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How To Finally Be Free From Poverty

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Have you ever felt like you are trapped in poverty like it’s an escape room? Like it’s a it’s a maze like it’s, it’s someplace that feels like no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get out. Well, in this video, I’m going to show you how you can finally once and for all, for the rest of your life, escape the poverty programming trap, because poverty program, why do I say, escape the poverty programming trap, because poverty can’t exist in your experience unless it first exists in your expectation, or in the expectation of someone who was responsible for you while you are growing up in the world. So we have to be, we have to understand that poverty is a mindset, just like wealth is a mindset. And we talked about that on other videos, like the difference between rich people, poor people and middle class people is not how much money they have. But it’s how they think about money. And what they think the primary purpose of money is. Poor people think the primary purpose of money is paying bills.

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So therefore, every time they get some money, they go pay some bills. So to them, it’s not even payday. It’s transfer day, we talked about the fact that to middle class people, they think the primary purpose of money is to buy things they can’t afford and pay their bills on time. So they can mean they maintain good credit so they can buy more things they can’t really afford. But rich people believe that the primary purpose of money is to turn it into more money before you spend any of the money that you just made. That’s the That’s the mindset that makes the difference. That’s the programming that makes the difference between poor people, rich people, middle class people. Now why would why do we talk about program what’s another reason we talked about programming, we talked about programming because understand this, we will never behave consistently in a way that’s inconsistent with our programming.

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Your programming produces more of your results than your conscious conscious thinking does. Like it’s ingrained in you, it’s ingrained in me, but you can change the programming and if you’ve been programmed for poverty, you will be poor until you change the program. So what I’m going to do in this video is show you how to escape the poverty programming trap. So what’s the first thing you have to do? Well, you have to understand that poverty programming is a trap and that you need to escape. There’s a verse in scripture it says in Proverbs six, four, it says Go to the ant No, Proverbs six four it says give not sleep to nine eyes nor slumber to the eyelids, deliver thyself that’s talking about escaping as the row from the hand of the hunter as a bird from the hand of the Fowler. So you have to escape from from sleep, like you escape from like a deer escaped from a hunter like a bird escaped from a bird trapper. Okay, and then it says, it says, go to the anthos lawyer consider her ways and be wise Which having no guide or overseer or ruler provided her meet in the summer and gather with her food in the harvest.

Myron Golden 02:49
How long without sleep Oh slugger, one without rise out of thy sleep. Get a little sleep, a little slumber a little folding in the hands asleep. So shall thy poverty come as one that traveled with and I want us in our men. So poverty, one of the we have one of the things we have to do if we want to escape the poverty programming trap is we have to learn how to have a vehement hatred for poverty. Like the reason I’m not poor is because I hate poverty so much. I beat it as far away from my door as I possibly could. And then I beat it some more. I hate poverty. I hated it. Maybe you don’t maybe maybe maybe you hate not having other people’s approval more than you hate not having your own autonomy. I don’t know. Maybe you hate work. Maybe you hate people thinking you’re crazy. More than you hate not having enough money in the bank. Like I don’t really mind your services as money. I don’t really care if you think that I don’t care.

Myron Golden 03:41
I hate being broke more than I hate you thinking that. And until you hate, like being broke and not and having to rob Peter to pay Paul until there’s a knock on the door one day. It is Peter and Paul. And they’re both they’re standing with their hands on thrum. I want my money today, right? If you’re tired of living like that, I got tired of living like that. I got tired of living a life where I made this beautiful woman all these great promises. And now here she is eight months pregnant with our first child and our electricity or water both disconnected, not because I wasn’t willing to work hard. I was working hard. But what I was working on wasn’t working for me. It was working on me but it wasn’t working for me. And I got tired of having to tell have it having until my children know before I even knew what the question was because I knew we didn’t have enough money to buy it. I got tired. I hated the fact that when we got ready to go on vacation, after working hard for a whole year, we’re gonna take a two week vacation. I’m going to take two days and drive from Pennsylvania to Florida because I lived in we lived in Pennsylvania at the time. My wife’s parents lived in pencil in Florida and I said Pennsylvania, Florida, Pennsylvania to Texas.

