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Don’t Let Your Distractions Destroy Your Destiny!

Don’t Let Your Distractions Destroy Your Destiny!

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Myron Golden

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Have you ever wondered what separates the best in class or the best in categories from the rest in class? Or the rest of the category? Why is there only one Michael Jordan in a lifetime? If you ever wondered, why is there only one Jack Nicklaus or one Tiger Woods or one Steve Jobs? Or one Elon Musk and like a whole lifetime? Have you ever wondered, why is there only one Sam Walton? Can anyone like, the fact is, regardless of what the arena is, doesn’t matter if it’s sports, it doesn’t matter if it’s business doesn’t matter, if it’s medicine, doesn’t matter, if it’s science, doesn’t matter if it’s education doesn’t matter. In any arena, there are only a handful of stars and even fewer superstars. And there are even fewer people that we could call legendary. How many I would agree with that, right? But you’re about to discover what it takes. If you want to be a star, if you want to be a superstar, or if you want to be legendary. And I thought it wasn’t gonna write on the board, but I was wrong. So I’m gonna let Karina Moran or somebody fix that board up for me just go to the next page for me. So, so understand this, that that you’re going to discover, like how to become the best of the best in category, the best of the best in class, like you will be like, whatever your arena is, you will set yourself so far apart from everybody else, you will have no competition. Does that sound interesting to anybody besides me?

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Okay, so I’m, by the way, here’s what’s fascinating about this whole thing? Like, is it really possible for anyone to be a superstar? I believe that barring some kind of mental impairment, that the answer is a resounding yes. Almost anyone can become a star, a superstar or even legendary, but almost no one will. Here’s what’s fascinating to me. My mom taught me and my brothers when we were in elementary school, how to be the best or the best in category. Here’s what she said, Well, before I tell you what she said, I want to tell you about this principle. I didn’t realize that that’s what she had taught me. Until I discovered the scientific principle. That’s so mind blowing, like every time I think about it, gives me chills. So the scientific principle is called prices law. Prices law, here’s what prices law states, it’s gonna sound like word salad at first, but I’m gonna break I’m going to be doing a couple of times. So don’t be nervous. But I’m about to show you, I’m gonna have a pull back the curtain on what it takes for you to become the best, the best and category. Here it is. Prices law states that 50% of the production of any domain is produced by the square root of that domain. I know you didn’t get it, I saw you not get it. So I’m gonna do it again. 50% of the production of any domain is produced by the square root of that domain. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a garden with tomato plants. Or if it’s an organization with salespeople, or if it’s a professional sports team with points 50% of the production of any domain will be produced by the square root of that domain. What does that mean? Here’s what it means. That means if you have two tomato plants 50% of tomatoes will be produced by two people, two of the two of those plants, you have to salespeople. 50% of the sales will be produced by two salespeople. If you have two people on a team, 50% of the points will be produced by two people.

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I mean, if you have four people, I said if you have two I mean, if you have four, you have four tomato plants, 50% will be produced by two. If you have four salespeople, 50% of the sales will be produced by two, if you have four people on a team 50% of the points were reduced by two people. Well, that makes sense because that’s half right that prices law makes sense at small numbers. The bigger the numbers get, the less sense it makes, until you think about it. What happens when you take a number like Okay, two times two is four. Three times three is nine. So if you have three tomato plants 50% of the tomatoes are not produced by four and a half plants. 50% of tomato tomatoes are produced by three plants. 50% of the sales are produced by three salespeople. 50% of the points are scored by three people on a team of mine. What Oh, it gets more better. If you have 525 25 tomato plants 50% of tomatoes are gonna be produced by five plants 50% of sales by five salespeople if 80% of the points by five people on the team

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this is this isn’t making sense. Okay. Well, let me make it make sense. If you have a business a corporation, you got 100 salespeople. 50% of the sales will be made by 10 people and anybody who owns a business knows I’m telling the truth 50% of the sales we’ve made by sit fit bought by 10 salespeople and the other half of the sales we made by 90 This is why The income inequality cannot be solved by government can’t legislate prices law. I think it’s so fitting that the guy who discovered this his last name was pressed I think his name was Richard. And then he had all these long middle names price, right? Last Name price. I think it’s fascinating. You know why?

