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Have you ever wondered why in a world of abundance in a country of abundance, so many people live, like, paycheck to paycheck? They live hand to mouth, they can’t seem to figure it out. And I was talking to the folks here this morning. And I said, you know, I don’t know if you ever thought about it. But why are so many people in a country where so much wealth has been created over the last several centuries, and even more over the last couple of decades? Yeah, inflation is real, and inflation has devalued the dollar and made it worth, like, 98%, less than it was worth 40 years ago, I get that. But, but still, there’s still a lot of abundance in the world. And my question is, like, why are most people struggling financially, and I, I don’t believe that’s an accident. So I want to talk to you today about this, get rich quick, or get rich, fast and slow. Or I can say get rich, quick and slow. But what I really want to show you today is I want to show you the value of Getting Rich, quick, and getting rich, slow, and staying rich for the rest of your life. So you can pass on a legacy to your children and your children’s children. That’s what I want to talk to you about. So it’s very, very important that you understand that that if you’re going to get rich, the first thing you have to do is you have to get rich quickly. Now I’m not talking about you know, okay, all you got to do is by my by my saw secrets, money printing software, and push a button and go to bed and you wake up richer. That’s not what I’m talking about.

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But I’m just talking about when I say get rich quick, I’m talking about in your lifetime, right. And all of us have learned to get rich quicker than we used to when we first started working. I don’t know how long you’ve been working. But I’ve been working since I was 14. So I just turned 62, two days ago, or three days ago, whatever it was on Sunday, I just turned 62 I started working as 1460 to minus 14 is like 48. So I’ve been working for 48 years. Most of that 48 years, for the majority of that 48 year working life of mine, I was broke. I remember how much money I made when I got my first job. And I remember my motivation when I got the job and how it changed after I got the job. So I remember asking my mom to buy me some Converse All Stars. And I can remember her answer as clearly as a windowpane. And she said, if you think I’m buying you some $13 sneakers, you are out your mind. I thought to myself, well, then I’ll get a job and buy my own $13 sneakers.

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Now I know some of y’all can’t even wrap your mind around the fact that $13 was a lot of money for sneakers, I was a full grown man, like with a family before I ever bought a pair of sneakers that cost like $80, right. And I’m just so it shifted right. But I remember how much money I made. When I got my first job. My first job, the first job I ever got, I made a big, old, whopping big, ol whopping dollar and 55 cents an hour. That was minimum wage. When I started working at 14, I made $1.55 an hour. And I remember I wanted to have my own money. Now one of the things that my parents did for us that I thought they were doing to us when I was a child, one of the things my parents did for us was they made us when we started working, they made us contribute to the expenses of the household. Now, I never did that with my children, because I didn’t like the fact that my parents did it with me, right? I’m just keeping it real, but But you have to understand that my parents doing that quote to me, they also did it for me, because they helped me realize at an early age that life cost money. Right now, I didn’t do that for my children.

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But the fact that I didn’t do it for them means I also did it to them. Because I didn’t teach them at an early age that like in order to have money you got to go like in order to have nice things, you got to go work for your own money to have them. So I didn’t give my children money, I gave them opportunities to work. But I didn’t make them pay bills. I didn’t make them pay my bills, I felt I felt like that was my responsibility, right. And so everybody has a different paradigm. Just understand that regardless of how your parents did it, or how you do it as a parent, that equation has two sides. And everything that you do for somebody, you’re also doing something to them and everything you do to somebody, you’re doing something for them. So we have to just learn how to focus on the aspect of the thing that empowers us, instead of the thing that makes us angry and bitter and irritated and frustrated and like mad at the world, right?

