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Myron Golden And Russell Bruns…eal Secrets To Making Millions

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Let’s share some of our best stuff, like stuff that we don’t normally share. Yeah, stuff that we either stuff that we don’t normally share or stuff we don’t share with people unless they pay us a whole lot of money. Or just stuff that will really move the needle, I think the best thing that will serve everybody here, as we share stuff that really moves the needle a lot, my desire for y’all is, I really, really desire for each and every one of you to understand how much impact you can make, just by owning your assignment, own it. Like, don’t stick your toe in the water. Don’t play with it. People ask me all the time. In fact, I remember one time I asked you this. But people asked me this all the time. Man, if you could go back and do your entrepreneurial journey over what would you do differently? Married? If you could, at six year old 16 years old, go back and talk to your 18 year old self? What would you say? My answer is always the same. Y’all know what it is? Don’t you get it done faster. I wouldn’t have taken so long. I wouldn’t have waited to get ready to get ready to prepare to prepare to like, make my financial life work. I wouldn’t have done that I would have gotten it done so much faster. Because the sooner you get it done, the longer you get to enjoy it with the people you love the most.

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Do not make the mistake of forgetting that you are expiring. He was like Man, why are you so intense because I’m dying. And I know it. Like quit trippin, stop acting like you’re gonna be lived to be 972 I’m gonna get to it one day. And then one day turns into none day. Because you keep putting it off and keep putting it off and keep putting it on. Like get the deal done and quit trippin. It doesn’t take you a long time to go build a successful business takes you a long time to become the person who’s willing to do it. But didn’t have to take a long time to become that person. So if I could share a principle if y’all that’s one of the most important principles that you could learn and I’m not probably something I’m not going to teach this week. I don’t think at least I don’t have any intention of teaching it this week. Not that I sit down and map out all my talks to the nth degree. That’s not my jam, my jam. That’s his jam. I mean, people have invited me to come speak and the way he goes about I don’t know yet I need to go see the people I need to pick up on the energy I need to feel like what the jam is what the vibe is. Like, I know a whole bunch of stuff, but I don’t know what these people need to see him.

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Anybody in here like that is just me. Okay, there was a couple of us cool. And, and good friend of mine, Kenny Grant told me one time he said, Man, I’m a tasty. Prepared man is better than prepared message. So I just make sure that I’m a really, really diligent student of all the stuff I learned, and I go implement it before I start talking about it. So what I’m going to share with y’all is I’m going to share with you all the myth of the economic pie. When you understand when you understand that the economic pie theory is a myth. Then you can stop feeling like you need to compete with everybody. You can stop feeling guilty for all the money that you make. You can stop trying to justify the fact that you’re rich. To people who think money is evil. And you want to make too much money because I’m not that greedy. I want to leave enough for somebody else.

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That’s all part of the economic pie myth. So when God created man, there’s no such thing as an economic pie. It’s it’s a farce. It’s a fairy tale. How do I know that? Well, if the if there was such a thing as an economic pie when God made man, he would have put him in a bakery wouldn’t put him in a garden. That’s a big fan. I think I did because I mean, I look like you what? God would have put man in a bakery, where consumption creates lack, but he didn’t put him in a bakery. He put him in a garden. Why did he put him in a garden because in a garden consumption creates production. What does that mean? What it means is, you plant a seed you know, I got to do my whole whiteboard thing. So you got you got this ground. You Take the seed you planted in the ground. Now the interesting thing about a seed in the ground is it has to go down before it can go up. Just like everything else in nature. The law of advancement states that in nature before anything can go up and has to go down. And so in the seat says, I want to be a treatment and be treated with imagery. And no, I’m not gonna do the eagle story. So don’t get excited.

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Well, if you want to be a tree, you got to go down before you can go up and has to go down in the ground, it has to do all this stuff. What does have to do when it goes down the ground before I can become a tree? It needs to be without giving the story where have you heard me talk about it before? What does it have to do? Spread grow roots. What else? What does that germinate? What else? Good stuff good stuff. What’s that get nutrients? Good. Okay, so it has to do all of those things. What did you say? It has to cease to be a seed. If you are unwilling to stop being what you’ve been being, you can never become all that you desire to be. You got to let go of what you’ve been beating, or you will never become all that you can be. So it goes down to the ground. And then what’s really interesting about trees, you know, we see this part of the tree.

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But what we don’t see is there’s as much stuff going down going on under the ground is there is up above the ground. See, trees don’t grow in one direction they grow into directions. Trees grow gravid tropically, which means they grow away from light and towards gravity. But they also grow photo tropically. And the photo tropic nature of a tree is that it grows away from gravity and towards light. Hmm, that’s pretty cool. It’s the gravel tropic nature of the tree that makes the phototropic nature of the tree possible. In entrepreneurship, everybody wants the phototropic nature of the entrepreneurial tree, they want to be in the light, they want their leaves blowing in the wind, they want everybody to see how green they are. But if you don’t have deep roots, you’ll never be a tall tree. Okay, that’s cool. Then they grow some fruit

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let’s call those apples. The interesting thing about an apple is this. It has seeds inside it. Remember, Warren, where’s B said, don’t you? You said Any fool can count the number of seeds in an apple. But only God can count the number of apples in a seed. If you were in a bakery, and there was a pie and you ate a piece of pie, there would be less pie for everybody else. But if you are in a garden, and you eat an apple, from an apple tree and an apple orchard, in a garden, you expose the seeds, you plant those seeds in the ground, and your consumption created the production of six more trees. That’s why the economic pie is a myth. Because in God’s ideal environment for man, men and women, consumption creates production. By the way, we see it all the time. We just don’t notice it. Anybody here and have anybody in here have an iPhone? You might hear of apps on their iPhone.

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Could you have the apps if you didn’t have the iPhone? Like consuming buying an iPhone created the production of iPhone apps and cases and pop sockets and on and on and on and screen protectors and repair and on and on and on and on and on and on and on the story goes. So this whole idea that somehow entrepreneurship takes away from our society and from our environment and destroys the environment and blah, blah blah and all the rest of that gobbly gook that people want you to believe so they can control you. It’s a farce. Don’t buy the lie cost too much. Don’t be ashamed of what you produce. I don’t have to I don’t like when I give. When I give money to charity. I’m not giving back. I’m just giving. There’s no back. I didn’t take anything from the charity. I give it I’m giving it to I don’t need to justify the money I make by calling it giving back. I mean, I’ll pick it up what I’m putting down. Leave it was yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

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Now, here’s what’s really interesting. While we’re talking about a garden, not only is God’s ideal environment for garden, but because all principles are microcosms of of each other, whether you know it or not, you are a garden. Your mind is a garden, you sow seeds in your mind, and it produces fruit ideas that can produce whatever else you wanted to produce. But what’s really fascinating to me is God planted a garden of Eden and then he put the man there. And the man’s job was to cultivate and protect the garden. That’s pretty cool. But when God made man, men and women, because he called their name Adam, and Adam means man, when he called their name Adam. So when God made man put them in the Garden of Eden, here’s what happened. God made man from the top to me, dust of the ground. Oh. So the ground that grows our food is the same ground that we were made from. That’s pretty cool. Well, here’s what else is interesting about that. God planted the seed of an aspect of his creativity inside of all of us.