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Because if you want to be one of the best in class, best in category, you have to be willing to pay the price to become that. It’s like, it’s almost like God has said, I’m gonna make sure this dude who discovers this, his last name is price. If you have 10,000, if you have a business with 10,000 offers, 50% of your revenue will come from 100 offers. So what’s the significance of this? Here’s the principle. So here, I’m going to tell you, my mom said, I’m going to tell you what I discovered based on this. Here’s what my mom said, and I’m gonna show it to you in the Bible. So you’ll know like this is just reconfirmed and reconfirmed over and over and over and over, over and over again. You’re ready. Everybody ready? Let me say I’m ready. Okay, here we go. Here’s what my mom said. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Do you know how small of a population in the world there is the practice that varies. It’s so minuscule, it might not be able to be measured under a microscope. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might. Like I thought she was just being Socratic. Because my parents were very Socratic. And they didn’t say things outright, they would just, they would give us hints and we’d have to figure it out. Right, you’d walk in and see, see your mom see my mom for the first day? Boy, time a day is due to a dog. Hi, mom. Like she’s like, like, you would even say hi to your dog. I’m your mother speak to me. Right? So that’s how our parents taught us anyway. So I didn’t know she was giving me the I didn’t realize she was giving me the keys to the castle when she said, whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your mind. I didn’t know she was doing that. It came from Scripture. So here’s the lesson. Let me tell you the lesson we learned and I’m gonna read the verse but I’m going to tell you what I’ve extracted from this. And what I’ve what i’ve what I’ve been able to apply, and I found that it is so true. If you decide you’re going to be one of the best in class, one of the best in category, you’ll have almost no competition, because most people are not willing to pay that price. In any arena.

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Okay, so here’s what I learned from prices, law 100 salespeople producing half of the sales of a 10,000 person sales army. Here’s what I learned from that. Mediocrity scales exponentially. Average scales exponentially. Okay, scales exponentially. Excellence only scales incrementally. because so few people are willing to pay the price. That’s why when you think of actors, there’s the number of a list actors is gonna always be smaller than the B in the C list actors. Why the singers same thing, it doesn’t matter. And God laid it out for us in Scripture so vividly and beautifully clearly. And I didn’t realize that this was the principle until like, like, when I get something I get like, I’m like a dog on a bone. When I discover something. I’m like, wait a minute, what, what about this? And what about? And what about? And what about? And what about? That’s me. Okay, so I’m gonna read it to you. By the way, the person who wrote this in Scripture was the best of the best in class, the best of the best in category was King Solomon. Here’s what God told him. He said, Because you asked this thing. I’m going to bless you in ways that nobody has been blessed before you and nobody will be blessed after you, there will not be one like unto you, among all the kings all your days. And then we go and we read a little bit further and First Kings chapter three, and First Kings chapter four. And we read in First Kings, chapter 10. The scripture says that Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth, for what riches and for wisdom was the best of the best in class, and the best of the best and category? How good was he? He was so good that the Scripture tells us that all of the kings of the earth all of the monarchs around the earth came to Solomon and paid him to learn his wisdom.

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So maybe, yeah, I get it, the price is high. To become the best of the best in category the price is high, to become the best of best in class. Oh, but the payoff is so worth it. Here’s what it says. Whatsoever the hand finds to do do a buy might, for there’s no work nor device nor knowledge nor wisdom in the grave whither thou goest I returned and saw under the sun the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill, but time and Chance happens to them all. In other words, you don’t need a particular set of gifts, talents and skills that was imparted to you at birth. In order for you to be one of the best of the best in category. Here’s what you need to do, you need to make a decision. The word decide comes from the Latin root Day, which means over from side which means to cut, it means you cut yourself off from any other possibility but being the best of the best in class. And your objective is not even to become the best your objective is to become as good as you possibly can be. I like best doesn’t mean better than somebody else.

