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Myron Golden 00:00
Hey there YouTubers, I’m going to share something with you all you’ve probably never heard before. And that is this. Winners always quit. Now I know you’ve heard the phrase, quitters never win and winners never quit. Right? That sounds good, but just not true. See, we love truisms that aren’t true. And the reason we love truisms that aren’t true is because they’re really easy. They don’t require a lot of bandwidth. They don’t require a lot of attention or intention. But the fact is, they do a lot of damage. And there are a lot of truisms that aren’t true that people buy into the cost them a fortune or cost them the best experiences of their lives. Just because they sound good. Well, here’s one of them. Times money. That sounds harmless, right? Time is money. It sounds harmless. But the reality is, time is not money. So if I were going to write time as money on the board, I would write, I would write time is money. Okay, but this is a lie. It’s not just a lie. It’s a it’s, it’s a dangerous lie. It’s a harmful lie. Now, why is that a lie, because if I believe that time is money, what I will do, I will go and sell a whole bunch of my time for a little bit of somebody else’s money. And I’ll blame the world because I can’t get ahead because I believed a lie. Or I’ll go to Walmart. I shouldn’t say that. But anyway, I’ll wait. I shouldn’t have said that. I waste a whole bunch of time trying to save a little bit of money. I’ll drive 15 miles to save three cents on a gallon of gas. Because I learned I believe the lie that time is money. Now, the the reality is this. This is the real equation. But it’s not even the full equation. What is that time is more valuable than money time is greater than money. If I believe that, then what I’m going to do is I’m going to use as much money as necessary to buy back the rest of my life. Right? See, rich people realize that time is not money time is infinitely more valuable than money.

Myron Golden 01:44
That’s the full equation time is infinitely more valuable than money. Now, if you want to say something about time and its relationship to money, you want to say time is infinitely more valuable than money. In fact, wealth is measured more in time than it is in money. Have you ever thought about that? People say, Well, man, is this a get rich quick scheme? My answer is always the same. You better hope so. Because you’re not going to be here long enough to get rich, slow. See the getting rich quick, we’ve been warned about, which is probably why most people aren’t rich, at least one reason, right? Beware of the get rich quick scheme. How comes nobody ever said to me, beware of the stay broke for the rest of your life scheme, because that is the alternative. Right? And so so these are what I call truisms aren’t that aren’t true. But the true isn’t that isn’t true today that I want to talk about is quitters never win. And winners never quit.

Myron Golden 02:29
But the reality is, winners always quit. They always quit. Because they have to quit what doesn’t work in order to start doing what does work. And so one of the most important things winners quit doing is they quit lying. See, lying, sometimes feels like a very good short term strategy. But lying is never a good long term strategy. If lying is your long term strategy, you are going to have to have a very good memory. And so what they do is, first of all, winners quit lying to themselves. They quit telling themselves things they know aren’t true, to make themselves and people around them feel good, because they said that thing that they were, quote, supposed to say, right. And so what happened, what happens when I if I if I don’t become a winner and quit lying to myself, if I keep lying to myself, I will never have confidence. Why? Because the word confidence comes from the root word, confide. And the root word confide means what to trust.

Myron Golden 03:31
And so you are the only person who’s heard every lie you’ve ever told. And here’s why people don’t have confidence. They’ve broken their word to themselves. So many times in the past, they can’t believe a word they say. But when your word becomes your bond, and you become a person of honor, who would rather die keeping your word than live and break it, then you will have a level of confidence that will make you a winner. But not only that, people will have a level level of confidence in you that will cause them to believe everything you say because you back up your words with your actions, even when it’s inconvenient. Scripture says in Psalm chapter 15, that a good man swear through his own hurt and changes not in other words, he gives his word finds out that Oh, I should have thought about that first, but I’ve already said it. I’m going to do it anyway.

Myron Golden 04:26
I mean, I’ll track it. Right and so so quit lying. Which brings me to the second thing. They quit making excuses. Which is basically quit making, excusing, quit making excuses and excuses nothing more than a relatively sophisticated lie. Now what’s really interesting about excuses is they often show up in threes. But one of the greatest lessons that I’ve ever learned about excuses I learned from Jesus. And here’s what I learned from Jesus about excuses. Ready? If you don’t make them, you don’t have to take them because Most people accept excuses from other people as a downpayment on excuse they have to intend to make in the future. I wish I had some help. And the reality is, well, you don’t make excuses. You don’t have to take excuses. Like, it’s okay to call people on the carpet. And say, well, that’s not what you said. But you said you were going to do it. Now you’re giving me the reasons why you didn’t do it. I am here to tell you, somebody might say they accept your excuse, but they’re always going to remember that you are the person who let yourself off the hook.

