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Hey there, Andrea Anderson with a longer crowbar, and I am here with another new long Laban. Ditch burry Laban Why don’t you tell everybody out there? What they’re gonna get out of watching this? Well, thank

you very much, Andrew, have you ever struggled with limiting beliefs or addiction, addictive behaviors that do not serve you very well at all? Well, if that’s you, or someone you care about, that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today. That was really the reason that I, I put this together

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grid stuff. So I’m sure you know, of course, I have it ever had self limiting beliefs, or dud things that aren’t in my best interest? And of course, I’m kidding. on it. And I think all of us do, and, and the the self limiting beliefs, and doing things that are in our best interests. I mean, that’s, that’s everything. If you do things in your best interest, and you don’t have limiting beliefs, that kind of the world is your oyster. So what, what, what, how did this come about?

How did it come about? Well, my my background of escapism started when I was a very, very young child. And, and I talked about this in here, and with whatever your trigger was for your addiction or addictive behavior, mine was nothing more innocuous than being a child of divorce, and the associated dysfunction that happens when there’s custody battles and foster homes and, you know, legal staff and you know, all the craziness that goes on. There are people that have gone through infinitely worse things than I but like Jordan Peterson talks about, you know, never compare yourself to anyone, except the person you were the day before. And, you know, the escapism sort of manifested in when I was a young kid into TV and movies, which you might think, you know, that’s a healthy thing.

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pretty innocuous. Well, I’ve

seen Star Wars like 250 times, that was the movie that I used to go watch from my head presentation rights in my father’s house. Like, do you need to see Star Wars turn, it’s a good movie visited a few times, like, could I have been doing other things with that, but I was just a kid didn’t know then as I sort of manifested into a young adult, then I started drinking, gambling, drug use in my sort of mid 20s. And then, you know, the sex and there, the self deprecating humor, and everything else sort of flowed through from there. And it wasn’t until I hit my rock bottom in 2015, that I realized that the life I imagined myself as a very young man was very different to what I was experiencing. And it took it took a huge amount of us a giant slap across the face from the universe for that to happen. So I’m happy to elaborate more if you need but that’s sort of,

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ya know, I get it and I call those gods Max. You know, it’s like you think you think this is bad? Just wait a second, are you start complaining about things or? And have you found that it may be everybody else out there has to that I’ve made my best strides forward and who I am and what I can be and all the good stuff after I’ve been I’ve hit rock bottom bottom, because I don’t think that until you get rid of all the stuff that’s going on and you really get there that you for me anyway, I get mad at myself for being there. And I get so P owed that I’m done with this. It’s just like a snap decision. What was yours? Like?

Yeah, I I think that I grande along before rock bottom for a little while before just to test the waters. And you talk about those gods slabs. I think the universe gives us these wonderful, gentle tat love taps. And we don’t pay any attention to them. And then they just go whack. And and that was what happened to me. And I, you know, so interesting. I was a high functioning addict. I had, I had a great job. We used to work in recruitment, I had a huge circle of friends. And I had used to wish people happy birthday on their Facebook pages and go out of my way to people please and try to say people and what I was doing everything right. But now that was serving me well and deep below the surface, was a deeply wounded inner child, a boy and boy that hadn’t moved on from his experience.

And it was only as I started to go through this healing journey that I realized that the adversity that I went through was my greatest gift. And my fuel my superpower, and I call it the gift of adversity. And I have coined that phrase, I don’t think but it’s what I like to give the example. And when soon as you understand that you can use the most horrendous things that have ever happened to you as a powerful fuel source. That’s when the lights come on.

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Yeah, I totally agree with that. As I’m, as I say, there’s always two sides to every coin. There’s not just all good or all bad. Yeah. And if you can figure out how to leverage that since we’re talking about crows here. Oh, crowbars that that’s that can be your biggest leverage at all. But it’s hard. It’s hard to do it when you’re like in that, you know, when you go through those lows. So what do you think was a trigger? What do you think was a trigger?