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Best means best to your capability. Like that’s why when people say my iron how much money you want to make, I want to make as much as I can. I’m not that greedy, okay, I’m not but it has nothing to do with I mean that that may be if you wanted to make as much money as you could, that might be why you wanted to do. But I want to do because I want to max out every area of my life. When I asked you how smart Do you show? Do you want your children? I don’t want to make that much money. Just you need to be comfortable how smart you are. You’re not that smart, just smart enough to be comfortable. How long do you want to live not that long, just long enough to be comfortable. It’s such a goofy lie. I don’t want to make that much money just enough to be it sounds like, by the way, if you only want to make enough money to be comfortable, that’s one of the most selfish goals you can have. Because when you come across the man who’s fallen among thieves, how are you going to take care of him? When you can’t even take pay your light bill? How are you going to bless your mom and your dad and your grandma and your children? You can’t even take care of you can’t even pay your water bill. Like wanting to make enough to get by is one of the most selfish and non intelligent goals you can have financially. Why? Because all you got to do to know that refrigerators and cars and stuff break down and keep on living. So you don’t want it when it breaks down. You don’t want to have enough money to replace it. You won’t have to wait. The air conditioner goes out in Florida in the summertime. Well we’re gonna have to wait till we save enough money to get it fixed and sweat in the meantime.

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The Scripture says, A wise man for sea of evil and hideth himself but the fullest pass on in our punish. Anyway. So he said then it says verse 12 For man also know if not his time as the fish as the fishes that are taken an evil net as the bird that is caught in a snare so are the sons of men snared in an evil time when it falls suddenly upon them so the scripture says whatever your hand finds to do do with your might because you’re dying there’s no work no device nor service in the great great weather that goes work like put everything you can into everything you put everything you’ve got into everything you do because you’re gonna die and when you’re not when you die, here’s that means game over and it’s not Mario Brothers you don’t get another life and then he says, but do everything you can not just because you’re going to die. But do everything you can like put everything you got into everything you do, because you will beat people who are more talented than you you will win out over people who are richer than you you will be people who had more more like natural advantages than you just because you put everything you’ve got into everything you do hmm I’m gonna read it again so y’all can see I ain’t just making this up once or the hand finds to do do what I might but there’s no work no device nor knowledge nor wisdom in the grave without goes do everything like do your best everything in other words it’s not worth putting your best into it’s probably not worth doing you are going to die stop acting shocked by that. Like stop walk don’t really doting about through life like you think you’re gonna live to be 900 It’s not gonna happen okay, you’re gonna die I returned and saw under the sun that the race is not to the Swift if you will do your best you will beat people who were faster than you why? Because they didn’t do their best there isn’t. I saw the race was not to the swift nor the battle to the strong you will win and battle over people who are stronger than you if you don’t believe me as David and Goliath. By the way, David practiced for Goliath on a lion and a bear.

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Oh, okay. See what we do is we hide from our lions and our bears and then we want to face our giants

