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The Greater The Risk The Greater The Return

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Warning, no risk, no reward, big risk, big reward, little risk, little reward. But even though the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward, some risks just aren’t worth taking. So, unfortunately, most people, what they do is they go through life and they seek to avoid risk. Can I can I challenge you? Is it okay? If I challenge you? If that’s okay, say that’s okay. Okay, so is it okay? If I challenge you to, instead of seeking to avoid risk, seek to manage the risk in your life, what does manage the risk mean? It means weigh the consequences of failure according to this risk, but also weigh the benefits of success. If the benefits of success are greater than the consequences of failure, then oftentimes, the risk is worth it.

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Now, I’m gonna say something that’s gonna, that’s going to be sounds so counterintuitive. And that is, the less a person has to lose, the greater the risk they should be willing to take, in order to gain the more a person has to lose, the less the risk they should be willing to take. In order to succeed, okay, so the greater the risk, the more protection you should put around what you have, the less you have to lose, the more you should be all in on a risk that has a great reward. So that’s, that’s the premise before I start reading. So here’s what it says. Ecclesiastes, by the way, it was written by King Solomon, at the end of his life, after he came back to his senses, and he came back to the truth of God’s principles. That’s in Ecclesiastes, he’s warning us, that if you the whole theme of the book of Ecclesiastes is if you live your life, for life under the sun, you’ve wasted your life and tortured yourself.

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So if you want to understand what it means when it keeps saying all is vanity, and vexation of spirit, this also is vanity and vexation of spirit. There’s also his values. vexation, this also is vanity means you’ve wasted your life. This is a waste. vexation of spirit means you’ve tortured yourself, right. And so the whole theme of the book of Ecclesiastes is if you live your life, only for this life, then you’ve wasted your life, and tortured yourself. But that’s a picture. That’s a picture of the concept of time and eternity. Before I even get into that, see, I told you all my brain was racing this morning. So it’s like it’s gonna be it’s gonna be going down a lot, we might get some ended up with some rabbit pelts are laying around the room. So, so, so so. So the grid, so the greater the risk at the beginning of his life, he was completely yielded. In fact, he was so yielded that he offered 1000 burnt offerings into the Lord. And a burnt offering is a picture of total sacrifice, what sacrifice sacrifice is letting go of something of a lower nature. So you can take a hold of something of a higher nature, because you can’t hold both, right. And so, so Solomon was willing to do that, at the beginning of his life at the beginning of his what we would call his career, right?

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It was willing to do that, in the middle of his life, or in the middle of his career, he became so successful, that he began to believe his own press. And he began to believe that he was who he was, because of himself, instead of realizing that he was who he was, in spite of himself. When he got started, he realized that if he had any hope at all, it would be in spite of himself. And after he became successful, and receive the blessings of following the principles he followed, he thought it was because of himself, and then he began to disregard disregard the Word of God. And, and if you go read the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 17, it tells us that the responsibility of the king was to study the Word of God, and to write it out to read it and to write it, which by the way, is that’s called a clue. Two of the things that you can do that will increase your cognitive ability, your ability to think, are reading and writing three things, reading, writing, and communicating, read more, write more, speak more, read more, write more, speak more, right?

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Those things will enhance your cognitive ability, because what will happen is you’ll write something down that you think was clear, you’ll go back and read it three days later, you’re like, Wow, that was a word salad, right? And then you’ll go fix it, and then it’ll get better. And so so so King Solomon is writing this at the end of his life. And so is the whole theme of Ecclesiastes is this. If you live you live your life for life under the sun, you’ve wasted your life, and you’ve tortured yourself. And then he says, Let us hear the conclusion the whole matter. Last few verses of the book of Ecclesiastes, let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God keep His commandments for this as the whole duty of man him, for God will bring every work in the judgment and every secret thing. So, so I’m supposed to live my life like, it matters, okay? So in the light of time and eternity, so when I sacrifice the present on the altar of the future, that’s what I do when I’m taking a risk right now, for a future gain. I’m sacrificing current pleasure on the altar of future benefit, right? I’m sacrificing now on the altar of the future. Everyone I sacrifice my future on the altar of now I wasted my life.