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So we just have to learn how to focus on the other side. And so I made $1.55 an hour now. There’s no universe. In fact, if you’re watching this right now, on YouTube, or you’re watching on Zoom, or you’re in this room, wherever you are watching this right now, I want you to take a piece of paper or on the Zoom or on YouTube, just type in the chat. How much did you make at your first job? How much did you make with your very first job, if you can remember one of your first jobs, I remember my first job how much I made my first job. Working, this is my first job working. This is my first job ever. I remember my first job as a married man, the first job that I ever got after I got married. So I got married when I was 25. And I didn’t have a job for two years, I just basically bought old cars, fix them up and sold them. Sometimes I would, I would sell old cars, and then I would get an old car, get somebody to give me their old car until I fixed it up. And then I would go and sell it. And then when the person brought me the money, I would take that person with me to the person’s house, I got the car from, I would pay the person for the car that I got from, they would give me the title.

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And then I would sign it over to the new person, like I was very creative, right? Because I didn’t have the money to buy the car upfront. So what I would do is I would acquire the car, and then sell the car and then buy and then pay for the car and then keep the difference. Right. So. So that’s what I did for the first couple of years of my married life. And I’m telling you that because like a lot of people see where you are now. And they think that you like you were an overnight success. And I wasn’t overnight success. It was just a 14 year night. Okay, so it was a very, very, very, very, very long night. And so I remember my first job as a married man, I’m married. I’ve got one child, I’ve got an apartment. I’ve got I don’t I have a car. And now I’ve got like electric bill to pay gas bill to pay water bill to pay telephone bill not not cellphone, like the one that used to hang on the wall with a wire on it that connected you to the house that way. So I had a phone bill to pay. So I had all these bills to pay. And I remember my first job as a married man. This is by the way, it was in 19. So I was I was 27. So that would have been in 1987 1986 1987 1986 or 87.

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I made $6.25 An hour driving a trash truck. Now here’s why I wanted you to write down how much money you made. When you first got your first job. I want you to think about the question I’m about to ask you. Is there any universe in which you would allow yourself to accept that as pay for work you do now? No. Like for every I don’t care who you are watching this right now you’re not like you are unless you just got your first job yesterday, right? You are not willing to go back and accept what you made from your first job as payment for work you do now you’re just not willing to do that. None of us are why so what’s the difference? Why was I willing to work for $1.55 an hour back then? And or $6.25? an hour back then. And now I’m not even willing to work for less than $40,000 an hour? And I know here’s and I did that on purpose?

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Because I know you’re thinking well, $40,000 an hour. That’s ridiculous, right? It is ridiculous. But it’s no more ridiculous than the dollar 55 cents an hour. In fact, I submit to you that it’s it’s a much less ridiculous, right? And the reality is you who are my tap yourself on this has saved me, you have decided that there is an amount of money that you will work for, and there are amounts of money you won’t work for. Now, let me ask you a question. Who is the one that set that standard? Everybody type yourself? Let’s just say I did? That’s right, you did it. So the amount of money that you get paid right now whatever that is, you did it to yourself. So if you establish the current standard, you establish past standards, why can’t you establish a new standard? That’s a good question. Right? And so that I am not willing to do this work right here anymore for any less than this amount right here. Now, why is it important that you get rich quick?

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Here’s why it’s important that you get rich quick, because time is wealth is measured more in time than it is in money. If you make a million dollars, or you’re rich? Well, it depends. If you make 25,000 a year, right $25,000 A year and you work for 40 years, you’ve made $1 million question, not a trick question at all. Are you rich? No. You’re not rich. But what if you make the same million dollars in one year now? Are you rich? 100% Not only are you rich, you’re 40 times richer than this person, even though you’re both made the same amount of money. What’s the difference how long it took you to make it? So I submit to you that if you’re watching this YouTube video right now, or if you’re sitting in this room right now, or if you’re on that zoom right now, you are already making enough money to be rich. You’re just making it too slow.

