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Multiple Streams For Millionaire Dreams

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We’ve all heard of multiple streams of income. Robert Allen wrote the book we’ve all talked about multiple streams of income. Some of us have multiple streams of income, others of us desire multiple streams of income. Today I’m going to talk to you about multiple streams, for millionaire dreams. And I love the fact that it’s not called multiple pools of wealth, but it’s called multiple streams of income. I’m going to read a passage to you from Ecclesiastes two passages, Ecclesiastes, chapter 11, verses one through six first it says, Castlight bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days give a portion to seven and also to eight without notice not what evil shall be upon the earth. The clouds be full of rain, and they empty themselves upon the earth.

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And if the tree fall toward the south, or towards the north, and the place where the tree followed there shall be heathen, observe it the wind shall not so he that regarded the clouds shall not reap, as thou knowest not what is in the way of the spirit, nor how the bones grow in the womb of her that is with child, even so thou knowest not the works of God, who make it all. In the morning, so thy seed and the evening with hold mouth on hand, for thou knowest not whether shall prosper either this or that, or whether they both shall be a light, good. So that’s the first passage. The second passage is Ecclesiastes, chapter five, verses one through three. Here’s what it says. It says, keep thy foot will now go, to keep thy foot when now goes to the house of God, and be more ready to hear, than to give sacrifice of fools, for they consider not that they do evil. Be not rash with thy mouth. And let not thine heart be hasty to utter if anything before God, for God is in heaven, and thou art upon the earth. Therefore let thy words be few.

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For a dream, cometh through a multitude of business, and a fools voices known by a multitude of words, multiple streams, for millionaire dreams. The second passage is talking about like, don’t talk about it, walk about it, right? Don’t just run your mouth and say a lot of words thinking that somebody’s gonna be impressed with your words. Because a dream comes through a multitude of business doing something. But a fools voice is known by the multitude of words. Now, here’s what’s interesting. He said, Cast my bread upon the waters, this King Solomon talking, by the way, I want you to notice there are two types of bodies of water upon the earth, there are collections of water. Big collections of waters are called what oceans a little bit smaller collections of water called wet, seas, little bit smaller now that so those are bodies were a little smaller, a lake smaller than that a pond smaller than that a puddle Are y’all tracking.

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So they’re, they’re collections of water, or what we could call pools of water. But pools of water aren’t moving. I mean, they move with waves if the wind blows, but they’re not flowing like a river, which is a second type of body of water. It’s a flowing body of water. A river is a flowing body of water. A stream is a flowing body of water. A Creek is a flowing body of water. Now, when I talk about pools of bodies of water, there are two types of pools of bodies of water. The two types of pools of bodies of water are a pool that has an inlet, and an outlet. And a pool that has an inlet and no outlet. Now, I’m talking about this because we’re talking about multiple streams of income. We’re not talking about multiple pools of income, we’re talking about multiple streams of income.

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And so a pool of water is a body of water. So pools about bodies of water, big pools of water, that are alive have an inlet and an outlet and things live in them. Fish live in them. Crawfish live in them. crabs live in them alligators, crocodiles, sharks, and dolphins. All of these different living organisms live in pools of bodies of water that have inlets and outlets. But in dead bodies of water, like the Dead Sea, like the Great Salt Lake, they don’t have things living in them. In fact, the reason the Dead Sea is the Dead Sea is because it has an inlet, because you got too late got you got two lakes or two seas in Israel. What are they? You got in the north you got the Sea of Galilee has an inlet and an outlet. You got the River Jordan, the water flows down the river Jordan into the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea receives and gives nothing. That’s why it’s the Dead Sea.

Myron Golden 04:53
So if you want your money to die, put it in a pool that has an inlet and no outlet. I said that too fast. If you want your money to die, put it in a pool with an inlet but no outlet. Here’s the problem. Here’s why people, a lot of people don’t create wealth. They’re more focused on wealth, accumulation, money accumulation, cash accumulation than they are cash flow. Now I’m gonna say something. You may or you may agree, you may disagree. I don’t care if you disagree. It’s okay. We’re still friends, you’ve been wrong before. I’ll let you be wrong again. Okay, just kidding. So understand this, that, that if you I would rather have $10 million, I would rather have $1 million of cash flow. And no cash accumulated. Then $10 million of cash accumulated and no cash flow.

