s what he said.

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He said, But I say unto you, you’ve heard it said, in law, don’t commit adultery. But I say unto you, I the one who am Grace, I say unto you, whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after I committed adultery already with her in his heart, that’s not lower, y’all that’s higher. But grace can go higher, because grace gives you something the law can give you. And it gives you the desire and the dynamic, the passion and the power. It gives you the aspiration and the ability to do the things contained in the law. How do I know that because Philippians 213 says, For it is God that works in you, giving you the boat to will, that’s the desire and to do that’s the power of His good pleasure, God. I love the fact that God doesn’t just save me and then call me to a life of righteousness. He saves me he calls me to a life of righteousness, and then he empowers me to live that life of righteousness.

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Okay, now, you’re not alone under grace. And then Paul answered the same question. He says in verse number 15, what shall we what shall we What then shall we sin because we’re not under law, but under grace? God forbid. That’s exactly right. God is the one who forbids he doesn’t forbid outside of me with the law he forbids inside of me with the spirit. More on that later, more to come more to come. Okay. Then it says, no you not that whom to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey. His servants are ye to whom you obey, whether sin unto death or of obedience unto righteousness? So it says, whoever you yield yourself to whoever you place yourself under, whoever you subjugate yourself to that whose servant you are, so you are a servant who gets to choose your master. You can choose to serve sin, as your master who wishes to kill you. Or you can serve obedience unto righteousness which gives you life.

Myron Golden 04:59
How do I know it well, to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is what life and peace. Oh, so if I want life and peace, I need to I need to be spiritually minded. I’m going to talk about that when I teach do the series on walking in the Spirit. I’ll talk about that then I’m not going to talk about that now because it’s a sidetrack. It’s a good sidetrack, but not one that I want to get lost in. Because if I get lost in it, I won’t make I won’t make my way back. Okay, so it says no you not that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, servants are you to him you obey whether a sin unto death or of obedience unto righteousness? But God be thanked. Okay. What am I thank you, God for this time, that you were the servants of sin. You were the services. You were the servant of sin. You’re not which means if you were, that means you ain’t. Or you aren’t, or you’re not, however you want to say it. No longer the servants is in. But Gaby, thank you were the servants of sin, but you have obeyed from the heart.

Myron Golden 05:56
Where’s the heart on the inside of the outside? On the inside. So the obedience doesn’t come from me trying to make myself do the right thing. The obedience comes from yielding to the Spirit and not yielding to the flesh. The obedience comes from me choosing the master that wants to give me life and not the master that wants to kill me. Because I but I don’t want to master what then you already have one. And what I mean by that there is no absolute freedom. There can’t there can’t be absolute freedom. Do you understand that? Right? Freedom from one thing is bondage to its opposite. Okay, so you understand what I’m saying here in a minute. More than you do right now, you already understand what you understand even more.

Myron Golden 06:39
Gaby, thank you are the servants of sin, but you’ve obeyed from the heart, that form of doctrine, which was delivered you by the way. So, when we are walking in this, it’s really interesting. How people mistakenly think that the Holy Spirit is guiding them through their emotions. The Holy Spirit is not an emotional prompt, the Holy Spirit guide you because the Holy Spirit is also referred to as the spirit of truth. And He guides you to the truth by the word of truth. So when the Holy Spirit is guiding you, he is guiding you to do something that is contained in the word, because there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost. These three are one.

Myron Golden 07:30
So the Spirit of God when He guides you, he’s guiding you to the truth of the Word of God, not to an emotional field, a lot of people will blame stuff on the holy spirit that has nothing to do the Holy Spirit. And I’m not saying you won’t feel it. I’m just saying that’s not the indicator. The indicator is truth. Y’all track it. Okay. So it says, Gabi, thank you obeyed from the heart. And you’ve seen me, like my whole TED talk is based on that first, right? So it says, Gabi, thank you obeyed from the heart so baying from the heart was the last thing that was the last thing in the sequence. you’ve obeyed. That was the last thing. The heart was the second thing. The Doctrine was the first thing.