Myron Golden 05:34
And worse than that, you are going to remember that you’re the person that lists yourself often. So when did Jesus showed me that if you don’t make him you don’t have to take. There’s a story in I think it’s in John chapter five. And Jesus comes to a man who was lame for 38 years, and have asked him the most insensitive, mean, seemingly mean spirited, simple question that maybe has ever been asked. He said, This man has been lame. For 38 years. That’s a long time. He said, Would you like to be healed? I’m reading that story. I’m like, what kind of questions like who asked people? Who are gonna come up to somebody in a wheelchair and say, Well, would you like to be healed? Who’s gonna come up with somebody who’s blind? Say, would you like this kind of question is that it’s the kind of question that reveals the truth about the person being asked the question.

Myron Golden 06:35
Because the man did not say, yes, I’ve been waiting for you my whole life. Somebody said he gave a three pack of excuses. Or here’s a three pack of excuses. It’s somebody else’s fault. I’m doing the best I can. And other people are better than me. By the way, excuses almost never come in ones. Why? Because the person making excuses? No, it’s an excuse. So they feel like they have to back up the lie that they just told with another lie that they’re about to tell. You say, man, what do you mean? What do you mean? Jesus didn’t accept that from him? The man said, I have no man when the water is troubled to put me into the pool. That was the question. The question was not about other people. You don’t understand my brothers ain’t here. My cousins ain’t here. My mama, my daddy, my friends. I don’t have anybody to help me in this pool when that waters trouble.

Myron Golden 07:36
But while I’m coming, I’m doing the best I can. Okay, here’s what I want you to do. The next time you get your bill from the electric company. Don’t write a check and put it in the envelope and send it to him. Right. Next use. See how long your lights stay on? Say, what’s your point? My point is excuses never matter. They don’t matter. You write an excuse to the electric company, you’re gonna be living in the dark, you write excuse to the water company, you’re gonna be living with no water. Why? Because there’s not a business in the world that will accept an excuse in the place of a result. So he said, I’m doing the best I can while I’m coming. What do you say? Other people are better me, somebody else steps in before me. So other people have the ability, but I don’t have it.

Myron Golden 08:33
And here’s what Jesus did with his excuse. He ignored it. Like, it’s not enough that he just came and asked him this insensitive question. Now, the man gives him like three of the best excuses ever. Everybody else’s fault. I’m doing the best I can and other people are better than me. I mean, do excuses come any better than that in a three pack? Well, here’s what Jesus said. Rise. What about as you can about that, get up. Rise, take up your bed, and walk. Rise. It’s time for all of us. It’s time for you. It’s time for me to rise above our excuses. It’s time for us to rise above our limitations. It’s time for us to rise above our obstacles. And if we’re David rise above our giants, and if we’re Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. We rise above our fire. If we’re Daniel we rise above our Lion’s Den, but we rise it is time for us to get up and stop acting as if the thing that is put before us to show us how strong we are was put there to stop us. So that meant he said rise and then he said take up your bed. It’s time for you to start carrying what’s been carrying you. Come on here.

Myron Golden 09:54
Yeah, see, see you’ve been carrying. No, no, no. It’s time for you to start carrying what’s been carrying you See, all of us can do more than we’ve been doing. We can become more than we’ve been being we can have more than we’ve been having. But not if we’re making excuses. And then he said, Walk, you know, I love the term Walk, walk shows, like walk is not like running, walk a steady walk is consistent walk is put one foot in front of the other walk doesn’t have to know the end. In order to start at the beginning, it doesn’t have to be able to see the end, you just start walking. The more you walk, the clearer things become the the farther you walk, the clearer things become.

