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Hey there, YouTube, Myron golden. Here we are in studio today with a live audience. And I’m going to do some hot seat q&a, coaching, answering business questions for entrepreneurs. And hopefully, you’ll find some help in this. Let’s go. Who wants to go first? Who’s got a question? All right. Laban Laban has a question of the

Golden longtime listener, first time caller. You talked about the the importance of niching or niching, depending on where you are in the world. I feel like my own growth has been so stratospheric over the last three or four years, that I don’t want to latch on to something because I keep growing. What advice would you have for someone in my situation?

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Wow, what a great question. So you feel like you’re growing so stratospherically that if you would have left. So basically, what you’re saying, I think, is if you would have latched on to a niche and decided a niche, three years ago, you’re in such a different place right now, you will be regretting that decision. Okay, cool. I get that. I think I think that innovation happens as a result of seeing the connection between seemingly unrelated things. That is what creates your unique brand. There’s a book by Carmine Gallo, it’s called Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, not sure if you’ve read it or not. But I know for a long time, I had those same feelings that you have, like, if I niche down, I just say, I’m going to do this, what about all this other stuff I know how to do, I think it would be a good idea for all of us to take an inventory of our gifts, take an inventory of our passions and an inventory of our proficiencies. See where those things overlap, and create.

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For the purpose of our own experience, this is what I do. And I’m gonna explain, I’m gonna give you a perfect example of that, what, as perfect as you can get as close to perfect as you can get without being perfect, a perfect example of that in a minute. But I think what we need to do is we need to take an inventory of our passions and inventory of our proficiencies see where all of those things overlap. And give me the opportunity to serve people at a very high level, while at the same time giving me the energy and bandwidth to continue to do that over time. So for instance, you wouldn’t think like ordinarily, that the Bible and business have anything to do with each other. You know, you go to a business conference for to learn business, you go like a business conference, like offer mastery live, we had a couple of months ago business conference like Funnel Hacking live, or like, we’re going to Vid Summit and October, you go to an event like that, to learn business stuff. And then you go to church to learn Bible stuff. But my passion is, I love the Bible.

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I love the Bible. It’s it’s my favorite thing to teach. But I also love business, it’s probably my second favorite thing to teach. And so I thought, I wonder if the Bible has anything to say about business. And when I found out it does, and I started applying those things in my business, my business got better. So I said, I’m gonna go do something unique in the marketplace. And I picked a niche, but it wasn’t necessarily a niche that existed as such, but it was a hole in the marketplace where a niche could be created. And so I said, I’m going to combine my love of learning my love of learning the Bible, my love of teaching, my love of teaching the Bible, my love of business, my love of learning business, my love of teaching business, my love of scientific principles, my love of learning scientific principles, my love of teaching scientific principles, I’m going to take all that stuff, I’m gonna throw it in a pot. And we’re gonna have some Myron gumbo, right, and so so so you don’t see a lot of people, there are some people out there who teach, quote, kingdom principles, but I didn’t want to be. And some people are gonna be upset that I say this, but I’m just, I’m just being transparent.

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I didn’t want to coach Christian entrepreneurs, I did not want to coach them. But I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to put myself in that hole. I coach Christian entrepreneurs out Kurt, I’ll coach a Christian entrepreneur, he than a pagan, as long as they’re not asking me to coach them on something that goes against my beliefs, right? So like, I don’t, like be a Christian or don’t be a Chris, that’s between you and God. I’m not. I don’t coach Christian entrepreneurs, even though I’m a Christian. I don’t coach black entrepreneurs, even though I’m black. I don’t coach male entrepreneurs, even though I’m a man, because those are not pigeon holes that I wanted to put myself in. I want to help, who I can help. And let the work that I do do what it does without me saying, Well, this is who I’m for. In other words, so here’s what I think. Here’s where I think the niche here’s where I think your unique niches Laban I think your unique niche is in discovering the purpose for your life, developing yourself for that purpose, and then deploy yourself in that purpose.

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And what is that purpose? To live in your creative space to make the world a better place? So my creative space is the Bible business science geeking out are on math and just stuff that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with each other geeking out on that, and then coming into the marketplace, and I say to the people who love the Bible, Hey, did you know the Bible has this to say? But did you also know that these business principles applied to the Bible that go to the business mark and say, hey, yeah, do you know this business principle? But did you know what the Bible has to say about business? I go to the scientific people listen to music. Oh, my goodness, he’s talking about, he’s talking about how how one principle like, like thrust can overcome a principle like Dragon how lift can overcome gravity.

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And he’s talking about all this really cool stuff that I didn’t know what I’m taking all of these seemingly unrelated things, showing people how everything is connected. So the niche that you create, will be based on the people you attract by being who you’re supposed to be. I don’t know if that helps. But hopefully, it was helpful. Yeah. Okay, cool. That was one of the hardest questions anybody’s ever asked me. All right, who’s gonna go next? Who’s got a question? Dr. Ron, talk to me, brother.

Good morning, Dr. Gold. And thank you so much for the opportunity to share your knowledge and wisdom with us.

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I have a question for you. How would you recommend an author begin monetizing their intellectual properties? Knowing what you know now? Good question. So how would I recommend an author go about monetizing their intellectual property, knowing what I know now, the first thing I would say to an author is this, like you’ve written a book, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the book is your body of knowledge. The book is not your body of knowledge. The book is a platform, it’s one form, it’s one medium, to one package in which to deliver that body of knowledge. And the reason I recommend that you not allow that one medium to be. Don’t think of that as your body of knowledge. Because if you take the same content that’s in your book, I want all of the authors, especially how to authors, listen to me now. But even novels, so if you take that body of work, and you say, Hey, okay, this is my book, and I’ve written it.