Well, I arrive at this in the book. It was a Tuesday night, midnight, I had about three and a half bottles of appropriately priced Pinot Noir sorta coursing its way through my veins and smashed into my liver,

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rejigger them but he also just said I was fine. I

was okay, I had housemates, but I was in my room on a laptop gambling on a horse race in Hong Kong. And I didn’t even have a TV in my room. So just if fiving was refreshing my bets, yeah, to see where they went. So I couldn’t even see the race. And, and I was like, this is not the life I imagined for myself. And what was so interesting is the gambling site that I’d been on, like countless times before. He has a phone number in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. I needed to say this before, and I was like, I just picked up my cell phone and your phone just rang that number.

And it was the gamblers helpline. Oh, wow. So I was kinda like a propulsion coming through me, I didn’t really have any control. And it wasn’t so that I was so drunk, but I don’t remember it. I remember this pretty vividly. And that side of this journey over spoke to this incredible woman, her name was Mary, her last name, I’ll never know. But I’ll call her Magdalene because she was a guardian angel for me whether she realized it or not. And the thing that was so pivotal about that moment in my life enters that she listened to me without judgment for the first time. She let me speak, my drunken slurred speech, and then she let me finish.

And then she said, Laban, you’re in the right place. Problem. Gamblers experience suicide, far higher than any other addictive behavior than heroin or cocaine, like, infinitely on with pathological gamblers, which is absolutely what it was. And that really sent a bolt of lightning through me. That was a that was that, that God slap. And she was kind enough to put me in touch with a gambling psychologist. And I got access to this woman for free, run by the Salvation Army things in Australia. And I believe the services are available in most developed countries. And it was paid for by the taxes from gambling losses. It’s I actually I worked out the numbers, I bet broke even with all the free therapy with all the money that I’ve lost over the years. So

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that’s crazy. So one of the things that I mean, that I when I first ran into us, and these things supposedly happened randomly, but your ability to go in and talk to anybody in any situation is like nothing I’ve seen before. How do you explain that? Would you call yourself the world’s best courage coach? Is that what it is? Yeah,

it’s a it’s an affectionate title that I’ve self declared as how I show up in the world. World’s best coverage coach, it has zero to do with ego. It is the question I asked myself every morning, how will the world’s best coverage coach conduct themselves? I am the son of a retired radio announcer. And a fiery redheaded hairdresser mother. Okay. And, and I, you know, we blame our parents for so much dysfunction in our lives. But I’ve got to hand it to him, despite the adversity that we went through and the tumultuous, you know, they split up when I was three and a half, I inherited many gifts. And I think one of them was certainly this confidence in a social environment. So and that may not be your gift. But you may be a powerful introvert, you even describe yourself as an introvert. I find hilarious, because maybe it’s the people that you’re around that, that bring it out to you.

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Yes, that’s true. I’m just really selective about who I hang around with.

Which, which is a big compliment for fun.

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I wasn’t going for that. So do you mind sharing. So the first time I saw this real mean, I already picked it up. Because lately, the past couple years, I’ve been trying to follow my gut, even on the tiniest things. And so I can pick up everybody always give signs, whether they know it or not. And I was like, Okay, I met your beautiful wife and you and it’s like, these people are cool. I gotta, I gotta get to know him. And then so we were going out to a restaurant in Tampa. And I’ll just lay this out basically, they said it was like hour, hour and a half Wait, some like that was it was way too long for us. So you go Go ahead, I’ll let you take a guess where to soak it in.

Well, this this comes back to the limiting belief concept. And now once you start learning how to overcome a lot of these limiting beliefs, you can have a lot of real time your fun with it. So I think DNA said maybe an hour and 15 Wait one of the busiest it’s the oldest Colombian restaurant. on America, I think yes, in the year in Tampa, and, and I was like, hang on Andrew. This is the world’s best coverage because maybe see what I can do. And then sure enough,

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what do we get it? Yeah, he goes lickety split. And Anna and I are sitting outside and he comes back a couple of days later.

And I’ll share, I’ll share what I said to the Sure. Yeah.

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Because you can use this at home. Yeah, this this.

