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Why I Do What I Do

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Myron Golden 00:00
Hey there YouTube. Have you ever looked at somebody and wonder why do they do what they do? Because I get a lot of really interesting comments wonder why he does that. And so I do something unique, but I guess everybody does. I talk about the Bible in business, I talk about the Bible and money, and our relationship with it. And, and with the all of those things that I talked about and connected and people say, Man, I just love how you make the Bible relevant to business. I didn’t make the Bible relevant to business. It was relevant to business before I got here. I just saw it. And that’s what I talk about. But the reason I do that is because when I first came to Christ, when I was 16 years old, I had never read a book in my life, other than a comic book or Karate book. And my friend, who was also in high school said, now that you’re saved, you need to start reading the Bible. I was horrified. I was like, You mean that big, thick book?

Myron Golden 00:49
Literally the words, two columns, and no pictures. Yep, that one. And so I’m like, Okay, I’m not gonna play with God I’m in. So I’m gonna start reading his Bible. And I started reading the Bible. And I didn’t read the new easy to understand version of the Bible for illiterate teenagers. Nope, that’s not the one I picked up. I picked up the King James Version of the Bible, and I started reading it. And I started reading it. And it made perfect sense. Like, out of the gate, just like I kept seeing, well, if you do this, then you can expect this. And if you do this, then you can expect that if you do this, then you can expect that. And I saw it on all aspects of life, I saw it in my relationship with my brothers, I saw it in the relationship with my parents, I saw it what it told me to do it with in relationship to my friends, in my relationship to money, and, and I go to church, and I had been going to church my whole life.

Myron Golden 01:39
And I start reading the Bible, and I’m like, How come nobody’s talking about this stuff? So and I was when I saw it, I’m like, How come nobody’s talking about this stuff? And then, you know, I went off to Bible college, and then, you know, you learned you learned how to do three points in a poem. And, and, or, I learned how to do three points in a poem. And, and, but I was still confused. Like, even I would find stuff in the Bible. And then I would teach preach on it. And I was like, I want to know what he’s talking about this stuff. I remember hearing sermons. I remember specifically, like hearing a sermon by one of my my pastor back when I was 16. And he was preaching on like, the dangers of wanting to be rich and the dangers of money and stuff. I was thinking to myself, like, okay, so what is rich because to me, he was rich, right? He had a brand new car, his wife had a nice car, they lived in a house nicer than anything I’ve ever lived in my life.

Myron Golden 02:31
So at what point does leveling up become rich? To me, in my mind, like he was already he wasn’t rich, by the way. But he just, he wasn’t. But he wasn’t living where we were living, driving, we were driving. And so I was I was I was confused, like, like, what is the measurement? And we get a lot of comments we get well, Myron, you sound like one of those prosperity gospel preachers, right? Well, if you want to group and tag, and like anybody can group and tag, you can, like call somebody a name and disqualify all their perspectives if you want to, or you can maybe just think about it. And, and so, so, when I started when I became an entrepreneur, because we’re having a job wasn’t cutting it for me, because nobody ever wanted to pay me what I felt like I was worth keeping it real. And so I said, I’m gonna start a business. And guess what I learned what most business owners owners learn, business is hard. And I was terrible at it. And I was so bad, that when I got started as an entrepreneur in 1985, selling insurance and investments, it took me 18 months to make my first sale was terrible.

Myron Golden 03:37
And I don’t know when I woke up, maybe it was maybe and realized the Bible had something to do with business. Maybe it was when I read Wade Cook’s book, business by bui the Bible, maybe that was when I woke up. The Bible has stuff to say about business. And I started, once I realized about what stuff to say about business, I started looking for it. I said, Well, what if I do it the way the Bible says, do it, maybe something will happen. And I began to see what happens when you apply the Bible to your business, just like I did when I saw when I applied it to every other aspect of my life. And it worked so amazingly well, it blew me away, that I found something in the Bible. I had never heard it preached in my life. I had never heard anybody preach. I had never heard anybody teach on it. I found the business model of King Solomon, the wisest, wealthiest man who ever lived. So I’m at the beginning of his life was yielded to God.

Myron Golden 04:30
God gave him wisdom so that there would be nobody like him before him. And nobody liked him after he said, Because you prayed for this thing. I’m gonna make you the best of the best you can forget about the rest. And Solomon became so rich, he was wiser and richer than all men. That’s what the Bible says he was richer and wiser than all men. Like, okay. So how did he do it? So I kept reading, and sure enough, it laid out everything he did in his business. And scripture step by step. I said, I’m gonna start doing that stuff. I’m just gonna start doing that. I don’t I’m, I’m talking about first principles out. I know all the business books, blah, blah, blah, if what they’re saying lines up with what I’m reading here, I’ll do it. If it doesn’t, I’m not doing it.