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Here’s one of the things that says in Genesis chapter nine. Genesis Chapter might be just chapter eight, but I’m pretty sure Genesis chapter nine. Just chapter nine thinks around verse 22. It said that God told Abraham, God told Noah, he said, as long as the world last seed time and harvest time, hot and cold, summer and winter shall not cease. Right? He gots it I will no more curse the ground for man sake. I believe that when God said I will no more curse to go Romans eight. Now if you go back and you study Genesis chapter one through nine, you’ll see like people say, well, the Earth is curse. There’s a curse upon the earth. And that’s why work is hard. Well, I’m I disagree with that belief, because God did put a curse on the earth. And God said, By the sweat of your face, you shall eat bread. God put that curse on the earth in Genesis chapter three. But but the curse was so devastating, I believe, based on what it says in Genesis chapter nine, and verse number 22 ish, what they just quoted to you that when the curse was on the earth, not only did it bring forth thorns and thistles, but there was no stability of seasons, and there was no predictability of times. And so, so therefore, that was part of the curse of the Earth, the curse of the Earth was so great, whatever it was, that when no us birth was prophesied.

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God told his father, or God says in Genesis chapter, I think, is Genesis chapter five, it says, and you will call His name and a call his name Noah, or no, because in his days, God will be No, his name shall be called No, because we’ll find rest from the earth, which God has cursed or something like that. Go read Genesis, chapter five. And so, fascinatingly enough, the fact that people believe that work is supposed to be that because you believe that the earth is cursed, and I don’t believe it’s cursed anymore, because I believe that God removed the curse that he put on the earth in Genesis chapter three, I think Christ died to remove the curse of sin. If we trusted him, then now that so I don’t believe that work is nearly as hard today as it was before Genesis chapter nine. Now, I can’t prove that. But I do believe it. If you go read those verses, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. You may agree or disagree, that’s fine. So but here’s the point, the point is 20 to $25,000, a year over 40 years is a million dollars, a million dollars a year is a million dollars. What if you make a million dollars a month now? Are you rich?

Myron Golden 11:57
Well, yeah, now you’re rich, how rich are you, you’re 14, you’re 12 times richer than this person, you’re 480 times richer than that person. So you can see clearly that wealth is measured more in time than it is in money. And see what you the reason one of the reasons people so many people are broke is because we’ve been duped into believing that time is money. And so we see time and money as equals, and time and money are not equals. And in fact, we think we when we say time is money, because because our cognitive awareness doesn’t hold true for very long, we remember the last thing we said Time is money. And so what we actually end up doing is we actually end up valuing taught money more than we value time. Most people value money more than they value time. But if they slow down long enough to think about it, they would value time more than they value money. Right? Because I can say to you, I tell you what I’ll do all right. Anybody in here a million dollar check who wants one?

Myron Golden 12:48
Who wants a million dollar check everybody, right? But there’s one stipulation, you have to end your life today. Now, who wants it? Nobody wants it. Right? Why? Because Because you already, you already intuitively and intrinsically value time more than you value money, even though you don’t know how much time you have left, how much time I got left, I value it more than I value a million dollars, how many I’ll track it. And so so we have to do what we have to do is we have to operate. So when we when we have to operate from that perspective. So we intuitively intuitively and intrinsically know that time is more valuable than money. But we don’t operate like that we operate like we believe that money is more valuable than time. And that’s why poor people are poor. One of the main reasons because they sell a whole bunch of their time for a little bit of somebody else’s money. And by the time they get some time for themselves.

Myron Golden 13:41
When they come home at night, they don’t have enough mental bandwidth or physical energy left to go and operate in their creative space. And so now you used up all your energy, building somebody else’s dream. And you don’t have any time, effort, energy or left to build your own dream, and they’re not paying you enough money to build your own dream. Right. So So now you’re like, stuck. But not only when we value money more than we value time? Do we sell a whole bunch of our time for a little bit of somebody else’s money. But the next thing we do is we waste a whole bunch of time trying to save a little bit of money. Now that is that doesn’t make any sense. I’m gonna give you a piece of advice that will make you rich, it’ll contribute to your wealth. It won’t make you rich, it’ll contribute to your wealth you already stopped going to walmart i No offense Walmart. But the thing is too big. It weighs too much time. You know, you want it you only say I’m gonna get you a little richer stuff going to the store period.

