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Andrew Tate 41 Tenets For Men #26 to #33

In this list-based video, self-help guru and fitness expert Andrew Tate shares eight of his 41 Tenets for Men. This offers a vision of purpose for any man’s mission to achieve goals and dreams for success and happiness through the power of brotherhood, healthy competition, an organized social relationship amongst men, and honoring previous generations in one’s family.

Coming from a poor background, he grew up to box his way into becoming a 4-time World Kickboxing Champion and a multi-millionaire along the way. Andrew Tate has views like no one you have seen before. His Hustlers’ University has well over 100,000 members now, where people pay $49 a month to learn various skills, including making money.

Whether you’re a man looking for inspiration or just trying to live a better life, these tips from Andrew Tate are a great place to start. 41 Tenets for Men is a great way to improve your life and career by taking simple steps and following Andrew Tate’s advice! Andrew Tate’s 41 Tenets For Men To Live By.

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26) I believe in the merits of healthy competition and constantly encourage all men to seek out competition to improve themselves.

27) I believe that masculine brotherhood is essential to men’s mental health, happiness, and success, and I relentlessly encourage men to meet together, train together, and work together.

28) I maintain the trust of my brothers through reverent silence regarding our most sacred and shared experiences.

29) I believe in honoring my ancestors and living in a way that would make most of them proud of me today.

30) I reserve the right to administer difficult rights of passage for our young men to allow them to earn the rank of manhood.

31) I affirm the importance and need for travel and adventure as men.

32) I seek to help men overcome poor mental health through embracing hard work, physical improvements in shared masculine brotherhood.

33) I reserve the right to make the best choices I can at the time to protect myself and respect my mental health.

Andrew Tate 41 Tenets For Men #26 to #33


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