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Are You Like Logan Paul

Are You Like Logan Paul?

0:00 TikTok Killed Context

“I will not administer CPR unless you’re a hot female.”

What’s actually interesting is, and this is what’s really, really important cause it becomes a broader argument than just me and what’s happened to me. A lot of the things I said were in longer format video on YouTube three, four years ago. The way that social media is being produced and also digested has changed significantly in the last year.

TikTok in real time has destroyed the attention span of billions of people. You can no longer focus on the real world. You can’t focus on anything. So the idea of me producing a seven, eight-minute video like I used to, and people consuming all of it and understanding the context is gone. They’ll take a few seconds, like me saying I wouldn’t administer CPR to a man, put on a TikTok, add editing, remove the tonality, and it goes viral. We now live in a world where anything you ever say can be taken outta context and weaponized against you.

I’m not complaining. I don’t believe in complaining. I believe in responsibility. I’m saying that most of the people who are upset by things I’ve said have heard a few clips out of context and never actually digested any of my content seriously. The idea that I would let my brother die next to me because he’s not a hot chick is asinine.

1:32 Logan Paul the Mouthpiecce

First things first, I wanna get very, very clear that Logan Paul is absolutely not really a tool of the Matrix. He’s a bought-and-sold individual with no soul. He doesn’t stand up for anything and he doesn’t mean anything he says. He gets pieces of paper from Susan or whoever else, telling him what he’s allowed to say on his channel. He will flip-flop on any issue. He can be bought and sold. I’ll fight him for free. The guy’s an idiot.

Logan Paul doesn’t believe any of the things he says. If you ever were unfortunate enough to consume his content, I get sent clips of it all the time by people mocking him, as soon as something comes out, he just sits there and goes, “Yeah, this is great. Yeah, this is great.” He doesn’t believe in the things he said. He’s told what to say.

Before I was canceled, he and Mike did endless videos supporting me, laughing about me saying how funny I was, tagging me on Instagram, inviting me places, et cetera. The second I’m canceled, they flip reverse it cause they don’t wanna get canceled too. They are children. That’s all they are.

3:09 Andrew Tate on the Upside of Being Cancelled

And what’s actually been interesting about this whole cancellation thing: it hasn’t negatively affected me in any serious way ’cause I’ve been saying on podcasts for years, I know a cancellation is coming. I knew that as I got more popular and more powerful to the degree that it was gonna come.

But what it has done is it has awoken the world to anyone who’s perspicacious enough to pay attention to learn which individuals out here in the social media space actually have character and belief in what they say, and which are completely bought and sold and are tools to the matrix. The people who have decided to stand up for me are people who have to some degree credibility.

This is people who say what they truly believe, but the people who are totally a fan and then post cancellation get a new piece of paper to talk from that should tell out the public out there exactly who is controlled and whether these people have a genuine narrative that they’re trying to report on the world.

3:45 The Difference Between Fans and Viewers

All of his own watchers are calling him names because it’s so transparent and so obvious what he’s doing. Fans versus viewers, fans versus viewers. Very different things. If it was all the other way round, let’s imagine he was getting canceled and I truly believed it was unfair. I’d sit there on my own platform and say, “this is bullshit,” because I’m not bought, sold, and owned.

He’s an owned individual, so he’s always gonna say what he is told to say. Logan Paul doesn’t have fans, he has viewers. And that’s what’s actually been highlighted to me significantly since my banning: that there’s a massive difference between those two things. Logan Paul is a person who needs the platforms and needs the algorithms and people will watch him, but they will sit there and most of them will call him names, but he will have views. That is different than having fans.

Jake at least stood up for free speech. Jake has said some negative comments about me. I’ve said a few negative things about him, but I have nothing personal against Jake.

Are You Like Logan Paul?

Andrew Tate not too long ago was the most Googled man on the planet until the powers that be attempted to cancel him, wiping out all of his social media and trying to make him disappear. It didn’t work!

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Andrew Tate not too long ago was the most Googled Man on the planet. Which is nothing short of amazing. His message was so powerful that the powers that be attempted to cancel him. They wiped out all of his Social Media account and tried to make him disappear.

Guess what? It did not work! We want to help bring you the best of Andrew Tate here!


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