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He did not plant the aspect of he did not plan all of the aspects of his creativity inside of any of us. Do you know why? Because he planted an aspect of his creativity inside of each of us, then each of us needs all of us and all of us needs each of us. So I don’t have any competition. I only have collaboration, even people who think they’re my competition. We don’t have competition, because we’re all made for a totally different purpose. Russell’s not my competition. Keane is not my competition. I don’t have any competition. The only person who can be Myron golden in this season. I mean, there are the people that name but I’m talking about this, Myron golden. This is me in the history of the whole wide world. I don’t have to beat anybody to win. Wow, how cool is that? Well, here’s what happened. God planted an aspect of the seed of his creativity inside of all of us. People wonder why you talk about the Bible all the time? Why are you talking about the Bible? I don’t want you talking about the Bible. It’s life. It’s life.

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So watch this. I’m gonna I’m gonna quote some verses for you to show you tie the whole thing together. I’m gonna turn it over Russell. It says in Isaiah chapter 55. My ways are not your way saith the Lord, You are my thoughts, your thoughts, as the heavens are higher than yours are my ways higher than your ways my thoughts and your thoughts. For as the rain coming down in the snow from Heaven was the rain and the snow it comes down from heaven, and water if the earth and maketh it bring forth and but the rain and snow come down from heaven water the earth to make it bring forth them but which means the Earth doesn’t have any choice once it gets watered, make it that bring forth and Bud why? That it may give bread to the eater and seed to the sower. The water comes down from heaven to make the the earth bring forth fruit so that it can give consumption to the consumer and production to the producer.

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That’s what it said. Watch this, so shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth. And it shall accomplish that which I please. And it My words are accomplished shall prosper in the thing we’re on to a Senate. What does all that mean? Here’s what it means. Here’s what I see happening. God. By the way, all principals are microcosms of each other. So this whole idea of a garden is bigger than we know this whole idea of a tree. The whole idea of Solomon talking about trees is bigger than just Solomon talking about trees. When I water, the dust of the ground, that is me with the water of the Word of God that came down from heaven, it saturates the soil that is me, so that the seed of creativity that God planted inside of me can bring forth and Bud and give food to the eater bread to the eater and seed to the sower, consumption to the consumer and production to the producer. Even for those of you who don’t even know the Bible, or like the Bible, or don’t even believe the Bible, the best thing that I can do for you is teach you principles of truth from that book, even if you don’t like it. Because whether you know it or not, that is your best chance to win. So that’s why the concept of the economic pie is a farce because God’s ideal environment for man is not a bakery, but The garden, so much so that he made you a garden of creativity to create ideas that feed and serve other people and profit you. So everybody’s blessed by everybody else. God put us all in the world by herself. He put none of us in the world for ourselves. Russell

Can you imagine following that up with anything? Holy cow, that was amazing

that was awesome. Okay, well alright, so during on the on the, on the yacht, I was talking to Anissa. And she was saying that we’re both her mentors. She said that from you. She learns like belief in this kind of stuff. And for me, it’s more tactical. So I’m gonna go tactical

team and amazing anyway. So I don’t know how to like transition other than I got something cool. I want to share.

I don’t want that cool. But so I was thinking about while Myron gave a sermon that was amazing. I can just listen talk forever. Like, it’s insane. Like that just came out of your head. And you just that was? Anyway, that was amazing. So

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I’m 16. I’m 62. And I’ve been thinking about this stuff since I was 16, bro.

Okay, well, I’m sure I went up it. But anyway. So what I was talking about is my thoughts in my head a lot recently about if you guys are like me, I’m thinking about marketing and sales and like that stuff all the time, partially for me and my companies, but also because obviously, I lead a lot of entrepreneurs. And so like, I’m always trying to like, protect myself and protect everybody else as well, right? If you’ve read the traffic secrets book, like the intro, introduction says, Warning, there’s a storm coming, right? And then right of that COVID hit and then after that, we have the Apple, Facebook fights and ad costs 3x. And then like, just all sorts of chaos happened since then. And it’s interesting to me, because so many people I know and love their businesses went away during the season, right? Because they couldn’t handle it and add costs and things like that. And it’s interesting, because I talk about in the book, I talk about all the things but everyone always still defaults back to like Facebook ads, or I just the basics, right.

And the whole, the whole goal that was initially was like to be a warning, but also to get people thinking differently as opposed to like, because I got started this game 2223 years ago now. So if you look at like when I got started, it was pre Facebook, pre MySpace, pre Friendster ideas were Friendster. Wow, that’s when I got started. So like, when people asked me, How do you travel back in the day? I’m like, how did we get traffic back in there, you can just go to Facebook and buy ads. You can read Google ads for a little while. And then that went away. There was SEO but like, we say, how do we actually get ads and like we had to be more strategic way to think differently. One of my first mentors, and he spoke last just fine. I can live for anyone who’s there is Mark Joyner. And he wrote a really good book on this. But Mark was doing a he was innovating on this stuff way back in the day, like how do you get traffic? How do you? How do you? How do you create traffic, right? And the interesting thing that Mark talked about is that you don’t create traffic, like traffic is already there, right? Look at the Internet, people are already on websites already doing things our job is not to is to not to go and make create traffic. It’s all about like, how do we shift someone’s attention from over here to me, right?

That’s the whole premise. And I think for most people, there was a decade where ads, Facebook ads specifically, were cheap and expensive. And so people jumped in, and they bought Facebook ads, and was just like, oh, this is easy. So a whole generation, a decade worth of marketers got really, really lazy because it was easy. And it got a little hard, a little hard and got really hard. And that’s when people started to fall. And so for me, it’s always like going back to the to the foundation back to the roots, right? Somebody on the ship asked me why about Dan Kennedy’s company. The big reason was like, I needed to go back to like, the beginning of the day, like Dan Kennedy had had been through the cycle, like back in the day infomercial. So like, on TV TV used to play until 11 o’clock at night and TV would just end. And so Dan and his buddies, right? Nothing on TV, nothing that TV at 11 o’clock. So like four in the morning, we should go and buy at the time from TV stations, and TV stations. Like why would you want the tie yarns and bedding? I think we think it’s gonna be good. So they started by an infomercial. They buy like six hours with the infomercials from 811 till 5am for like 30 bucks.

The station’s like, Sure, give us 30 bucks, you throw it on there. And so they run infomercials, they’re making millions of dollars. And they’re just like, This is crazy. If people knew what we were doing. They’re just like, right? And they were like make all this money and for a while it’s happening happening in Austin. Like the stations like hey, like what’s happening, they start monitoring and checking off and they realize what’s happening. Oh, the sources. These guys are making money with this they start increasing the price and they increase the price more people found out competition then boom now like late night infomercials, some of the most expensive media you can buy now. Right? But there was a season when it was 30 bucks break six hour block. Right? And then it shifted. That’s right. You said a decade where Facebook was like Two bucks a lead three bucks a lead, right? Like, it’s crazy. And you look at so I asked Dan and so what happened when when people were deleting infomercial and shift what happens like 90% You want a business 10% of us figured out they’ll deeper funnels or other ways to do it like figure how to make, how to increase how much money I made for customer.