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I know I said that too fast for you dinner. Because cash flowing is cash growing. I wish I had some health in hand. And so so we’ve been programmed by the cultural, hypnotic societal mechanism to accumulate big piles of money. You will never be rich, until you understand that money. Cash is a tool to be used, and not a pool to be viewed. You’ll never be rich. And I’m looking at the camera because I want you to wrap your mind around what I’m telling you. As long as you as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, and employee or as a human being that makes money as long as you are a cheapskate, and you are afraid to spend money, you cannot become rich. Because every you’ve heard me say this before, but I’m gonna say it in a different context. Every word is a seed. Every thought is a seed. every deed is a seed. And every dollar is a seed that I am sowing into the garden my future have you don’t want to grow some big old money trees in your backyard wave at me way back and you want to grow some big money trees in your backyard? Well, guess what? If you want to grow big money trees in your backyard, you have to so many seeds.

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If you’re unwilling to so many seeds, you can’t grow many trees. If you don’t grow money, trees, you can’t produce money fruit. And so what happens is, we have to stop building these dead lakes of money. So I have to stop focusing on building these dead pools of money and start making sure our cash is flowing and turning into more money. So multiple streams for millionaire dreams. The first thing we have to do if we want to, we want to have we want our millionaire dreams to come true. We have to have multiple streams of value, we have to create multiple streams of value. How do I create a multiple stream of value Meyer, I’m about to tell you. I often say you know, wealth is not money. What is wealth, wealth is the value I create for someone other than myself.

Myron Golden 08:12
So if I am self absorbed and selfish, I’m only gonna be thinking about me when I’m talking to you. If I’m thinking about me, when I’m talking to you, I can’t get wealthy, but I’m thinking about how to solve your problem when I’m talking to you. Now I can create wealth. So if I become obsessed with solving other people’s problems, it’s virtually impossible for me not to get rich. So I want to create multiple streams of value. Now. I can’t create value for someone until I discover what’s valuable to that someone. So how do I discover what’s valuable in the marketplace to someone other than me? Well, I have to realize where does value come from? Where does value come from? value comes from more places than this. But these are three places I’m going to talk about right now the first place value comes from is past perceived voids, create present pursued values. Now, here’s what happens. You may not care about cars, and so you still drive your 1999 Jeep Wrangler, let’s say because you don’t really care about cars aren’t your thing.

Myron Golden 09:24
But you may look at somebody who likes cars, and they go buy a new Lamborghini and or they go buy a new Bentley or Rolls Royce or whatever, Mercedes, whatever. And you man Oh, they just think there’s some well let before you judge that person thinking you know why they’re doing that? If you are because you don’t care about cars, because it’s not your thing. If you bought that car, the only reason you’d buy it would be to show off. So you assumed that when the other person bought it. The only reason they bought it was to show off, but that’s not necessarily the case. See past perceived voids create present perceived values. What does that mean? When I grew up, my parents never bought a new Car. Never once in my lifetime in my house growing up to my parents ever buy a new car. I like cars, I don’t buy cars to show off. I buy cars because I like cars.

Myron Golden 10:10
I like I like a particular kind of car. So I’m going to tell what kind of car I like, the kind I don’t have to work on. At all. The kinda has a light that comes on says, service require, I take it and drop it off. That’s all I do. I just drop it off. And I leave. Sometimes I leave with a loaner car, I come back, I pick up my car, and it’s fixed. And I didn’t fix it. Why not? That’s valuable to me. Why? Because when I was growing up, all the cars I bought in my life were cars I had to fix before I could drive. That was a past void. A car was a past void in my life, which created a present pursued by that’s why I have a handful of luxury cars that are really, really nice. Why not? Because I’m trying to show up. I don’t really care what somebody thinks about me. I don’t need anybody think anything about me. But that’s a past perceived void in my life.

Myron Golden 11:05
What’s the past perceived void in your life? Right, Tony Robbins talks about the fact when he was a kid, he remembers being hungry. So what does he do? He feeds all these hungry people. Cool, right? So whatever your path, you I gotta discover what’s been missing in the past for the people I desire to serve. And then once I discover what’s been missing in the past for them, I can offer that to them. And when I offer that to them, they’re happy to pay me money. How cool is that? So past perceived voids, create present perceived values, but that’s not the only place value comes from second place value comes from is present. Perceived virtue creates present pursued values. What does that mean? Like if what’s virtue, virtue is something good. So if in your mind, like feeding homeless people is virtuous, then what you’re gonna do is you’re going to seek to do that good, you’re going to like use your money to pursue that virtue, whatever that virtue is for you.

