You Don’t Need To Look For Wisdom Because It is Looking For You

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Have you ever felt like you’ve been trying really, really hard to learn something and you feel like you’re just like, you’re putting all your effort into it, it’s still not clicking. That’s how most people live their lives. But I’ve got good news, you can stop looking for wisdom. Because wisdom is looking for you. And when it finds you, it brings all kinds of good stuff with it. So let’s go and look at the fact that wisdom is looking for you. Now, you know, I don’t know about y’all. But I used to think when I used to hear the word wisdom when I was younger, I just thought it meant smart. Right? Right. You think wisdom you think intelligence, you think high IQ, you might even think educated, right? Wisdom is none of those things. But before I tell you what wisdom is. Let me share with you the prerequisites to wisdom. Because wisdom is like, it’s like the penthouse floor in a skyscraper.

3 Mistakes That Keep Your Business Stuck Pt .2

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On a recent video, I talked about reasons your business can’t scale. Today, I’m going to show you five more reasons your business can’t scale. When I say scale, I’m not talking about incremental growth, I’m not talking about growing your business, 10% per year, or 5% per year, I’m talking about end over end growth, I’m talking about 100% growth, 200% growth, 300% growth, I’m talking about the kind of growth that when you have it, it changes your life. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this video. So there are five reasons we’re going to cover today, your business can’t scale. Reason number one is not enough leads, you don’t have enough leads. So you got to resolve that problem.

3 Mistakes That Keep Your Business Stuck Pt. 1

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You’re about to discover the three main reasons your business can’t scale. By the way, when I say scale, I’m not just talking about incremental growth, I’m talking about exponential growth, I’m talking about your business should be multiplying. In nature, everything grows by multiplication. It’s unnatural for things to grow by addition. So how do I make my business scale? What does scale mean? It means geometric growth, it means exponential growth, it means it’s twice as good this year as it was last year, it’s not just a little bit better, you don’t want to increase by 1020 30%, you want to increase by 100% 200% 300%. growth year over year, how can you do that? Or better yet?

One Hour Of Myron Motivation Myron Golden

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You’re about to discover how to stop letting yourself off the hook, when the going gets tough. You’re going to learn how to become the tough that gets going. Because I promise you, I know that you can do more than you think you can do, you can last longer than you thought you could last, you can experience more than you thought you could experience and you can win bigger than you ever thought you could win. Because you can develop that level of competence and competence, confidence. It comes from keeping your word to yourself, I have broken with my bare hands, five concrete blocks on fire. I’ve done millions of dollars in sales in under an hour. did not give me the sense of personal power, what I’m about to tell you. And the thing that I’m going to tell you, here’s the cool thing about it. Everyone in here can do it. Who can do it.

The Money Game And How To Win It

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Have you ever heard the phrase, you got to work hard for your money? My question for you is, do you, I know a lot of people who don’t work hard for their money. In fact, I don’t even believe in working hard for money. Now, here’s, here’s what I’m gonna say, I do believe in working hard. And I do believe in making money. I just don’t believe in working hard for money, I believe there are better reasons to work hard. And I believe there are better ways to make money. And in this video, you’re going to find out what they are. So here’s what I discovered. People who work hard for money, don’t understand how to play the money game.

The Windows Of Wealth And Cash Flow

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Hey there. Are you one of those people who would like to be wealthy but don’t know how? Because I think there’s a lot of people out there like that. Well, most people think that they’re not wealthy because it’s too hard to become wealthy. But I promise you, creating wealth has nothing to do with how easy or how hard it is, it has more to do with you. And it has more to do with your perception of the way wealth is created than it actually does the way wealth is created. Because wealth is pretty much there are some ways that there are a handful of ways that pretty much anybody could create wealth, but only a few people do. So I’m going to teach you today, a concept that I call the window of wealth, and the cashflow patterns of the rich, or the cash flow patterns of everybody.

Million Dollar Answers For Hard Business Questions

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Have you ever had a question that was just haunting or daunting? I have, I’ve had lots of them. I’ve had questions that I’ve thought about for years before I found the answer. Africa had questions I’ve thought about for months before I found the answer. I have a lot of questions that I’ve thought about my whole life, and I still have no answers on this video. I’ve got some folks here in studio, we’re gonna break my brain, asking me questions. Hopefully, we’ll be able to put it back together. So here we go. Who’s first? George George Valentine talked to me, George.

Think Like A Genius, Talk Like A Third Grader Pt 2

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Hey there on our last video, we started teaching on Think like a genius talk like a third grader. And we got through the Think like a genius part, part of the Think like a genius part. So when I was creating the outline, clearly, I was not thinking. Anyway, so we’re gonna finish that today because the more clearly you can think and the more clearly you speak, the better you’ll be at impacting the lives of the people you’ve been sent to serve. So hopefully, that video gave you some clarity. And we ended up talking at the end of that video about mastery stacking, and the importance of mastery stacking. It’s so interesting. First of all, did you know that your brain uses more energy than any other organ in your body? Like when you’re thinking maybe that’s why thinking is the hardest work most people never do, because it requires so much energy to think.

Think Like A Genius, Talk Like A Third Grader Part 1

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I’m amazed at how many things there are in life and how many people there are in life who do everything in their power to make us feel like we’re not smart, right? And I don’t know if school made you feel smart or school made you feel dumb, but it kind of made me feel both. It made me feel smart. Like I’m one of those people who did well all the way through school all the way through the third grade in school, and it went downhill from there, right? So first, like kindergarten or Headstart, actually, because I went to Headstart when I think I was four or something, or four or five. So Headstart through the third grade, I did really well in school, fourth grade through all the rest. It was like climbing a mountain. It was, it was not fun. It was not, it was not something that gave me encouragement, self esteem, that made me feel like I was a genius in any way, shape, or form.

The Dangers Of Toxic Money Thoughts

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Have you ever thought about what you think about? I mean, have you ever literally sat down, sat down and take an inventory of the thoughts that you think? And then ask yourself? Where did those thoughts come from? Like, your thoughts about money? Where did they come from? Your thoughts about wealth and poverty, your thoughts about how much money is a lot of money? How much money is a little money? Have you ever sat down and thought about where did those thoughts come from? Like, do you think the money thoughts you think? Because you intended the thinking? Or do you think them just because of maybe where they came from, or maybe the fact that you’ve been thinking them for a long time, but you’ve never really sat down? And said, Hey, why am I thinking like this? Because what you think about money is going to ultimately determine your relationship, money, your relationship with money, and it’s going to ultimately determine money’s relationship with you. And I promise you, if you do not become intentional about it, your finances will be haphazard, for the rest of your life.