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You know, when I’m when I’m getting blasted and getting drunk and getting high, and, you know, having sex with anybody who will lay down with me, when I’m living my life like that, what I’m doing is I’m sacrificing my future on the altar of my present. And there’s no way that ends well. Are y’all tracking? Okay, so. So let’s read. Here’s what it says in Ecclesiastes 11, one cast I bread upon the waters for thou shalt find it after many days. Some sometimes, it makes sense, to invest in things that we don’t have control over. What I understand that every thought, is a seed. Every word is a seed. every deed is a seed, that I’m sowing into the garden of my future. So if I, if someone were to ask you, what kind of harvest would you like to reap in your life? Would you like to reap a good abundant harvest? Or a terrible detracting harvest? Which one? Which one, would you rather, the first one or the last one, first one. So then if I’m going to reap a future abundant harvest, I have to make sure I’m sowing, present abundant good seeds, I have to make sure that I’m the seeds that I’m sowing, as thoughts in the garden of my mind are good seeds. That’s why it’s so important to read. I have to make sure that those seeds that I’m sowing as words that I’m speaking to, the people that I’m communicating with are good seeds. So I don’t cuss. I don’t like I don’t curse. I don’t swear, I don’t cuss people out.

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My son is 33, I think and my daughter’s 32. They’ve never heard me use profanity in their lives. And I know they haven’t, because I haven’t heard me use it in their lives. Now, before they were born, when I was a teenager, before I came to Christ, who some whole whole lot of bad seeds came out, right? But not anymore. Why? Because how I talk should change how I behave, should change how I think should change how I respond should change. In fact, I should change from reacting to responding. And there’s a difference. So cast your bread upon the waters that we return, after many days, there are investments that I make that produce and backup to check this trade right now. There are investments that I make, that produce a harvest based on the seed that I’ve sown. And you too, whether you think you’re investing or not you are, you’re either investing in a future that’s going to be bright, or you’re investing in the future, there’s going to be dark, even inaction is an investment in your future, like not doing anything is an investment, it’s an investment of nothing, which means you get to reap what since everything we produce, you get to reap nothing. Right, cast your bread upon the waters, and it will return after many days. So a couple of things we see about this sometimes. Sometimes we have to let go in order to grow. That’s one thing. That’s one of the principles we see in this verse, right? We cast upon the waters, I don’t have control over the waters, I don’t have control over the bread before I cast it. It will it didn’t say it might return after many days, it will return it for many days.

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Now. I love the fact that it said it will return after many days it doesn’t return tomorrow, which is showing us we have to abandon our affinity for immediate gratification. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to say no to the thing we desire to do. Okay, that says give a portion to seven and also to eight for that notice not what evil shall be upon the earth. What’s that talking about? I believe that what that’s showing us, it’s showing us in the words of Art Williams, he used to say you got to pretend everybody’s got a flashing sign on their chest that says Say something good to me, make me feel special. I want to be somebody or this pastor of this church I used to go to in Indiana he used to say at the end of his broadcast every morning, he’d say And remember be good to everybody because everybody’s having a tough time. Or as I read in a book and I don’t remember what book or I will tell you what book it was but I don’t remember. You got to be very, very good to people on your way up because you’re gonna meet those same people on your way down.

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So when it says give a portion to seven and also The eight For thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth. It’s saying, I get it, you got it going on right now. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that tomorrow is going to look just like today. So you’ll be good to people on your way up. And they will be good to you on the way down. And it reminds me, it reminds me of a particular experience that I had in my life when I was going through some pretty major tragedy. And back in 2000, I mean, build a business was really successful, made millions of dollars and then proceeded to make some unmanaged risk decisions that caused us to basically flush it all down the toilet. It’s all gone. Like, all the millions are gone. The million dollar house is gone. And we paid a million and sold it for 600,000. The Mercedes S 550. They didn’t have to report because I’m mipo. Did. You don’t Miko is, don’t you that’s when I was that you don’t have to come get it.

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I’m gonna bring it back to you. Right. Me voted, okay, took the car back. And basically went broke. And I lived on borrowed money for two years, I had a friend, I have a friend, I have a friend who loaned me $4,000 a month for two years to live. While I was figuring out how to bounce back, why would somebody do that? Because when he was on his tough times, my family was a blessing to his family. But he had been a blessing to me before that and just keeps going around and coming around. And he said to me one day, he said, you know, he said, I’m glad that when I was down the Lord, let you be up. And when you were down the Lord, let me be up. He said, one of these days, we’re both going to be up at the same time. Right? Okay, I’m gonna keep reading, okay.

