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The Poverty Programming Trap

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Myron Golden 00:00
You’re about to discover the poverty programming that’s kept you stuck, like Chuck in a pickup truck, make sure you watch this entire video. You know, it’s really interesting, people will never behave consistently, in a way that’s inconsistent with their programming. I said that too fast, people will never behave consistently, in a way that’s inconsistent with your program. In fact, your programming runs on your subconscious mind. So let’s, let’s pretend for a minute that your mind is a supercomputer. Get it? Let’s pretend. Okay, so let’s pretend for a minute that your mind is a supercomputer. And you’ve got your subconscious mind and you’ve got your conscious mind. You’re in a computer, you have to have an operating system, what is an operating system, an operating system is the main software of a computer that tells that computer what other software programs that can and cannot run. The problem with our supercomputer of our mind is most of us, we did not choose our operating system.

Myron Golden 00:58
The cultural hypnotic societal mechanism chose that for us. And the cultural hypnotic societal mechanism, which includes the schools, we went to the churches, we gone to our parents, our neighbors, our siblings, our friends, our co workers, our bosses, our employees, the media, the government, all of it has programmed us with what I call a failure operating system. And if you put a failure program in a computer with a failure operating system, you can run that program. But guess what, if you put success software, in a computer, that program failure operating system, all you’re gonna get an error message. By the way, that’s why that’s why so many people, when they hear some truth about wealth, they have to resist it, because their subconscious programming won’t allow them to run that program.

Myron Golden 01:41
And so, so success and failure both operate on from the sub or produced from the subconscious mind, or what I like to call the automatic automatic mind, I like to call our subconscious, our automatic mind, and our conscious mind, our manual mind, all of the results, like 90% of the results in your life are produced by your automatic mind, which means you’re not even aware of it. It’s running below the surface, it’s happening automatically, and you don’t even see it. But here’s what’s interesting. Other people who are not programmed like you can see your programming, how many are picking up what I’m putting down and see what happens is, what happens is, when we hear some truth that’s unfamiliar to us, the first thing we do is we resist it, because well, that can’t be true. Because that doesn’t go along with my paradigm.

Myron Golden 02:28
Because people will never behave consistently in a way that’s inconsistent with the programming. But here’s what’s interesting, I don’t know if y’all can remember back in the 80s, late 80s, when you get you’d have like the 8086 computer in the 8088. And you have the floppy drives, and like and like they came out with a new software system for the computer came out with a new new operating system, you had to uninstall the old operating system, which usually took a couple hours. And then you had to keep putting these floppy disk in and taking one out putting one in taking one out putting it on. And it took a long time to reprogram the so the operating system that computers anybody remember those days? Okay, got a couple of us are old enough to remember those days.

Myron Golden 03:03
Okay. And so what happened is, is they’d make new software, but the new software wouldn’t run on the old operating system, right. And so you had, like, you had to pick a day where, okay, I’m gonna have to uninstall this operating system. And then I’m gonna have to set an alarm to wake up in the middle of the night and keep on putting these discussions I can use my computer tomorrow. Well, the same way. It take took a long time back then to uninstall an operating system and reinstall a new one. It takes a long time for most people to uninstall their failure operating system and install successful operating system. That’s why you have to stay plugged into information and content that is reprogramming you because eventually, here’s what’s gonna happen, I promise you, you see somebody how many y’all notice that when you see someone who’s really, really good at something, they’re really, really good.

Myron Golden 03:48
They make something so complex look effortless, like Michael Jordan was so much better than everybody else when he was in the NBA. When he played basketball, he made it look effortless. Tiger Woods made making birdies and eagles look like he was playing with a child’s toy. Why? Because they had a totally different operating system going. But see, operating systems don’t just affect us in sports, they affect us in every aspect of our lives. They affect us in our finances, they affect us in our businesses. And what happens is we resist because it’s uncomfortable to uninstall that old programming. You know why it’s uncomfortable? Because grandma gave it to me. It’s uncomfortable because mama gave it to me, because daddy gave it to me because my uncle, my uncle Sam gave it to me. And my main Suzy gave it to you.

Myron Golden 04:28
And so I don’t want to take out my favorite teacher gave it to me and my pastor gave it to me and the deacon gave it to me, and we have all of this programming that’s not serving us and not giving us the ability to serve anybody else. But guess what? Did you ever notice that people were failing like miserably? They like make that look effortless? No, I’m not. I’m not trying to be funny. They’re not saying I’m just gonna wake up and mess up my life today. It’s just all the moves they do that day just mess up the whole day. Why it’s their programming Now watch this, this poverty programming like you have been programmed to be broke the cultural, the cultural, hypnotic societal mechanism has programmed you to be sick, broke, misinformed and fearful.

