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You Don’t Need To Look For Wisdom Because It is Looking For You

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Have you ever felt like you’ve been trying really, really hard to learn something and you feel like you’re just like, you’re putting all your effort into it, it’s still not clicking. That’s how most people live their lives. But I’ve got good news, you can stop looking for wisdom. Because wisdom is looking for you. And when it finds you, it brings all kinds of good stuff with it. So let’s go and look at the fact that wisdom is looking for you. Now, you know, I don’t know about y’all. But I used to think when I used to hear the word wisdom when I was younger, I just thought it meant smart. Right? Right. You think wisdom you think intelligence, you think high IQ, you might even think educated, right? Wisdom is none of those things. But before I tell you what wisdom is. Let me share with you the prerequisites to wisdom. Because wisdom is like, it’s like the penthouse floor in a skyscraper.

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Wisdom is like the steeple on top of the church, like wisdom is the crest of the mountain. But in order for it to be there, it has to have some stuff under it. And so the things that you have to have before you can have wisdom, number one, is you have to have ignorance. Ignorance is a prerequisite to wisdom. Now, ignorance is an absence of truth. When you don’t know the truth about something, you’re you ignore that truth because you don’t know it. Right? You might stumble upon it, but you’re not going to intentionally practice truth that you are unaware of. So ignorance is a prerequisite of truth. Congratulations, you were born with that one. Then, one day, your mama caught you red handed.

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You’re gonna slobbering all over the place. She said, that’s your hand, baby. That’s your hat, hat, hat, hat, hat, hat. And so you learned you have a hand, then you have another hand, then you learned your right hand, from your left hand, you have a foot, you had to learn all these things you were born, you had zero words in your vocabulary. But you had the potential for 1000s of words in your vocabulary. And so he began to learn things, and you acquired the second prerequisite to wisdom which is knowledge. Wisdom is the absence of truth. Knowledge is the accumulation of truth. So there’s a verse in scripture that says, A wise man is strong. But a man of knowledge increases the strength.

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What does that mean? That means if you have knowledge, it makes wisdom stronger. You’re not your wisdom can only be as strong as the knowledge base it’s built upon. Right? That’s why it’s important to be a perpetual learner. We all have to become perpetual learners learn about what as much as we can, as it helps us on our assignment in life. So ignorance is the absence of truth. Knowledge is the accumulation of truth. We learn truth about ourselves, we learn truth about God, we learn truth about society, we learn sight societal truths, we learn spiritual truths, we learn scientific truths. We learn historical truths. We learn biblical truths. We learn mathematical truths. We learn musical truths, artistic truth, there’s and here’s what here’s what’s really interesting about truth.

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All truth verifies itself. Whereas lies always are self contradicting. Like, if you if you if you tell a lie, eventually, it’s going to bump its head on itself. But the truth doesn’t do that. But truth always supports the truth. It’s really interesting to me how mathematical truth supports musical truth. And how mathematical truth support science, scientific truth and how biblical truth supports all of those truths. It’s so fascinating to me how it’s all connected. You know, when I read books, like, like, stealing from God, by Frank Turk, why atheists need God to state their case, like an atheist can’t even introduce themselves to you and till they introduce you to God first, when they say I am an atheist.

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They’d said God’s day before they said, who they were. They can’t tell you how old they are without God. What is what is 2023 2023? No. Domina what does that mean? 20 22,023 years after the death of our Lord. All Dates are based on Christ. They’re either BCE or their ad, like science, like everything points to the truth that God is. So knowledge is the accumulation of truth. Understanding is the assimilation of truth. Did you realize you can, you can accumulate a truth and not understand it, not assimilate it, you can collect the truth and not comprehend it. So just because you know something doesn’t mean you understand it. And there, here’s one of the biggest problems most people have when it comes to the Bible. A lot of Christians, a lot of preachers, a lot of church goers, they know the Bible, but they don’t understand it. They know what it says and have no idea what it said.