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It says, if the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth, and have a tree fall toward the south shore or toward the north, the place where the tree fall there it shall be you know what that means? You are not going to discover the reason for everything. Some things just are. See, and what happens is, like, you’re going through a difficult time you say, Well, I gotta find the place I messed up. Well, sometimes you got to find the place you messed up, because sometimes you just mess it up. Right? But that’s not always the case. I got a call from a friend of mine recently, one of my clients, one of my past clients, he’s like Marin. And I won’t mention his name, because I don’t have permission to do that. But he, he’s like, you know, our business was doing really, really well. This is a guy who basically watched our Bible study for a couple years and made his entire team listen to our Bible study. And they grew their business to like $2 million a week in revenue.

Myron Golden 12:39
Now, obviously, they had expenses with that, but $2 million a week for a medical business is a lot of money. I know it wasn’t $2 million, we can start with $2 million from month to month, dollars a month. That’s $24 million a year. That’s significant. But his dad was a physician was the physician. He was just he and his brother were the marketers. And his dad was killed in a car accident. He’s like, Man, I hate to bother you. But I don’t know who else to call. Do you have anything that any ideas that can help us? Right? Because like, like, like, like, our business is hemorrhaging money. We got about two months worth of cash left. And people, bunch of people who bought programs from us want refunds, because my dad was the face of the business and he’s gone. And I said, Well, you know, I’ve got a friend who’s a doctor. He’s the smartest doctor I know. And he’s also one of the most brilliant marketers I know. And he may be interested in partnering with you.

Myron Golden 13:31
He may not I’ll text him and see if he is I texted him, the doctor was like, Oh, wow, it’s just so happens. We’re going through X, Y, and Z right now. And we were looking for something that was going to replace because this other business partner took advantage of us and took all this money and blah, blah, blah. So I connected them, and now they’re working together. And it’s probably going to be bigger than either one of them could have ever done by themselves. But, you know, a lot of times you might say, Well, why does his dad die in an accident? Sometimes things just are what they are. Right? Sometimes, sometimes you are not, you are not the cause of every effect in your life. I mean, really, you really thought you were all that? No, you’re not the cause of every weather where the tree fall of there shall be. Love that. Okay. And then it says, here that observed with a win shall not so and he didn’t regard it, the cloud shall not reap. In other words, if you are waiting for a perfect time, to change your life to do the thing that’s going to make your life better in the future. You’re never going to do it, because there are no perfect times. To track him. There are no perfect times

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as thou knowest not the way of the spirit, nor the bones or nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child even so thou knowest not the works of God who make it all. Like we can see Sometimes know what God is doing. Why? Because he gave us a bunch of conditional promises, right? And a bunch of conditional principles. We can’t know all that God is doing. I’m going to talk more about that a little bit later on. So then it says, because of all these things I just named, like, Castro bread upon the waters sacrifice now on the altar of the future, because you need to be good to people on the way up and on the way down. And because sometimes things are just what they are. And because you shouldn’t wait for perfect circumstances, and because you don’t know how God works, in the morning, sow your seed, and then the evening Withhold not buying hand for thou knowest not whether shall prosper either this or that, or whether they both shall be a light, good. In the morning, sow thy seed, and in the evening with hold month on hand, like we can just go right there just park. Because here’s what’s gonna happen. If you’re an entrepreneur, get ready to be misunderstood. Get ready for the people who see you to judge your motives as less than because your priorities are not their priorities. But here’s the scripture says in the morning, so have a seat. In the evening withdrawal, all you do is work.