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Now, what am I going to do? Figure out how you can turn that book into a course, because you can sell the book for $20 $30. If you turn it into a course, you could sell it for $300, same content, different mechana delivery mechanism, you could sell it for $200 to two or $3,000. Because it’s a course, if you turn it into a mastermind, you say, I’m going to take these concepts in my book, I’m going to turn it into a mastermind, I’m going to sell it for 20,000 or $25,000. It’s so remarkable. Like, I probably shouldn’t say this, because some people be like, some people would be afraid to say what I’m gonna say right now. But because they’d be afraid they’re gonna lose money. But you’re not because every deed is the seed, every thought is a seed, every word is a seed that we’re sowing into the garden of our future. And so, so a lot of the same content that’s in my book that you can buy for $30 is on my YouTube channel for free. Like, it’s not different content, it’s a it’s the same content in a different package. So you watch it on YouTube for free, and then you buy it and boss moves for $30 plus $10. Shipping and handling.

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So funny, I gotta had somebody comment on on one of my videos yesterday. You know, I was a little suspect about Myron golden boss move book. And I was really irritated that he was charging so much for it. That’s what they said, I get that. Cuz it’s outlandish. It’s pretty outlandish to charge $30 plus $10 $9.09. For a paperback book. That’s unheard of. I don’t know anybody who does that. Right. Okay, but that’s one of the reasons I did it. That’s another conversation for a different day. But that content that’s in that book is the same content that’s in my make more offers challenge for $97 in the general admission, 297 as a VIP, eight 797 If you’re VIP, platinum, same content, different platform, more expansive, because you have more time, right, you can like if you know something, you know more than you have time, you know more than a book will hold. So add water and instead of it just becoming like, instead of just becoming a bowl of soup, turn it into a soup factory, right and so, so now then we sell a coaching program, that’s 10s of 1000s of dollars, or a mastermind that’s like 55,000 or a VIP day that’s 350,000. So I’m not really teaching anything different in any of those. They’re just different mediums.

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But they also come with a different different level of access and slash intimacy. Right. And what I mean by that is that People will pay to get close to the author, they’ll pay more to get closer to the author, pick the author’s brain, ask the author questions, be able to take a picture with the author, then they will just to read the book. So if you have a book, and you didn’t, didn’t take that content that’s in the book and add it to other platforms, you are leaving an absolute fortune on the table. So that’s what I would do. And if you’re a novelist, and you write novels, then turn your novel into a play, and then rent out a theater in your town and hire actors and put on a play and charge people to come to the play.

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And then Tyler Perry became a billionaire. He was a guy who was a homeless guy who did plays, and he recorded his plays. And his first movies were not movies, they were videotaped VHS recordings that he sold out of the trunk of his car when he was homeless. All he did was took that content, put it on a different medium, and then charged more for it. So if he can do it, you can do it. I can do it, we can do it. Like take realize that being an author makes you more than an author. It makes you an authority. Is that helpful? Appreciate you, Dr. Brown. All right, who else has a question? Okay. But the time

thank you, Myron, this is golden. No,

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thank you. I saw what you did there, by the way.

Not everyone, of course, will be an entrepreneur. However, you talk a lot about mindset. Sure. Would you expound on where someone needs to be in begin if they go from a non entrepreneurial, but really want to be one? What needs to happen in the mindset if you can expound upon that?

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Yeah, I think the difference that’s really good, I think that I think the first thing that happens to go to transition from the mindset of an employee to the mindset of an entrepreneur, is the main difference in that is the level of responsibility one takes on versus the level of responsibility one hands off. So if I go and I get a job, then making sure the business stays in business, that’s a responsibility that I’ve handed off to the owner. Right, making sure there’s enough money in the bank to pay your employees, that’s a responsibility that I’ve handed off to the owner. So I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m giving most of the responsibility for making sure my work works for me, to someone other than me as an employee. But as an entrepreneur, I’m taking ownership which means I’m taking responsibility, which means like I if it’s to be, it’s up to me. It’s like, one of the things I share with coaches who coach who do occupational therapy coaching, right, where they teach people how to get a better job, is that’s not a market I want to be in.

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Why because when you are an employee, the mindset of the employee is when I go to work, pencils are already in the drawer, right? But as an as an as an entrepreneur, when I go to work, I gotta buy the pencils, I gotta buy the drawer, I gotta buy the building in which to put the desk that holds the pencils in the drawer, like the, the owner takes responsibility for everything, until they hire someone who they can delegate that part of the work to. And so if you’re a person who is like, hyper afraid of risk, and you have so much anxiety around the risk of being responsible for the cash register ringing or being responsible for other people’s livelihood, you probably don’t want to be an entrepreneur. Because and I can’t really call it pressure it can it can feel like pressure or it can feel like pleasure. It just depends on your mindset right? And when we say mindset that’s a really fascinating term in itself mindset. So we’re talking about our mind and we’re talking about being set at a certain level a certain thermostat, temperature, a certain speed like cruise control is like a speed set.