I don’t know where this came from. But it was very powerful. So I said to the lady made a deal, or whatever. And she was a young young girl. And I went up to her and I said, How would you like to co create a miracle together? And I can handle and I tell you that no one has ever said no to that, who doesn’t want to co create a miracle row. And, and she had a big smile on her face. And I explained that we were, you know, visiting, and we would love to have dinner there.

And and she just listened, smile and said, Okay, well, we’ll put you on. Let’s see what we can do. And then sure enough, we got a text alert, like 10 minutes later. Yeah. And the table was ready. And these are just fun little things that you can do. No one, it’s win win win for everyone. Right? Like, no one. No one missed out on a seat because of us wrote, right? To the best. But these are just some fun things that you can incorporate in you and your day to day as well.

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Right. And then then the meal was good. And then we had a great waiter who had left another fine establishment. And we’ve you know what we should we should go back there and check how he’s

doing when we should we should do what do you want to tell that story? Real quick? Is that Oh, yeah.

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So I you tell stories much better than I do. But so basically the waiter he just came over from I forgot the name of but it’s like the supposedly the oldest best Steakhouse. I know. They have like 100 year old ports and stuff over there. And, um, if you want to put in the, if you want to put in the comments which one I’m talking about, but they are it’s all red. So anyway, it was his first night there. I think he just came in, and I’ll let you take it from there. Yeah, he

was wearing his beautiful tuxedo and design was red. And we get chatting to this guy. And I said, Hey, Rick, like how long you’ve been doing this for? He’s like, 20 years. But this is my first day on it with this with this restaurant. And he was he was sweating. Like he was obviously clearly nervous. Yeah. And and I said, Well, you’re doing a great job wreck. And I said, Hey, would it be okay? If I shared with you some some knowledge that I acquired through interviewing some world class people in the customer experience realm? And he’s like, Hey, what is it, and you can use this as well.

So when you’re in a restaurant, and you have an opportunity to talk to a waiter, I said to him, here’s what you do recall, when you deliver the check. And this might take a small investment of some chocolates or candies on your behalf and the restaurant don’t have it. Ideally, good quality chocolate. But if you when you deliver the check, we said there’s three people there’s our three, having dinner, deliver the check, and you put three chocolates, and say thank you so much for dining with us this evening. Then you turn away and you walk away about three or four steps is spin around, face back with a big smile on your face and go there you go. And give another three chocolates.

Now the studies that they’ve they’ve showed people are typing a 25% on top of the original tip. And So Rick, Rick was a great student. And we’re just a little bit we were talking about he came back to write we come back, because you guys you wouldn’t believe it. He goes, I tried it. I got what happened? Because I got a 40% tip on 140 odd check. And that was the first table you don’t even know it’s three tables in his first year. Yeah,

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they had and he was he wasn’t they were candies or chocolates that he’d found in restaurants. It wasn’t even the thing fans. Was there. anything fancy? Yeah.

But here’s the beauty of this, at least in my opinion. I said, Rick, here’s what you do. I said you don’t teach the other waiters how to do this. And you won’t be Rick the new guy anymore. You’ll be employee of the month. Because you teach like Zig Ziglar says he wrote you whatever you want to life, as long as you help enough other people. You aren’t waiters. I’ve worked in hospitality, I’m sure you’ve had experience as well. Yep. Like you can teach someone how to add 25% to the the overall income, like quite an impact in the elements on the light. And it took us three minutes.

And the service we got from Rick was unbelievable. They actually one of the meals that they’ve made for Anna, they made it it was the kitchen that made it wrong. And then it was about a 30 minute preparation time, right? Yeah. And he actually stole a ready one from another customer who had just ordered something and then gave it to us. Right so we got this wonderful service

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wrote. It was great. And then the manager came over to manager came over. Yeah. So it was good. That was a that was an experience. So this has practical uses. And I’m always looking for, okay, you do this thing, but how can I use that immediately to improve my life or improve the people that I’m supposed to serve? Yeah, on that. And it’s kind of amazing. So I want to get your thoughts on something because I want, they don’t need to hear me talk about this. But so I figured out that there’s, there’s only two things that stop us from being multimillionaires, or whatever it is that you want to do.