Myron Golden 05:12
I started practicing King Solomon’s bismah started working for me, I started teaching to other people started working for them working for them. Next thing, you know, next thing, you know, we’ve got clients, we’re having $100,000 days, wherever clients are having million dollar days, $6 million days, $9 million days living, like what are you? What is this? King Solomon’s business model works. And so, but the entire Bible works, God has the best content. I believe the Bible is the greatest practical instruction guide for life that has ever been written. And if we, like if we’re looking for if we’re, if we’re, if we’re looking for more than a good feeling on Sunday morning for a couple of hours. And we’re actually looking for orders from headquarters. For instructions for how to do this thing called life. It’ll change everything. And so like, I remember when I probably memorize the verse when I was a kid had no idea what I was saying, But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Myron Golden 06:14
What’s really interesting about the word, that verse But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness is the stuff that came before the word. But he said, Don’t worry about what you’re going to eat. Don’t worry about what you’re going to drink. Don’t worry about what you’re going to put on. Those are the things the Gentiles seek, But seek ye first the kingdom of God. And all these things shall be added unto you. Okay, so now, I don’t know what you do when you read that, but I got to know now, okay, I’m supposed to seek the kingdom of God, what is it? If I don’t know what the kingdom of God is, and I’m looking for it? When I find it? How will I know I found it? If I don’t know I found it, what’s going to keep me from continuing to look for it? So I said, Okay, I got to find out what this capable God thing is. So I just study, study, study study, in the kingdom of God is not like, there’s not a verse that says, This is the kingdom of God.

Myron Golden 07:04
But when you see the promises, and the principles and the patterns, and the practices and the precepts and the prayers, and the prophecies laid up in script laid out in Scripture, what you see is you see, oh, this is a template. And the kingdom of God is this, the word kingdom is a compound word, which means Kings Dominion. So the kingdom of God starts with yielding your life to God as the Sovereign King of your life. That’s where the whole thing starts. And God paid the price for our sin by sending His Son to die on the cross for our sins. Okay, cool. So if I say, that’s nice, but I’m not, I’m not gonna do it that way. I’m just gonna be a good person. I’m rejecting his way, and I’m not yielding to the king. I said, Well, that’s nice, but I’m not gonna do it that way. I’m just going to be a good Churchill tender.

Myron Golden 07:54
Okay, well, I’m I’m saying, I don’t want you to accept, I’m not willing to accept what you did for me. I want you to accept what I’m going to do for you. God says, that’s not how this works. This ain’t that. I did it, you receive it. That’s all. Now, that’s the first place God begins once we receive, okay, I’m going to trust Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, as the full payment for my son now. How am I supposed to live, supposed to get my instructions from the Bible, on how to treat my wife on how to treat my children or how to treat my friends how to treat my enemies, how I should interact with every person on this earth, I get my instructions from there. So when I yield to God as the Sovereign King of my life, and he rules over my life, I do things his way, not my way.

Myron Golden 08:35
He makes me the kingdom and assignment. I love what Bishop Wade Malcolm says. He says, God wants to make you the king of your thing. And I added to that for you, ladies, he wants you to make you the queen of your scene. Because God wants to take the people, his people and turn us into royalty. That’s the objective. That’s the whole thing. The whole thing. The first thing God ever said to man, be fruitful, multiply, replenish there, subdue it and have dominion, what’s dominion, authority rulership? What does man that are mindful of him, the son of man that visits him, but that’s made him a little lower than the angels and is crowned him with glory and honor, if I am not a K, why do I need a crown because I’m supposed to be the king of my thing.

Myron Golden 09:13
You’re supposed to be the queen of your scene. And when I am, when I’m yielding to God, God makes me the ruler over an assignment. And I rule that assignment with sovereign excellence. And then I use that assignment to serve the people. When I understand that when I get that the money is a byproduct, the money, the money that I make in my life, money my business makes is a byproduct of how my business serves people. The money that I get paid for my business is a byproduct of how we like how we set up this business, the money that all the people on our team, it’s all a byproduct of seeking first the kingdom of God because that’s what it says, isn’t it? But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and what happens next, all those things will be added unto you all the stuff that you need. It’s a bonus

Myron Golden 10:01
So why I do what I do is because I believe the Bible is a practical guide, not just a book for us to get emotionally worked up about for a couple of hours on Sunday morning, but it’s instructions is how I’m supposed to. This is how I’m supposed to treat people who treat me bad. Sometimes treat people treat me good. This is how I’m supposed to sound. This is how I’m supposed to behave when I’m in the presence of royalty. It gives me all of the instructions, I got to care enough to seek them out. That makes sense, everybody. That’s why I do what I do. I do what I do, because this is my calling. This is my assignment. And I get that some of you don’t get it. To some of you. It doesn’t make sense.

Myron Golden 10:43
Some of you watching on YouTube, all you’ve heard about the Bible, your whole life is religion. I wish you well on your journey. But I can’t join you. I have to do this because this is what I see in Scripture. And I know that most people don’t understand what the Bible says about business and they don’t understand what the Bible says about money. And I am teaching them. I’m gonna teach what I see says, and I’m gonna, I’m not just gonna, I’m not gonna teach theory, I’m gonna go see if it works. I’m gonna go do it. I’m gonna report back on the things I’ve seen in hurt. That’s why I do what I do. I’m not on an assignment from you. I’m not on an assignment from a denomination. I’m not on an assignment from a college or a university. I’m wanting an assignment from God.

Myron Golden 11:27
And I’m going to do my assignment. And I don’t have time to be distracted by what everybody else is doing, and what’s working and what’s not working for them. So for those of you who are wondering why I do what I do, the way I do it, that’s why I do what I do, the way I do it, I hope it blesses you, and the blessing that I hope that you get from it the most is this. I hope you find your lane and stay in that lane regardless of what anybody else is doing. Because you were made for a purpose. And that purpose is great and you’re the only person who can get it done. I hope this blesses you share it with somebody if you feel so inclined. Like it comment and all that other YouTube stuff in the meantime in between time. Peace out Cub Scouts

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