Myron Golden 05:27
And guess what? As long as you are running this program, you’re gonna be sick broke misinformed and for fearful either one of those things are all of those things. Why do why does the culture hypnotic societal mechanism when a sick broke misinformed and fearful because people who are sick broke misinformed and fear for it easier to control than people who are healthy, wealthy, well informed and courageous. And so what we have to do is we have to recognize the program. But see, we have to recognize where it comes from. Do you understand every time the politicians lie to you and tell you they’re going to end income inequality? How do you know they’re live? Because they can’t income inequality. Because income doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it’s the result of something, what’s the result? It’s a result of value that’s created for somebody other than you.

Myron Golden 06:04
So until you eliminate value creation and equality, you can’t eliminate income inequality. They’re lying. The government wants you to think that businesses that are successful are successful because the owners of those businesses are evil. But the reality is, the promoter of that message is the one that’s evil. Now, there are some businesses that are evil. I’m not saying there are no businesses. There are some businesses that were the owners have evil intention, but that’s not generally the nature of business, the media, the movies, like so I don’t I’m not crazy about movies, but the movies that I hate the most superhero movies, I can’t stand them. They’re so terrible. They have programmed so many people to be broke. Say What do you mean? Like you never even thought about that before? Right? See their program.

Myron Golden 06:47
They started programming you when you were a little kid. Anybody remember this guy named? Superman? Right? Superman, you remember who he was right? He was an adopted poor little orphan from another planet. Who was who was his arch enemy? Lex Luthor, Lex Luthor, what was he a multimillionaire subconsciously that they don’t have? Si Si. Do you understand that every time a story is being told, it’s being told on two levels. There’s the covert story. That’s the part that talks to your head. It’s only there to distract you. And the overt story. That’s the part that talks to your heart. It’s there to program you. Oh, okay. What about Spider Man? Oh, another little poor little orphan. raised by his aunt and uncle. Oh, who’s his archenemy? Oh, that’s right.

Myron Golden 07:24
The Green Goblin. He wasn’t a multimillionaire. He was a multimillionaire. They’re always associating wealth with evil. And I know what you’re thinking, see, I already know what you’re thinking. So I’m a mind reader. You’re thinking but Batman was rich. I mean, I was thinking that. See, I knew it. I knew you were thinking I knew. See. You. You gotta get up early in the morning. You won’t catch me on that one. You’re right. Batman was rich, but he’s the only super he’s the only superhero with no superpowers. Now which one would you rather do have a cool car just fly? Okay, I’m, I can’t even go there yet. That’s uh, I can’t go there yet. But I will. I will. I will. I will touch on since you brought it up. Okay. Just be ready. Okay.

Myron Golden 08:10
So so I know the other thing you’re thinking, Yeah, but but but I am is rich. I don’t you already told you. But watch this. Iron Man is a narcissistic jerk. Who takes advantage and walks of everybody walks on everybody. So if they make a superhero that’s rich, they always giving give them an undesirable character trait? What about the Black Panther? See, here’s what the enemy did with the Black Panther, black people, we felt so disenfranchised, that, unfortunately, far too many of us. Just because something’s black. We want to go with it. But see, here’s the problem I have with Black Panther. They were literally in the movie teaching ancestor worship. Ancestor worship, worship my dead ancestors for God was the one that made him I think I’m gonna worship Him. Black Panther was cool. He was rich. He was cool. He was smart.

Myron Golden 09:01
He could fight he did all that. But they had to throw that answer. Because the enemy is always trying to trip us up. And he’ll use whatever method necessary, whatever method possible. See, I’m gonna say something while I’m on this subject. Our primary identifying factor should not be our color. And it should not be our gender. It should not be our educational level. It should not be the amount of money that we have. It should not be an association that we’re a part of. It should not be our fraternity. It should not be our neighborhood. It should not be our country club.

Myron Golden 09:26
Our primary identifying factor of our lives should be the fact that we are redeemed by the blood of the lemon. If that’s not first, you got the wrong thing in first place. I am not black first. By the way. Martin Luther King dreamed of a day when a man would no longer be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. And now we want to be judged. We just just want to judge things by the color of the skin. Do you understand every time you go along with something that’s as a black person every time we go along something with something that’s black and wack, we’re just doing what the oppressors have our answer. Sisters, were agreeing with the oppressors of our ancestors, the most important thing about us is the color of our skin.

Myron Golden 10:05
It’s not. I personally like being a brother, you know, I’m saying, I like my brother swag, you know, I’m saying I like it. But guess what, but guess what? If I was white, I would enjoy that just as much. Because watch this, I am made exactly the way God desired me to be. And I’m not in competition with anybody. So I can celebrate you. And you don’t take anything from me and I can celebrate me and I don’t take anything from you. If you think me celebrating me take something from you. I’m not the one with the problem. And if I think that you celebrate, and you’ve taken something from me, I’m the one with the problem. James, the brother of the Lord. He wrote a book of the New Testament called James, this name was really Yaakov, which is Jacob, but King James, and they changed it to James and it’s not James. But anyway, James, the brother of Jesus.