Myron Golden 14:50
we wonder why we run from the day you ran from the giant because you ran from the line and you ran from the back. Okay neither You get bread to the wise you will eat better than people who have more wisdom, more education, more degrees and more knowledge than you. If you do your best. See, everybody can’t have a degree. Everybody can’t have great Socratic wisdom. Everybody can’t be the fastest person running. Everybody can’t be the strongest person in battle. Everybody can do their best. But almost nobody does. Jack and I can see that you face you tracking. No battle too strong and you bred to the wife need to get riches to men of understanding. Hey, you will make more money than people who are smarter than you if you do your best. Doors open for people who do their best obstacles run from people who do their best. Okay, need to get favored amount of skill? In other words, you will find favor over you’ll win contracts over people who have more skill than you how, how do your when you show up into an arena that you’ve been to before everybody who else who’s in that arena? Who’s seen you before? should know, oh, this person’s here. I know they’re gonna show up in short, they’re gonna show up and shine. Okay, so what did we learn from prices law because, like, average mediocrity, okay, scales exponentially. That’s why there’s always more people who lose there are who win. There’s always a large number who lose and a small number when there’s there’s a large number who just play the game, a small number who become professionals. And a smaller number than that and become stars, a smaller numbers of that who become superstars and a smaller number than that who become legendary. Why? It’s interesting, like, people make fun of us. And it’s kind of funny, because it was, it was like a funny meme. When Allen Iverson was like, practice, practice. You taught me about practice, practice. Practice me practice. He taught me about practice, and like it became a meme, but he was making a very good point. You shouldn’t be talking these other clowns when he’s scoring the points about practice. Clearly, when I show up, I’ve already practiced Michael Jordan was not the most talented basketball player, he got cut from his high school basketball team. But he worked harder than anybody after that, so it would never happen again. See, here’s what we do. We find ourselves taking our past experiences like projecting them on a screen of our future recreating the past think we’re living in the present and we keep repeating Groundhog Day and today looks like yesterday. And this year looks like last year and this decade looks like last decade we keep repeating the same thing why? Because we’re not learning anything from the mistakes we made we’re not learning any we’re not learning how to overcome by looking at our past failures and our past struggles let them tell us something I made that mistake in the past I am fixing to make it again did that was yesterday’s mistake baby I learned the lesson now I’m ready to get the blessing. But if you don’t learn the lesson you get to keep on testing

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so what do we learn from this execute your execution work your work work your work because all work works we mean work your work stop playing at the thing you want other people to think you’re serious about stopped stop ticking sticking your toe in the water. I’m gonna try I’m gonna try I’m gonna just try try

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try is nothing but an escape hatch. The back door to excuse lead. I’m not going to do here’s what I tried me I’m going to try means I’m not going to do my best and if it doesn’t work, you’ll know I tried on dried work your work because all work works. But see work is a two sided coin. Mine but all worked on work. I’ve been working on this business for 15 years now making it all work works. It’s a two sided coin and it works on you and it works for you. And what you got to learn to do and what I’ve got to learn to do I think I’ve learned to do it to some degree maybe not to in degree integrate. We have to learn to let our work work on us until we become the person for whom it can work. And I promise you, if your work is not working for you the work that it’s been doing on you, you’ve been resisting on some level, I promise you, because what you resist persists, but what you embrace becomes grace and grace is a gift. Like, execute your execution, work, your work, don’t play at your work. See, for me, this business thing is serious. You know why? Because there are some people out there who are struggling financially, and I was you. And God knows, I looked everywhere in every book, every seminar I’ve got brothers here who no one brother Dwayne will tell you, I was broke as a joke and ready to choke and I was reading books on how to be a millionaire. I wasn’t reading books about how to get a better job. I’ve written books that were going to eventually teach me how to give somebody a better job.