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The Bible calls the biblical knowledge. That’s the Lagace what the Word says. But Ramah is what God is saying, and what he has already said. And so understanding is another prerequisite of truth. So the three prerequisites to truth are ignorance, the absence of truth, knowledge, the accumulation of truth, understanding the assimilation of truth, and then you can now have wisdom, what’s wisdom, the application of truth. In fact, the biblical word was in the Old Testament word wisdom will be translated into our modern day word, skill. So wisdom is not something that’s declared. Wisdom is something that’s demonstrated. Wisdom isn’t what you say, wisdom is what you do. So here’s what it says. Proverbs chapter number eight, it says, does not wisdom, cry, and understanding put forth her voice, she stabbed us in the top of the high places, by the way, in the places of the paths, she cried at the gates than the entry of the city at the coming in, at the doors, until you

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Oh, man, I call and my voice is to the sons of men. Oh, you simple understand wisdom, He fools we have an understanding heart, here for I will speak of excellent things, and opening on my lips, shall be right things from my mouth shall speak truth, and wickedness is an abomination to my lips. All the words of my mouth are righteousness, there is nothing froward or perverse in them. They are plain to him that understand it, and write to them that find knowledge, Receive my instruction, and not silver and knowledge rather than choice gold. Why does it say that? It’s saying if you have to choose between silver and wisdom, choose wisdom. If you have to choose between understanding and gold, choose understanding why, because silver and gold can’t necessarily get you wisdom and understanding. But wisdom and understanding can definitely get you silver and gold.

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That’s why, you know, somebody said, you take all the wealth in the world, you distribute it evenly amongst every human being within a very short period of time, most of the money would be back all in the same hands. Why? Because it’s the result of the wisdom that we apply that produces the wealth that we seek. When I think about how hard I used to work, like when I worked on a farm, or when I worked on putting on a rubber roof, or when I worked in a body shop, or all of the hard things that I’ve done in my life since I started working. And I think about the level of ease compared to now compared to them. I’m not saying the work I do is not hard now. It’s like yesterday, my workday was so intense. I was like I was like, I was like, done. I didn’t. I didn’t finish until like 930 Last night.

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That’s unusual. But it happens. Right? I did go play golf in between. But I went and played golf just so I could decompress from the intensity of my day. Right. And then, so I didn’t get done till last night. And I think about now I think I was struggling to eke out a meager existence. I’ve never had a job in my life that paid more than $30,000 a year working for somebody ever. Ever. Full time as a grown man. The most I’ve ever made is $30,000 a year. Ever everybody who will Don’t everybody on my team makes more than that. I got I was gonna say I got part time people make more than that. Pretty much everybody’s part time. I mean, ish. Right? Except for the times we’re working overtime and double time and triple time. But other than that we’re part time, right? So this week when part time for any of us, right next week, we got travel and all kinds of craziness going on. But you say Man, what your point here’s my point. My point is that the reason I worked so hard to produce so little is because of how little knowledge and understanding and wisdom I had.

Myron Golden 09:49
I don’t make more money now because I work harder now. I make more money because I have more knowledge and more understanding and more wisdom. Many of the things I do now to get paid I could have done them then I just didn’t know that those things paid. So I had the skill. I had it in my inventory. I just did not. I didn’t value it. It was like, all I know how to do is this. Little did I know that that thing was my fortune while I was eking out a meager existence, doing some lesser thing for someone else. Well choose wisdom and not silver understanding rather than find the choice gold. receive instruction and not silver and knowledge rather than find gold, for wisdom is better than rubies in all the things that may be desired or not to be compared to it.

Myron Golden 10:44
Let’s let’s wrap our minds around that. Think about some stuff that can be desired. Planes, Trains and Automobiles, wardrobes and outfits, real estate, investment property. Right, a private island, a private jet, a private yacht, all of those things can be desired. Right? Like, having servants to just provide everything you want provided, all that can be desired. But here’s what the scripture says. It says that wisdom is better than rubies, and all the things that may be desired cannot be compared to it. Let me ask you a question. Do you want wisdom more than you want anything else? Wow. Wow, the name of my business, at least for the time being is Skillion enterprises Inc. You know, I caught the you know, I named my business skills and your enterprises, because skill is wisdom. And if you want to be a millionaire, you have to be a skill in there first. You have to have the skills that can make the mills and then you don’t have to have the skills that can just pay the bills. I just I was I was feeling poor and I was feeling I was feeling I was feeling poetic.

Myron Golden 12:03
Okay. And so, so, like, do this I’m asking you, I’m asking you want you to. I’m asking y’all in here. Y’all if you’re from the south Ian’s if you’re from Western Pennsylvania. Us guys, if you’re from Indiana, I’m asking y’all do you want wisdom more than you desire anything else? Now, we see like this is a biblical principle. But God gave us a story in the Bible about a man who God who owns everything came to this man in a dream and said, asked me for anything and I will give it to you. He could have asked for houses and lands and money in the life of his enemies and a long life to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He said, Lord, I can only think of one thing. Give me understanding to discern judgment. Dear Lord, give me the wisdom to do the thing you put me on this earth to do in a way that pleases you. So I can serve the people you put me here to serve? Why are you passionately pursuing the wisdom to serve other people? Wow. It’s, it’s mind blowing. Like I can think of some things I desire.