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And that’s the it comes down to things, the things that we think we know that aren’t true, what are the things we don’t know? And I was it as I was thinking about those, we’re gonna see only were times I can say thank you. I think the hardest part is unlearning what we thought we know what’s true, but it’s not and it doesn’t serve us. And then the next step would be, how do you find out? Like, in your journey, because obviously, you test stuff? How do you find out like, what’s the right thing to learn? And who do you spend time with? And how did you learn all this stuff?

Do you not I don’t think anyone’s ever asked me that question that manner. Before I have immersed myself in learning, I became a voracious reader. And I used to read maybe one book a year, up until about 2015. And for context, I had a incurable autoimmune disease, I had gastrointestinal reflux disorder, or since I was 19, until I was 35. And I was told by 20 different medical experts that it was incurable. And you got to take medication and, you know, find the allopathic medical method or whatever. And I want one interview with a functional medicine doctor spoke about the link between heartburn and gluten intolerance. And I was like, they can’t be that simple.

And I did it. And four days later, 17 years where alarm was gone. And I was like, I was pissed. I was like, what else are they these guys were on about. So that kicked off this, this seeking truth seeking journey. And my my, one of my mantras is I just want to know the truth. So I can make an informed decision. So all of a sudden, when I got my, my health better, wasn’t perfect at that time, but it was better. And I’d given up gambling at that point. And then I was pretty close to giving up drinking as well. My brain started to clear up my cognitive function improved, when I open up this tank of knowledge, and I’ve read easily in excess of 600 published books in the last five, six years, then excludes 1000s of hours of podcasts. Like, I like articles, little snippets, whatever. So I would attribute that. So you became a learning

Andrew Anderson 17:43
machine. And you were able to the more you learn, the more you were able to filter out what is quote, unquote, the truth

100%. And then what happened was my knowledge level got to a point where when I created the podcast three and a half years ago, I would bring on people that I wanted to ask questions about how I can fix things in my life, right with whatever or help people that have health problems in my life. And I got really good at listening. And there’s a guy Steve Hardison, who is known as the ultimate coach who sees the power is in the listener. And it was true that paying attention to this statement, where I would ask open questions and allow people to talk, communicate.

And as a result, my knowledge, combined with all the other stuff that I was doing, got me to a point of like an intuitive knowing that once you immerse yourself in something must be like when people do a PhD. You just you get a real good, intuitive feel of like that you’re on the right path, but you still remain open to the fact that you don’t know it all you have to be a lifelong learner. And that has helped me make far better decisions, infinitely better decisions, because you combine it with intuitive response, knowledge, wisdom, experience, and then, you know, don’t get it right all the time, but it’s pretty dang good

Andrew Anderson 19:05
row. I would say if you combine those two, you’re 99.99% and you’re you’re you’re gambling if you go against it, because like every time I go, how about you when you go against your gut? What happens

every single time? Big Gods slam? Yeah.

Andrew Anderson 19:21
So yeah, it’s definitely intuitive. And so I know we’ve talked about this before, but Judo that there’s only been one study that has been 100% effective against GERD, acid reflux, and just basically acid indigestion. It was done at Vanderbilt University. And somebody can look this up, but it’s it hasn’t been out there too much. But I think there was 30 women in the cohort. Most of them were on medication. And at the end of the study, every single one of them was off medication at 100%. I guess you can’t say cure, but they had 100% remission. Yeah, 100% And they went on a keto diet. So, of course, that’s not going to be bandied about. I don’t want to get political. But that’s that’s like one of the things that I always say is most experts aren’t and I don’t care where they are. You need to, in you do this question everybody in everything. And if they don’t want you questioning, that means you should probably question them more. Because the truth, you can crush it all at once, and it remains the truth.