Myron Golden 08:11
So the doctrine with doctrine, doctrine is teaching. So you learn something that made you feel better about doing the right thing, are you tracking, you’ve obeyed from the heart, you’ve obeyed it from the heart, you obeyed because you felt like it because that’s, that is the motivation of human beings we are, we are mostly governed by our feelings, which is why you should never follow your heart because you’ll both end up in a ditch, when the blind leading the blind, he both end up in a ditch, right? The heart is the heart is deceitful, above all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it, please don’t follow your heart. That’s the worst thing somebody ever tells you. A coach ever tells you to follow your heart run as far and as fast from that person as you possibly can. Okay? So, so understand that it is what I need to learn something that causes me to know better.

Myron Golden 09:06
And then when I know better, that knowing better will migrate and helped me to feel better. And when that feeling better gets done migrating, it will help me to do better. So so the doctrine is the focus in my head. The what the doctrine the teaching is the focus of my head. That’s like we we can never behave consistently in a way that’s inconsistent with our programming. Right? If people knew better, they could do better. When you know better, you can go better. I mean, I’ll track and worry about me, my people. And so so we want to do is we want to get to the place in our lives, where we know better, how do I know what’s better? Well, God’s way is always better. What does Isaiah chapter 55 says, tell us it tells us seek you the Lord while He may be found, call you upon him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him return them to the Lord and He will have mercy upon him and to our God and he will abundantly Martin, what does it say right after that, from my ways, we’re not your way saith the Lord, neither my thoughts, your thoughts For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts and your thoughts?

Myron Golden 10:08
Oh, so what I need to do is I need to place replace my worldly. When I say worldly, I’m talking about after the system of the world, I need to replace my thinking that’s after the system of the world with thinking that’s after the system of the word. And so when I do that, now, I’ve got some new doctrine in my head. And so when I’m focused on the right aspect of the thing, that focus in my head, creates a feeling in my heart and the feeling in my heart. It’s really interesting how people who are business people will do business things because they feel like doing them. And then when they don’t feel like doing them, they won’t do them. And so what they attempt to do is they attempt to make themselves do the thing they don’t feel like doing, when instead, they would be much better served, if they would figure out how to make themselves feel like doing the thing.

Myron Golden 11:00
How do you make yourself feel like doing a thing, by focusing on something that makes you feel like doing it instead of like, it’s so interesting. And it’s so it’s so it’s easy for me to see when I’m having to, like, if I’m having a conversation with somebody, and they’re stuck, I can tell why they’re stuck. And I can tell by why they’re stuck by having a conversation with them about what they’re focused on. And then that tells me how, why they’re feeling the way they’re feeling. And then that feeling. So the function, the focus in our head creates a feeling of art, the feeling in a heartbeat, the function, our hand, the function, our hand is I’ve obeyed, I’ve done the thing. And so the ultimate transformational mechanism is changed what I’m focused on in my mind. Oh, you mean like it says in Romans chapter 12, I beseech you, I beg you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

Myron Golden 11:51
And be not conformed that word conform means Don’t be conformed to the world, or conform means to be made like something with pressure from the outside. It’s like a cookie cutter, we take a cookie cutter, we press it down on the dough, that pressure that we put on the dough is what makes the shape of the cookie. Don’t allow the world to put pressure on you to shape it after itself. To fashion it after itself. Right but be transformed from the conformity of the world. Transform means metamorphosis. Now you’re being changed from the inside out. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. The word renew literally, literally means to renovate your mind when you renovate anybody in here ever renovated something? First thing you got to do when you renovate is what tear out old old raggedy stuff. You can’t you’re gonna put new stuff on top of some raggedy stuff. You got to renovate. We put this insulation up here, you know we did, we had to renovate we ripped out. We ripped out offices, there were four offices right here where there were four offices, a whole big ol wall for office, right? We took it out.