Myron Golden 10:37
It’s like I say to people all the time I say like if I say, You know what I’m going to drive from Tampa, Pennsylvania, which I would never do that again. But But let’s say that I’m going to drive from Tampa to Pennsylvania. And somebody says Myron, why don’t you leave it? I’m leaving as soon as I can see the Pennsylvania State Line. When do I get to Pennsylvania? Never. Why? Because I don’t get to see the Pennsylvania state line until I actually take action. So many people are wanting to succeed. And they’re ready to start as soon as they know how it’s gonna work out. As soon as they can see the finish line, they’ll get started. But the reality is, you don’t get to see the finish line until long after you’ve left the starting gate. That’s how life works. So you stopped making excuses.

Myron Golden 11:17
You stopped lying. And you stopped being distracted. This is one of the most critical stop being distracted. This is one of the most critical components of success. Winners stop being distracted. The reason winners win is because other people are distracted. Now here like this is one of the most this is one of the most mind blowing concepts I’ve ever discovered. The primary difference between people who succeeded at a very high level and people who live mediocre lives or fail, just stay on the struggle bus or whole life. People who succeed focus on intention and ignore distraction. People who people who fail and struggle and live mediocre Lee, those people, they focus on distraction and ignore intention. Now, I’m not just going to say that I’m going to define some words, when I say they focus on into winners focus on intention and ignore distraction.

Myron Golden 12:20
So winners quit being distracted, what is distracted? Here’s what here’s what the distraction is. Anything that you give attention and intention to that does not move the needle in your favor. That’s why when my children were small, we didn’t have television. You say why? Because you don’t want your children watching TV? No, I didn’t want me watching TV. I didn’t have a television. There’s no universal back then. I would say like if you’re making less than 20,000 a month, you shouldn’t even have a television. But if you’re now if you’re making less than 50 to 100,000 a month What are you doing watching TV? Well my I don’t you want to see them? I don’t want to see them. I want to be them. I want I want to watch somebody on TV. I want somebody watching me on TV. One more of a besides behind the scenes, okay, be a behind the scenes person, but be behind the scenes of something is gonna make your life better. Right? Watch other people.

Myron Golden 13:14
I want to watch other people live their dreams while I’m living a nightmare. No, thank you. I became hyper focused on the objective of freeing my family from the bondage of poverty. And I didn’t care what people thought, man, you’re obsessed. Thank you. So the nicest thing anybody’s said to me all day. Myron, Myron. Oh, you all you all you care about his money. Okay. Whatever you have to tell yourself. If that’s what you have to tell yourself to make yourself feel like you’re better than me. Do you? Say what’s your point? My point is like, I’m focused on things that move the needle for my family. Winners, quit being distracted. Only focus on intention only give attention and intention to things that move the needle. If it doesn’t make my life better. Why am I doing it? By the way, when you do that, you will be one in 1000. Who do that? Because almost nobody does it. Almost nobody, you know, it’s why prices law exists. Prices law, the 50% of the production of any domain is produced by the square root of that domain.

Myron Golden 14:29
So if you have to, if you have four salespeople, two of them are gonna produce half of the revenue. But if you have nine salespeople, three, you’re gonna produce half the revenue and if you have 110 are gonna produce half of the revenue and if you have 10,100 are gonna produce half the revenue of your company. Why? Because the other 9900 Focus on distraction and ignore intention. You can literally set yourself apart from the majority of human beings alive on the earth if you will just focus on intention and ignore distraction. Kobe Bryant became Kobe right because he focused on intention to ignore distraction. Michael Jordan, same thing. Tiger Woods, same thing. It doesn’t matter. People who elevate to that level. Elon Musk focuses on intention ignores distraction. So lit, quit lying, quit making excuses. Quit being distracted. Oops, number four, quit being derailed by the You ready, disruption that follows intention, stop being stopped being derailed by that.

Myron Golden 15:43
Stop being a full grown adult and being surprised when you decide to do something good. And disruption shows up? Well, of course, disruption shows up that’s how life works. In what way does life work that way? Every way. In the beginning, God created the heaven, the earth and the earth was became without form and void and darkness upon a face. Do you think God just put that in there? Because he was just say, Wow, I want chapter one to be more than one verse. He’s showing us the process of creation. And when he tells you created the heavens and the earth, He tells that in Genesis one, one, Genesis two, one, Genesis one, verse 231, that’s showing us how he did what he did. Why? Because he made us to be like him. And he’s giving us a pattern. And here’s what he said, its creation begins with intention. And then disruption follows intention.

