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Andrew Tate Negative Emotions are Unlimited Energy

Negative Emotions are Unlimited Energy

0:00 Do Men Feel Emotions?

The idea that men don’t feel emotions is incorrect. We feel emotions. I would actually argue, we feel certain emotions stronger than women. I would argue that we feel heartbreak stronger than women, we feel anger like a woman could never understand. I would argue we are extremely emotional. But it’s feedback. It’s all about how you internalize that and how you process it.

Stoicism’s not not feeling emotions. It’s feeling the emotion and going, “Okay, why is this happening? How much does this really matter? What’s the most intelligent move on the chess board?” I’m not even that good at chess. My father was a grand master. I was a child chess prodigy. But I stopped playing chess professionally when I was like eight.

Chess is a fantastic game because, there’s no luck. No matter how well you played, if you lose at some point you made a mistake. Even if it’s the most minor mistake, you made a mistake. Maybe it’s a tiny one, maybe it was two years ago, but you made a mistake and you learn absolutely accountability for yourself. And that mentality is extremely powerful to apply to all things in life.

1:13 My Emotions are My Responsibility

The position I’m in now as the most hated man in the world, although I agree and I truly believe it’s unfair, I still take complete responsibility for. I’m telling you why it happened when I talk about TikTok and YouTube shorts, but I’m not gonna blame them. They’re a company making money. All of this is my fault, but the Bugatti on my drive is my fault and the yacht is my fault. The private jet’s my fault. So it’s all my fault.

So I take the good with the bad. I take all responsibility for absolutely everything, including if a woman leaves me, if a woman stays, if I end up heartbroken, if I end up filled with rage, I take responsibility for that. Something happens to me that makes me enraged I will take responsibility. Why has this happened to me? Why do I feel this way? How did I end up in this position? Is this healthy in this scenario?

And sometimes it is. I’ve had scenarios in my life where I was prepared to die to protect somebody else, and I was enraged and it was healthy. I’ve also had times where I’m in a room by myself, enraged, sitting there going, this is no good for anybody. I need to just calm down.

2:10 Emotions are Feedback

So emotions are feedback, stoicism is the ability to process them. And that’s what you need to learn as a man. You’re never gonna be able to turn ’em off. You’re gonna feel ’em. You have to learn how to process them and turn them into a positive. It’s energy. It’s unlimited energy.

The biggest periods of transformation in my life is when everything was going wrong. I’m not a hedonistic person. I don’t do drugs. I don’t gamble. I don’t do prostitutes. I don’t do anything that hedonistic. But I’ll certainly go on the yacht with a bunch of women I know and chill and have some vodka and that kinda thing. When life’s smooth, then it’s semi hedonistic, pretty relaxed.

When things go wrong or I’m feeling things I don’t wanna feel or bad things are happening, that’s when I’m like, “Okay, I currently cannot sleep. I’ve completed the day’s tasks. I’ve tried to go to bed, I can’t. More shit has to get done.” That’s when the amazing things happen in my life. When I was heartbroken I hit the gym harder, right?

2:56 Negative Emotions are Unlimited Energy

So all the bad things that happen to you as a man, if you’re stoic, you get to take unlimited energy. Heartbreak is unlimited energy. So is depression, so is rage. All these negative emotions they tell you to collapse behind.

Bruce Lee says, “Be like water.” And people see that as be fluid and just go with the flow. I disagree. If you’re like water, you’re necessary for life. You are scary when you’re enraged, you’re powerful. You’re beautiful when you’re calm. You’re so many things when you’re like water, right? So if I’m enraged, it’s like water behind a dam.

You just gotta put the dam in place and you go get the turbo, the hydro electrics put in. Don’t tsunami your life. Put the energy somewhere. And this is the most beautiful thing about it. Cause people message me all the time like, “Oh, but Tate, you don’t know how sad I feel.” No. Incorrect. I know exactly how sad you feel. The difference is I use it. And you’re sitting here still crying to some random guy on email for the third month in a row. That’s the difference between you and me, my friend. I was becoming a world-champion kickboxer.

Negative Emotions are Unlimited Energy

Andrew Tate not too long ago was the most Googled man on the planet until the powers that be attempted to cancel him, wiping out all of his social media and trying to make him disappear. It didn’t work!

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