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When law work your work, like, let’s stop playing at work. Let’s, let’s decide we’re going to become the best of the best. Because here’s what’s going to happen. When you work your work. When your opportunity shows up, you’re ready for it. When you don’t work your work, when your opportunity shows up for it, you’re not ready for Abraham Lincoln was almost right. Here’s what he said, I will prepare myself and perhaps my time will come. Here’s what Myron golden says, your time coming whether you prepare yourself or not. And if you’re prepared, when your time comes, it will reveal you. If you’re not prepared, it will expose you. And far too many of us far too far too many times have been exposed because we weren’t ready when our opportunity showed up. Can I get to witness work your work, execute your execution, like do the deal. Like, like, when I make a decision? I try. I remember, I remember my my YouTube coach years, we said make a YouTube video consistently release it in the same day at the same time. Whether you do one a month or one a week or one a day, we started out once a week. I wouldn’t go miss it. I tried to repurpose some stuff from another platform when we went on vacation last year. Here’s what happened. So you know what we do now? Every Wednesday, we create a long form video. And then we do Bible study. And then sometimes on Mondays, we will create two long form videos. Sometimes on Friday, we’ll create a long form video or two long form videos. Why? Because Youtube is not something I play at why there are people on that platform. Who the word they get when they tune into this channel changes something drastically for them. Why? Because truth is the transformation is in the truth. And in the execution of that truth. And so like, I don’t want somebody coming looking for me at 10 o’clock in the morning, and they don’t find me. Wait. I know man got a video coming out tomorrow at 10 o’clock. Yes, he does. And I don’t get I don’t get like, like worked up about a whole lot. I don’t think my team will tell you I don’t think I don’t get worked up about a whole lot. But one thing I will get worked up about if our video don’t show up on time. What it’s it’s 1005 Why is the video right there. I’m obsessive. Like it’s not it’s this is not an option play. This is a basic bread and butter mandatory play. We got to make sure we work our work. execute on your execution. Execute your execution. But don’t just execute it execute with excellence. Be the best. Because when you are the best you can do your best. The only way to be the best is to always be becoming more more than what more than I was yesterday.

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More than I was last week more than I was five minutes ago reading the thing reading about the things I haven’t learned yet studying the things I haven’t I don’t know yet mastering the things that I don’t have down yet. So that I can execute it effortlessly without the use of conscious resources. You know, it’s really interesting. I can listen to somebody talk and tell whether or not they have reps, reps repetitions. Like I can tell whether you’re making it up as you go along or whether you actually studied something. Oh, by the way, so can other people. You can listen somebody played the guitar. You can tell oh, this person. They didn’t even think about this name. They just feel on the whole. They’re feeling their whole way through it. You want somebody play a sport? And you can tell when they’re in the zone. And everything just works. One of my favorite quotes I discovered recently on Instagram, I don’t know who the originator this quote was right, give him credit because I don’t like acting like other people’s stuff is mine, right? But they said, amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong. You need to create an environment in which you can practice until you can’t get it wrong. All of us do. Execute with excellence. Like, be the best and then do your best and when you do your best, you’ll have the best it’s just how life works. It’s the B do have principle from Genesis chapter one and God the Lord God commanded the man saying be I mean God bless them instead of them Be fruitful, be do multiply, do replenish, do subdue and then have dominion be Do do do have be do have be the best. Do your best you’ll have the best just how it works. It’s how God set it up from the beginning he put it into Genesis chapter one gave you a Winx and in case you don’t get to chapter two, I want you to be okay

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execute on your execution execute with excellence. Because existence is expiring. whose existence yours and the people you are sent to serve. So here’s the problem. We don’t about through life acting as if we’re going to live to be 900 I promise you there’s not a person in this room is gonna be here. 900 years from now. We’re gonna live to be 900 We’re gonna be it ain’t happening. Well, yeah, well, what about the millennium? Okay, y’all know don’t don’t just quit trippin. You know what I ain’t talking about that. You ain’t like stop acting as if you have all those times. Stop wasting time watching other people win thinking that you’re winning. But my team is playing they ain’t your team. They don’t know you. They don’t care about you. If you get evicted from your house tomorrow, none I’m coming to save it ain’t yo team. Okay, do I have an attitude a little bit a little bit existence expired. I know the people that I was sent to serve. We’re not going to be here forever. If I had had more of a sense of urgency if first of all if somebody would have taught me these kingdom principles when I was in my 20s I could have executed on the stuff I’m executing on now a long time ago and my mom could have benefited from it my dad could have benefited from it but they’re gone. existences expiry I’ve got time that I can share with my brother Dwayne my brother Rob, my brother Jeff. I got time back in Spain with my son Anthony, my daughter Didi my granddaughter. All right, my son, my son in law John, my son Adam passed away in 2007. If I would have executed like, like I was expiring. If I had known sooner, I could have done better sooner. Stop acting like you have all this time. Stop acting like the people you love have all this time. Were expiring. How do I know expired? Here’s what it says. Here it says it says it says two to two times we’re reminded were expiring. For there’s no work whatsoever they have I do do what they might for there’s no work no device, no knowledge nor wisdom integrate with it that goes, you’re done.

