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Massively Increase Your Chance Of Success

Massively Increase Your Chance of Success

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0:00:00 Introduction

Andrew Anderson with and I have something I’m gonna share with you to massively increase your chance of success. I have used this to great, great results here and I’m gonna explain exactly what’s going on. So, this is one of the longest crowbars that are out there, and it’s available for free.

0:00:20 Personal Story

Most people don’t realize how much leverage it can give you in all areas of your life. I’m gonna tell you about my personal story on how I used it 2,518 days ago to drastically change my whole life. So, back then I was outta shape, I was getting chubby, I was starting to look like Santa Claus, beer belly even though I didn’t drink much beer, and I was sick of it. I made up my mind that I was going to change the way that I thought. So, what I did was I decided to do intermittent fasting and then later on keto.

0:00:50 Write It Down

So here’s what I did. I knew that writing it down, because I’d read Cialdini, and he’s the one that talked about this. Dr. Cialdini, go find any of his books. They’re all fantastic. Okay. So,I had an 8% chance of success. I wrote it down. I increased that by almost over 400%. I knew that was gonna help. And then I wrote it down and I shared it with some friends.

0:01:16 Write Down and Share Publicly

So, I’m going up there, I’m like 800% better, you know. And then the other thing that I did, and this number is a little bit squishy, but I think it’s actually higher than this. I wrote it down in public, shared it with my friends, and then I publicly shared it to the general public and I started a Facebook group.

So, it started with four of my friends, and now I think we’ve had over 80,000 people in it. But the the kicker is, and the longer crowbar is that I’ve stuck with this and done this experimentation now for 2,518 days. And did I hit my results? Yes. I lost 36 pounds of fat, I started feeling better, I started thinking better, and I started making more money. So, I had called that a success.

0:02:28 Create Your Own Consequences

The consequences here is if you bet someone a hundred dollars, or a thousand dollars, or whatever is meaningful amount of money to you, that you write it down, you share it in public, and then you say, listen, I’m gonna do X, Y, or Z, or attempt to do it by such and such a date, or I have to pay money, or I agree to work for free for a day, or whatever it is that’s gonna motivate you to do something. What happens is you have all kinds of emotional pressures internally that you don’t even realize. But the beautiful thing about this, if you bring it back down to the physical, this is all about getting your neurons firing, right? The old saying was that, “If you don’t write it down, it doesn’t really count,” is absolutely true.

What happens is you get more neurons involved in the process and it’s an exponential amount. It’s like 10X during each one of these steps here, and when you write it down, it actually works better than texting, because it takes more neurons to write versus when you text. These are all overlaid on your chances of success. It makes a bigger impression on whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, so you’re more likely to stick with it.

If something’s really important to you, stairstep this process, go to this one. You wanna write it down.and share with your friends, share publicly, and then put some consequences to it. Now, they don’t have to be negative. I’m a total carrot person. Negative things don’t work with me, so there’s a reward there. Well, my reward was that I lost 36 pounds and that’s cool. But I also did something for myself. I said, “Hey I’m gonna go to this one place. I’m gonna travel. If I hit this, I’m gonna do it.”

0:04:21 Results

So, there you have it, a longer crowbar of epic proportions; it probably goes all the way to the moon. Almost every successful person that I’ve ever known does this. I would have to say that every millionaire that I know has done this, and they do this on a regular basis, every single one, without exception. I’ve not spoken with a millionaire or multimillionaire that does not do this. Yet, why this isn’t taught in schools, or taught everywhere, or this isn’t talked about, is beyond me. This is part of what we teach in a mastermind program. Public accountability can have a huge impact on your success ratio in anything.

So, whatever it is that you wanna do, tell yourself first, repeat it several times so that it sticks. Write it down for yourself. Write it down and share it with some peers that you respect, because you don’t want to be embarrassed after you tell someone. And that’s a big motivator. Write it down in public.

That’s a longer crowbar trick to massively increase your chance of success.

Massively Increase Your Chance of Success


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