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2,875 Days of Intermittent Fasting and Keto

Introduction and Personal Journey
Hey there! Celebrating 2,875 days in my intermittent fasting keto experiment. If you’d have told me this when I first started that I’d still be doing it, 2,875 days ago, I would have probably thought you were crazy. Our minds can’t typically get our heads wrapped around personal numbers that big. And yet here we are and I think I’m for the better for it.

So back in the intermittent fasting and keto group. This thing is gonna get rocked up. There’s been so much science and studies that came out for both keto both carnivore and it’s not so much against but just on how unhealthy a plant based diet really is.

And, of course, the powers that be that control the money that want to not see this come out there are just as powerful and more powerful. And that’s one of the reasons why I got out of it. I’m not going to go into details, but with the whole mess that happened before, I worked with a lot of doctors and research scientists in all areas of medicines and science. And Let’s just say there was a witch hunt going on and a persecution.

Importance of Doing Your Own Research
So if you’re just new here, one of the things I want you to look at, go Google this. And one of the best pieces of advice I got for if you’re starting out in keto or intermittent fasting or carnivore, is always do your own research. Go to the third, fourth, fifth, sixth page of Google or Bing or, now the other thing is too, there is just one search engine. They all share just one search engine, but you can use some of the AI. But remember the AI is the deck stacked on that too. So, you got to be really careful with where you get the information because if it doesn’t like something, it gets rid of it or it even falsifies it. Okay? And we’re getting into some hairy stuff here, but the easy thing is, checkout the great sugar, What the heck?

The Great Sugar Fraud
It was in ’67, ’66, but check out The Great Sugar Fraud. It even started before this, but I’m going to go into this now.

And this is what kind of really got me rocking into this is that in the sixties, Harvard scientists were bribed to do a study that was really damning for sugar. It was, it talked about how it caused heart attacks, it caused aging, it causes diabetes and all of these other things. Well, guess what? The sugar interest didn’t like that. So, they said, “Hey, here’s a couple of grand.” And it was a minuscule amount of money. And they’ve tried to cover this up since then. But if you look for it, the New York Times did a story on it. NPR, of all places, did a study story on it. And so, basically, you know, not a whole lot of money. They changed the sugar to fat and that’s when everything went haywire. Now, I’ll leave it up to you, but because of that, they probably killed more people than all of the despots in the entire world.

If you think about it, how many heart attacks they caused, how many strokes they caused, how many diabetes and the list goes on. I would say that it’s other than the banning of DDT, there’s no one single act in human history that’s killed as many people. So, and that’s not getting philosophical here.

But anyway, so the cool part is. 2,875 days in my keto experiment.

Transition to a Carnivore Diet
And what I’ve gone to now, and it may take you a while to do this yourself, is I’m almost 99.5% carnivore. It took me a long time to get into it, but once I read the studies, more and more of them that, you know, once you have enough information, there are no decisions. And that’s pretty much the conclusion I came to.

So, my regime right now is somewhat haphazard, although I still, I’m eating typically an 18:6 window for intermittent fasting. So, I’m still doing that. I’m just eating meat. Like yesterday I had four strawberries and stuff.

So, this is a way of life. This isn’t a regime that I have to follow or you’ll be punished, you know.

Keto Workout Regime
So, my workout regime is I keep on doing these fun stuff that I get injured on. But now that I’m semi “healthy” and haven’t… No broken bones. No current stitches or anything, that I’m working out maybe, let’s see, two songs.

So, it’s typically 9 to 12 minutes a day and that’s it. And I’ve got my shirt on here. We’ll, we’ll do this. I’m not really, the type that likes to get out there and, you know, show things off. I don’t need to do it, but here’s the guns. You can see they’re still in pretty good shape and I’m getting more wired on this.

And I’m going to show you the exact workout that I do. It’s literally 8 to 10 minutes a day. And I’m not doing any long distance running or anything like that. You can do it in your house. You don’t have to have a gym membership. I just canceled mine. I had it for nine months. I never went in. Oh, I went in once. I went in one time. It’s like, this is silly. I don’t have to be around a bunch of people if I don’t want to. And I can do it when I want to. So that’s the most important.

So anyway, glad you’re here on intermittent fasting keto or eat fat and get skinny or wherever you’re seeing me on YouTube, probably maybe even The Longer Crowbar. But I’m celebrating this.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Keto
2,875 days of experimentation with me, and the benefits, until you try it, you’re never going to know how much better you feel, how much better you can think clearly.

And one of the things is I need to get back to, I have not done videos. And like, I just dropped off of the face of the earth. So, I pulled a Forrest Gump where he just stopped running. And I stopped doing videos about four or five years ago, realistically, I mean, hardcore. And it takes a while to get back into figuring out how to do these and talk extemporaneously. So, anyway, wherever you’re watching this, I’m going to put out so much information that you can double check yourself. That you’ll hopefully make the right decision for you because I don’t have any medical advice or anything like that, especially with all the attorneys and everything else coming down to you, but I’m just gonna tell you what I’ve done and what literally thousands of other people in all of my groups and privately have done.

