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Google Versus Bing

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Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson 00:00
Hey there, Andrew Anderson with a longer crowbar here, and today we’re going to talk about looking at trends, so that you can take advantage of them, we’ve been switching over to being as fast as we can, and using most of their services here. And I just want to show you a couple of things.

Andrew Anderson 00:18
So what you’ll notice here is whenever I see a strong bias on something by the quote unquote, experts, because one of my better quotes is most experts aren’t. And in this case, it’s always there. So what I’m looking at is these guys are hooking it up, but there was 2.6 million chairs by insiders. Okay. And then let’s go to let’s go look at Microsoft. And there were only 55,000 shares in the last three months by Insider. So do you think they know something, and the analysts, this isn’t pegged yet. So there are some smart guys out there, but they’re not all jumping out on the bandwagon here. And we’ve been working with open AI since 2020. So three years now going on, and the stuff that they have coming out will blow away Amazon and Amazon is literally quaking in their boots, they had a big meeting a couple of months ago.

Andrew Anderson 01:16
They’re six months behind Microsoft, can I get up? I don’t know, man, I’m not really sure. There’s some stuff. Now with the AI models that a guy in a garage or in his office or in his bedroom, can come up with something that could beat the big boys, which is why they’re pushing the regulated, because they’re fear mongering that’s gonna take over the world and stuff. And that may or may not happen, but the only reason they’re doing that is because they don’t want the little guys to be able to play against them, you know, which is typically what they do, they go in, they buy off the politicians one way or another, and say everything’s bad. And you’ve got to regulate this and they cut out the little guy. But in this stuff, I think that cat is definitely out of the bag.

Andrew Anderson 01:55
And you’ve got Barclays selling off Microsoft, they’re in trouble from what I’ve seen, but 55,000 shares versus let’s go back and look at Google 2.6 million, this is the best indicator that I can usually find for what’s going on. If the insiders are bailing, they know something that the public doesn’t. So this the thought they might know, this is not financial advice. I’m not giving you any advice, investigate your own risk, talk to a professional, if you can figure it find one.

Andrew Anderson 02:25
So that is about it. Okay, anyway. So the other thing is with Microsoft right now, if you’re advertising, if you advertise on Bing, it cost you 75% less than it does on Google to get clicks and buyers. And the buyers would be getting on Bing spend about 35% more. So that is kind of crazy. Oh, 75% less, they spent 35% More, what’s not the leg, right? Google will see what’s going on with them. But man, oh man, I don’t I think this thing could go.

Andrew Anderson 02:59
If this is an ampere murder, like this one over here, or this one over here, you can easily drop another 1015 points. And if I think what’s going to happen, the summer happens, it could drop back down below 100. Easily. It may not do it all in one swoop, but it can get close to it. So that’s it. Those are my thoughts, not financial advice calculator, and follow us if you’re watching this on YouTube, like, subscribe, do all the YouTube things and we’ll try and give you more information. We’re gonna get this on a regular basis. And we’ve got a lot of information to share with you on how to have a better life. That’s what this is all about. Talk to you later, because everybody needs a longer crowbar, right? Leverage is King

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