And then the same thing happened with direct mail and they say never with phones and fax machine like every media, every media source goes through the cycle we come in, when it first the costs are really low crazes mass adoption and research are using it. And after they’re addicted. It’s like drug the drug dealer close after we’re addicted, they can increase the ad costs. And it’s the it’s a cycle right happens platform by platform have to season by season. And so for me, I was thinking a lot about like, how do we protect ourselves from this? How do we how do we think about traffic differently. And actually, on the boat today, Dr. Ernest Holmes was sharing an idea. And then it kind of sparked this in my head because like, she got it and she connected to it. And I appreciate that almost every else in my community is messed up. She got it. And she said, she knows she got about, but she got it. So this is this is the principal, Mark Joyner wrote a book called Integration Marketing, and what his premise of the end is a little short book, you can read in like an hour, it’s a little mini booking on Amazon. But the premise of integration marketing is, is there’s already traffic happens already streams of traffic, right?

What we’re usually taught is like, oh, go and buy an asset, go buy an ad in this thing. Or let’s say we find somebody’s email list. So I go to my and I’m like, Hey, we promote my challenge next week, and you make sure what how does, you know, we figure out the Commission’s he promotes it, and we’re going to spike sales. And it just appears next week. I’m like, I forgot to promote this thing. And we, we go through the cycle of trying to figure out how to hustle and how to how to make the sales, right. And what Mark talks about his book is instead of figuring out like, how do I get my 101 off promotion, how do I look at? Like, how do I integrate into my errands, business and his marketing. So anytime he gets a lead, I’m gonna make more money. Anything he does is business, I make more money. So instead of going to Meijer and I’m like, Okay, you’re running your business. I’m running my business. What if somebody joins your challenge? How many emails you send right now? Let’s say you got like a 10 email. Certain emails, yeah, let’s say 10 emails, I’m a call to send 10 emails to them. And then after the game was over, and how about email, 1112 and 13, you put an offer to my free plus shipping offer to my free book, whatever, and exchange, I’ll put an email for you in my challenge on pay on day 12 3014. Right now happens every time Myron does new challenge gets a new lead, something happens.

He goes through the cycle, and then it builds my business. And every time I do something goes through cycle and builds his business, right. So when I launched Click Funnels, Mark had just written this book, I was thinking about it and and we didn’t run Facebook ads, first two years of Click Funnels, or any kind of ads don’t know how to run ads. I was just, I was an ad guy. I was just like, I was I was this kind of stuff. And so we started in our company, because we didn’t have ads was like, Let’s do integration with partners. And so what we do is we find somebody who had an email list, and we do a promotion with them. So they produce a webinar. We do the webinar together, we make some money on the webinar. And then it was done. What we do is we take that webinar, we build out a funnel and it became their funnel. So this is your funnel.

Anytime you drive someone here, you pay commission on it. Like you already introduced me on the on the video, we have this whole thing, it’s an asset that you’ve created. Let’s plug this in so that it’s on the footer like on your help desk, when your support desk or answering helpdesk tickets in the footer. It’s been PS, blah, blah, blah, and push to the funnel. And they say okay, surely we do that. So we go we set this up in someone’s help desk. We now every time somebody comes in, ask questions, their help desk in the PS is linked back to my webinar. I set that up a decade ago, and those things still making sales today every single day. Right? Because it’s like they don’t check the after you set up, they forget about it right? Or the email number 11 and 12 you put in there you never think about again, the rest of life. As long as you’re growing your business, it keeps me on my business. Right? How many places can we start integrating into our business and so we started looking at as many integration channels as possible and like this comes back to just creativity not like you can be as creative as as you can think of right?

And so we start looking at YouTube videos we find people YouTube videos in our market that are having success and go back that’s the video is really good. Now looking at it, like not promoting anything description. It’s like a YouTube comment. Hey, how much did it cost to change the description and put a link back to my webinar and here, I’ll pay 20% or 50% or whatever it is, guys like oh, like it’s just a YouTube video I recorded three months ago, I don’t even think about it. Cool. We added in there and it’s there. Now for the rest of time that YouTube videos making me making me money. Right? If that person makes other YouTube there’s my own talking about today’s like he’s making these videos and as these ones pop over here, all these and start rising together. That’s that guy gets better and better YouTube, I can get more and more sales more traffic coming through because I’m on the description of this video. This video. I’m in their email sequences, I’m in the footer of their

of their customer support desk, thinking Where else can I What else can start integrating this? We had some partners who they ship out like box sets of stuff, dollar customers and they’re like my dream customers. Okay, what if we, what if we put a postcard and I’ll pay for this postcard putting everyone the boxes you ship out somebody and we’ll set up the printer and the shipping house and go there every time you ship out a box, my postcard or being there for my free book offer or for my webinar offer. And I share and we set up once I never think about again and every time that this person sells a book. I’m getting customer back on the back end. You see we start thinking about traffic differently. Instead of having someone just setting up jayvees and deals like that, it’s like how do we find integration partners have someone literally go out there finding integration partners, what they started realizing was, I wasn’t very good at SEO. But I knew the value of SEO, like if you get on page one for work at home or make money or sales for whatever keyword it is, I got the big deal, right? In fact, this is probably pre Clickfunnels.

By 1213 years ago, I found this team, they lived in Peru, and they were college, a bunch of college kids in Peru, but they all had email addresses. And they had access to like their site. So we would, we would do this SEO thing. Anyway, I don’t get I don’t get nerdy with you guys. But we do this SEO thing where they would trade edu links and get links. Anyway, I wanted to get I want to be on page one of Google Frank, work at home, make money online, stuff like that. So we spent like six months doing it. And I got there. And when we hit page number one in Google for like work at home, it was like raining money all day long. I was just like, This is crazy. I’m not paying for this. It was just raining. But there’s everyone competing. So we were there for like three or four weeks, and we drop back off and get back up there again, dropped back off.

And I eventually gave up on the game because we just it was stressful for me. So instead of I started doing like, well who these guys that can beat me. These hazards, hardcore full time, all these SEO. So I go to Google, I type in work at home and make money wherever my keywords are. I see. Here’s the people and I see the top three or four people were names and traffic goes in the first three, four listings. So I go there and like that person is getting all this traffic. And most of these guys, the really good SEO people aren’t info product. People like us. They don’t know this. They just they sell advertising. So they do. So they come back and I’m okay. They’re on page one for Google for this keyword. It’s insane. They’re probably getting 40 50,000 visitors a day, I come back and I’m like, Hey, can I when somebody opts into the to the email thing on your form on thank you page, can I can I put an offer on your thank you page? Can I put an email an email sequence, can I put a pop up on your patients when comes a pop up comes up that joins my newsletter. I set that up once for a walk away. And I think he starts generating money and leads and traffic forever. And so for me for last decade, I’ve been doing that a lot.