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A thermostat is like a temperature set autopilot is a set of instructions that’s carried out automatically for the airplane to fly on the course that we set it on and and so when you set a mindset when you set a mindset what you’re really doing is you’re relegating a lot of your decision making from your conscious what I call manual mind to your subconscious what I call automatic mind and so your automatic mind is the thing that makes it our it already makes those decisions for there’s some decisions I don’t have to make why I’ve already relegated that those to my automatic mind. And so you have to decide which is more important to you. And I’m gonna I’m I’m actually going to do a video on this, I’m going to release a video on this later. But which one is more important to you security or freedom. And a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they’re the same thing.

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And they’ll refer to financial freedom as financial security as if they’re the same thing. But not only they’re not the same thing, they’re actually opposite things. So those are some of the difference differences between an entrepreneur and an employee. I think the biggest difference when it comes to offers which is my specialty, is an employee makes one offer to one person gets a yes, for and it’s a $50,000 offer, or a $75,000 offer or a $40,000 offer or $100,000 offer to their employer, their employer says yes, and now they have to fulfill that offer by getting up every day before they want to get up getting in traffic, they’d really rather not be in to go to a place, they’d really rather not work to be around people that they really don’t like to make a little bit less money than it takes for them to survive. Oftentimes, that’s not always the case. But oftentimes, that’s the case, where as an entrepreneur, they instead of them making one offer to one person, they make one offer to 100 people to 1000 people to 10,000 people to 1 million people.

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And so one of the reasons, one of the things that gives you the ability to have freedom is your willingness and ability to make more offers, I can write a book once in and sell that book eleventy million times. And I know I live in the millions now. But I know that’s not a number. But that’s why I set it like that. There’s no limit to the amount of times I can write the I can sell the book that I wrote one time, there’s no limit, we make literally almost probably a little more than a half a million dollars a year, just from book sales. Rep reminder on that just from book sales, that’s just one offer, we got a whole bunch of offers, we have a myriad of offers myriad of price points. So the primary difference between an entrepreneur and an employee is an employee makes one offer to one person.

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And when they close the deal, they spend the rest of our life fulfilling it. And a an entrepreneur makes one offer or multiple offers to 10s, hundreds 1000s 10s of 1000s Hundreds, 1000s Millions of people. And they keep on creating new offers to offer to the people who’ve already taken up their old offers, and then they sell their old offers to new people who come into their ecosphere. So that’s I think that’s the biggest difference that does that helpful. Cool. My pleasure. My pleasure. All right, who else has a question? Okay, Alicia,

to the entrepreneurs that are in their genesis stage. How do they scale without leverage leveraging the influence of another authority figure?

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Okay, so how do they scale without leveraging the influence of another authority figure? Here’s the first question I would I would ask is this, why would they want to scale without leveraging the authority of a another? influencer? Why would they want to do it that way?

So say they weren’t necessarily comfortable or they just weren’t in a position or felt that they were in a position to ask or reach out to somebody.

Myron Golden 18:16
Okay, so So I would say first and foremost, that’s the thing I would work on. Everything that any of us wants, somebody else already has all of the money that it’s going to take for each and every one of you to become millionaires, trillionaires, billionaires, billionaires can continue and heirs, whatever the number is, all of the money that’s desired, that you desire right now that you don’t have, it’s in somebody else’s pocket, they will happily Hand it over. If you offer them something, they want more than the money. But that’s not just the case with money. That’s the case with everything. So I don’t, I will answer your question you’re in.

Myron Golden 18:54
So an entrepreneur that’s in the Genesis. So they’re in the Genesis, you’re in the Genesis, first thing you need to do is you need to establish a time, a time that you’re going to be working your business, work your business during that time, every time all the time. Number two, you need to establish a place, where are you going to work that business because you’re in the Genesis? Where are you going to do it? And then you pick a place where you’re going to do the work that you’re going to do. And then third, establish what matters. Those are the first three things that I would do. Now. See, when you said Genesis, it like made my brain go, oh, Genesis chapter one, Genesis, right? It made me go into all this whole genesis thing, right? Okay, so all we have to do and I shouldn’t say all we have to do because that’s kind of like an oversimplification. But what we have to do, go read Genesis chapter one more slowly. You will see principles in there that God did at the genesis of His creation. That if you do them, they will work for you. So I’m gonna give you an example.

Myron Golden 20:01
Creation began with intention. So, like, where do you start? You set your intention? Okay, that’s cool. Set your intention. What was God’s intention to create the heaven in the earth? That was his intention. So that was set, then we have to recognize that disruption follows intention. Right. So now disruption has followed my intention, as soon as I do, decide and begin to do something good. The first thing that shows up is something difficult. Don’t be taken aback by that. Don’t let that tell you that you’re, you’re on the wrong path. That’s not a sign, you’re on the wrong path. Most of the time, not all the time. But most of the time, it’s a sign you’re on the right path, disruption following intention. So then you have to find a source of inspiration. This is all in Genesis chapter. This is in the first three verses, right in the beginning, God created the heaven there, that was his intention. And the earth was without form and void and darkness on the face of deep. That’s disruption following intention. And God said, Let there be light. That’s God said, I’m known. I’m sorry, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. That’s the inspiration that follows the disruption that follows intention.

