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Don’t Compromise for Anybody

Don’t Compromise for Anybody
by Andrew Tate

0:00 Only Be Friends with Winners

I love winners. I love winners. Show me a winner. I love winners all day long. That’s who I wanna be friends with. I don’t wanna be friends with anybody else. I don’t see the advantage to it. And that’s how I’ve always created my life. And it’s served me very, very well. I refuse to accept anything else because negative energy is extremely sticky. If you have friends who are talking negative shit, try and fix ’em. It’s your duty. But if they’re sticking to their negative narrative, you don’t have a responsibility to them to sit there and allow them to pollute your life. Cause that’s what they’re gonna do.

0:26 Be Ruthless with Friends

Everyone likes to talk a good talk and everyone likes to pretend they’re x y z and I’m quite a fair person, you know and my biggest friends in the world today are friends who I had when I had nothing and they came up with me. Let’s say when I had nothing, I had 10 friends. Now I’m at the top. I have four. The six I had to drop just didn’t level up with me. And there’s only so long you can pay for them to go to the club, pay for them to go on holiday, lend them a car. There’s only so long until it’s like, “Bro, everyone else pulled this off, everyone else, and I’ve offered you a job and now you’re sick or you’re tired.” It gets to a point where it’s just detrimental to your life and you have to be ruthless about it because you have to create your reality. It’s the only way to do it.

0:59 Do Not Compromise for Anybody

You cannot compromise your standards for nobody. Nobody. That includes your spouse, your friends, your family, nobody. There’s a difference between loving somebody and compromising your standards. I love a lot of people, but I’m not compromising my standards for people I love. You cannot be doing that because only you know how big your dreams are. Only you know what life you wanna build and only you know who you want to be. Compromising your standards is one of the biggest fatal mistakes, any man or human being can make.

Don’t Compromise for Anybody

Andrew Tate not too long ago was the most Googled man on the planet until the powers that be attempted to cancel him, wiping out all of his social media and trying to make him disappear. It didn’t work!

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