Well, I think what you’re talking about is ties into what was the significance of this more than you maybe even realized, right, because I attribute the success that I had coming off all of those addictions. And I’m 70 years sober, August 26 2023. Whenever this comes out, gambling eight years in December, like without any 12 Step, or recovery program, and I really give credit to the diet, being the catalyst for helping me heal from the stuff. So, you know, in the, in the coaching that I have done in the past, I’m not a health coach. But inevitably, this comes up and people say, Well, what are you eating? And, and I believe it plays a far more significant role from a spiritual from an emotional, physical, like just everything than people will ever, ever comprehend. And so my recommendation for anyone is if your health is suffering, and you want to go and achieve all these things, like, get that sorted first, yeah,

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you’re never gonna have a million dollar bank account on a, you know, $1 Happy Meal budget, it just doesn’t work. And I totally agree with you. So I went into the Keto and then went to intermittent fasting and then keto, it’s been over eight years. So that go now, because I wanted to make more money. And I was tired to feel like crap all the time. And I didn’t realize it. But I’d had a whole series of emotional ups and downs and depressions and stuff, I hit it really well. And never let me affect my work, or at least I didn’t think it was. But when I gave up all the grains, I felt like a new man, and the emotional ups and downs and depressions and the ability to think clearer. And once I started diving into it, there’s tons of data, but it’s just, you’re never going to find it because it’s it’s not going to they don’t want it to be found for various reasons. We’re not going to go into all of that, but for sure. And one of the things I found is that for me, the more meat I eat, the better I feel.

I mean, like I talk about the diet a little bit in the book, because it’s, it’s important to have it in there, but it’s not a big focal point. But there was a period there where I add a necessity, I had to cut all plants out of my diet for three and a half years. Like I had black coffee, I cut all plants so fruits, fruits, veggies gone. And I had the I had the best health I’ve ever had. And I’ve got all the bloodwork to back it up. And I’ve got my general practitioner, my doctor back in Australia, who high fived me, some have been with me for seven, eight years. So she’s seen this sort of healing journey, right Fiber One day, shaking her head and said she’s like, you just slap former Yugoslavia slug in 50s. Seems like labeling you Oh, the Hilty is patiently hit. Cool. And I was like, you mustn’t have very many patients, but

Andrew Anderson 23:23
no, it’s I’ve seen 1000s of people, I’ve literally had thought been in contact with 1000s of people who’ve done it. And you don’t have to if you want to do your thing, don’t do it. But if you want to 20 or 30% longer crowbar with a boatload of leverage, I would say that it’s doubled my capacity to one at a high level of thinking, you know, because after two, three hours, I don’t get tired at it in the middle of the day, when I wake up, it may take me a little bit to get going. But once I’m going I’m already in the sixth gear, and I stay there all day till I go to bed. Yeah. And and you don’t have these ups and downs and the clarity of thought and your ability to pull things together. It’s it’s mind blowing, it’s like you have to do it because you won’t believe it. That something that simple.

And it Yeah, I couldn’t agree with you more Andrea. And here’s the thing that’s so interesting. The people I know the people watching this very intelligent, because this is why you’re here. But if you think about the narrative out there, telling you not to eat meat, not to, you know, to eat more grains grow. Why? Why, why if it’s the opposite of how the body operates, would they be doing that? And, you know, without getting political or whatever, it seems like an intentional slavery, you know, subservient kind of mindset. Yeah, thing and you can’t step into your greatness. I don’t think if whilst you’re operating under that I have completely shifted my political views in a lot of social views. My thoughts on spirit and soul says very atheistic for a long time even I was raised in a born again Christian family. Right. And

Andrew Anderson 25:06
you think that was this rebellion, though, that a lot

of it was revealed? For sure. But I, I was also like I used to say you only live once for years. Now I believe that we are infinite spiritual beings who inhabit the physical form many, many times over. That’s my belief. But my isn’t interesting, what evolves? When my when I got healthier?