Myron Golden 11:59
Right? I’ve got a guy in one of my, who’s one of my VIP students. And this guy, he said, I got out of the joint, when I got out of the joint, I was homeless. So what does he do? He says, every week, I find some homeless people. And I go, and I get handed out $100 bills to homeless people. Why? Because that’s a President pursued a perceived virtue, like, I’m going to help people who are where I used to be, because that’s some good that I can do in the world, right. And so whatever you vert, whatever is virtuous to you, whatever is a good thing to you, that’s gonna be one of the things you value. So if you can help other people, pursue their present perceived virtues, whatever that is. And for a lot of people, that’s money for a lot of people, that’s fitness. And for a lot of people that’s relationship, whatever it is, if I can help you achieve a virtue right now, based on something I’m doing, you’d be happy to pay me or if you can help me, I’d be happy to pay you.

Myron Golden 12:52
So we got to understand this word value is not just the word value, we have to understand what what creates value. So present perceived, virtue also creates present pursued values, but also future perceived visions. So things that people are looking forward to in the future, that’s their, their clear vision of the outcomes they desire to have. If I can help a person, based on their past perceived voids, their present, perceived virtues and their future, perceived visions, if I can help them achieve those things, that any one of those things, then they will pay me for doing that, because that’s the value that’s what’s valuable to them. Here’s the mistake we make the mistake we make is we make the mistake of thinking that our past voids create values for other people when they don’t know so if I have to me cars as a pass for C void, but for you cars, not a pass for C void, if I talk to you about hey, if you learn how to do this skill, you’ll be able to buy whatever car you want, you’re like, I don’t care to drive the car want to drive.

Myron Golden 13:53
Right? If to you if to me present virtue is being able to present virtue for me is being able to create a higher quality YouTube video, or that’s my virtue and you talk to me about solving all the problems in the world and I may not that may not be my present virtue that I’m perceiving right if I talk to you so to me, like creating high quality YouTube videos is something good that I can do right now. And the better the quality the better serves people so if it comes time for me to buy a new camera, buy a new camera, new microphone, buy a new microphone new whatever I buy whatever I gotta do to create a higher caliber level of video I’m going to do that well watch what happens if I want to talk well, if you do this, you can’t have a Better YouTube Channel. What if you don’t have a YouTube channel? What if you don’t care about having a YouTube channel all you want to do is go feed homeless people well, that’s not going to be a present pursue so we talk to people about our the things that we value thinking that they’re gonna value them because we think they’re valuable. They’re only valuable to us because we value them.

Myron Golden 14:49
Let’s say in the future, what what you want to do is retire but I don’t want to retire. All I want to do is build successful businesses so I leave a better inheritance to my children, but that’s not valuable. You so if I talk to you about leaving inheritance to your children, like, I don’t care about leaving inheritance, you might show and all I want to do is retire or vice versa. All you want to do is leave an inheritance to your children, I talk to you about retirement, you don’t care. So I cannot uncover value to you, I can’t deliver value to you until I discover what you value. How am I going to discover what you value? I’m going to ask you what’s been missing in your life, I’m going to find out what you perceive as being the like the most good that you can do in the world, I’m going to find out what is the thing you desire in the future that you cannot have in the present? If I talk to you about those things, guess what? Now I’m talking to you about something you care about. And when I talk to you about something you care about, you can’t not buy.

Myron Golden 15:35
So that’s value. Okay, we talked about that. So, so multiple streams of value. So you have to do, how do I do I discover a void in the marketplace. I discover something that’s void is emptiness. So I I talk to my client, enough about them to discover what’s missing for them, as opposed to talking to them about my product, my opportunity, my pieces, my process, my person had 75,000 hours of my time, they don’t want 75,000 hours of my time, they want 75,000 hours of their time back. Right? So I discover what’s a void in the marketplace, that I develop a value to fill that void. I discover so like, like, I discovered a void in the marketplace. Here’s what I discovered. I discovered people don’t know how to optimize businesses. So what did I do? I wrote boss moves, which boss moves boss is an acronym that stands for business optimization, success secrets, oh, business optimization, success, secrets, boss moves, boss moves, business optimization, success, secret moves.