Myron Golden 14:42
It’s such a huge waste of time. Right. See, I promise you one of the reasons people who are richer than you are richer than you is because they value time more than you do. It’ll change your life. It’ll change your life when you stop wasting time to save money. So what we got to do is we got to get to the place in our lives, where instead of wasting time to save money, we invest time, we invest our time to multiply money. But better than that, we use our time we use our money to get time back, instead of using time to get money back. And if I had to trade all of my money to get more time, I would do it. If I had to trade all of my time to get more money, I wouldn’t do that, ever. I mean, I’ll track it. And see most people don’t get that relationship. And so they stay stuck, because they keep valuing money more than they value time. How many on track and we bet me my peeps. Okay, so. So we have to do we want to get rich, we want to get rich, because one of one of the reasons I want to get rich fast is because Because time is more valuable than money. And wealth is measured more in time than it is in money. And so when you have a lot of money, here’s what you can do. You can buy back, start buying back your life, all that how are you I love cleaning your house, you just love cleaning your house. Right? Right? Right, right. pay somebody to do that. You love. I just love cutting the grass. It’s so therapeutic. The reason you think it’s therapeutic is because you’ve never sat inside in the air conditioner, drinking a tall glass of water watching somebody else cut it.

Myron Golden 16:23
Now that’s therapeutic. buy back your time, I pay somebody to clean the pool, I pay somebody to fix the car. Yes, I can fix a car. Yes, I could figure out how to clean the pool. Yes, I could cut the grass. But why would I do that when I can add instead operate at the higher two levels of value communication and imagination and let somebody else do that implementation work. It’s in Genesis chapter one, y’all. Okay, so I gotta go. I gotta go. So here’s the other reason. Here’s the other reason. You want to get rich fast. Because people ask me all the time, they say, man, if you could give some advice to your 18 year of your 62 year old self, they used to say 61, because I just turned 16. Nobody’s asked me that yet since Sunday. But back when I was 61, please, if you could go back and give some advice to your 18 year old self? What would that advice be? I said, Oh, that’s easy. You are going to get rich. Do it fast, as fast as you possibly can.

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Because the sooner you get it done, the more the more time you’ll have to enjoy it with the people you love the most. I mean, I’ll track it. And see, here’s the problem. Here’s one of your problems. The reason you don’t value the reason you don’t value time is because you’ve been alive your whole life. So you think you’re gonna live forever. Am I talking too fast? Right? You’ve been alive your whole life. So you think this because this is the way it has been? That’s the way it’s gonna be. But I am here to tell you. I’m here to tell you. Like if I if I could have had me talking to me, I wish I could have had me in my ear when I was in my 20s I got this deal done a long time ago. Because the reality is the reality is like, there are things my mom like, my mom was so proud of her seven sons and she thought we could just do anything. Back then she might have been a little delusional, right? But she believed in us, right? And she she and my dad taught us things. My mom taught us things and they believed in our ability to do but they never got my dad got to see some of it. us experiencing life at the level that we’re at now. And by the way, money doesn’t solve all your problems, but it does solve a lot of your money problems. Right, right. So, so So but my parents never got to ride on a private jet with me.

Myron Golden 18:38
I never got to take them on a cruise. I never got to take them on a world class vacation I never got I never I didn’t get rich fast enough to do that with the people that I love with all of the people that I love my oldest son passed away when he was 20 from a car accident when he 20 in 2007 and and like he never he got to experience some of it but he didn’t get to experience it like this like we think because we’ve had all this time that we’re going to have all this time get rich fast why my life kind of requires it of you here’s the description says about your whole life you ready? What is your life it’s even as a vapor it appears for a little time that vanishes away like your life is like a puff of smoke and you think you got time to get rich slow. So here’s the problem we’ve been warned about the get rich quick scheme and nobody warned us about the state broke for the rest of your life scheme which is why most people bought into that plan. Now if you give me a choice you need to get rich quick or stay broke for the rest of life.