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You’re so obsessed, right? Have you all heard that right? You’re so out of balance, out of balance. I know some people I know some people are gonna like what I’m about to say. But if you’re broke, you do not deserve balance. Does that mean if you’re broke, you don’t deserve bounce. By the way. If you’re out of shape, you don’t deserve balance. What you don’t deserve, what about what I mean you don’t deserve. Balance is not the objective of life. It is a season in life. It’s never winter and summer in the same place at the same time. It’s either when it’s winter and a summer. How’s that for a philosophy, and I got another one for you when it’s summer in a winter. But watch this. Bow balance is a season What’s the opposite season of balance, Focus. Focus is a season imbalances a season. And when you’re in focus, you’re out of balance. And when you’re in balance, you’re out of focus. You’re tracking I mean, the the very idea of you take your camera and you and you focus, you focus it on an object, it makes everything it’s not focused on out of focus, it makes it blurry. Why? Because focus distorts balance. It eliminates balance and balance eliminates focus. And so here’s here’s why I said if you’re broke or you’re out of shape, you don’t deserve focus. I mean, you don’t deserve balance, because you should be focused on fixing that. And you should be focused on fixing it until it gets fixed and once it gets fixed, then you’ve earned some balance. Focus is the price that we pay to reap the reward balance. And if I am unwilling to pay the price of focus, I do not deserve the reward of balance.

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Focus is intense. You can focus is intense. Focus is focus is intentional. Focus looks like obsession to people who are who are out of focus. You broke you broke and watching the game with your kids. If I was one of your kids, I’d be wondering why you wouldn’t work in to make us not broke why we watched somebody else when when we lose him. But man, don’t you want to see the game? I don’t want to see the game. I want to be the game. Don’t you want to see them win? I don’t want to see them win. I want to beat them win. But my teams playing. The only team I care about winning is the ones that got golden on the back of their jersey. And once we win that I can go help some other folks win. But if we don’t win, I don’t care who wins. I don’t care if the Cowboys win. I don’t care if the bulls win. I don’t care if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Lightning Yeah, we’ve all seen it. Grown men fighting other grown men over a team. None of the players who know either of their names. That’s insane. Don’t have any opinions. If I did, I’d never voiced them publicly. Do you understand it is our focus? It’s the sowing the seed eat in the morning. But, but man, I need to play with my kids, I’m gonna tell you something a little

Myron Golden 20:04
Do your children much better, much greater good than you played with them, let them work with you. I’m so glad my parents played with us some. But they took us to work with them a whole lot more. Why? Because they knew we would enter into the world that they are in and they would never enter back into the world that we were in. And the job of a parent is to prepare a child to become a responsible adult, responsible, compound word respond, able to respond with ability. And the reason we have so many The reason we have the reason why I’ve grown people in their 20s and their 30s and their 40s. Even I’ve seen them online, throwing tantrums when they don’t get their way. And they start to they start screaming because they’re afraid to hear. The reason we have that is because they don’t know how to respond. So the only thing they have left is to react and they react like an infant with infantile behavior. It’s ridiculous. Here’s the reality.

Myron Golden 21:11
Here’s here’s the question we all have to answer for ourselves, is my future worth sacrificing now for is my family we’re sacrificing is is is my child going to be better off when I can give them a good head start in life than they would be if I played this baseball game with them today, by through this ball. I’m not saying don’t play with your children, play with them. But don’t sacrifice the work that needs to be done on the altar of watching your children play or playing with them in the morning, so they seed and in the evening Withhold not withdrawal not withhold not nine hanged for you know not what she’ll bring what the day will bring forth. What and I’m going to read it again because I forgot I got I got all excited and forgot. In in the morning, so they see it in the evening with holding off on hand for that notice not whether they shall prosper either this or that, or whether they both shall be like good. By the way, I want to end with this.

Myron Golden 22:11
The most dangerous number in business is one. What does that mean? You only have one client, you only have one offer. You only make one sale a month, you only have one lead, the most dangerous number in the world is one in the morning. So they seed in the evening with with holding on hand for thou knowest not whether shall prosper either this or that. See, you got to have this or that. Get great here. You go to work at your job all day. But when you come home, don’t don’t plop down on the couch, start watching TV, if you’re broke, if you’re if your boss ain’t gonna pay you enough money to take care of your family, then come home and build a business that night that will make you a fortune and go to work in the daytime to make a living to stay alive to exist and then come home and build a fortune that will take care of your family for generations.

Myron Golden 23:03
Because you know not Which one shall prosper either this or that, or whether they both shall be like good. I am so thankful that these principles are in the Word of God so that we can apply them to our lives because the greater the risk, the greater the reward. I’m going to have to call this part one because I had a whole bunch of other stuff I wanted to go into, but we’ll do it on a different video. Alright, peace out my people. Stay blessed by the best

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