And most people know about it. Most people see Facebook ads. So by that those are all great. It’s like free money streaming to this day just has no like stats, numbers. So decade me doing this. If I turn all my ads off right now we get over over 1000 Pipe 1200 or so people per day, who come to and create a free trial that are not attract. They’re not attributed to any kind of paid ads. You do the math on what that looks like. But it’s just this it’s just setting things up when a time when a time thinking about it meeting someone and I just open up I think for my things like hey, how can I do this? No, you find somebody who’s got a really good offer. It’s crushing it. Like what happened from the thank you page. Like Grant Cardone did his big challenge the other day and I knew he’s gonna get 1000 people to promote it. So I was like, hey, Grant on your thank you page Jackson register for the challenge, calm put this block down here that tells people to get a free Clickfunnels account. And so he’s like, Sure, so I made a video meeting him talking about it. And so on this thank you page, and there’s like step one, go to the Facebook group, step two, do whatever, step three. And step four is like me and grant and he’s like, Hey, you should have Clickfunnels account cuz Russell said sounded like he could click buttons. Now here’s a free trial, we have like, three 3200.

And something people sign up for free Click Funnels trial on thank you page or grants launch, I think it’d be more than from Grant more money from Grants launch the grant made from Grants launch, like, because we plugged it in and all those people start coming in. Now the trials Click Funnels, again, build, they go through the value, add everything else that’s happening. And so she’s thinking about traffic, different partnerships differently, think about how we can like we what you’re doing in the things. And this was talking about, she created her miski offer. And she was started looking at who were all the other people in her market already have traffic, and she’s plugging into their sequences, their thank you pages, all that kind of stuff. Now, every time they get a customer, she’s getting customers, she’s gonna pay for that just coming through organically. So that’s the first thing think about and then the next piece is to kind of add to it. And you guys hear every Sunday Jay Abraham is really smart marketer. And one thing he talked about with joint ventures a lot of times, we think that joint ventures will get like, Who’s the person like who’s like, almost like a competitor with this exact same audience? And what Jay said that was just brilliant to me.

So yes, look at like, the lifecycle of a customer, right? Like, let’s say your product is right here. So for me, like, I’m Russell so I’m, I’m selling funnel software. So while times like Well, who else is selling funnel stuff like let’s, let’s that’s the JV, those customers all in the same spot. And what you want to think about is, what are all the things somebody needs before they become your customer, and all the things they want they need after their customer. And that’s just they’re finding new traffic sources that nobody else is tapping into, right? Because I can go after all the funnel people when I’m competing to funnel people, if I can take a step back and say, Well, what does somebody need before they need to funnel? Well, they they probably probably need a logo.

If I needed a website, maybe find a domain name, maybe they’re buying either save a WordPress site, if they’re you know, getting Hugo 90 designs on Fiverr I start looking like where are the places that those people are already at prior than ever coming to me and looking for the integrations options there. Right like if I can go to and I haven’t closed this deal if I could if I can quit 99 designs or five right sometimes it was a fiver if I could be built in their sequence where every time someone creates a Fiverr account that day 22 It’s like hey, you need a Clickfunnels account like imagine which money that would be but I can close that one deal. It takes me three or four or five years to close that one deal but I have plugged that in that could be 10,000 leads a week coming in just from one to one integration one deal.

Myron Golden 29:50
So do you pay those people in affiliate commission or they just

depends every every situation is different. And every market is different. And it’s the same you pay 15% for your people right as a commission. So it’s 50% commission you In the in the funnel world I have people 5060 70% commission because they’re they’re hot to the game right but other places it’s like lot easier sometimes it’s like the YouTube guy that’s like helping 100 bucks to throw out a change change your your description or in your description add a link to my thing that I sure 100 bucks one time never think about again. Email sometimes it’s like, I’ve got a whole bunch of funnels like hey man, I’ll do your day 12 On my free book funnel you do on 12 day 12 On your challenge funnel we will set up we didn’t you get our free traffic free traffic we just forget about it.

We use a new ticket with don’t Tony Robbins Dean Graziosi so he owns which is a platform for course builders, we will click funnels, so when somebody cancels Click Funnels right now, but what they do is they don’t like Clickfunnels anymore, but they still want a business and so when someone cancels Clickfunnels video for me Dean and Tony saying hey, sorry that you know Clickfunnels was a good fit for you maybe just weren’t ready yet, which is totally understandable. So if you’re not ready for Clickfunnels yet, there’s another platform that’s really simple called mastermind icon which is easier to get started and Tony needed to lead you help you in fact, Tony didn’t jump on and they jump on the video on that like hey, we’ll give you a free trial and so then all those people who leave are canceling click phones leaving go to mastermind I get affiliate commission, all the people were leaving Click Funnels, which is awesome. And when somebody leaves mastermind, some of these masterminds video for meeting and Tony saying, hey, maybe we

Myron Golden 31:10
recorded right because if the FBI sees this rescue for being a gangster

they’re powerful. So like, then with some of these mastermind, they come back into Click Funnels. And they got this, like, when somebody’s leaving your website, what do you do with the traffic that leaves your website? They just leave it right? So if I remind them like How about this, every time someone leaves your website, put a pop up on your page. It’s like, Hey, you should get Russell’s free book. And then suddenly, he’s my website, I’ll put a page for your book. They’re like my stuff is like your stuff. Right now. The traffic is leaving me anyway, I get traffic buyers traffic leaving me it’s my traffic because you mean also we switch traffic and we both start growing together. This is the mindset shift I wanted to kind of share to try to compete with Myron has amazing sermon building, he has some tactical ideas of just how to get traffic that’s separate from from all the stuff that we normally think about. So he

Myron Golden 31:58
just proved there’s no competition. It’s all collaboration just have to look for ways that everybody wins. Stop trying to beat people and start looking to win with people.

Myron Golden 32:21
Now I’m dizzy now just thinking about all these things I can do. Okay, so I’m going to share something with y’all. I might share that this week, though. I want to share something on my coalition. I’m probably not I won’t share that this week. I’ll share it right now. I’ll share it right now. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t probably won’t share it later this week. And if I do share it later this week, you’ll probably get it the second time. Okay, so well think about it, though. We think that when we’re teaching somebody something that they understand it as soon as we said it, well it fell out of my mouth and it just they got it. All you need to do to know that ain’t true is have some kids. And you will know that just because you said it that does not mean they heard it, can I get a witness up in here? So it’s it’s, it’s amazing. So so what I’m going to do is I’m going to share with you all the absolute most mind blowing, like, Aha, Revelation, not about business as much as about life. You get life right businesses, easy. Right, get life, right understand how life works. It’s really interesting. You know, I was talking about Simon earlier. I had talked about the Bible, in the beginning was the Word.

