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Andrew Tate No Strength of Body No Strength of Mind


0:00 Introduction

Socrates was vilified. He ended up poisoning himself in Athens and the charge against him was corrupting the youth, but he wasn’t corrupting them. He was inspiring them to challenge authority. He was inspiring them to think for themselves.

If you have a point of view that you are very strong in your adherence to, you need to sit and analyze, whether it’s your own personal experience that makes you believe something or if someone else or something else has convinced you of this.”

And if they have, you need to then once again, analyze that point of view and who these people are and what they want from you. Do they truly want the best of you? If the news convinces you of something to the point where you’re gonna argue with your own family members at the dinner table, does the news really care about you more than your family? You need to analyze every belief you hold where it came from, what their intentions are.

1:05 The Might of Free-Thinking

When you encourage people to think for themselves, especially the youth, that’s what Socrates got accused of. A huge portion of my fan base were 18 to 23, 24-year-old males. When you have the youth, the masculine youth of the world, thinking for themselves, that’s pretty scary to authority.

If you need people to go die in a ditch in Afghanistan, you need them. If you need people to work bullshit jobs you need the real men to go out there and comply with the bullshit. To live a shitty existence, to purport and prop up the system. And if enough of these men stand in one place and say this is enough, that’s when a revolution happens.

This is the most dangerous group of the demographic that the Matrix and the people are trying to control, and they have to have a narrative over. And that’s why they’re trying to weaken them in every regard. Don’t listen to the bullshit, become physically strong, think for yourself. Prioritize your brotherhood. Do not blindly comply.

2:33 Life as A Man is Hard

The students who follow me and the kids I talk to, I say, “listen, life is extremely difficult as a man. It’s very fucking hard. There is no way I can tell you to win unless you’re a top-tier man. I can’t sit here and give you a cheat code that allows you to stay a loser and win. I can only tell you what I’ve done. I became extremely wealthy. I became extremely capable. I became extremely smart. I developed a network of individuals who nobody wants to mess with. And I set up a life that makes me difficult to damage.”

That’s what I did. That’s why I teach the tenants I teach.

3:14 Strength of Body is Strength of Mind

There’s no strength of mind or strength of opinion without strength of body. First thing you to do is go train. I teach kids this reality. I teach men this reality. And by even doing basic things like teaching young men to go be strong physically- I’d like to think we lived in a world where that’s all seen as a good thing.

There are people in the world who sitting there and go, “Wait, wait, wait. Making them physically stronger is gonna affect our ability to change the narrative in their minds in real-time with our matrix programming. That is negative.”

I think the most dangerous men on Earth are weak men. Every single man is born with a fire inside of us that if we do not control, can destroy ourselves and other people. They’re saying, “listen, you’re a man. You’re allowed to just cry all the time and have no emotional control. No stoicism, react to your emotions.”

4:00 The Danger of Shunning Stoicism

Do you know what happens when you tell men to just react to their emotions? Anger. You have school shootings, rape, and violence. That’s what happens when you tell men to have no emotional control. These school shooters are kids with no emotional control. Rapists are men with no emotional control. Violence is men with no emotional control. Telling men to not be stoic is gonna create a breed of violent young men who can’t control their emotions and act out on them.

That is absolutely more dangerous to society than me coming along saying, “listen, it doesn’t matter how you feel. You have duties and you have responsibilities as an adult and you must act a certain way regardless of how you feel.”

Get over it. What I’m saying is good for the world. They’re saying, “no, act out your emotions.” Cool. You’re creating stalkers, rapists, and school shooters. These people are dangerous.

No Strength of Body, No Strength of Mind

Andrew Tate not too long ago was the most Googled man on the planet until the powers that be attempted to cancel him, wiping out all of his social media and trying to make him disappear. It didn’t work!

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Andrew Tate not too long ago was the most Googled Man on the planet. Which is nothing short of amazing. His message was so powerful that the powers that be attempted to cancel him. They wiped out all of his Social Media accounts and tried to make him disappear.

Guess what? It did not work! We want to help bring you the best of Andrew Tate here!


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