Myron Golden 13:24
So like I would eventually I think eventually I’ll probably buy a jet eventually, if I travel if I if my travel schedule stays crazy. Like I could buy one now but then why would I do that? Because I don’t travel enough to justify right but I do fly on private jets, but I don’t own one. But I could see myself owning a jet and see why people say yeah, you can charter it out and make money not much yet. If I had a jet only people get known as me and my peeps, me my family and my my clients nobody else rent out my jet for people to be partying on it knows. So so but that’s something that’s can be desired. But But I desire wisdom way more than that. I literally spend hours every day learning something new hours.

Myron Golden 14:17
You know why? Because I feel like I don’t know enough. And I’m gonna tell you something. And y’all may think I’m just saying that but I’m gonna I’m gonna prove it to you. I’m going to show you on the blackboard. The I’m going to show you how. Like, what happens when when wisdom and when knowledge increases. I’m going to show you what happens I’m going to show you why. I don’t know if you’ve I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this. If you’re if you’ve ever thought about I know you’ve experienced I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it. But the more you learn the less you feel like you know about what anything the more I learned about anything, the less I feel like I know that’s why you The people who know the least or the thing people who we call know, adults, they think they know everything. Because they don’t know how much there is to know that they don’t know.

Myron Golden 15:09
Right? Like, the less you know, the more you feel like, you know, if you don’t believe me have a teenager. Can I have a witness up in here? I’m going to show you what happens. By the way. This is one of the reasons why the educational space, the online educational space is growing so fast. And it’s billions, billions upon billions of dollars. Because the world is changing so fast, man, there’s so many things I can go into right now. The world is changing faster now than it’s ever changed in the history of the world. The change, the world changes now more every year than it used to change every century may wrap your mind around that. So So by the way, how many of you have noticed on YouTube? I mean, you’ve noticed that the longer you live, like, feels like life is getting harder, right? Like it feels harder to make money? Well, I’m gonna tell you something. I’ve got good news for you. The good news is, there’s it’s easier to make create wealth now than has ever been in human history.

Myron Golden 16:15
But it doesn’t always feel like it. Can I get a witness? Right, then feel like it. Like it’s way easier to make a lot of money now, like anybody can get rich now. I mean, I see teenagers, I see kids that are like 11 and 12, making millions of dollars. Why does it feel so hard if it’s so much easier, because the world is changing faster. So think about it, during the Agricultural Age, Agricultural Age lasted for 1000s of years, you had 1000s of years to get ready to learn a skill. And by the time you got ready, everything still work the same way it did when you were born. And the Industrial Age skills lasted for a couple of decades. Because the industry, the industrial age lasted for a couple 100 years, right from the mid 1700s to the mid 1900s as the industrial age. And then we went into the distribution age and what mid 1950s. And, and that only lasted until 1978, so a couple of decades. And then we went into the technology age in 1978. And that only lasts until about 1990 1994. Maybe wait.

Myron Golden 17:26
So what’s happening, economic errors are getting shorter and shorter, you know what that means we have less time to tool up. So there was a time in the EAC because of the economic infrastructure of the world, that the people who specialized on one thing and spent most of their life learning one thing, those were the people who did the best. That’s no longer true. Like, the fortunes belong to the generalist to the people who understand the most about many things. Right. But it takes longer to learn more things than it does learn fewer things. And so what happens is, as a direct result of the world changing so fast, it feels like, it feels like I just don’t have enough time to get ready.

Myron Golden 18:15
That’s why That’s why unless you’re gonna build bridges or be a brain surgeon, or be a lawyer or a doctor or whoever, literally, you can’t, like getting a college degree is not going to do much good. By the time you graduate from college, the stuff you learned in your four year degree, it’s all obsolete, it no longer is no longer true. It doesn’t work anymore. I mean, I’ll track it. Okay, so So, so here’s what happens. This is your knowledge base. So we all have a knowledge base, and it is what it is, let’s say this is the size of our knowledge base. So everything that we know is in this little circle.

Myron Golden 18:56
Everything that I know is in that circle, everything that you know is in that circle and your knowledge base, all this blank space around here that extends far beyond this board and more. That is what you don’t know. But it’s available to now. Wisdom crying in the streets. Okay. So on the outside of your knowledge base, we have these little vacuum tubes. By the way, this is not scientific. This is an illustration that I created to help you understand this concept. You’re not going to find this in any science book anyway. No, but Myron golden said I got this knowledge base, I got these vacuum tubes. Okay, so, so this is an illustration. Okay.