Myron Golden 33:50
That’s a good place to start, right? Because in the beginning was the Word. Okay? Just don’t I just think about just in the beginning was Word and the Word was God, and the Word was with God. And the same was in the beginning with God and all things were made by Him. Without Him was not anything made that was made. And in him was the life and the life was the light of men. And the light shined in darkness. And the darkness comprehended it not. Wow. I just pray that for me and for you, that when the light shows up and shines on the answer that we’ve been looking for. We are aware enough, alert enough and care enough to comprehend it. So you’ve probably heard me say this before, you’ll probably hear me say it Alemany 1000 more times. God puts so many six says principles in Genesis chapter one. It’s almost like he gave us a wink and said, if they don’t get to chapter two, I want to be okay. Like, like I read every single region.

Myron Golden 35:15
How is that in the first chapter in the Bible? So a couple things. One, the first thing that God tells us about God. Why do I Why do I even care about that? Well, when you meet somebody, whatever the first thing they tell you about themselves is, that may not be the most important thing about them. But it’s the most important thing they want you to know when you meet them. Or you’re tracking. And God is love. That the first thing he told me, God is omnipotent. And that’s not the first thing he told me. And God is omniscient. And that’s not the first thing he told me. And he’s not my president. That’s not the first thing he told me. And He’s righteous, and He’s holy, and he’s just and he’s good. But none of those things were the first thing that God told me, what’s the first thing God tells me about God? In the beginning, God created the heaven in the earth.

Myron Golden 36:11
Why did he do that? Now, you might not ask questions like that. But I’m read that I’m like, I mean, you’re God, you don’t need anything. It’s not like you’re sitting around thinking, Man, I just, just, I don’t know. I wish I had no, you don’t do that your God? Why would God create a heaven on earth? The only answer I’ve been able to come up with, if you find a better answer, please let me know. But the only answer I’ve been able to conjure up and I say conjure up like, maybe as a possibility, as the reason why he did it is because he is creative. And therefore it is his nature to create. So God’s creating flowed out of the fact that he is creative. The first thing God tells us about God is that he’s creative, not because it’s the most important thing about him. But because I believe it’s the most important thing he desires for us to know about him. Why? Because the first thing that God tells us about us is that he made us in His image. And God created man in His own image in the image of God created He him, male and female created he them. So if you are a man or your woman, God made you in His image. Okay, so now we got that. Why is that important? Well, it’s important because am I made in His image.

Myron Golden 37:33
And the first thing he tells me about himself is that he’s creative. Then the first thing he’s telling me about me when he tells me he created me in his image, is that He created me to create stuff, and he made me to make stuff. So now, I don’t have to go through wandering aimlessly through life thinking, I just don’t know what my purpose is, we need to be prepared be. I don’t know my purpose, I don’t find my purpose. Your purpose is to live in your creative space, and make the world a better place. And see, here’s the beauty of it. I don’t have to compete with Rod because I wasn’t created to live in his creative space and make the world a better place. I can’t do that. I cannot do his assignment. I can’t compete with Michael I can’t compete with AJ. Like I don’t like I just have to be the best Myron fraidy golden I can be. And live in the my creative space and make the world a better place. So when I find in me an inclination to become proficient at something good at something and develop the skill, I can do it. And I can do it. Well, I can do it at a level of excellence. When I live in that, and I create something that makes somebody else’s life better. I’ve just made the world a better place. Are y’all tracking? That my creative space make the world a better place? Okay, got that locked and loaded? Live my creative space make the world a better place. So how do I do that? Is that a good question? I do believe in Genesis chapter one. We’re still in Genesis chapter one. I do believe that we find the answer.

Myron Golden 39:33
The first time God ever spoke to a human being like what did he say? This might be fairly important. Here’s we say, first time God ever talked to man, and it’s really cool, because here’s what it says. It says And God blessed them, and said unto them, Be fruitful multiply. So what I get from that is God always gives the capacity before he gives the command. He gives the ability to before he gives the assignment. So if I find myself in a space where I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing, I don’t have to wonder if I can do it. I may not even have the ability, but I have the capacity to gain the ability. So I don’t have to wonder if I can do it. If he tells me to do it. I know I can do it because he told me to do it. God’s not in the habit of frustrating his children. You don’t tell your children to go do stuff. It’s impossible for them. I don’t say to my granddaughter here. Here’s the keys to the car run down to Publix. Get us some bread and some peanut butter and jelly so you make some sandwiches she’s thread it’s not been she’ll never be able to do it. She has not yet become the person. So here’s what God said. He said Be or I’m not gonna do that. I’m not gonna do that. He said I’m gonna do that. I like that. He said be fruitful. What does it mean to be fruitful? Well, gotta go back to Genesis chapter one again and find out what is a fruit a fruit is a living organism who’s what seed is in itself? Oh there we are at that seed again. A living organism whose seed is in itself? So when God said to man Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden be fruitful here’s what you say. Make sure you produce on the outside of you based on what I put on the inside of you. I put something in you that was my job making sure I’m on the outside that shows me all dragon Be fruitful and multiply now multiply is not a be you and say to somebody well be multiply. They say what you talking about Willis? Where’s Willis? Willis here? No? Okay. Anyway, that was nevermind. Some of you are like busy. Nevermind. Be fruitful. The verb for multiply would be do multiply

Myron Golden 42:15
Be fruitful, do multiply. Do replenish. Do subdue Okay, let’s talk about those. Be fruitful. Do Multiply. Multiply literally means to increase the very first thing God told man to do was to increase Hmm. Be fruitful, do multiply. Replenish. Replenish means to fill up. Well if you start multiplying stuff stuffs gonna start filling up. Be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue. Now one’s a little odd. Because subdue literally means to trample to stop to step on to tread. If you’re telling me to build something up and multiply and fill me fill something up and multiply. Why are you telling me to travel? Because God is introducing us to the principle of entropy. What is that disruption always follows intention. Creation is created by intention. And disruption always follows intention. There’s no way around it. The mistake most people make is when disruption follows their intention. They make the mistake of assuming that they’re going in the wrong direction when it’s actually more often a sign that you’re going in the right direction. Do you understand when you start doing something good. The first thing that shows up is something bad. I remember I used to be really fat. I used to be fat Meyer now I’m almost fit my iron. And I said I’m gonna start working out I want to do 30 For sure. I got out can I do push ups from around? Are you good? No, you can’t you can’t go that low. Let’s try. I’m gonna do push ups. Oh yeah, we can do it. I want to do 30 Push Ups. I could do 100 When I was a kid

Myron Golden 44:15
man, are you crazy? What in the world possessed you to take? What’s your thoughts out? You have to do 30 fishers. You must be some cut out your mind. So I tried to do 30 Couldn’t do 30 The next day

Myron Golden 44:39
the next day, first I could do three and a second only do two. This is going in the wrong direction. Anybody who’s ever worked out knows when you start working out you don’t get stronger first you get weaker first. When you start working out you don’t feel better. First, you feel worse. First, have you ever felt worse first? And then eventually, one day you’re like, I know I’m only gonna be able to do for you like I know it’s it’s gonna get so hard. I don’t even know why I keep doing this 230 My goodness, we’re talking about four. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I can’t stop. And what happens? What happens? Y’all thought that was good. Y’all should have seen me before I turned 62.