Myron Golden 16:32
And then the Spirit of God moved from face to water, then you have to find a source of inspiration. And God said, Let there be light. And so now we need to find illumination I need to learn something that I didn’t know before. And God separated light from the day and light he called day of darkness he called night we need separation to completion in the evening, I mean, we need separate separation. But then he said in the evening or morning with first day segmentations you completion he did God didn’t save any of day one day ones worked for day two, he gave us a pattern disruption always follows intention. It’s so fascinating. Joseph had a dream. What happened after that his brothers threw him in a pit, they wanted to kill him. And then they some Midianites came and took him out of the pit and sold him into slavery. How’s that for a dream? Are y’all tracking? And then is if that’s not enough, right? Because it gives me a better, David, David gets anointed to be the king of Israel.

Myron Golden 17:18
And when David’s anointed to be the king of Israel, Saul spends, like 12 years with a contract on his life. Disruption always follows intention. I shared it with a friend of mine last night on the phone, Jesus gets baptized in the Jordan, by John the Baptist, get baptized. Okay, nevermind. He gets baptized in Jordan by John the Baptist. And he comes up out of the water. heavens open, the Spirit of God descends on him like a dove. A voice from heaven says This is My beloved Son in whom I’m well pleased. Guess what says right after that, then guess what the next word is? Immediately. He was led of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. When you decide to do something good, the first thing that shows up is something difficult. Stop being derailed by that. That’s why winners when they expect it, they know Oh, this is what losers, people who don’t win here.

Myron Golden 18:14
They think, oh, this is a sign I’m going in the wrong direction. It’s a sign you’re going in the right direction. The disruption that follows intention shows you’re on the right path, you decide to start working out you start you haven’t worked out in a while you decide to start working out you start getting in shape, guess what? You don’t feel stronger. First, you feel weaker. Your muscles don’t feel good. They feel bad, how bad bad enough to remind you every time you try to move, you do this to me again. And so we have to do is we have to understand that I can’t be disrupted derailed by the disruption. That was my intention. It’s just how life works. Okay, cool. So I don’t know what you do. I’m prepared for I expect the worst, I expect the best, but I’m prepared for the worst. I’m always prepared for the disruption that follows my intention that being derailed by that. Number five, these are seven things people do winners do quit that other people don’t quit, quit being consumed with external circumstances. What does that mean? Quit being consumed with what other people think about you. quit, quit being consumed with what other people are doing. But so and so’s doing this? I don’t want them to get ahead of me. No, what do you understand? No one can get ahead of you. Nobody else has your assignment. I have no competition. I do not now nor have I ever in 61 years had any competition.

Myron Golden 19:51
The only person God made to be Myron Freddy golden who teaches business from a kingdom perspective is me. And I’m not competing. view, if you want to compete with me, that’s how you want to waste your time do you boo. But I’m not doing that. I’m not gonna compete with, oh, but they’re getting ahead of me. What depends on how ahead is measured. Like it depends on how you measure success. I measure success like this, discovering God’s purpose for my life, developing myself for that purpose, and then deploy myself in that purpose. And when I do that, I win. Oh, so it has nothing to do with how close I am or far away I am from somebody else and what they’re doing absolutely nothing to do with that. That exciting. So quit being quit being consumed with external circumstances, really interesting. Politicians are great liars. I think that’s the definition for bottling anyway. Politicians are great liars.

Myron Golden 20:50
And they always tell you, they’re going to solve a problem that they can’t solve. And then people believe like, what are you? Like, I want to I just want to make an announcement during all election campaigns. What are you a lemming? Do you believe just everything and anything anybody says, I’m going to, I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to solve income inequality, you land. Because income is the result of something income is the result of value creation. So in order to solve income inequality, you have to solve value creation and equality, you can’t do it because everybody don’t care to create the same amount of value. Right? But anyway. Winners don’t care about contributing factors, they ignore them. And it doesn’t matter. You are only a victim when you decide to be one. That’s what I mean. But Ryan, you don’t understand racism exists. I know.