Myron Golden 16:40
So what are those moves, move number one, lead generation, increase lead generation move number two, increase the conversions of those leads, move number three, increase the profitability through a premium value offer. Optimization. Number four, move number four is create continuity so that you have like passive income coming in every month without you having to go out and get it and I teach those four moves. And those four moves are the four moves that change business owners lives. And so what do they do, they come in and they keep coming to me in droves teach me how to do the moves teach me how to do the moves, right. So you develop a value that fills that void. And then you declare with your voice to that marketplace, that you have the value to fill their void. It doesn’t matter if you have the value to fill their void. If you don’t tell them, you have to figure out a way to tell them, let them know whether it be on YouTube, whether it be on Instagram, whether it be on if it’s in the classified as my brother in law, John’s here, remember, we used to run the ads in the paper to sell the cars that we fixed up, right? So that’s what we used to do.

Myron Golden 17:33
We fix up a car, take out an ad in the paper and hope we had it ready by the time the ad came out, right? You have to use your voice to get your message to the marketplace that I’ve created a value to fill your void. Okay, that’s multiple streams of value, then, after we create multiple streams of value, we have to create multiple streams of volume. What does that mean? Once I discover, once I discover what you value now when I create that value in volume. So can I tell you a little secret, this is one of this. This is mind blowing you already. Let’s say you want to make money on the internet. If you can make $1, you can make 10. You can make 10, you can make 100. If you can make 100, you can make 1000, you can make 1000, make 100,000 make 100,000 You can make a million.

Myron Golden 18:18
So if you find something that works, here’s my best advice. Don’t get bored with it. Get paid with it. When you find something that works, stop suffering from entrepreneurial ADD. Oh, that worked really well. I think I’ll go do something else. No. Put it on rinse and repeat. Like, like I do I do a challenge every month. It’s called to make more offers challenge. I do it every month. If you say man, how do you do that challenge every month? Don’t you get tired? Tired of it? No, I don’t get tired of it. I don’t get bored with it. I get paid with it. I put it on rinse repeat. I do it once a month, it takes me a week takes me two hours a day for five days in a row to generate hundreds of 1000s of dollars, sometimes millions. Do I get tired of it? And my granddaughter says let me think No, I don’t get tired of it. I just keep doing it. Right. So. So Mark discovered multiple streams of volume study the marketplace, the market of potential. What does that mean? That means?

Myron Golden 19:20
I want to study the markets potential. What does that mean? That means I don’t want to just find a market that has two or three people who want the solution. I want to find a market that has millions of people in it. One of the greatest discoveries of my entrepreneurial life you already fasten your seat belt. Here it is. There are already 1000s Potentially 10s of 1000s potentially hundreds of that potentially millions of people in the world who would love to buy what you’d love to sell them at the price you’d love to sell it to him for if they only knew you existed.

Myron Golden 19:53
So why are you telling me that man? If you will do this one thing you stop trying to find people to sell to Stop trying to find people to sell to. So what do I do? Make yourself more findable for the people who already want to buy what you already want to sell. There are literally potentially millions of people in the world who’d love to buy what you’d love to sell at the price you’d love to sell it for, if they only knew you existed. Mind blows, okay, so, so, study the market, study a market potential, then solve a massive problem. massive problem means the problem is a big problem. And the pool of people that you solve it for is a big pool. Now, here’s what I want to do. I want to solve a big problem that a lot of people guess what? In the United States of America? There are, I’m pretty sure there are 30 million businesses in the United States of America 30 million 30 million.

Myron Golden 20:58
Guess what I know about those 30 million businesses 50% of the gross national product of the United States of America is produced by the square root of 30 million, what’s the square root of 30 million something like 5400. So 50% of the revenue of 30 million businesses is produced by 5400. It might be 5700. I didn’t want I don’t remember what it is 54 to 5700, businesses are producing half of the gross domestic product of 30 million businesses. That means the other 29,995,000 businesses are under optimized. 29 million. Okay, we’ll give you 29,995,000 of the 30 million businesses in the United States are under optimized. That’s a big pool of people that have a very big problem. Because fit 50 450 We’ll just call it 5400 business 5400 businesses are getting half the money. That’s in a pool with 30 million businesses. that’s mind blowing. If I can show those other 29,995,000 businesses how to do better, I’m gonna get rich. Guess what, like really, really rich.