Myron Golden 04:42
My wife’s parents lived in Texas, we drive for two days to spend 10 days with our in laws and then drive for two days to get back home. I hated that. That’s what vacation was vacation wasn’t going to Hawaii. It wasn’t going to Greece. It wasn’t going to Israel. It wasn’t flying going to you or going to Mexico or going to Canada and spending the day spending a weekend Bamp. It was just like, like, you go and you you work on vacation so you can spend time with your family because there’s no other time you can. I hated it. I hate it. I hated everything about it. I hated the fact that the four months of my married life that I was on welfare, yes, I was on welfare for four months. I hated when I was sitting in that welfare office. And that woman said to my wife, she said, you know, we could give you more money if he wasn’t in the house. First of all, he has a name. Second of all, it’s not the house, it’s our house. You see, I like I got an attitude. You said, Why? Because I hate poverty. I hate what it does to people. I hate that poverty forces people to eat junk food, because they can’t afford real food. I hate the fact that poverty causes people to drive raggedy cars that cause them to get an accidents because they can’t afford a car that’ll keep them safe.

Myron Golden 05:51
I hate poverty. And until you hate poverty, you will not be that far away from far away from the door enough that you don’t have to deal with it anymore. So you have to hate poverty. That’s like you want to get out you want to escape the poverty program trap like this, develop a disgust with being broke. Develop a disgust with not having enough money, like, love not, the love of money is the root of all evil. That’s right, the love of money is the root of all evil. But you don’t even know what that verse means. Like people quote it to me on YouTube, it’s, it literally makes me chuckle every time I read it. Money is the root of all evil. First of all, it doesn’t say that says the love of money is the root of all evil. Money does say love money does say love money is the root of all evil. But the key word in that versus the word all, which means all types, all men or all kinds does not mean all every single solitary, the love of money is clearly not the root of every single solitary evil in the world. Like think about it. It can’t be if that were the case, Adam and Eve would have eaten the fruit because the serpent paid them. The love of money is not the root of every single solitary evil, the love of money is the root of all types, all types, all kinds of all manner of evil.

Myron Golden 06:53
What does it mean, the love of money is the root of all evil means people will do all types of things if they love money, right? For the love of money, people will sell drugs to children for the love of money. Pharmaceutical companies will sell drugs to the population that they know will harm them. For the love of money, cigarette companies will sell tobacco, the love of money is the root of all types, all kinds of all manner of evil. That’s what it means. So if you want to quote it, quote it in its context with its definitions and understand what you’re talking about, anyway, I hate poverty. I hate it. I love it. It’s disgusting to me. I hate what it does to people. I hate what it does to families. I hate the arguments that it causes between husbands and wives and the arguments that it causes between children and parents. And I hate the fact that there are people living in a dark and living in the dark right now because they don’t have money. There are people living under a bridge because they don’t have money. Like, at some place at some point in their life. They did not hate poverty enough to beat it away from the door. I hate that much.

Myron Golden 07:50
Like I really hate poverty. I hate inconvenience. I hate being hassled. And like, for instance, like when I fly out when we fly on private jets, people think I’m flexing I’m not flexing, I just hate TSA. I hate it. It’s so stupid. It’s like It’s like they find the dumbest people in the world. And they give them this job. And they wanted to be a CIA agent and they couldn’t pass the test. So they only they can be a see a TSA agent. And they think they’re a CIA agent and they think they’re saving the world for me. Because I have a brace on my leg. Oh, well, no, we got to take you to back room. We have to scan we have to see the topper. Like no you don’t. I go through TSA all the time. And I’m TSA free. And they still it doesn’t matter if one wants to flex for TSA he wants to but there’s nothing you can do. You have no recourse. I hate that. So I fly private. So I don’t have to go through that. I hate the fact that like the airports lose your luggage.

Myron Golden 08:45
They shame you if you miss your flight flat out of luck. But if they cancel your flight, you’re still flat out of luck. I hate it. So I’m gonna make enough money so that poverty doesn’t impact me in negative ways. Because I hate it. When you hate poverty when you hate like I love having a choice. Money gives me choices. I married you love money. I love having a choice. And I hate poverty. What you do when like what do I mean when I say hate poverty and hate poverty is partners what a poverty is partners. Poverty has a lot of partners. I’m gonna name four partners. The poverty has one of them four partners of poverty that you have to you have to hate. And you have to hate them enough to keep them away from you far enough away from you so they don’t rob you of all your chances. So the first one that I’m going to name is sleep. Or I’m going to put sleep slash laziness.