Andrew Anderson 25:27
You could think more clearly. Yeah, yeah, I like to. So we don’t have to go into all the reasons why. But if even if we just contributed the can make a lot more money, selling a product that costs you a nickel, like puffed wheat, and you can sell it for four bucks versus a piece of meat, which you have to put in money and time and effort. And it’s not an instantaneous thing. So if, if you just follow the money that typically is the first layer of why things are done. And if you don’t want to, you know, go ahead and eat your vegetables and eat your bread and stuff. But if you try for a week, go without sugar and the grains that I would suggest read Wheat Belly as a start, if you’re interested in doing this, it’s a great book you got got me going. And then there’s a whole list. But I want I don’t want to get off of that. tanzic. So I want to talk about how you can, because this is what most people are interested in, how can we help them make more money?

Andrew Anderson 26:18
Because when you have more money, I don’t care what they say, being broke is a joke, okay? You’re not supposed to be a broke, yes, sucks, and I hate it. And if you don’t have money, you can only not help yourself, but you’re not gonna be able to help your family or your loved ones or anything else. And there’s so much bad information out there. Because some of the stuff you’ve told me in our conversations like blow my mind. So what are some of the things that you can that? Because you need to go read his book here? Well, we’ll hold it up. I don’t. Well, that focus? Yeah, that’s there, go by this? And what can you do? What two or three things? Can you tell people that they could do right away pretty much with and go practice on that would help them make more money or have a better relationship? Because those two are interconnected?

Well, I’m super glad that you asked me this question, because I’ve been thinking about it since beginning of the conversation. Why operate truly, and had done for the last three, four years threatened? Definitely three, with every single direction that I go into, with what value can I add this person’s life? What value can I add this person’s life, whether it be the checkout chick, the IT support guy in Bangalore, India, 1000s of miles away, you know, someone that you helping out at the supermarket or whatever. And I’m not talking about just rushing up to people and saying, How can I help? Like, when you when you have that mindset, Andrew, after a bit of time, and some positive feedback loop, you get really good as solving people’s problems.

And that is the fastest way to generate relationships. And then what follows relationships, success, success and opportunities. People buy from people they know like and trust. And I’ll give you a great example. Right? This is we went to Longhorn for state yesterday, my wife and I, and there was an older couple who we held the door open for they’re in their late 70s. And he was rickety, is all get up. And he had a walking thing. He just came from hospital and they were having a stake to celebrate a good on. And then they sat down and we sat down. And then he was hobbling past me. And he was going to the bathroom. Just because we’ve been chatting I said, Hey, let me give you a hand. And I just walked his hand to the, to the to the bathroom.

And, you know, he didn’t he wasn’t like, Ah, thank you very much. He was a bit, you know, want to be independent, but he was very grateful for it. And then an older woman who was sitting at the table waiting for a bunch of friends and family to arrive, you said to me, it is so lovely to see people like you and the world that still exist. I felt amazing. Then we start chatting. And turns out she’s this fantastic jazz singer. And her husband’s the co founder of this multi multi 100 $200 million business. And she just invited us out for lunch late lunch next weekend. Cool. Cool now,

Andrew Anderson 29:17
but we didn’t do that with the intention of gaming. No,

there was no ulterior motive at all right? Because you you have to be clean has to be clean and pure. Do that any expectation of anything in return.

Andrew Anderson 29:30
No sketchiness involved.

We’re just it just it doesn’t work doesn’t work. Right. So that’s that’s the first thing. Even the comment you said about, you know, gone if you want to go and eat vegetables, whatever. Like I said earlier, I just want to know the truth so I can make an informed decision. All right, and people say all the time. There’s so much information about nutrition Summit, like if you’re serious about leveling up, and you’re like, you want to be a high level entrepreneur and you want to kick around With the best of the best, which is why

I’m very blessed to say that that’s happening more and more on my life down, levels me up, right, you have to be open minded to the fact that what, just because a whole general population of people believe it to be true, doesn’t make it right. And, and having that that growth mindset has just been so eye opening for me as well. And then pivoting when I have when I am wrong, or there is something else that I’ve learned that and it’s okay, I’ll freely admit that as well not being afraid to say, you know, I might have made a mistake. Technically, that’s three things. But if you want a good one as well,

Andrew Anderson 30:38
yeah, no, that’s great. I think it was Mark Twain that said, whenever you’re on the side of majority, it’s time to pause, and think about what you’re doing.