And this isn’t my full time gig.

My Other Ventures and Hobbies
I’ve got a marketing agency and a software company. We build websites, of course. We’ve got AI products that we’ve been working on for three years and stuff. But so this is just something that I do that’s kind of like a hobby. And it’s something that I do so that I can work when I need to, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18 hours a day, and still have enough juice to make decisions that are at least semi good, right? You know.

I think, although, you know, I’ve got a, there’s a, there was a couple of things that I wanted to go through.

TheImportance of Consistency and Trusting Your Gut
Oh, there’s five things, five rules to to live by when you’re looking at any of these things.

One, the thing I found is if you want to make money, never, ever take advice from a broke person. All right. They may have good advice, but there was something going on. Why, if it’s so good, why didn’t they do it? And I think we’ve all been there in the past, but it’s typically, when it comes to money, most people don’t make a decision fast enough. It’s not making a decision too fast or jumping into it, but they don’t make it fast enough. And everybody’s worried about a get rich quick scheme. Well, guess what? If you’re working a nine to five, you’ve already been scammed. So, unless you make money fast enough, it’s not really going to do you any good. So, that part’s there.

Don’t take weight loss advice from someone that’s not in shape. If they’re fat as a house or skinny as a rail, and they look like they’re going on death’s door, you might not want to take advice from them.

Secondarily, when you go to the doctor, I know this is going to be controversial, if they offer to give you pills first without asking about your diet or your lifestyle, run away as fast as you can. All doctors and all professionals aren’t created equal. As I like to say, most experts aren’t, and it doesn’t matter what field they’re in.

Let’s see. Thirdly. When you’re taking advice, always do your own research, especially with my stuff or anybody’s. Just conclude that, and this is how I like to go with it, I always take everybody’s advice that they mean well, but they’re just clueless. Okay. So, any new experts, and I’ve seen them, like they’ll get five or six things right, and you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, but you take the four or five things, but most experts, though there’s only 1% in any given profession that are really at the top of the game. I mean really really really at the top of their game.

So, no matter what you… what niche you’re in, again, this whole extemporaneous video thing, is just be careful with it. Always do your own flipping research. And then, last but not least, you know, , when you see signs for any individual watch what they do, not what they say. And see how consistent they are.

And then, when you see something that just doesn’t make sense, trust your flipping gut on this. It will save you and your family so much grief, it’s not even funny.

Conclusion and Future Plans
So anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, whatever trips your trigger this time of year. And I think that’s going to be about it. May 2024 be your best year ever.

And I am going to put out my workout regime that will, you know, if you want to eight to 10 minutes a day in your house. It doesn’t involve a whole bunch of huffing and puffing. Some, but not a lot. And what I do is, I came at this as I want to do the minimum amount of time and effort for maximum effect. And if you take that through to your, in every part of your life, you’re going to be just fine.

And so, I’ve got monkey arms. So, when I work out, I have to work out a lot to get size because it doesn’t look proportional in stuff. So, my arms are, I think, too much longer than my body weight. So, that happens with tall guys. So, we have to do a lot more work than short people to get the same amount of bulk and size. But anyway, I’m rambling on here.

Thank you for watching. I appreciate it. Hope you got something out of this. And I promise I’m gonna give you some juicy stuff. And we’re gonna get this group, or wherever you’re seeing this, back up to stuff.

And the other thing is too, because I don’t need to make a bunch of money off of this And not saying charging money isn’t good because you know, where our pocketbook goes, our heart goes. And that’s really important because if you get stuff for free, most people don’t appreciate it. So, that’s one of the things I learned.

So, we’ll get into that stuff later, but hope you’re doing great. Try intermittent fasting keto. 2,875 days later, still loving it, still in 6th gear. I think I got 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and we may have one of those infinity transmissions, where the faster you go, the gearing changes automatically.

So, that’s it. Alright, thanks a bunch. Andrew Anderson signing off, and you have a wonderful 2024 if I don’t talk to you, okay? See ya. Now it’s back to work.

And here’s the other part too. I hope you have the most profitable 2024 of your entire life. Seriously, so that you can have enough money to do the cool things that you want with the people that you want, when you want, and with your loved ones. So, that’s one of the things that I have in keto. That’s why I got into it, so I can make more money, so I can take care of the people that I love. And because we only got this much time on the world. And it goes tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. And if you don’t have enough money and you’re broke as a joke and ready to choke, you can’t enjoy your life. So, that’s one of the reasons why you may want to do intermittent fasting, keto, carnivore, whatever. Just do something. We’ll talk to you later. See ya.

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