Myron Golden 19:38
So we got these vacuum tubes, and what these vacuum tubes do is they suck in as much knowledge that we’re interested in, that’s directly around our knowledge base. But like, those vacuum tubes can suck in knowledge over here. That’s like really great and it can make me $40 million. And it can’t reach knowledge over here. Because Because my back The this knowledge base, the vacuum tubes, the the the idea receptors, I call those vacuum tubes, idea receptors, they don’t even know this stuff exist. So it might as well these things might as well not even be here. Right? Because because they’re way outside they’re way outside of my awareness you tracking but when I suck in the knowledge that’s around the my knowledge base.

Myron Golden 20:26
Now the surface area of my knowledge base gets bigger, and it’s got room for more idea receptors. So now I’ve got more idea receptors even though I know more. The problem is now I’m coming in contact with more information that I didn’t know. And so now I feel even though I know more than I knew, in my previous knowledge base, I feel like I know less because I’m being exposed to information, more information that I knew existed in my previous knowledge base. So people say I know that I know, is one of the most dangerous things anybody can say. Here’s what the scripture says. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. That’s not the amazing part. You already for the amazing part. The Scripture tells us, it says because I was rejected knowledge, I will also reject the Okay, Wayman. So it says, God said, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Myron Golden 21:21
Because I was rejected knowledge, I will also reject the what does that tell us? It tells us that it wasn’t that they couldn’t know that they didn’t know. It was that they wouldn’t know that they didn’t know. So my question is, why wouldn’t they know? Like, why was that? I don’t want to know that. Why? Here’s what I’ve discovered. The biggest hindrance to learning is thinking that you already know. Somebody starts talking about something you think you know it, you’re like, I know that already. And so you check out mentally, and then you miss the point. So, wisdom, should be the thing that we desire the most. And then it says in verse 12, I wisdom dwell with prudence and find out the knowledge of witty inventions. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil pride. arrogancy and the evil way do I hate the froward mouth? Do I hate councilors mind and sound wisdom? I am understanding I have strength.

Myron Golden 22:24
Now here’s what I want you to notice that. This is what wisdom is warning us about. This is how wisdom helps us when when I get the wisdom that I desire more than I desire anything else. Here’s what it says next by me. kings reign. And Princess decree gesture justice. You know what that means? That means the one of the sidekicks of wisdom is leadership and authority. When you have wisdom, people will follow you. They will listen to you. Somebody asked me a question on the challenge yesterday, and I wish I could remember what the question was. But they asked me a question on challenges and I thought to myself, like, like, where do we where do you get all these Pete? What do all these people come from? They come from the fact that you have wisdom and they want it right? And if you put out the wisdom that you have in the marketplace, the people who want more of that wisdom are going to come seek you out for it. It says By me kings reign president’s decree judgment by me princes rule and nobles, even the all the judges of the earth here that says I love them that loved me and those that seek me early shall find me watch this now. riches and honor are with me. Riches, and honour are with me. Yay.

Myron Golden 23:42
Durable riches, not just well, not fleeting, well, wealth that last. But watch what it says next, durable riches and righteousness. Most people think erroneously, that if you’re rich, you have to be evil. Clearly, that’s not what this says. If you have wisdom and knowledge and understanding the scripture says they bring with them durable riches, and righteousness. That’s how when wisdom helps you win. And by the way, here’s what’s cool. You remember the first verse that’s not wisdom crying understanding for their voice. You have to be looking for wasn’t wasn’t looking for you. All you got to do is pay attention. Wisdom is calling you. Have you ever had a desire and you thought about I should learn how to play a musical instrument? Okay, how many of you had that thought and then you did not pursue it.

Myron Golden 24:37
That that part? Here’s the question, why not? Well, because we’ve been programmed to protect ourselves from ourselves from failing by not even attempting. If I attempt to play music or learn to play a musical instrument, what if I can’t learn it? And so what you do As you check out, and like I always say, worrying about something not working is what makes it not work. Why? Because it robs you of the energy that you would have to use to make it work. So he says, it says, it says that wisdom, riches and honor are with me. Yay durable riches and righteousness, My fruit is better than gold, yay than find gold and my revenue is greater than source silver. Why? Why is it better because like I said before, something like if you the money can’t necessarily get you the wisdom, but the wisdom can get you the money. The wealth can’t necessarily get you to wisdom. There’s nothing more obtuse than a rich fool.