Myron Golden 09:43
Bible says love not sleep. That is what it says love not sleep less outcome to poverty. So we love sleep. I don’t love sleep. I sleep because it’s essential. I like the way sleeping makes me feel. I like the way it makes me feel. I like feeling rested more than I like feeling Tired, but I don’t love sleep. Sleep is not an objective in itself. It’s an objective for an objective. And that objective is to be rested enough to go out and create something that other people value enough to pay me for it. So I can live my life without being in poverty because I hate poverty. I know I’ve said that a bunch of times, but I’m emphasizing that because I am telling you until you get to the point where you hate poverty, like when I was poor, I hated poverty enough not to watch the electronic income reducer. What’s that television? For some people now smartphones, right? I hated poverty enough not to watch television. I’m not gonna watch other people live their dreams.

Myron Golden 10:34
Well, I’m living a nightmare. Right? I hated it. I hated poverty enough. Like my daughter was a teenager. My daughter was a teenager. She’s the youngest. She was a teenager we had a television like what channels she was probably 14 1516 years old before we had a television one because I was I finally felt like I was making enough money where I could afford to watch television. I wasn’t gonna watch you I was broke. Why? Because I hated laziness. I hate sleep. So sleep that’s one two gluttony I don’t even know how to spell gluttony. So we’re just gonna I probably didn’t spell it right. Gluttony you spell it? I can’t believe this. He’s doing a YouTube video. It didn’t mean spellcheck. Good when you do your YouTube videos spell check. I’m okay with it. I’m okay with. See you hate misspelled words. I hate poverty. Like everybody has their thing they hate. It’s okay.

Myron Golden 11:27
Be yourself. Okay, so, so gluttony. What is what I mean? Like Gluttony is a poverty programming trap. Here’s the Scripture says, the drunkard and the glutton shall lie down together and drowsiness will clothe a man with rags. It says, well, the Scripture says, Woe unto you. Oh land, when you’re princes eat, when you’re when your prince when your king is a child, well under your land when your king is a child, and when your prince is eat in the morning for drunkenness and not for strength. So the Scripture says we should like gluttony, like eating too much. Why? Because when you eat too much, you don’t have enough energy to go out and fight poverty away from your doorstep. Right so gluttony, okay. drunkenness. So drunkenness is also like, Yeah, but my you don’t understand, I just need a drink after work.

Myron Golden 12:29
Because, because I’m just so stressed out. I submit to you that maybe you’re stressed out because you’re broke. And you’re needing a drink is keeping you broke. Now, personally, I quit drinking when I was 11. And now as an adult, I don’t have any brain cells to sacrifice on the altar of I’m stressed out, I’m not going to do I’m not why. Because I don’t want to be broke. I’m working. We can call all of these we can call all of these, these partners of poverty, we could call them the partners of poverty, called self indulgent, self indulgent self indulgence creates poverty. Isn’t that fascinating? What creates Well, service to other people? Remember, I did a video on money is not wealth. If you want to see a video, that that would really explain what I’m talking about right now. It’s called money. It’s not Well, money is not wealth, what’s wealth, wealth is your ability to create value for someone other than you. That’s your wealth. And the greater like, the greater your ability is to create a greater value for a greater number of people, the wealthier you are.

Myron Golden 13:43
So, self indulgence leads to poverty. Now, there’s another one. Are you ready? Can you handle it? Number four, evil. Evil is a poverty programming trap. Why? Because poverty is the result of spiritual warfare. Satan is the god of lack. The thief comes not but for to steal, to kill to destroy. If somebody kills, steals or destroys, guess what you have less. lack is the result of the enemy. Jesus said, but I am come that you might have life in that you might have it more abundantly. Okay, so let’s, let’s let’s look at this. What does the Scripture say? What is their scripture refer to the devil as that old serpent, the devil, right? The old serpent, that old serpent, the devil, what else over the old servant from way back in the Garden of Eden? What did he do? He deceived Eve by getting her to focus on the things she lacked, and her giving focus and attention and intention to the things she lacked caused her to lose all the stuff she had. They had the abundance of Of every tree of the garden namaste freely, they had the abundance of every freely. The serpent said unto the woman.