Myron Golden 45:39
Disruption always follows intention. Don’t let that deceive you and get you off the off the right track. Don’t let the disruption that follows your intention make you feel like you’re going to round right. I bought this building man. We came in here. The air quality was so bad. Every time I came in here. I felt like I had like sand in my eyes. I was in it for an hour like go home. I felt like I had sand Am I gonna hire Servpro to come in to clean up the air ducts. And then we’re in the middle of a challenge. We got a torrential downpour. It’s December 16 Less we had torrential downpour. It was raining outside my goodness. All sudden it sounds like it’s raining in the building. I don’t remember waterfall being in that closet we’re in the middle I’m teaching on the challenge on day four is raining in the building. water starts coming in with water on the floor but the mess up my clothes. Anyway, disruption always follows intention. I’ll get it be That’s why it says subdue be fruitful do multiply Deuce replenish, do subdue, increase fill up and trample anything that tries to stop you. Okay, y’all tracking and then it says Have dominion I’m gonna do this faster. abdomen. So here’s the here’s the beauty of it. This is the ultimate success formula in life. You already hear it is B. Do have what does that mean? It means don’t be keen do can’t do can’t have it means be a little do a little do a little have a little it means be a lot.

Myron Golden 47:41
Do a lot do a lot have a lot now here’s what’s really interesting about this be well that’s good be speaks to my identity. Well when I got this thing being speaks to my identity Do you realize that everything you do flows out of who you think you are? And I say that everything you do flows out of who you think you are. See, Russell Brunson that dude like he changed my life and a lot of ways but the most valuable thing he did for me was created an environment where I could be introduced to who I really am because I’ll hear what I just said he created an environment that introduced me to who I really am and so identity everything flows out of your identity be fruitful. Talking about your identity do doing speaks to your activity. Having speaks to your property so if you will be who you’re supposed to be you’ll do what you’re supposed to do in your home.

Myron Golden 48:59
So here’s what here’s when people mess it up. Before I even go there what’s really interesting is God set it up so that we could win here’s what he said here’s we got it. He said I’m gonna put inside of human beings this really intense desire to have see that desire you that desire you have to have a nice house and a nice car and a nice clothes and a nice nice relationships and pocketful of money and great experiences and nice vacations that desire that you have God put that desire in you why so that you would be willing to do the right thing in order to have the things you desire. God cares the most not about our having but we care the most about our having. So you know, you know what eventually happens? We want to have one I have one I have one I have them finally we do that. I’m gonna go ahead and do this thing that will let me have this stuff. That’s what by the way, that’s where that’s where all of us in this room started. That’s where some of you in this room still are. Your your your desire. aim to learn how to do the things that will cause you to have the stuff you desire to have. Were my people. But here’s the problem.

Myron Golden 50:09
And if you’re taking notes, this is the writer downer, a writer, downers. You ready? Everybody is already doing 100% of everything they can do who they are right now. I’m gonna say that one more time. Some of y’all looked at me funny. Everybody like everybody, everybody. I’m only doing that to keep myself awake. I’m entertaining me and let y’all watch is way past my bedtime. Okay. For those of you watching on YouTube, like it’s a midnight mastermind, I go upstairs at 830 start running my bathwater, so I can be in the beer. Good intro, yeah, here we are, oh, help me, Jesus had a quarter to 11 and I’m running my mouth. So. So everybody is already doing 100% of everything they can do, who they are right now. So if you desire to do more than you’ve been doing, so you can have more than you’ve been having, you have to eventually yield to the thing God cares about the most. And that’s you got to start becoming who you can be. That’s the part God cares the most about? Who are you being while you’re doing what you’re doing, and seeking to have what you’re desiring to have? Well, when I get that down, see, like, that’s why I’m not gonna chase rabbits, because I don’t have time. In all of us, and I’m going to end on this this last point, this not the last points, just the last point I’m gonna talk about now, because I wanna hear from Russell. So all of us, have, inside of us, what we call potential, what’s potential difference between in our property, our potential is the difference between what we have and what we could have in our activity is the difference between what we do and what we could be doing in our identity is the difference between who we are and who we could be.

Myron Golden 52:18
That’s the gap. So what all of us are doing whether we realize it or not, we’re seeking to fill the gap, you’re here to fill your gap. You thought you came to fill the gap in your property. But you didn’t realize that there’s a sequence to this thing, you can’t start there. You got to start by filling the gap in your activity, I mean, in your identity. So what is the gap in your identity? Like this is this is like this, like you’re being nothing that you can be this is like your being all that you can be none of us are here. None of us are here. Most of us are somewhere down in here. Even if we feel like we’re all the way up here. I mean, no tracking. So you might feel like you’re up here, but I got news for you, baby you down here. My eraser fell out. Oh, there is that it? No, that’s not it. So I’m gonna erase with this thing. So so you’re not up here. But I didn’t mess with you. I end up there either. I’m not I interrupted. Okay, so how do I fill this gap in my identity, I fill the gap. In my identity I talked about earlier today, I fill the gap of my identity, through intentionality. I become hyper intentional about everything I am doing and everything that I am being.

Myron Golden 53:33
Thank you. Thank you, Miranda. I fill the gap. I fill the gap. And that’s how I like fill the gap with intention and I start ignoring distractions. And I start hyper focusing on intention. And this gap starts getting fuller and fuller, it starts filling up on becoming more than I used to be I’m becoming more than I used to. And here’s what happens if you ever do get all the way up here, guess what happens? This just gets bigger. Your potential gets bigger. As you fill the gap, your potential gets bigger. So there’s no such thing as filling it up to the full because when you fill it up to the full full gets bigger Are y’all tracking? Okay? In our activity, how do I become How do I do more than I’ve been doing? That we fill the gap in our activity? You know, that’s none of the things you can do. That’s everything you can do. Some of us are most of us are right down here.

Myron Golden 54:20
And if we feel like we’re higher, so we filled we fill this we fill this gap, we fill this identity gap with intentionality. I’m just gonna put in 10 we fill this gap with ingenuity, ingenuity, we keep on we keep on working a new approach until we find out an approach that works like gangbusters. We don’t get married to anything until it works. People thought they come up with an idea they fall in love with it, and they run 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction. Attempting to prove an idea works because they came up with it What happens? Well, the gap in our property, the half part, we fill this with intensity. And I am telling you, when you will become hyper intentional, and like, like just always learning looking for a new approach and then become intense. What happens? Everything changes for you. So that’s what I got for you. Are you good? You’re gonna for IB. We’re gonna have Russell do one more something, and then we’re gonna answer three or four questions. And then I’m gonna be like Pharaoh let God’s people go.

Myron Golden 55:40
I know. Yeah, exactly. Because you got work to do tomorrow. I do, too. Yeah, so y’all y’all got y’all got some learning to do. I don’t want your mind not to be sharp. It’s almost 11 o’clock. So do you have something else you’d like to share? Or do you want to just go straight into q&a? What do you want to do?