Myron Golden 25:50
But if you have wisdom, the wisdom can bring wealth like and I would I would advise that you desire the wisdom for the wisdom sake, and not desire the wisdom for the wealth sake.

Myron Golden 26:15
Verse 20, where we two more verses I lead in the way of righteousness. Wisdom leads the way of righteousness but also leads in the way of riches. I didn’t put this in here that I may cause those that love me to inherit substance, I will fill their treasure. See, here’s your problem. You trying to fill your treasure without wisdom. If you just partner with wisdom, wisdom will fill your treasure. Oh, snap. Okay. Okay. So where do we see this exemplified? Here’s what we see it exemplified. First Kings chapter three. I wasn’t going to go here, but I’m gonna go here now. You all made me go here. Here’s what it says. In verse number, First Kings chapter three, verse number five. In Gibby, in the LORD appeared under Solomon in a dream by night. And God said, Ask what I shall give thee if I could just have that dream.

Myron Golden 27:13
Talking about I have a dream. God, wake up, hey, boy, wake up. I’m gonna give you anything you want. What do you want? Can you imagine that? He’s said, Ask what I shall give thee and Solomon said, Thou shalt unto thy servant David my father great mercy, according as he walked before the truth, and in righteousness up rightness of heart with thee that thou has kept for him this great kindness, and now has given him a son to sit on his throne as it is this day. And now oh Lord, my God, thou has made by servant king instead of David, my father, and I am but a little child. So I’m a nun think he was hot stuff. I am but a little child, I know not how to go out or come in. And my servant is in the midst of thy people, which thou has chosen, a great people that cannot be numbered, nor counted for multitude.

Myron Golden 27:59
Give there for thy servant, understanding and understanding heart, to judge the people that I may discern between good and bad for who is able to judge the size of great people and the speech please the Lord, that Solomon had asked these things, that Solomon, please the Lord Solomon asked this thing. And God said unto him, because you have asked this thing, and that’s not asked for long as for myself long life, and it’s not asked riches for myself, no, that’s not asked for the life of my enemies, but it’s asked for thy self understanding, to discern judgment, Behold, I have done according to Thy words, and I have given the a wise and an understanding heart so that there was none like unto the before the neither after the show any arise like on the he said, Because you asked for wisdom, because you asked for understanding. I’m gonna make you the best of the best to ever play the game. There won’t be anybody like you. There’s there wasn’t anybody like you before you there won’t be anybody like you after you have you don’t like to be the that that person, that guy or that girl in your arena. I’m the best of the best you can forget about the rest. And then he said, if they walk with me and keep my statutes in my commandments is my father David did the walk then why lengthen my days? Well, guess what? later in the chapter, it says in

Myron Golden 29:26
I’m sorry, chapter four, chapter four, it says

Myron Golden 29:35
verse 30, Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt, for he was wiser than all men than Ethan Ezra height and Imams and called Narada and the sons of the hall, his fame was all in all nations roundabout. So Solomon’s wisdom didn’t just bring him a fortune. It also brought him fame See, everything you’ve been looking for. Wisdom has packet and stacking. Maybe that’s why it says all the things that can be desired can’t be compared to it. And here’s the beautiful part about it. Wisdom has been looking for you your whole life. You need to learn a musical instrument. I should learn a musical instrument. I don’t have time to practice. Hey, hey, you should learn how to paint. Yeah, I should learn how to paint.

Myron Golden 30:31
Yeah, but I don’t have time to learn how to paint and then I got an art store. I’m gonna make a mess. You should learn how to sell. Yeah, but I don’t really like selling. You should learn how to write a book. Yeah, but write a book. What do I know? Why would somebody want to read my book? Am I am I am I keeping it real? Wisdom has been calling to you your entire life. And you’ve been brushing it off. Yeah, I would do that. I would learn a musical instrument but I don’t have time. I would learn a new skill but I don’t have time. I would learn how to sing but I don’t have time I’d learn how to paint but I don’t have time I’d learn how to sew. But I don’t have time. Learn how to use a computer. But this time, it was time to learn how to build websites and funnels. I don’t have time to learn that. Wisdom is looking for you. You don’t have to look for it. All you have to do is let it find you. Hope this blesses you. Feel free to share like our content with somebody if you like it, like it, share it. Do that whole thing. In the meantime in between time, peace outcomes. We’ll see you in the next video.

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