Myron Golden 21:52
But you don’t have to, you’re only a victim of racism if you decide to be a victim of racism. But But sexism is real. Okay, fine. But you’re only a victim when you decide you’re a victim. What does that mean? There are two types of factors in the world. There are contributing factors, and there are determining factors. And I have discovered that determining factors matter. And contributing factors just give somebody the ability to make excuse an excuse, since I’m going to be distracted with say, How can I tell the difference between a district district between a determining factor and a contributing factor? I will say the distributing factor, I almost made up a new one. Right? How can I tell the difference between a contributing factor and a determining factor? Here’s how contributing factors are all outside of me. determining factors are all inside of me.

Myron Golden 22:42
By the way, it’s been that way since the beginning of time. I mean, how is it possible? Frederick Douglass, who was born a slave, like we can talk about racism and all we want to But Frederick Douglass was born into slavery. basically taught himself how to read don’t even have time to go, you should read the story. You should read the narrative and Life of Frederick Douglass. Make sure you have your dictionary ready. Okay. Frederick Douglass taught himself how to read, learn a skill, use that skill to make money as a slave, bought his freedom, had it stolen from you made money again, using his skill and bought his freedom again, and then became the Great Emancipator in a time where he was born into slavery, he freed himself and so many others.

Myron Golden 23:33
Why? Because he understood that contributing factors slavery’s outside of me determining factors, my freedom is, is a must. For me, that’s a determining factor. When I was a child, I had polio as an infant. So I walked with a limp. Other kids made fun of me. Like I used to have this, I used to have a chip on my shoulder, I used to have this attitude I used to, like, have this temper that you would not even be able to imagine. And when I realized that me having polio was as critical to my mission in life as any other thing. And then I just embraced it. Because here’s what I found out. What you resist persists. What you embrace becomes grace. And Grace is a gift. It’s all a gift. In the good.

Myron Golden 24:32
What you resist persists, but what you embrace becomes grace. And I used to resist the fact that I had polio. Why? Because nobody else had it. Like my brothers didn’t have it. My older brother Jeff didn’t have Mike didn’t have rock Dwayne, Derek mark, they didn’t have it. They couldn’t run, I can’t run. And I wanted to be able to do stuff they could do. But I didn’t realize if I was able to do the stuff they could do then I wouldn’t be able to do the stuff that I can do now, because I would have been distracted for my money. Mission like everybody don’t have to have polio to achieve their mission, but it clearly I did. And God didn’t give me polio, but he ordained that the enemy. Like, that’s part of the deal. God uses the enemy. God uses everything. Why? Because he’s gonna control everything. And God knew something about my life that I didn’t realize. In order for my mind to speed up, my body had to slow down. And guess what, it’s a gift. It’s a gift. And I’m grateful for what we want to do. Well, we we keep resisting like, God keeps giving us gifts.

Myron Golden 25:37
And because the gifts don’t have the wrapping on it that we thought the wrapping should be we resist the gift. A contributing factor. A contributing factor is the fact that I had polio. determining factors I just decided, I decided to believe what my parents told me when I was little, you can do anything you want to do. You can be anything you want to be. Okay. I think I’ll do that. I’ll take that one. Okay, so I don’t I don’t look at something. I don’t ever look at an obstacle and see it as bigger than me. Right, because it’s not. And then winners quit being halfhearted. Don’t try things. I’m going to try this. Why? So are you are you gonna? Are you gonna be coming to the event? I’m gonna try. Why don’t you just quit line? Just say I ain’t coming. We can be food. Right? Tell me Yes.

Myron Golden 26:38
Or tell me no, but tell me now I gotta go. But whatever you do, don’t try. A try is a lie. A try is a back door unlocked before you ever come in the front door. Nobody ever tries to do anything. You either do it or you don’t do it. Yoda was right. There is no try. There’s do and don’t do. And the last thing I’m going to winners winners do is they quit focusing on what? And how. And they primarily focus on who and why. Who am I supposed to be? And why am I supposed to be doing the things I’m supposed to be doing? My, my who is way more important than my house. And my why is way more important than my what? And when I get that everything changes. Everything changes. You become unstoppable. You become you become unstoppable. Like, like incontrovertibly unstoppable. I, sometimes I say big words. So I’m not gonna do that. Again. I’m no more promulgated esoteric connotations. Okay. I’m just gonna say plain English.