Let’s do a q&a real quick. And then, and then we’ll be done. Okay,

Myron Golden 55:57
so let’s do a q&a. Who’s got a question for Russell? You’re gonna ask me questions all the time. I’m gonna be early. You know, talk to me. Okay, so that was that was question for me. So his question was, if you’re like, attempting a new approach, how do you know when to stop doing it? I think that’s gonna be different for everybody. So I’ll let I’ll let you or I can answer it first. And do you answer? Are you going to answer the first nine answer? What do you want? How you wanna do it? How do you know when you attempted approach and enough times that this has not been working, this is not going to work? I’m done.

It’s hard, because it depends on I mean, not to watch it to see like, some people just some people try them, they didn’t work and they run away really fast. Some people will, like drown themselves holding on to an idea. I’ve had friends who’ve done that, who just won’t let up the thing. And so there’s some there’s some version in between, I don’t think it’s ever like letting go or not letting go. I think it’s, it’s like lots of little pivots, like tweaks and pivots and changes. But I think it’s less like this is work, or this doesn’t work as much as like, with anything I’m doing. My goal is I’m putting it on the market and see how the markets responding to something, right? Because the market is the ultimate judge. Like, I only care about what people will like, will you vote on this thing with your credit card? Like that’s the only thing that actually matters in anything, right? So I’m doing in my, in my ideas, I’m putting it out there testing thing. I’ve seen people look at the credit card, if they don’t, then okay, something something was incorrect there, something wasn’t quite right. I’m gonna try another angle, another angle, another angle.

And so I’m looking until something hits. Right. So it’s rarely it’s like something works or doesn’t work. It’s just like, it’s being willing to make big enough pivots or shifts around it to see like, like, especially if you believe in that thing, right? I think a lot of us are feel like we’re called for something that we’re trying to do this thing, but like, it’s not always gonna be the first time the second time. Like for me to build Click Funnels. Two years or three years ago, Frank live, I went through, I found every domain I ever bought, every funnel that ever actually went live before. Clickfunnels was 150 funnels that launched before I launched the Click Funnels funnel. And so some of those had some success in a different like, you know, compared to Clickfunnels, they were all failures. But every single one of them like, by me tempting, and attempting and attempting, it’s the thing that made me worthy. So that someday, God had blessed me with the idea for click funnels. And so for me, it’s less like it’s working or not, it’s just like, it’s attacking, attacking, attacking, and like, and listening and like seeing, you know, where you’re led to, and trying, again, trying to get it over time. It’s like if you keep being persistent. That’s when that’s when it shows up.

Myron Golden 58:15
And I think a lot of times people are looking to looking at whether or not the approach worked, and then determining that because this approach didn’t work that this is necessarily a bad idea. Just because there are first of all, ingenuity is not about changing the objective. It’s about changing the method to get to the objective, right? So and I’m only going to like, people say, Well, man, what kind of books do you write, I only want to I only write the kind of books people want to pay to read. I don’t want you want to write the books people want to read, I want to write the books people want to pay to read. Right. So I like Russell said, I let the marketplace determine what objective that I set in business because they’re the ones are going to pay for it. Right? It was, like I said about Bill Gates earlier, somebody asked me Do you have an iPhone? No, I don’t have an iPhone.

Myron Golden 58:58
He had a Zune, right. But he was the only person in the world who had one, right. And that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much, right? It failed miserably, why He created the thing he wanted to create, instead of creating things marketplace wanted to buy. So the thing that we need to adjust is the approach. Maybe we might need to adjust the approach 1000 times, we may only need to adjust the objective one time. And you want to set an objective. Like if you’re starting out and you’re setting your objective by yourself and you think you’re right, that was like the most dangerous I don’t know what you think. But that’s one of the most dangerous things you can do is build to believe that you know what the marketplace wants to be so I’m gonna make them take this. Me want to find out what they want to take. I’m not gonna make that right in the marketplace for for business. Was that was that helpful? You’re not cool. David, I saw your hand pop up. So his question was, what are some of the most effective I’m repeating it for you too, but for those of you who are wondering, so what What are some of the most effective ways for increasing short rates on webinars?

So people’s attention spans are this long, right? So the biggest problems you’ll have typically is especially they’re buying advertising or advertising a webinar way too long. We found like, if, if someone registers more than like two and a half days out from the webinar, they’re not showing up at all. Right? You might see me once like this for a webinar a week in advance, a search sent emails and all sorts of stuff. And like the promises, our attention spans are so small. So everyone’s like, most of my registrations for webinar happen within 48 hours of the actual webinar. That’s number one, right? Especially email and stuff like that, the further you send it, it’s just like, it’s just a waste of money. Because, you know, there’s that number two is just like, again, their attention spans this this long is the only thing that actually gets into the webinar. Not the only thing. But one of the core things is like the message they get right for webinar hits. So it’s hitting him from any angle can from text message, email, mic, because most people are going to forget unless it’s one second before. And then the third, and like the most important of all the things is curiosity.

The more like, if someone’s registering for a webinar, and they think they can answer the question of what the promise is on the webinar, then they’re likely to showing up really small, when you open such like so much like rock curiosity, where they can’t figure it out, the only way to figure out is getting on the webinar, that’s when show up rates are the biggest, that’s what like, has to be, I gotta say it on my calendar. So we had Mike and AJ in my inner circle, they were back today, and this is three or four years ago, but they were, it was costing him like, he was like, 3540 hours to get registered, which is crazy. And then and then a short break was like 14 15%, like he was really, really bad. And the Kinder circle, like how do we people show up? And the only thing we changed was like, if you if you read their headline, and the headline was like, how to how to use local something to increase or how to use local reviews to to increase your clients, blah, blah, blah, right? Some read that, but I Oh, it’s local reviews. I know what a local reviews are. I’m a genius. So they didn’t say like the registration was low. So the ad costs are really high.

And show rate was really low as well. It’s always changing. I said, Don’t tell him what is homeless, not. So they just changed a headline from how to use local reviews to get more believable law to the new thing we’re doing to get more instant result. And it’s not and by the way, it’s not this or this or that and they list off all the things that wasn’t, which are all the things that they would think that it’s not SEO, it’s not PPC, it’s not this is not this not this not this register, and we’ll tell you what it is, then it was like curiosity, what happened is like the conversion landing page went up. So that cost went from whatever 30 $40 down to like $12 per opt in. And then the Convert like a short break with like a 12% conversion rate, I get 25% Convert I just all just rock curiosity. So instead of telling them what the webinar is, tell them what it’s not like, here’s the result they want, here’s what you’re not what it’s not. And like, I don’t know what it is like it’s not it’s kind of one of those things where it’s not like what could possibly be, and that’s the best thing. So curiosity is number one, messages a minute, five minutes before they actually show up in any channel, you have access to him, and then not advertising too far out where they don’t even know who you are. But that time, my three big things.

Myron Golden 1:03:02
I’m gonna go with Stephen then I’m gonna come to Andrew and I’m gonna go to Stephen and we’re gonna be done. I put all those guys I saw their hands first. That’s why, Stephen?

What would you say is your biggest strategy for reducing? Memberships? Memberships? Yeah. Real big situation. So what have you done? What strategies?