Myron Golden 10:50
Here’s what he said. He didn’t say James, the brother of the Lord. He didn’t say James, the senior pastor in the church of Jerusalem. He didn’t say, Reverend James, the senior pastor, the church of Jerusalem, here’s we said, James, a servant of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ. That was his primary identifying factor. And if it’s good enough for the half brother, Lord, who’s a senior pastor to churches, Jerusalem is good enough for me for it to be my primary identifying factor. You have been we have been programmed by the government by the media, do you realize that Hollywood was started waging war on business in the 1970s, we didn’t even see it. By the time the average American turns 18 years of age. They’ve seen 10,000 people murdered on television and movies, by business people and entrepreneurs. They’ve seen more people murdered on television by entrepreneurs and business people than even more than even career criminals.

Myron Golden 11:38
No wonder people don’t want to be go into business. All they want to do is save the planet. They’ve been programmed. But let me say this, you weren’t born with any ideas, all of the beliefs, you have somebody you got them from somewhere. So you might want to check the source, before you start running 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction and end up off a cliff somewhere. So here’s, here’s we got to do, we got to understand that the results that my life are producing my life is producing those results automatically. And so if I want to produce some different results, I have to reprogram my automatic mind, I have to be intentional. And I have to be aware, I have to be I have to I have to be aware of the fact like Where’s this coming from? I know from Genesis chapter one, there are four levels of value. There’s the lowest level is implementation.

Myron Golden 12:28
You use your muscles. I’m not gonna do it that way. Use your muscles over time. That’s the resource you use to make money. This is why you’re broke. What do I mean by that? Wealth is a spiritual result. Wealth is a spiritual result. Wealth is spiritual. It is not physical in its nature, it is spiritual in nature. It’s spiritual in nature. Because money that you have can be more than one place at a time, only spiritual things can be more than one place at a time. The thing that gives money its value, there’s nothing backing the money. There’s nothing backing this money I have in my pocket. The thing that makes it valuable is the message that it carries $100 Bill is more valuable than a penny.

Myron Golden 13:03
Even though the material that Penny is made out of is worth more than the material that $100 Bill is made out of. So if money were material, a penny will be worth more than $100 bill. But $100 bills were 10,000 times more why? Because on a penny, it says one cent which means 1% of $1. On $100 bill, it says $100 which means 100 times $1. So the message that it carries is the thing that makes it valuable. But watch this. The other reason it’s value is because we believe it’s valuable. So the two things that make money valuable are the message that it carries and the and the faith that it creates. Language is spiritual. And faith is spiritual wealth is a spiritual outcome. But muscles are a physical resource. Time is a limited resource. We’re multiplying a physical resource times a limited resource, and we’re attempting to produce an unlimited spiritual result.

Myron Golden 13:49
No wonder you’re broke. Second Level unification. Unification, second level of value. on that level, we use our management skills to make money, we’re not broke, you might make anywhere from 40,000 to $250,000 a year. But if a company is paying you $250,000 a year, here’s what they want you to know. They want you to know, they know they own you. They don’t care none about your child’s recital, your grandfather on his deathbed, you’ll make nothing. Right? What’s the next level above that dotted line is where wealth begins to create it. This is communication is the second highest level of value, the highest level of values imagination, most like here, your your your income on the communication level is going to be somewhere between 100k a year.

Myron Golden 14:26
If you’re sell cars, and it might be 100 million a year. If you’re an A list actor or an alias singer, or maybe you write songs or maybe you write movies 100 million a year. These are communication imagination. These are people come up with the best idea or this the resource you use here is your mouth. You got to have a mouth you got to learn how to use it. Pretty much everybody here qualifies for the first part now you gotta start working on the second part. And then your mind the resource use up here or your for imagination or your mind and your money to make money. When you do that. This will take your life to a whole nother level. But you’ve been programmed you’ve been programmed to stay down here are to work real hard to get a degree so you can move up here. And this, you don’t even value it, you realize, and I’m going to end with this in business school, in business school,

Myron Golden 15:09
they don’t even teach you how to sell. You go to school for 876 or eight years to learn how to be a lawyer. They teach you how to practice all this law. They don’t teach you how to get into clients to practice law for you got to school for eight to 20 years to learn how to be a doctor, and they teach you how to work on the human body. They don’t teach how to get any human bodies to work on. We’ve been programmed to be broke. And poverty programming is costing you a fortune. That’s why I always say if you’re broke, if you make less than $50,000 a month, you can’t afford to be watching television. You may be using that time to read some books to learn a new skill you want, but don’t you want to see them? I don’t want to see them. I want to be them. I want somebody watching me live my life on TV. Okay. So that’s how people are programmed to be broke for the rest of your life. Don’t let the cultural hypnotics societal mechanism program you to be broke because your family deserves better than that. God bless you what like Like, subscribe, share all the rest of that YouTube stuff that y’all do. And we got to I gotta go PEACE OUT Cub Scouts.

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