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Get Your Business Off Facebook

Andrew Anderson 00:00
So if you ever wanted some reasons why you need get off Facebook, especially if your business depends on it. So this was from January 31 2022. No one else can see this post.

Andrew Anderson 00:10
And it was fairly innocuous. It was just about the fact that Google does selectively hide information. And they do. It’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. You can go listen to Dr. Epstein, not the one that didn’t kill himself. But the other Epstein.

Andrew Anderson 00:26
He’s a professor that shows the blocking and removal of information by Google. Here’s other sources for it. And the fact that it’s coming back in here means that they can take you out of anything. So and I’ve heard this before, if you have Facebook groups, get them on Facebook, if your livelihood depends on it, get them off Facebook, get them somewhere else, just do some research.

Andrew Anderson 00:48
We’ve got a couple of things that we’re using right now, including our own website, and we’ll be happy to share those with you. So anyway, just perfect example. 1984 is here. It was just several years late, and there’s no reason for this truthfully. So it goes against their policy because they don’t want you to share the truth. So there you have it, right, Doctor later thanks.

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