Myron Golden 21:01
Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, right? So you need to find something that inspires you to work when you don’t feel like working. That inspires you to do the thing when you don’t feel like doing the thing. You have to trust the truth. When the lie feels right. What does that even mean? Trust the truth when the lie feels right. So the like, you’re like, you don’t feel like you’re in a place to reach out to an influencer. The only place in the world that thought exist is in the entrepreneurs head. Not that’s not real. That’s that’s something that’s a story that you made up and you’re treating it as if it’s truth, but it’s not truth. It’s just something that you’ve allowed to be true for you while you’re believing it. Right? When I started, I was I was Myron the owl. Say what is Myron? The owl mean? Like I was speaking at a conference or Jim Rohn was speaking there. Mark, Victor Hansen was speaking they’re all Jerry Clark, all these people who are way more well known than me. I was the last speaker on the last day. The number one question at the conference is Myron who. That’s what I mean, when I say my on the out.

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Okay, so, so nobody knew who I was. But yeah, I was speaking at that conference. Why? Because God knows who I am. And promotion doesn’t come from the east. It doesn’t come from the West, but it comes from above. Like, when God is ready to reveal you, no man can hide you. And until God is ready to reveal, you know, man can shine enough light on you to make you revealed. Not possible. And so and so, and we go on and on. But here’s the here’s thing, and God said, Let there be light. And there was light, and God saw the light. That was good. So what is that? That’s, that’s, that’s illumination. What is illumination, illumination is light is what gives me the ability to see what I could not see in the darkness. And so if you think about light as an analogy, not just as light, but you think about it as an analogy, that illumination, the illumination in our lives comes from learning the things we did not know, because something that you don’t know is your darkness, your ignorance is your darkness. Your learning is your light. And so God said, Let there be light. And there was light, and God saw the light that it was good.

Myron Golden 23:14
Now watch what happens next. And God separated the light from the darkness. What’s that? That’s called separation? See, a lot of people and why do we separate we separate so we can identify things. And once we identify what this this is this, this is that so this goes over here, this goes over there, which is the next thing to happen, which is what God made the greater light to rule the day and lesser light the rule the night. And I’m going to end on this one. So we see delegation, that’s the next thing that happened was delegation, God delegated. The work of God is light. But he delegated that the sun, the greater light rules the day the moon, the lesser light rules the night calm. That’s fascinating. I never thought of this before. So I might as well say what I’m thinking about because I may not ever remember it again, if I don’t say it right now. Right? So if you think about what is the moon? Where does the light of the moon come from?

Myron Golden 24:07
Where’s the light of the moon come from? comes from the sun. So the light is reflecting the moon is reflecting the light of the sun? Well, here’s what’s fascinating. If you think about light being goodness, and darkness being evil than the moon could be a type of the world, the flesh and the devil and the sun being a light, the A an illustration of God and goodness, right? Well, what’s really interesting when you look at a reflection in the mirror, the reflection that you’re seeing in the mirror is actually backwards, or the reflection that you see of the actual thing that you’re looking at. Right, which is what Satan does, is he attempts to take the good that is God and godly and reverse it and flip it around backwards. Right? So God made the greater light to rule the day a little Less relate to rule the night? Watch it it says next and this is the one I’m ending on and the evening and the morning.

Myron Golden 25:05
Were the first day. So what do we see in that we see segmentation to completion. And we see prioritization. What I mean segmentation to completion the evening in the morning were the first day. What does that tell us? God didn’t save any of today’s work for tomorrow, he got all of today’s work done today. God is not a procrastinator. We also see prioritization. God did First things first, if God would have made the trees and the grass before he made the sun, the green trees and the grass would have died before he made the sun. So God does everything in the right order. It’s not just important to do the right thing. It’s important to do the right thing in the right order. So that was that was probably an over answer. But hopefully it was helpful to some degree. Okay, Dr. B, go ahead.

So you’ve said in the past that the Bible is like your number one source of inspiration for what you do

Myron Golden 25:53
inspiration, illumination, all audit you okay?

So you’ve also said that it’s a book about government, not necessarily spiritual thing. So not necessarily what about sorry, not just spiritual, but like a religious thing? Is not a religious book. It’s a governmental? Yes. And it’s not just about government isn’t like our government, but also the way that the universe, it’s

Myron Golden 26:14
not about Yeah, it’s not about our government at all. It’s about God’s government. Right. Okay.

So how would you tell people like who aren’t going to go to seminary school? How to study these principles? Like, how do they read the passages and see these that way? Like? Well,

Myron Golden 26:34
really great question. So how do I read things? First of all, just becoming aware of the fact that it’s not a religious book, stop looking for religion than the Bible, and you’ll stop finding it. Like, I’m not saying that to you, but I’m just saying in general, so we go to the Bible thinking that it’s about religion. When I say religion, I’m talking about religion, from the roots of the Latin word Legare. Legare is that word is the Latin word from which we get the word religion and that word means bondage. Well, Yeshua said, if you continue, in my words, that are you, my disciples, indeed, and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. So the Bible is actually the opposite of religion. Right? It’s the ultimate truth. Now, how, how would I recommend, first of all you have to become aware of, okay, I’m not even gonna say that. First of all, first of all, I’m gonna say this, read the Bible for yourself. Ask God, through His Spirit to teach it to you. That sounds woowoo.