Awesome. So we’ve tested a billion things. And of all a billion things. We’ve tested their two that the two that have had the biggest impact consistently across the board and software. And just like pure membership sites, both are under one umbrella and the umbrella is consumption. So we call this operation consumption, how do I get them actually consumed that thing they bought back in the day used to be like, if we don’t sell anything, maybe they’ll forget. And then like the bill will go through, right? Cause the bad user experience is the opposite. I need to get them to consume. So in Clickfunnels, the biggest thing you did if someone creates a Clickfunnels account, if they just log in, they hit the members area, there’s all these features and stuff, they sit there and then they don’t do and then they log out and cancel. So the first thing I have to get them I feel like I have to force feed them like how do I get you to actually stop for five seconds so I can show you what this actually is. So what we did in Click Funnels back at eight or nine years ago now is yes in the funnel hacker T shirts, the Louis get a funnel hacker T shirts to watch us if he has had that. It might be a couple of places you can buy with most part.

So let’s come in and there’s a video says Hey, before you start a Clickfunnels account. I want to bribe you because I found that people who don’t you who on Clickfunnels didn’t start using software. A lot of them dropped out to learn how to use it. But if they watched a 10 minute video ahead of time showing how to use it, their success rates way higher. So I’m gonna bribe you to watch a 10 minute video I will give you this shirt for free. So just watch this video, I’ll ship the shirt out. I’ll cover shipping and cost and everything. And so then they watch the video where I walk them through. This is what a funnel is. This is how it works. This is where you click and then they know what it is. And they actually log in then they can consume it. So that’s number one.

And then the second biggest thing is when someone comes in we have a consumption sequence where every day they’re getting an email and the message that is telling them how to do one One thing, this is my biggest mistake initially, initially, I was like, hey, login, we’re gonna take your login and your buy domain name, we’re gonna set this up a 10. There’s an and killed consumption. So it’s like login, go buy your domain name tomorrow, take the next step. So cool, take their login and pick a template and the next day or the next day you can now you think the temp, I’m sure had edit the template each day was just one micro task, they go in there and do the thing. So right now we’re for Clickfunnels 2.0. We don’t have either those sequences in there because you know how dumb we are. And so I filmed that new T shirt version last week, which be going live here in a little bit. And then we’re bringing back our one funnel away challenge as a consumption sequence. When somebody comes in to click funnels, everybody will go through the one funnel way sequence, be 30 days, all built to teach one principle and having to do that principle in software over 30 days to get them to consume. So those of all things are the two things that had the biggest impact for us.

Myron Golden 1:05:47
So good. Yeah, so good. Stuff. Beautiful Russell, that was really good. Andrew Russell, thanks for coming on, man. It was really good. Pirate. Thanks for 100%.

So, I mean, you’re in the thick of things. Where do you see the internet as overall? Three years? Three years? Single question. I’m excited for most of it, somebody who’s really crazy. But what I’m excited for is right now the world we live in. We all be really, really good copywriters, and things like that. Because we’re guessing right? I could write a sales page. And it’s like an event. If I speak at an event, I know I got 5000 people in a room selling a package, I’m going to create the best possible offer that he’s going to address as many concerns as possible motivate people. And that’s where hoping for what the what’s coming super rapidly AI there’s a million use cases for AI. But the thing that makes me most excited is just customization based on AI. So we’ll work on how Clickfunnels is making is in we’re not far from from it being like a legitimate thing that we’ll all be able to start using is instead of just coming to a page and try to get three or 4% conversion, tweaking your headline, like we know all the data about some, especially if they’ve bought something in the past and your Clickfunnels account, we know who they are, where they live, how much money they make, we know the social profiles that we all the data on somebody, right?

And so when somebody comes in, instead of just like having a static headline, in real time, it’ll be single click on a link and you know, oh, that person is from Tampa, Florida. They make $300,000 a year and whatever. So the AI will be smart to say like, Hey, show the headline, it’s most likely universe, someone who’s in Tampa, Florida, make 150,000 and write the headline for that person. Right. And then write headline, pictures, images, and it’ll like rendering out pages in real time based on who the person is. So instead of just like hoping to convert the best we can, it’s like knowing as much as we can about the person. So the more customers you have in your platform, the more they buy for me more like I now know, hey, if mirin, six extra secrets, no traffic secrets from me. I know that’d be great upsell or get cross or exit pop or whatever, we can build things on the fly as people are coming in. And that’s, that’s saying the future is just it’s no longer static, anything. It’s all based on the boring the more data, we get our customer profiles that somebody has probably seen him watching. Well, I have a I have a company I’m watching with like five ulterior motives, but one of them is this.

So it’s a personality Do you guys have ever seen him taking the personality profile before? If you know someone’s personality profile, it’s really easy to sell them, right? Because, you know, like, mostly everything about him. So we created software called understand me, which is really cool. Which basically, you go in there and you take all the personality profiles, and that creates one page. So you go like Brunson, you guys can see my DISC profile, my Enneagram my Myers Briggs, like always, so all my tests are there, you can see them really quickly. But what’s cool that we’re gonna be releasing to Clickfunnels real in the future is that data is like when somebody comes in, and they opt into your funnel, and it pings back, say, Oh, this person’s a INFJ, the high D high and their Enneagram, three wing, whatever, right? Write a headline for that person, and I’ll send you like, based on their profiles, like everything’s rendered out in real time. So that’s what I think the future is the next next three years. Great.

Myron Golden 1:08:48
Steven, and then we got to call it and I gotta get Russell some rest.

About over delivering, and like every aspect of life, and you know, we’re having a conversation at the bar, me and my partner, and we were discussing ways to open a lizard for for our community has given them like way more value than we charge. So my question to you is, how do you determine when you’re giving too much value? And how do you gauge that perspective to the price that you actually charge? Like, what do you know?

The biggest thing I think that people understand is, it’s not so much that they wonder, like, why am I giving so much value and it changes the pricing, it’s not, it’s not so much that as much as like, the delivery, the things will change the pricing, right? Like remember secrets book, I wasn’t trying to say how much value to give, before I give more, I’m gonna give all the value I have like, so I kill myself on a book, all the values there. And so then, the way I charge more is not by giving them more value is by changing the delivery mechanism. So I have a quote, I would say that people will spend more money for the exact same content package in different way. So it’s the way I’m packaging, it changes the pricing tiers and levels, right book versus the course versus a seminar versus a mastermind. That’s what’s shifting, you know, like, just our coaching program 24 I have a 50 115 20 $50,000 level and what we, like we over deliver all levels, but there’s no like, Okay, I’m gonna hold this back because they’re not ready for it’s like it’s all there. Just the delivery is what shifts the shifts the pricing. So that’s kind of how I look at it more so like that.

Myron Golden 1:10:15
Yeah. So I want to say thank you all for coming. I hope this has been extremely beneficial. I gotta get my homeboy from Idaho. Back to the hotel, so you can get some rest before asked to stand up and rock our worlds tomorrow. And y’all need to get some rest before your world gets rocked tomorrow if you’re able to sleep after this amazing night. I’ll probably get the sleep about one o’clock in the morning. But anyway, Love y’all see y’all tomorrow. Go do great things. Yeah.

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