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Myron has consulting clients whose businesses are doing 7 and 8 figures in revenue using the business optimization strategies Myron taught them.

His students are experiencing exponential business growth. And he can show anyone how to turn his or her passion into profits. He teaches everyday people to become wealthy, often using skills they already have.

Now he is ready to teach you how to duplicate his success and that of his student’s success.

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Here Is The Best Of Myron Golden

Why Financial Security Blocks Financial Freedom

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that financial security is the same as financial freedom. In fact, don’t even make the mistake of thinking that security is the same as freedom. A lot of people say, Well, I just want some financial security. And they think they mean, I just want financial freedom. They’re, they’re not only not the same, they’re actually opposites. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to make sure you pick the right door for you. I read Robert Allen say a long time ago, there are two doors in life. How many doors? Talk to me, everybody how many doors there are two doors in life. And by the way, we know their doors because they have doorknobs. Okay, so there are two doors in life. One is Mark security. The other is marked freedom. Then he said, if you choose the door Mark security you get neither of you choose the door Mark freedom, you get both. I like what Helen Keller said Helen Keller said that security does not exist in all of nature.

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Savvy Finance And Business Insight

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Hey there, YouTube, Myron golden. Here we are in studio today with a live audience. And I’m going to do some hot seat q&a, coaching, answering business questions for entrepreneurs. And hopefully, you’ll find some help in this. Let’s go. Who wants to go first? Who’s got a question? All right. Laban Laban has a question of the

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Walk Like A Wise Man Not Like A Fool

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Have you ever wondered how can I become more wise? You know, the Scripture says Wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom with all thy getting get understanding. But where do you get that wisdom? Do you go down to like Publix and say I’d like seven pounds of wisdom please? How much is it per pound? I don’t think so. But I’m going to share with you some concepts about how we’re supposed to be wise. From the book of Ephesians In Ephesians, chapter five. Here’s what it says in verse eight. It says, For you are sometimes darkness but now are you light in the Lord, walk as children of light, for the fruit of the Spirit, and is in all goodness and righteousness of truth and truth, Proving what is acceptable unto the LORD, And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them, for it is ashamed to even speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light for what’s our a def make manifest is light.

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Multiple Streams For Millionaire Dreams

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We’ve all heard of multiple streams of income. Robert Allen wrote the book we’ve all talked about multiple streams of income. Some of us have multiple streams of income, others of us desire multiple streams of income. Today I’m going to talk to you about multiple streams, for millionaire dreams. And I love the fact that it’s not called multiple pools of wealth, but it’s called multiple streams of income. I’m going to read a passage to you from Ecclesiastes two passages, Ecclesiastes, chapter 11, verses one through six first it says, Castlight bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days give a portion to seven and also to eight without notice not what evil shall be upon the earth. The clouds be full of rain, and they empty themselves upon the earth.

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How to Make, Manage, and Multiply Wealth

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Hello, my friend Myron golden here. And I wanted to make a quick intro video for this next video that you’re about to watch because for the last year, every Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock, I’ve either gone live or released a Bible study video. This is not going to be a Bible study video, not because I don’t do Bible studies anymore, not because I don’t want to do Bible studies anymore. But because I am traveling right now. And I’m in Pennsylvania, getting my house ready for Airbnb. And I don’t have a Bible study video recorded. I thought we had one, we did not have one. So we have some other videos, I’m gonna release a financial education video. Instead, it’s going to be remarkable. And it’s going to help you tremendously in your life. But it’s not a Bible study video today. But I’ll be back in the saddle next Wednesday, looking forward to sharing the principles from Word of God with you on next Wednesday morning at 10am. So in the meantime, in between time, enjoy this video. And again, my apologies. It’s not a Bible study video, but I believe it’s going to help you a lot.

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How To Finally Be Free From Poverty

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Have you ever felt like you are trapped in poverty like it’s an escape room? Like it’s a it’s a maze like it’s, it’s someplace that feels like no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get out. Well, in this video, I’m going to show you how you can finally once and for all, for the rest of your life, escape the poverty programming trap, because poverty program, why do I say, escape the poverty programming trap, because poverty can’t exist in your experience unless it first exists in your expectation, or in the expectation of someone who was responsible for you while you are growing up in the world. So we have to be, we have to understand that poverty is a mindset, just like wealth is a mindset. And we talked about that on other videos, like the difference between rich people, poor people and middle class people is not how much money they have. But it’s how they think about money. And what they think the primary purpose of money is. Poor people think the primary purpose of money is paying bills.

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