Myron Golden 27:32
But I’m telling you, there’s no better teacher of any book and the author of that book, right? The stuff that I teach, I didn’t learn it at seminary. I didn’t learn it from a preacher. I didn’t learn it from a pastor. I didn’t learn it. I learned it from studying the Bible, reading it first. So we have to read the Bible. Why? Why do we need to read the Bible so we can gain Bible knowledge? Right? We read the Bible so we can gain Bible knowledge. And so we become familiar with the text. Right? I know Jeroboam from Rehoboam. Right? And all the other bone boys. Stop marrying pump the brakes. Okay, so I know, I know, Joseph, the son of the son of Israel, son of Jacob, from Joseph Farah Muthiah, from Joseph, the husband of Mary, the Mother of Christ, right. I know that I become familiar with the stories, right? When I when I read the entire Bible, I don’t just read the half testament.

Myron Golden 28:27
You say we mean the half testament, see, some people call the New Testament, the New Testament, you’ve never read the Old Testament. So you it’s not the New Testaments. That’s the half testament, you only read half of it. And the New Testament doesn’t have any say you cannot, you cannot even begin to understand the New Testament without having the context of the Old Testament to see the fulfillment of the Old Testament in the New Testament. Okay, so, so you become familiar with it. So first we read it, then we study it, and we look for truth. We don’t look to prove that the things we already believe are true. Like when you go to the Bible, leave your agenda at the door. Like stop needing it to mean something so you can be right. Religion wants to be right. Like, the Kings kings want to be righteous, which is very different. I don’t I don’t need to be right. I don’t I don’t need to win an argument. I don’t need my religion is better than you care about any of that stuff. It’s all worthless. Here’s what’s here’s what’s valuable. What’s valuable. is I had a meeting yesterday with my estate planning lawyer.

Myron Golden 29:36
She came and she she asked me a question similar to what you asked me. Like, if I were going to start reading the Bible, like what would you recommend? Well, stop. Don’t like to buy I said, the Bible isn’t. I said you should understand this. If anybody does. You’re a lawyer. The Bible is a book of government. It’s a book of laws, or laws or religious thing or laws of governmental thing. The Torah is the is the law. are the first five books of Moses law. Right? Okay. And I said, so. So the Bible is a book about a king, if you when you read the Bible, you are seeking to understand these principles. It’s a book about a king, a kingdom, a kingdom as the Kings Dominion, a royal family, and the culturalization of a foreign land, that foreign land is called Earth. So the objective of the Bible is to teach us about our heavenly King, so that we can make sure he’s our personal King.

Myron Golden 30:33
So he will make us the US king of our assignment or the queen of your assignment character of your assignment. And then we rule over that assignment with the same level of authority that God rolls over his assignment. And then we use that assignment that we rule over, to serve people not to lord over them. If I’m looking when I’m reading the Bible, if those are the things I’m looking for, those are the things I will find. Whenever I’m looking to prove the things that I believe that I’ve been taught. By my pastor who learned from his pastor, you learn from his pastor, we learned from the seminary who learned from seminary, we learn from the seminary, we learn from the church fathers who learned from the church fathers learn from the church fathers, who learn from Catholicism, and then broke away into Protestantism.

Myron Golden 31:17
If I’m looking to learn what God is saying, and what God has said, and instead of looking for religion, if I am looking for the truth, God is faithful to reveal the truth. So that’s where I would start and then as you read, read the Bible, study the Bible, memorize scripture, and then think about the scriptures that you’ve meditated on memorize. Because what happened for me when I started memorizing Bible verses, I’d be reading over here, and it will remind me something I’ve memorized over here. And this passage over here would shed light on this passage over here, because the Scripture says, We understand spiritual things by comparing spiritual with spiritual. What does that mean? The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible. My best chance at learning the Bible, is when I see in Scripture that it’s telling me to do something, I actually do it. Me doing the things I know to do from Scripture enhances my ability to learn new things to do from Scripture. Why? If any man will know His will, if any man will do his will, he shall know the doctrine.

Myron Golden 32:18
So God is in the habit of teaching principles, new principles, new demand new, they’re not new in existence, but new principles to you. And I got in the habit of teaching principles, new principles, to the people who have been obeyed the old ones, and I don’t mean obeying out of a sense of fear. But I mean, obeying out of a sense of understanding, there’s a reason I don’t jump out of airplanes with a parachute. There are actually reasons I don’t jump out of airplanes with a parachute. But anyway, there are reasons like, anyway, I’m gonna give you a word of advice. Do not tempt the devil to sin, because it is his nature. Okay. All right. So there’s a reason I don’t drive 150 miles an hour. There’s a reason I don’t.

Myron Golden 33:01
For me, I don’t ride motorcycles. 100 miles an hour, I don’t ride motorcycles at all, like, but there’s a reason, right? It’s not because it’s against the law for me to ride a motorcycle. It’s just against my law. Right? Because just because I’m paying attention to them doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention to me. And I’m not It’s not wrong to ride a motorcycle, it would just be wrong for me. Right? Because of my objectives. So So do the thing that God has shown you to do. He will show you more. Ignore the thing he’s already told you to do. And he will ignore your request to learn more. Is that helpful? Dr. B? Yeah, good. Cool. Um, we’re gonna do two more, two more, and then I’m going to do okay, let’s go Tim. And then Andrew, will go Tim, and then Andrew.