Myron Golden 22:19
Guess what will make me even richer than that. If I figure out how to help those 50 foot 400 businesses make more optimized better. that’ll pay me even more, not fewer clients. I’m getting paid more money per client. I’m telling you, you got to, you got to have multiple streams of value, but you also have to have multiple streams of business. So you study markets, potential, then you solve a massive problem for that market. And then you sell it with massive penetration. What does that How do you sell with massive penetration be everywhere? The fastest and best way? I have found to be everywhere so far. I’m not saying this is always going to be the case. But so far for me has been YouTube, which is why create YouTube videos.

Myron Golden 23:01
So the marketplace can find out I’m there and they can call me say can you help me solve my problem? Sure. Pay me I’ll help you solve your problem. They pay me help them solve their problem. They say, Hey, man, help me solve my problem. Boom, it’s done. Okay, so multiple streams for millionaire dreams means I’m discovering multiple streams of value. And then I’m developing multiple streams of volume. And then I’m developing those multiple streams of volume with multiple streams of velocity, velocity, what’s that speed? Why, because wealth is made with speed. What I mean wealth is made with speed. I mean, you as an entrepreneur or an employee, you’re already making enough money to be rich. Already, you’re just making it too slowly. What does that mean? That means if you’re making $50,000 a year, that $50,000 A year 50, that $50,000 is enough to be rich. Now you’re making 50,000 a year, if you change the 50,000 a year to 50,000 a month, congratulations, you’re 12 times richer than you were when you were making. So the amount of money has not changed. The only thing that’s changed is how fast you’re making it.

Myron Golden 24:09
Wealth is made with velocity. If you if you will do this one thing, speed up the rate at which you generate revenue collapse timeframe, so you get paid faster, you only get paid more, you only get paid the same amount faster. So if you take 50,000 A year and you turn it into 50,000 a month, you’re 12 times faster. You take 50,000 a month, and you turn into 50,000 a week. Now you’re 48 480 times richer than you were at first and your whatever that turns out to be like you start making that amount every week. I think you’re 48 times richer than you were the second like Do you understand how powerful that is? Take your annual revenue, turn it into your monthly revenue, take your monthly revenue, turn it into your weekly revenue, take your weekly revenue, turn it into your daily revenue, and then work towards taking your daily revenue and turn it into your hourly revenue. The only thing you did did was you speed it up, you didn’t make more money, you made the same amount of money. You sell insurance, you don’t need to sell more insurance, you just need to sell the same amount of insurance faster.

Myron Golden 25:10
You sell cars, you don’t need to sell more cars, you need to sell the same amount of cars faster. It was crazy. Increase the rate at which you generate revenue. And so wealth is made with speed. Wealth is measured in speed. What I mean wealth is measured in speeds, wealth is measured more in speed than it more in time than it is in money. What does that mean? If you make a million dollars? Are you rich? The answer is it depends. What does it depend on? How long did it take you to make it? By make a million dollars on my rich depends, if you work for 40 years, and you make 25,000 a year 25,000 times 40 years is a million dollars. Are you rich? No why it took you too long. But if you make that same million dollars in a year, now you’re rich, why are you rich? Because you made more money? No, you made the exact same amount of money you just made it faster.

Myron Golden 25:58
Stop living like you think you’re going to live to be 972 It’s not going to happen. And start having some intensity, like live with some intensity like live like you’re dying. And, like produce the results faster. So So you want to you want to have multiple streams of value multiple streams of volume and multiple streams of velocity. So because wealth is made with speed, wealth is measured in speed and wealth is multiplied through steadiness. Your long term wealth doesn’t need to be fast. It just needs to be steady. Myron, should I get rich fast or slow? My answer is always the same. Yes. You get rich fast. You multiply that wealth slowly. It’s both slowly and steadily. If you will do these things you will discover that these multiple streams will work to help you produce your millionaire dreams. Hope that helps. Stay blessed by the best Like Subscribe, comment, all that other YouTube stuff and I look forward to seeing you on the next video. Peace out Cub Scouts

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