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Then he says again, in case you forgot by the time he got through the fact that you can beat people who are stronger than you and faster than you and wiser than you and more favored than you and more skilled than you have you got that just in case you forgot you die for all for a man also knoweth not his time. These tomorrow and today a promise baby tomorrow. For man knoweth not his time as the fishes that are taken an evil net as the birds that are caught in the snare. So are the sons of men snared, and evil time when it follows suddenly upon. I don’t know when I’m gonna die. But if it’s today, I want to die executing excellently because I realized I’m expiring I don’t know if my wife is going to die. My son is going to die. My daughter is going to die my grand my I hope none of that happens. I don’t know when I don’t know if I’m gonna see y’all next week. I can act like I’m gonna see y’all next week. And then and then forget that you’re dying and I’m dying. And then I could have done something as simple as smile. I didn’t do it. And now you’re gone and I can’t smile, or I can but you won’t see it. I could have given you an encouraging word but I negated to do so because I was I was too self absorbed. I could have given you an encouraging word. I could have taken time to show you that you are important to me, but I didn’t do it. Really? You’re gonna die. I’m gonna die. We’re all gonna die.

Myron Golden 29:58
The more aware we are that works firing, the more intention we have in our lives. I discovered the number one I literally I really believe this with every fiber of my being. The number one common denominator of uber successful people, is they hyper focus on intention and ignore distraction. And the number one common denominator of average people is they hyper focus on distraction and ignore intention. Miran define intention and distraction. Okay, thank you for asking I will. Intention is anything that I focus on, that moves the needle in my favor, or in the favor of the people I was sent to serve. Family, friends, people that I serve in the marketplace, people I serve in ministry, in ministry, like hyper focusing on things that move the needle in their favor, and things that move the needle in my favor. That’s intention, anything else is a distraction, what’s a distraction, anything that does not move the needle in my favor, or the favor of the people I was sent to serve? It’s a distraction. And most people obsess over things that don’t matter, while at the same time ignoring the things that matter most, until the things that matter, most are gone. And then what happens? They regret. Man, when you live your life, like we’re talking about right now, according to Mises law, when you pay the price of excellence, and you show up and shine and when you’re with people, you’re present with them, and you’re giving them your intention and your attention. Here’s what happens when you die, or they die, there’s no regret in that a better way to live.

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When the game is over, and you got your points, however many points that is whatever game you’re playing, you know, you did your best. When loser draw, I’m good with that. I was talking to my brother Jeff. And he was a little concerned about some of the people who are in some of our masterminds who weren’t rejoin him like Jeff, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter at all. The reason it doesn’t matter. It’s like, we’re doing God’s work, bro. Like, if it’s not for us, nobody can get it to us. And if they could, I wouldn’t want it. If it’s for us, that nobody can keep it from us. I have I have no stress in my mess at all. Why nothing is missing. Like I’m not trying to get something I think is eluding me. I’m just seeking to be the best Myron Freddy golden. I can be. I can’t be Tom Garrett. Here’s what God said. You don’t have to be. I can’t be Tim. I would pronounce your last name. But I mess it up every time. Right? Right. I can’t beat him. But God said I don’t have to be. You don’t have to be me and I don’t have to be you. God made all of us enough to fulfill the purpose for which we were created. If you will shine sharp and shine in that arena, I promise you, you will find so much fulfillment. So much joy, so much peace. So much profit that like your life will feel magical, miraculous, supernatural. Maybe because it is. whatsoever. Your hand finds to do do with your mind. Don’t let the distractions destroy you. Because distraction is destroyed. Most people they spend most of their life focusing on something that doesn’t matter at all. Speaking of things that matter here what we’re going to do, you can see I’ve got this thing behind me. We’ve got a live event coming up. It’s going to be three days. Right here in Tampa, Florida offer mastery live, we have less than 100 tickets left. It is going to be a sold out event. I’m not trying to get you to buy a ticket.