Alright, so this is something that we actually spoke about, okay, maybe you could elaborate on, you know, for one for myself, but also in case anyone’s in the same situation Sure, to where I have something that I want to build that I’m extremely passionate about, like, sure wholeheartedly. And then I do have an existing thing that it seems like, even when it comes, there’s times I’m not even trying to grow it and God keeps pushing business that way, and it keeps growing bigger and bigger. And basically, you told me to work on that. Continue to help grow, allow it to grow and get it to a point where I could use that to fund as a nonprofit that I’m really passionate about. Yep. So like, if you could elaborate on that, in case anyone’s in the same situation?

Myron Golden 34:28
Yeah, um, I think a lot of us have passions. And we think that because we have, especially our I think, sometimes our passions, to help other people in our mind helped means I’m going to fix your problem. Let’s start there. Right, where as you fixing another person’s problem doesn’t necessarily help them, necessarily. I mean, maybe it does. Maybe it could, but it doesn’t necessarily help them. What we need to do, I believe, is If you if you want to, if you want to start a nonprofit, this is what I tell everybody wants to start now, if you’re broke, and you want to start a nonprofit, wait until you’re rich. Okay? And I know that sounds like what is that? What do you mean by that? What if I don’t want to be rich? Wow, cool. You don’t want to be rich for you go build a successful business, give all the money from the business to your nonprofit. When you give all the money from your business to anon to your nonprofit, other people will be happy to give to what you’ve given to, not to just what you’ve pontificated about when, when, when broke people.

Myron Golden 35:30
I don’t mean this disrespectfully. But I’m not trying to be condescending, I’m just being as honest as I can, in the time that I have allotted. And when broke, people come to me who started nonprofits, and they asked me to contribute to the nonprofit, I almost never do. Because my first question is, how much have you given to the nonprofit? I don’t have anything to give yet, okay, then I don’t have anything to give you either. Why? Because your life and I know some people are gonna take offense to this. I don’t mean it to be offensive. It is just what it is, from my perspective. You’re giving lip service to caring about something, but you don’t even care enough about it, to make enough money to fix it. But you want to start a nonprofit, and then encourage other people to give to the thing that’s valuable, that meaningful, it’s meaningful to you like, yeah, I get it. All of those things that you want to do by whatever those charitable things are that you want to do.

Myron Golden 36:24
They’re valuable. They’re just not, they’re not valuable to me enough to give money to them if they’re not valuable to you enough to give money to. Okay. And so my recommendation is always start a for profit business, a broke person should never start a nonprofit, in my opinion. I’m not necessarily right about that. But I’m pretty sure I am, right. And a person should not start a business based on their passion. I don’t start businesses based on my passion, I may start businesses based on the marketplace is passion. And so, and I have a ministry right now we have 501 C three nonprofit ministry right now. Like every couple of years, we’ve done like, a couple years ago, we did a golf tournament for it this year, we’re going to do a golf tournament, raise money for it again. But we donate 1000s of dollars a month to this nonprofit where we feed these orphans, in Africa. And this we supply, like 1000s of dollars a month to this orphanage in Africa. And, and every now and then I see other causes that our organization gives to our that our nonprofit gives too. But But here’s here’s the problem, a problem.

Myron Golden 37:28
People say, Well, if I had your money, I would XYZ that’s easy for you to say not having my money. And what you’re really saying when you say that, you’re saying, I believe in this thing that I’m passionate about so much that you should give money to it. But I don’t believe in it enough. And all you care about is the money. But I really care about this thing. Banks don’t have any money. But you don’t understand when you say things like that, or when you think things like that. You’re really only passing judgment on yourself. Let’s say for instance, I have a nice car that I paid a crazy amount of money for which nobody needs to spend that much money on a car. Let’s let’s just say $150,000 car nobody’s $150,000 car. Yeah, but if I had your money, I wouldn’t wasted $150,000 car. I would give that money to this cause right? But what you’re actually saying is Myron you care more about your $150,000 car slash toy slash whatever you want to call it, than I care about this cause that I’m pontificating about, because I’m not willing to do what it takes to make $150,000 to give to that. But I know what you should do with your money, even though you cared enough about that thing to go do it. And I didn’t even make the money. So I could buy a car. That’s just the car was just gravy.

Myron Golden 38:42
I cared about the mission, but I’m just I’m just showing you how people think and how how contorted that thinking can be. So for me, it makes way more sense. Here’s what you do. Start up, start a for profit business, make it profitable, how profitable as profitable as possible, then go start a nonprofit that does the thing that you care about, that you really love, your passion, and then have fundraising parties, invite all of your rich friends because when you get rich, you’re gonna have a lot of rich friends, all your friends aren’t gonna be broke anymore. It’s amazing. You’re gonna have rich friends, invite your rich friends to come to your party, and then announce we’re raising money for this cause you show them what the cause is, who wants to donate some money, and they will give money to your cause. Because you give money to it, because you’re doing more than talking about how much you care about. And I don’t know, I don’t know if I expounded on it or not. But hopefully that’s helpful. Like, I like we support orphans. We support widows. Like, when I see that one, when I look at something and feel like okay, our ministry could bless this, then that’s one of the things that we contribute to, but generally speaking for me, I have a I have a couple of rules when it comes to like the outgo of money.