Myron Golden 27:55
Okay. And so, so. So, what happens is I focus on my who, Okay, number one. Who is God? For me, that’s essential, who is God? He is the king. But he’s not just the king. He’s the King who wants to make me a king tracking? So that’s my first who because he is the I Am that I Am. My I am is an extension of his I am. So everything that I am, I am because he says I am. That’s where my identity comes from. My identity is my I am identity. Right? What does that mean? Well see, most people go through life buying into their life entity. What’s the identity? That’s all the stuff the people when you were growing up told you, you are not the culture have not exercised mechanism said you are not tall enough, you are not smart enough, you’re not pretty enough.

Myron Golden 28:46
You can’t sing good enough. You can’t talk good enough. You can’t dance good enough. You don’t have enough talent, you don’t have enough skill, you’re too slow. You’re not fast enough, you’re not enough, you are not enough. That’s your identity. Do you understand? You are perfectly manufactured for your purpose and you’re the only one in the history of the world who ever was? How about that for being a one of a kind? Then what you do is you manufacture my identity to overcome the identity. And so now you attempt to make people believe you’re something that you’re not having to know what I’m talking about. And so so what happens is we try to manufacture manufacture that’s my identity. We go around flexing all the time, because we need people to believe something about us. But when you yield to the I Am that I Am and you accept your I am from the the one who is an identity, the one who has the ultimate idea when you receive your identity from him.

Myron Golden 29:48
Now you only care about two things. Who does he say I am and who do I know I am. And everybody else can misunderstand me all they want to. I don’t even have time to care. It says for We’ll be in chapter two, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Well mind is that, who, being in the form of God, he knew who he was. But it not robbery to be equal with God knew exactly who he was.

Myron Golden 30:14
But watch this. Then it says, But he made himself of no reputation was that mean, he didn’t care if you knew who he was. He didn’t need you to believe in who he was for him to believe in who he was. He would say, I don’t believe in God, that’s fine. He believes in you. Don’t believe in you. I am an atheist. Congratulations. You told me who God was before you told me who you are. When you said I am an atheist. You gave me God’s name before you told me your title. That’s how essential he is to everything. So that’s why I don’t do him. I don’t have an identity. I don’t have I don’t have an identity. Like I don’t need anybody think anything about me. I just am who I am. And who God knows I am. I don’t buy into the identity, the identity of well, he’s he’s black, and he’s colorblind. And he’s AD D and ADHD and ABCD EFG. If I went to school, now they sent me home with the whole alphabet, your son has the alphabet. That’s what they’d say. Right? I’m colorblind. I’m dyslexic. But oh, no, hey, polio. It can’t run from uniquely designed for my purpose.

Myron Golden 31:24
See, I’m so cool that I don’t want food that I’m cool with it. And so what you have to do, you have to be consumed with your who, who God is, who you are, who you’ve been sent to serve. That’s a who, who have you been sent to serve. Because, as I understand the purpose of life is to seek first the kingdom of God is righteousness. What is the Kingdom of God, I owe my life to God as a sovereign king of my life. He makes me the king over an assignment. I remember my assignment sovereign authority. I use the assignment that I Reuleaux to serve the people I come in contact with. That’s it.

Myron Golden 31:59
When I meet somebody, when I’m having a conversation with somebody, when I’m engaged with somebody, I am here to serve them in my mind. I’m here, if I’m at a restaurant, and I’m eating food, and I’ve got a server waiting on me, they’re serving me food. My my endeavor is to serve them love and light and life. That’s my goal. That’s my object. That’s what I’m focused on. I’m focused on them while they’re focused on me. That’s how God set it up. We get that it changes the game forever.

Myron Golden 32:27
Focus on your Who do you focus on your Why? Why do you do the things you do? And you’re going to see another video from me because I’m going to create another video called why I do what I do, because what I do is relatively unique. why don’t why does Marin talk about business all the time? Why is he talking about the Bible all the time? Why do you talk about money in the Bible? And like one of those things have to do with each other? I’m gonna do a video called why I do what I do. And then you’ll understand it. It’ll make sense. It already makes sense to me. If you get it. Yay, go team. If you don’t, we’ll wait for you. You’ll get you’ll catch up. So I hope this video helps you to understand winners always quit. But quitters don’t always win. So quit the stuff that’s not serving you and helping you serve your people and quit quitting. The stuff that’s going to work and quit the stuff that had never has worked. Oh, this helps you. Thanks for Thanks for joining us. Peace out Cub Scouts.

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