Myron Golden 34:01
Like I have no I have no vested interest in you buying a ticket. I don’t need your money. I’m just telling you the tickets gonna sell out. Do not bother reaching out to us after it’s sold out. There’s nothing we can do. The venue is only so big. But if you go to offer mastery live, get a ticket. You’ll be glad you did. Now on the ninth I’m going to make room for one extra person on the ninth of June. We’re gonna do a giveaway. I think that’s a Friday. I’m pretty sure that’s Friday. Last Friday before the event, June 9, I’m going to give away a ticket to offer mastery live. I’m also going to give away a boss moves book I’m also going to give away trash me the cash man book sign cat trash man the cash man book. One of my favorite my one of my new favorite authors is Dr. Benjamin Hardy. He wrote a book called 10x is easier than to x and he blew my mind he’s like 35 or 36 years old And I’m like, How can you really be this young and this smart? I heard him speak at a mastermind. And we exchanged information. And I called him last week. And so you have to know that I hate talking on the phone. Like, I would just assume drive down the road and throw my phone out the window and never see it again. I hate phones. I like like, I only talk on the phone when I’m in the car. And I want to talk on the phone when I’m going with family. I don’t want to talk on the phone when I’m at my phone. Like I talked on the phone when I’m in the car. I hate it. I hate the phone. It’s not that I hate the people. I love the people but I hate the phone. It’s a distraction. Okay, to me, okay. Anyway, Ben and I we arranged to call Dr. Benjamin Hardy and I’m not being disrespectful. I didn’t mean that but like that, but Dr. Benjamin Hardy and I, we arranged a phone call. We talked on the phone for two, almost two hours, like an hour and 52 minutes. It was crazy. Like, I looked at my phone. I’m like, I don’t talk to anybody this and it felt like five minutes. This dude’s like we were just like sharing ideas back and forth. And I bought 50 copies of his TEDx as you do in 2x. So next Friday on the ninth I’m also going to give away a copy of his book so I’m gonna give away a ticket to offer mastery live.

Myron Golden 36:12
I’m gonna give away a ticket to I’m gonna give away a ticket offer mastery live in Boston was booked treasuring the castle and book one of Dr. Benjamin Hardy heard his books, I might give away some cash too, just because I feel like but this is gonna be a subscriber giveaways. So people who subscribe so if you’re not subscribed to the channel, you want to subscribe. Why, because of your subscribe and hit the notification bell, then you’ll win, you’ll win. But you’ll have to be on that Friday to win. Like, if you’re not on, you’re like we’re gonna give it to somebody else. Because we can’t we have to confirm it while we’re there. Okay. If you already bought a ticket and you win a ticket, we’ll give you the money back for the ticket you bought, say, I’m gonna keep it real or you can give me your new ticket that you want somebody that you care about. I don’t care how you want, however you want to do it, we’ll do it the way he pleases you. So we’re gonna do that. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. And make sure you get your ticket for our flashy live. I hope this Bible studies has been a blessing to you. Like, let’s let’s go out and execute with excellence because we’re expiring and show the world what it looks like when one of God’s best shows up on the scene. In the meantime, in between time, thank you for watching. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for sharing. I don’t know what y’all gonna do, but I’m out. Peace out Cub Scouts. Thanks, guys. Appreciate y’all being here

Myron Golden 37:34
is the zone

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