Myron Golden 39:58
One Don’t give money to people who are not good with money. Because money won’t fix your money problem. They’ll say that to fat. Okay, so that’s one. Number two. If somebody who I love wants to borrow money than almost, like, oftentimes I will loan them money, but I will never let them determine the amount. Marian, I just need to borrow $6,000 can’t loan you $6,000 But I’ll loan you 300. Why? Because I can’t be the solution to the problem that you created. Because if I am, like, if I am your solution, then I am robbing you of your creativity. Okay. And another for me is like, I don’t work for money. And I know that sounds crazy. I don’t work for money, because people will offer you money to do things. Don’t just tell them. No, I don’t want to do that. Hey, man, I got this really cool project, you can make a million dollars. Yeah, cool, but it’s not part of my not part of the next iteration of Myron. So the answer is no. So that was probably an over answered him. But hopefully it was helpful. Okay, cool. Andrew.

Andrew Anderson 41:11
Thank you, Dr. Myron. My question is based on an observation that I’ve seen in the past six months, the fastest way for someone to go from zero to a million dollars appears to me to be find a great coach and then yield to them. Would you agree with that statement?

Myron Golden 41:28
I would, I think that’s a part of it. Okay. So fascinating that you would say that the fastest way, fastest way to achieve $1,000,000.10 million dollars $100 million, whatever, is to gain clarity on that objective, like, and one of the reasons that it’s like finding a coach and then yielding to the coach doing their idea versus your idea is what you’ve noticed is because that’s one of the ways in which we find clarity. Because a coach can see things that a player can’t see when they’re on the phone, when they’re on the floor, or when they’re on the field, a coach can see things that the actual person who’s engaged in the activity cannot see. And so it’s interesting that you asked that question, because I have coaches. So here’s why I said clarity. Like, I got started on YouTube, for instance, I opened my YouTube account, march 15 2007. I remember the day I remember, when I started, I remember where I was at. I remember why I started it.

Myron Golden 42:29
So we were having a birthday party for my mother in 2007. She was in a nursing home because she had Alzheimer’s and some other dementia stuff going on. And we were having my mom’s birthday party at the nursing home for her where I was there and my brothers were there all my nieces and nephews. Were there. My kids were there. Like we were all there. It’s my mom’s birthday. And we’re having her birthday party. My nephew, Daniel, had posted a YouTube video three days earlier. And that YouTube video had like 50,000 views. I’m like, Oh, that’s cool. So I started a YouTube channel. Boom. I haphazardly made videos every now and then when I was thinking about it on something I cared about a little bit, haphazardly for the next 14 years. Okay, and then I’m at a conference and I hear Derral Eve’s, the guy who wrote the YouTube formula, also now my YouTube coach, he spoke on YouTube. And I’m sitting there in the audience.

Myron Golden 43:26
And I’m dumbfounded, I know, you’re really think I’m really this genius, dude. Sometimes, yes, sometimes, not so much. And I’m listening to this guy talk. And I’m thinking to myself, You did what with what? And he was talking about how he helped 21 YouTubers get over a million subscribers. He talked about how he started this, this program, they launched this, quote film series, and you’ve probably some of you probably seen it called the chosen and how that film series had made millions upon millions of dollars. But the thing that he said that really just like, like, blew my doors off was he said, Yeah, in the last, I think it was three years, we’ve sold $29 million worth of swag, T shirts, hats and hoodies $29 million. Now I’m really, what are you talking about, bro? Like, that didn’t make any sense to me. And so me and my son or my daughter were there we came home. We’re debriefing, like we always do when we come back from a mastermind. We’re like, hey, what was the biggest takeaway? What is your biggest takeaway? My kids said to me, what’s your biggest takeaway? Oh, definitely the YouTube guy. Like I didn’t know that YouTube did all that stuff I had been on. I was on YouTube with him. I was on YouTube for 14 years before I turned on mine. It’s 15 years before I’ve turned on monetization. Think about that. The Myron golden right. No longer now.

Myron Golden 44:43
No YouTube monetization turned on for 15 years. Hi disguise my coat. So I go behind as Do you have a coaching program? He says yes. 15,000 hours. Can I write you a check right now wrote him a check. Gave him a check. That was an October 2021 Jan We’re in 2022, he started coaching us. By us. I mean, Zack and Laura, two people on my team. He’s coaching them. They’re telling me what he said, because that’s why I’m gonna be fully transparent. I don’t want to go to I don’t want to go to a group coaching call. I know I make people go to group coaching calls, I get that. Don’t judge me. I don’t want to go to a group group coaching call and hear people ramble when it’s time for them to ask a question, blah, blah, all of that. So Zack, and Laura would tell me what he said. So that comes to me in February says, Okay, we’re getting return on monetization. I said, Cool. What does that mean? He said, YouTube’s gonna start sending us money. Okay, cool. I this is February of 2022. I had no idea what that even meant. We’re gonna turn on monetization. I said, Okay. YouTube’s gonna start payments. Okay. The next month he comes to YouTube paid us $305 last month. For what? Like? Because we turn on monetization.

Myron Golden 45:53
Oh, okay. Right. And then so the next month he comes to me, YouTube paid us $350 $353 This month? What do you what are you what is what are you talking about? We didn’t do anything you got to understand. This is this is March of 2022. I have not uploaded a YouTube video since June of 2021. So I’m confused. Because none of this is making sense to me. I’m like, What? What is this? Yeah, man, we turned on monetization. Okay. Well, we’re going to start creating YouTube videos in April, April 1, we started creating YouTube videos. Why? Because the coach said, Pick a day of the week when you can release a video every week without fail so people can count on it. Like when you were a kid, you watch Batman, you knew when it was coming on same bat time, same bat channel, you want to make sure you’re on the same bat time, same bat channel. Okay, cool.