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Which one which 1am I gonna take I’m gonna take to get rich quick every time now I said they were the videos get rich quick and, and and slow. So here’s the reality. You want to create. You want to get get rich. Here’s what here’s what you really want to do. You want to get rich, fast. Create Wealth slowly so, so when you say you get rich quick, you make money really, really fast, and then you invest that money. So it multiplies really, really slowly over a long period of time. And so like, as I’m looking at my, as I’m looking at my money machines, I’ve got my, I’ve got my Fast Money Machine. So I’ve got my fast money machine over here, you know, it’s got, it’s got these gears up here. And it just cranks out money, and it cranks out money, he’s got to slow changes or spits out money. That’s my Fast Money Machine. Right? Then I’ve got my slow money machine. And my slow money machine is the real estate. It’s it’s the stock market investments. It’s the cryptocurrency, it’s all that stuff. So this, this is slow. But the slow money machine is only slow, when it’s small. As this money machine, as you put take more of this money and put it in this machine, this machine gets bigger. And as it gets bigger, even though it’s only cranking out a small percentage, it’s doing that with a larger amount of money.

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Do you realize if you have a million dollars, you get 10% a year, that’s $100,000 a year off your money. But if you have $10 million, and you get 10% a year, that’s a million dollars a year just off your money. If you have $100 million, and you get 10% a year, that’s $10 million a year. So all of us should have the objective, like get this fast money machine built First, take some of the money from the Fast Money Machine, put it into a slow money machine, build this slow money machine consistently. And over time, the objective is eventually for this to produce more money than this. Because your slow money will eventually become your fast money. And it’s the way that you maintain generational wealth for the rest of your life, then you teach your children about the Fast Money and the slow money. And then they can maintain it. Does this make sense? And so what we have to do we have to do is we have to become more cognitively aware of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Because here’s, here’s the reality.

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Most of y’all, if you’re watching me right now, and you’re listening to me right now, you’re already smart. You already know stuff. Right? You wouldn’t be watching a video called Get Rich, fast and slow, if you weren’t already smart. So why aren’t you rich, because the cultural hypnotic societal mechanism programmed you to be broke. In our culture, there is a hypnotic mechanism that hypnotizes our society, to be sick broke misinformed and fearful. Because sick broke misinformed and fearful people are easier to control than healthy, wealthy, well informed and courageous people. The system wants to use you as a puppet. And so what you got to do is you got to free up your mind from all of the lies that you’ve been broke, programmed to believe. You’re, you’re working on retirement while you’re broke. That does that doesn’t make any sense. Why saving for retirement, when you’re broke what you should be doing while you’re broke. Just figure out how to make more money, and then build a business that can fund your retirement program and fund your lifestyle. do both at the same time. But get the money fast.

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First, get the fast money first. One of my coaches Russell Brunson. He’s he always says he’s like, Dude, I don’t know why you’re doing all this hard stuff. There’s a big pile of money right on the table right in front of you. Here’s what you do get the big pile of money first, after you get the big pile of Parliament, then go do all that other stuff. Like, it makes so much sense. But almost nobody does it. So get rich, quick. Get Rich, slow, create, get rich, fast, create wealth slowly, and then sustain it for generations, by teaching your children these principles that will change your life for the rest of your life. And that’s why it’s important that you both get rich quick, and you get rich slow, like let’s let’s start a movement. Let’s start a movement, that where people are activating their awareness so they can go out into life and like, take charge and live large and make their life make your life on this planet count. Not that making a bunch of money is going to do that. But making a bunch of money is going to give you the ability to do that right now. You can’t do that because somebody else owns all your time.

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Go get rich, buy back your time, and then use that time to create wealth that makes sense to you. Like Comment, Share. Alright, we’ll see you in the next video. Stay blessed by the best PEACE OUT Cub Scout

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