I think that’s in my Oh, really?

Andrew Anderson 30:49
Okay, great. I may have messed that up a little bit. But yeah, that quotes there. And so um, yeah, it is about just like freely giving stuff and being the nicest person that you can be, you know, because you never know where people are coming from. And you got to, yeah, if you go in with a free, a free mind, if you don’t expect anything, and just being a nice person, which is should be, which we all should be. So you’re not like so self absorbed or self involved, that you can see another person’s needs a little help. I mean, if you make their whole day,

well, I’ll give you a real life practical evidence of what happens when you do this. So I implemented the same strategy, because I do it for everything in the podcast row. So after nearly three years of doing the podcast, I actually sat down and crunched the numbers. And I had been gifted more than a million US dollars worth of free things from podcast guests, and the relationships, they’ve connected us with rope. And like I’m talking about things that you cannot bind. And, and I didn’t do it for any I didn’t, I sort of stumbled across this by mistake. But when you when you activate the law of reciprocity, and it is a law, you do it from a clean place without any ill will, and intention needed to work on that can take some effort, like the universe just completely opens up because it’s in alignment.

Andrew Anderson 32:15
Because yeah, for sure. Um, so we’ve got the book, you’ve got your podcast, which I think you’re going to pivot into a little bit differently. You’ve also got the other project that you’re doing with your beautiful wife in when he talks about that. Because believe me, this has dived up, I wouldn’t bring it up otherwise.

Well, the the, the podcast will continue my own podcast. But what’s probably got me more excited is this purpose partners for life project, which was, I have to give you some credit for you. This has been some of your inspiration, a lot of your inspiration, what we realized, and I’ve been together now five years, and we met in the most extraordinary circumstance, almost unbelievable. But when you understand what went on in the background row, it it makes perfect sense what happened.

And I’m and I’ve met the woman that I dreamed about meeting my entire life, it was beginning to think that I wouldn’t, and I met her fine when 38. And I, you know, and so what we’ve come to learn through our journey together is that we are very powerful together. And this is around about people learning how to manifest a husband or a wife. This is this is wrote, No, go ahead. This is teaching people how to become the kind of person that they need to be in order to attract the person that they want. Because you can’t show you can be a rich fat guy. And you can buy someone with money and they can be with you for money, but

Andrew Anderson 33:50
not if you want to really do that. And I think manifest and this is just my own bias. But it’s not really because manifest to me sounds woowoo. But it’s more that you there’s certain steps you can take that will help you attract the mate of your dreams. And you guys have explained it to me and I don’t want to spoil us who’s innocent nobody here, but it blew me away. And I totally agree with the concept. We’re not going to give it away here full year. What

would he What was the word? What’s the word you would use? magnetize. No, a trap. It’s a toughen Bri I guess. Yeah, well kind of create.

Andrew Anderson 34:25
It sounds kind of woowoo but it’s not. Because like if you do, it’s kind of like if you want to you’re a runner. So if you want to run a 5k race, you just don’t like sit on your rear end to do it. If you do X, Y or Z steps, you will be able to run a 5k race and do it well. And what you guys have laid out is a step by step program on how to find and attract it’s going to be mutually attract the perfect person as a mate like the man of your dreams ladies, if you’ve been on tired of being on like the last day then you should talk with Anna and Laban. And guys, if you’re, you know, if you haven’t found the right woman, and you’re tired of just like Brenda, throw up your hands, they can help you out. And I mean, it can happen quickly. I mean, really, really, really quickly.

Well, the example would be in the time that Anna took when she did her list. Yeah, it was a couple of weeks rows, like two and a half weeks to me. Yep. And then but I’d spent the years row three years in preparation for that. Unknowingly,

Andrew Anderson 35:34
right and you didn’t have your your step by step cheat sheet that you guys have right now is relying completely blind to that point. And you’ve had a bunch of other clients that you that have had the same miraculous spying or may like, have been looking for dozens of years or more, whatever.