Myron Golden 46:46
Why don’t do that? I know I can do Wednesday morning at 10am. Because that’s when we do our Bible study. Anyway. We’ll just record that and do it live. Okay, cool. We started getting traction out of the gate. It was crazy. Like our first month, being intentional on YouTube, we made 1400 videos, I don’t know. So I’m like, this is I wouldn’t have known that without a coach. I had the clarity, the clarity that I had came from the coach. Right? I would have even if I had read the book, I wouldn’t have had the level of clarity I had from that. But right. So so when I said to my son or my daughter, I didn’t know YouTube could do all that. My daughter’s like, I knew that. She’s like, there are kids in their 20s with Hollywood mansions that they bought with money they made from YouTube, like what are you talking about? Like I didn’t, that none of that made. But none of those sentences. I knew what the words meant.

Myron Golden 47:30
But the sentences didn’t make any sense to me. But what gave me clarity was when somebody stood up and equated watch this now equated having a YouTube channel with a present perceived virtue that I had, which is building a successful business. And a future pursued vision that I had, which is building a multi multi, multi, multi, multi, multi multi million dollar business. That’s when I saw the connection. Sometimes the context has to be right for clarity to show up. And I believe that coaches provide context that also provide clarity. And the interesting thing about all of that is this.

Myron Golden 48:14
When you hire a coach, the hardest time to do what they say is in the beginning, because the things that they’re going to tell you to do, if they’re good, are so counterintuitive to you, you think they have lost their minds. And you’re right, they did lost, they did lose their mind, they lost their mind, that’s like your mind that used to be like your mind is now they lost that part of their mind. And so they know what works, even though feels like and seems like there’s no universe in which it could work. So from that perspective, yes, hiring a coach is going to be one of the fastest path to cash, because it’s one of the fastest ways to gain clarity, but you’re only going to gain clarity from that. If you do what the coach says and ignore what you think and what you feel. So hopefully that was helpful, Andrew,

a feeling that I got when I was talking to my mother the other day about her growing her business. And one thing that she says and you can decide if you want to answer this or not. But the belief is that you should stay under the radar. What radar Exactly. So when they

Myron Golden 49:24
when when you start a business if you stay under the radar,

like Pete like entrepreneurs who feel like they need to stay under the radar, like if they make too much that they’re going to be some target. And

Myron Golden 49:35
so here’s what I’m gonna say about that. Here’s what I’m gonna say I will answer that question because it’s, it’s, it’s a legitimate question. If you become when you become a successful entrepreneur, it is going to attract unwanted attention as much as it’s going to attract wanted attention. So whether or not a person as a new entrepreneur should stay under the radar or not. I believe is going to be determined by their objectives. Like what’s the what’s I always say this build your business in a way that it serves you at the highest level. So it gives you the energy and bandwidth to serve your clients thighs level. So if privacy is like Uber important to you to the point of like wanting to stay under the radar, then build a business that lets you stay under the radar, you don’t have to be the face of your business, if that’s a priority for you. Like I like privacy. I like privacy. I don’t want people I don’t know, coming to my house. I don’t want everybody I know coming to my house.

Myron Golden 50:36
I’m just keeping it real. Is this too transparent? Right? I don’t want everybody to come into my house. I don’t want anybody calling me unless I gave them my phone number. Because if somebody calls me and I didn’t give them my phone number, I’m not going to answer it. I don’t want to talk to you. Not because I don’t like you. I don’t like the phone. I don’t want to talk on the phone. When I go home, I put my phone down and do my best not to talk on the phone at home at all ever. My I do my best to do it. Sometimes it’s not possible. But like I used to be glued to this thing was like a leash. It was like at least that was a leech. Right. So you have to you have to figure out what’s most valuable to you. The business that I built, because I help other entrepreneurs, my business can’t be under the radar, you attract a level of unwanted attention in the form of trolls. It could be as extreme as death threats. It can be just people calling you names. And that’s painful for you people call me names and that painful for me. I’ve been called names my whole life.

Myron Golden 51:34
Right? So it all depends on your objective, right? But build your business in a way that serves you at the highest level. So it gives you the energy and bandwidth to serve your clients die flow. And if you will do that. So flying under the radar, if that’s important to your mom, she just needs to figure out what are the reasons she wants to fly under the radar? What are the reasons she wants to be virtually unknown? If that’s more important to her than an objective that would cause her to have to become known, then she just doesn’t her way and our business stays where wherever that wherever that allows it to go. It goes wherever that allows it to go. Does that make sense? So I’m not saying it’s wrong for a Business Standard radar. It’s not wrong. If that’s your primary objective.

Myron Golden 52:12
That’s one of your primary objectives. It’s not wrong. Like I love my privacy. I don’t want people all up in my zone. Right? And so it just depends. Does that make sense? Hopefully that’s helpful. Hey, guys, thank you for watching that. Me coach people in the hot seat. The seat was hotter at sometimes than it was other times. But I had a lot of fun. The folks that were here, I think y’all had a lot of fun. You have a lot of fun. Okay, they had a lot of fun. So hopefully, those of you watching on YouTube will enjoy it as much as the people who were here enjoyed it. And as much as I enjoyed it, and if this video gets a lot of views and a lot of shares and a lot of likes, and we get a lot of subscribers and y’all show that you like it, we’ll probably do it again. So in the meantime in between time, peace out Cub Scouts

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