Myron Golden 14:55
Yeah. If God said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden, so he took out the word freely added the Word not changed the meaning. The woman then took out the word freely and every sees that we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden. But of the trees in the midst of the garden we shall not even neither shall we touch it lest we die. Satan said, You shall not surely die. But God doesn’t know the day either. In your eyes will be open you should be as God’s knowing good and evil. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, the Aussie what just happened. Satan’s got her, her attention on what was missing. And as soon as she got it, he got her attention on what was missing. Then she said her intention on that thing that she had no right to. And that thing caused her to lose everything she had. Interestingly enough, in the Hebrew language, the word for rich like one says an Abram was very rich and Catalan, silver and gold. It’s the word a sure. Now, that’s the word for rich. It’s a sure but did you know that in Hebrew, oftentimes, when you’re spelling a word one way, it means one thing, but if you spell it backwards, that means the opposite. In that cool? And that’s such a cool language. Right? Okay. So here’s what’s really interesting about the word. A, sure. If you spell it backwards, Russia.

Myron Golden 16:17
If you spell it backwards, it means the opposite of poor. I mean, the opposite of rich, and the opposite of rich would be poor. That’s what you think. Right? But it doesn’t mean poor, the opposite of poor Russia, or even Russia or rush or row. Russia or Roche means evil. Wow, the opposite of rich is evil. What does that mean? Here’s what it means. Doesn’t mean poor people are evil. Here’s what it means. It means the implication is that societies that practice evil, have always been throughout human history. And when you think about this have always been poor societies. Think about that. Think about the poverty of the Soviet Union, the anti God, Soviet Union, think about the poverty that’s associated with the witchcraft of a place like Haiti. It’s all I’m saying is evil, creates poverty. And so, if you’re going to hate if you don’t, if you want to escape the poverty programming trap, you have to you have to hate. You have to hate poverty, and its partners.

Myron Golden 17:27
And then you have to fall in love with the partners of prosperity. What are the partners and prosperity, partners and prosperity, our diligence? That’s working like hard, the hand of the diligent maketh rich, but the slothful shall be under tribute. Right? You got to fall in love with serving other people. Serving others do you realize all of the money that you desire right now that you don’t have it’s in somebody else’s pocket? They’d happily handed over? If you could provide something for them? They desired more than a desire to money? How cool is that? See, your your biggest problem is your your your biggest problem is you only think about solving your own problems. I think about solving other people’s problems. Like I obsess over other people’s problems. So when you fall in love with the partners of diligence, you can be diligent, okay, I mean, you can be wealthy. How about this? This is one of my favorites, business businesses, one of the partners of prosperity.

Myron Golden 18:33
Here’s what it says in the New Testament, and that you studied and this is first, First Thessalonians chapter four, verses 11 and 12. It says, and that you study to be quiet and to do your own business, working with your hands, as we commanded you why you may walk honestly toward them that are without us talking about paying your bills on time, and that ye may have lack of nothing. How many people do you know that pay their bills on time and have lack of nothing? Almost none, can I get a witness? Right? So why because we’re not practicing these principles, and we’ve not fallen in love with the partners of prosperity. Another partner of prosperity is wisdom. The Bible says there’s treasure, there’s treasure, and wine and oil and substance in the dwelling place of the wise.

Myron Golden 19:22
What is wisdom? Well, wisdom has some prerequisites. first prerequisite is, is ignorance. Ignorance is the absence of truth. The second one is knowledge. Knowledge is the accumulation of truth. The third one is understanding understanding is the assimilation of truth. And then finally, wisdom is the application of truth. So wisdom is an action word, it’s actually doing the things that you know will work because you know, they work and the wisdom is from above, is not the same as that wisdom is from above, from beneath, like earthly wisdom, the Scripture says, like the wisdom of this world is earthly sense swallow and devilish what is that? It’s the enemy.

Myron Golden 20:02
Like literally the wisdom of this world is the enemy with enemy, the world, the flesh and the devil earthly Central and devilish same thing. wisdom from above is what? I want you to wrap your mind around what I’m about to say the wisdom is from above is first pure, then peaceable, if not first peaceable than pure. So the wisdom is from above doesn’t seek to get along with everybody at any cost. It stands for what’s right first, and then after it’s pure, then it’s peaceable, then it’s easy to be treated. Well, wisdom is one of the partners of prosperity. So if you fall in love with learning, you fall in love with business, you fall in love with serving other people and you’re diligent about it, you can escape the poverty programming trap. I trust that this will help you. Make sure you go and watch our video on how to get rich because that will help you on your wealth journey as well. It’ll help you escape the poverty programming trap. I’ll see you in the next video.

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