3035 years, is the longest break that someone had a relationship who’s just found their purpose partner? Yeah, there’s Tom’s in a late 60s. Crazy. Yeah.

Andrew Anderson 36:02
So if you want to find the man or woman of your dreams, that’s that’s definitely

check this up purpose partners for Oh, purpose partners

Andrew Anderson 36:11
for We’ll put it in here in description. Um, so I think I think we’ve gone over enough stuff for me. Do you have anything else you want to add to wrap this up?

The only thing that I was thinking, in addition to what we’ve spoken about? Yeah, is I might be the world’s best carriage coach. But my wife is the most courageous person I know. And I attribute the stratospheric success and when I talk about success, it’s across all facets health, wealth and relationships, to having Anna in my life, and heading, she almost says yes to anything. And when you had a part purpose partner in your life, like that, you talk about breaking off the glass ceiling of limiting beliefs. That is priceless.

Andrew Anderson 37:07
Yeah, the most successful people I know, always man or woman, always, always have a partner that supports them. And it’s mind blowing, I mean, trying to play the Lone Ranger OR, or NOT getting help, like, you know, when customer went out there, you know, call her up to let you know, it’s 10 times harder, I think, wouldn’t you say? I mean, oh, did you say that? Well,

I had a conversation with a friend of mine, who’s in my mastermind group at Ames. Felicia fro she’s African American woman. She’s a urologist. She’s like, you know, 50s. And she said to me, I judge you on your wife. And when I saw your wife, I was like, it improved my impression of you. Right? And she says she does that all the time. So we can we can assume that people won’t. But they do. Yeah,

Andrew Anderson 38:06
they are looking at your spouse or your girlfriend or your boyfriend or whatever it is. So have someone

on your arm that you are super proud of and that was smoking hot for you. That’s what I get to experience right?

Andrew Anderson 38:16
And whatever that that you said it is perfectly smokin hot for you spelling out for you. Yeah. And whatever that may may be.

Bingo. Right been great. So that’s the final thing I’d say on that. Yeah, cool. Um,

Andrew Anderson 38:28
there was one thing I was gonna wanted to mention on this. So where can they buy the book? It’s all over Amazon. Okay,

it’s on Audible in my voice as well if you like his dulcet tones. Yeah, you get the paperback next day delivery, I think. Right for the meantime and we’ll expand that out as it grows. But Amazon will be Miss Remy. It will be

Andrew Anderson 38:51
and then we’re also putting your voice on IQ cloud voice and AI clone voice. So if you have a book that you want narrated, you can go there and you can have that man with dulcet tones. You know, just lead the way to the promised land for your readers.

That will be interesting to see what books live and will be reached. But they’ll be hilarious if someone some vegan activist bought my voice for the vegan book.

Andrew Anderson 39:17
Let poor so cool. Um, thank you very much here doc give you the last parting words there anything you want to say knock yourself out?

Well, I just want to acknowledge Andrew said incredible work and you doing and if you’re not aware of, of what Andrew is doing in the world, you need to you need to get involved, follow what he’s following and learn what he is teaching as well. So I’m very grateful for our friendship. I’ll leave you with a quote from Les Brown, the motivational speaker and he says what people think of me is none of my spiritual listening.

Andrew Anderson 39:52
I’ve not heard that on record. That’s cool.

I’m glad I heard Cool.

Andrew Anderson 39:57
Thanks, brother. Appreciate it. That was a great interview with I think so right that’s all a matter no, it’s you matter too. So go follow us for on YouTube do the YouTube thing subscribe like and everything else and then you can go longer crowbar and then we’ve also got we’ve got a membership site on school invite only if you comment in the video we will probably let you in as long as you the right type of people if you want to get more leverage in all their areas of your life and you want to help other people then you’re you’re kind of our kind of people and you guys you and your wife have been in there and then great help and yeah it’s it’s an amazing resource. Yeah amazing resource cool. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while just didn’t have the right time replays and now’s so cool. All right. Thanks, everybody. We’ll talk to you later.


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