Myron Golden 12:55
Why? Because we were renovating, you have to take out the old stuff, you can’t put the new stuff in on top of the old stuff and have something wonderful. Okay, renovate your mind. So you have to replace your old way of thinking that was patterned after the world based on pressure, peer pressure, cultural pressure, social pressure. And then you replace it with word patterns, like with transformation from the word. So now I’ve got this new doctrine, this focus in my head, it creates a new feeling in my heart. It’s, it’s so it’s so empowering to know that anytime I feel stuck, all I have to do is change the picture. What do I mean by that? I had all this work. I had to get done. Like a lot for this event. Detailed like that’s how I think of details. I don’t know how you think of my that’s how I think, right? I had all these details that had to be done. Gotta do these details. I said, No, don’t look at it like that. Look at it like this.

Myron Golden 13:51
These details that you’re working on are going to impact people’s lives in such a great way that when you get them done, it’s gonna be awesome. And just see yourself getting it done. Oh, okay. I changed the picture. That won’t happen. I got it done. Like like that. Why? Because I changed the aspect of the thing I was focused on okay. But God be thanked you are the servants of sin, but you have obeyed from the heart the form of doctrine was delivered you being made free from sin. You became the servants of righteousness. Freedom can only exist inside of boundaries. What I mean? Well see, see yo house a my house, my house st Joe house. We have walls around our houses. Those are the boundaries. You are free in your house to do what you as you please, you will be free in my house do as you please. You free to go in your house anyway. Like if I want to walk in my house in the front door or the back door or coming through the garage.

Myron Golden 14:49
That’s fine. If I want to climb in a window that’s what I show pray to God for you to I don’t catch you climbing in my window at two o’clock in the morning because that a fan All right. And honestly, the freedom exists because of boundaries, it can only exist because of boundaries, it can only exist inside of boundaries. So if there are no boundaries, there can be no freedom. Like a lot of people hate the fact that Donald Trump talks about a wall. But the reality is you cannot have freedom unless you have boundaries. You cannot have national freedom unless you have national borders. You can’t it’s not possible. Like if I go home this afternoon, and mine I like my next door neighbor. I like neighbors on both sides like David, I like Vijay, I like Jim across the street, but I better not come home and catch Edwin, sitting in my chair, what you do, what you what you’re doing in my house, because it doesn’t work. So to be free from sin, is to be bound by righteousness, and to be bound by righteousness and to be free from sin.

Myron Golden 15:44
Just so you know, I’m making this up. I speak. He said, Being then made free from sin, you become the servants righteous I speak after the men or the men because of the infirmity, or the weakness of your flesh. For as you have yielded your members as servants to unclean this and to iniquity into iniquity even So now do you yield your members the servants of righteousness unto holiness? For when you are the servants of sin, you are freed from righteousness? Oh, there it is, again. So all of that to say this. You think you think you want ultimate freedom? Well, you only get freedom from and freedom to and all freedom from is freedom to and all freedom to is freedom from?

Myron Golden 16:28
Now you have to figure out whether you want to be free from sin that wants to kill you, and bound by righteousness? Or do you desire to be freed from sin? I mean, free? Do you want to be free from sin and bound by righteousness? Or do you want to be freed from righteousness and bound by sin? Everybody’s free, everybody’s bound. You just have to choose, pick your freedom, pick your pick your bondage, because everybody has both. There’s no such thing as absolute freedom. Now, when you get that, and then you start making decisions about the things that you’re going to let bound you changes everything in your life. And so decide, based on what you know the doctrine that’s in your head, decide you’re going to yield your members your hand, your head, your thoughts, your eyes, your ears, your feet, to be yielded to God for the purpose of righteousness, and serving other people. And if you will do that. It’ll make your life better in ways you cannot currently imagine. If you’re not already living that way. I hope this blesses you. Thank you for watching, and in the meantime, in between time, we’ll see you on the next video.

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